Sanne Wevers to Compete in Melbourne


Sanne Wevers, the 2016 Olympic beam champion, is expected to make her comeback at the Melbourne World Cup, the first in the 2017 individual apparatus world cup series.

Wevers arrived in Melbourne with her family yesterday. In addition to competing at the world cup later this month, Sanne, her twin sister Lieke, and their father Vincent will host conditioning, strength, and nutrition clinics along with Ton Leenders, conditioning coach for the Wevers twins. The clinics will be held over the next couple of weeks to help raise money for Hayden Marshall, a trampoline competitor who was left a quadriplegic after a freak accident.

Coming to the Hisense Arena in only three weeks, the competition will also feature several top Chinese gymnasts, including 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Wang Yan, Olympic alternate Luo Huan, and Liu Tingting, originally part of China’s Olympic team until an injury forced her to stay home.

Several of Australia’s top gymnasts — including 2012 Olympian Emily Little, 2016 national champion Rianna Mizzen, and former world team members Georgia Godwin, Emma Nedov, and Georgia-Rose Brown — will also make appearances in the women’s competition.

On the men’s side, 2016 Olympic champions Koji Yamamuro and Kenzo Shirai of Japan will compete on their best events while 2012 Olympic champion Krisztian Berki of Hungary will return to challenge for gold on his favorite apparatus, the pommel horse. From the host country, former world team members Michael Mercieca, Christopher Remkes, and Luke Wadsworth will hope to challenge for medals.

The competition begins February 22. A full list of competitors is below.

Clay Mason Stephens
Michael Mercieca
Mitchell Morgans
Christopher Remkes
Michael Tone
Luke Wadsworth
Georgia-Rose Brown
Georgia Godwin
Naomi Lee
Emily Little
Rianna Mizzen
Emma Nedov
Mu Jile
Weng Hao
Wu Guanhua
Zou Jingyuan
Liu Tingting
Luo Huan
Wang Yan
Jim Man Hin
Ng Kiu Chung
Tsz Sum Chan
Nim Yan Choi
Krisztian Berki
Zoltan Kallai
Yusuke Saito
Kenzo Shirai
Wataru Tanigawa
Koji Yamamuro
Tracie Ang
Tan Ing Yueh
Sanne Wevers
Luke Dobney
Devy Dyson
Jorden O’Connell-Inns
Isabella Brett
Estella Matthewson
Caitlin Todd
Ferhat Arican
Ibrahim Colak
Ahmet Onder

Article by Lauren Hopkins

2 thoughts on “Sanne Wevers to Compete in Melbourne

  1. Can’t wait to see how Tingting does! I was so sad when she got injured after making the team as a new senior. Hopefully she’ll be China’s new star, they could use some beam medals.


    • Yes! What I love about China is that they usually have a new senior in the Olympic year who is good but not *quite* there…and then she becomes the leader of the next quad. I think Tingting could definitely fit that mold, and I think Wang Yan could also step up and be superb!


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