2014 Russian Cup Coverage Guide

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The women’s gymnastics competition at the 2014 Russian Cup will be held August 27 through August 31 at Sport Palace Burtasy in Penza, Russia.

The competition is the next step on the road to the World Championships, to be held October 3 through October 12 in Nanning, China. The gymnasts will compete in team, all-around, and event finals in an effort to showcase routines as the Russian Gymnastics Federation prepares to select the Worlds team. This competition will not alone decide the team, but is an important trial for the gymnasts in the selection process.

The Gymternet’s Complete Coverage Guide has everything you’ll need to follow along – including who’s competing, when it’s going down, and where to watch.

When is the Russian Cup?

The Russian Cup begins on August 27 with the qualification and all-around final and continues with team and event finals through August 31. The full schedule is below.

Wednesday August 27 9:00 am Qualification/AA Final – Sub 1
11:00 am Qualification/AA Final – Sub 2
Friday August 29 5:00 pm Team Final
Saturday August 30 1:00 pm Vault/Bars Final
Sunday August 31 1:00 pm Beam/Floor Final

All times listed are local to Penza, which shares a time zone with Moscow, currently 8 hours ahead of EST.

The first subdivision includes Saint-Petersburg 1, the Southern Federal District, the Volga Federal District, and the Central Federal District.

The second subdivision includes Moscow, the Ural Federal District, Saint-Petersburg 2, and the Northwestern Federal District.

Who Will Be There?

We will see 35 competitors from six different federal districts, representing the region of Russia in which they reside and/or train. Seniors and juniors are included on the list.

Central Federal District Anastasia Dulova
Daria Elizarova
Maria Kharenkova*
Viktoria Komova*
Kristina Kruglikova
Milana Maximova
Yana Sakha
Northwestern Federal District Alina Fedotova
Kristina Goryunova
Eleonora Goryunova
Anna Vanyushkina
Volga Federal District Lina Akhmetshina
Olga Bikmurzina
Polina Fedorova
Ksenia Kolokolneva
Ekaterina Mekhalkina
Anna Rodionova
Irina Yashina
Southern Federal District Valeria Golenishcheva
Maria Kharenkova*
Alina Martynova
Natalia Medvedeva
Anastasia Osetrova
Yelena Shcherbakova
Moscow Viktoria Komova*
Viktoria Kuzmina**
Aliya Mustafina
Maria Paseka
Alla Sosnitskaya
Daria Spiridonova
Alexandra Yazydzhyan
Saint Petersburg Lilia Akhaimova
Anastasia Cheong
Ekaterina Kramarenko
Tatiana Nabieva
Diana Ravdina
Alla Sidorenko

* In team finals, Kharenkova’s scores will contribute to both the Central and Southern Federal Districts while Komova’s scores will contribute to both the Central Federal District and Moscow.

** As of August 26, it seems Kuzmina has withdrawn from the competition though not due to injury.

How Can I Watch?

The competition will be streamed live thanks to the Russian Gymnastics Federation. You should also be able to view results on the RGF website as they become available.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


4 thoughts on “2014 Russian Cup Coverage Guide

  1. Don’t know if you’ve already seen the video clip from podium training, but I noticed something that was particularly different – Burstasy now has ELECTRONIC scoreboards! Unfortunately it means the little girls and boys are out of a job with the scores. 😦

    Sadly, they are still using Soviet-era security cameras for the live feed…


    • look what you caused… that last remark made me spit my drink over my keyboard.

      seriously tho i thought money was coming into the federation now? their camera is on par with the nasa mars rover, stationed 249 million miles away.

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