Pacific Rims Live Blog | Event Finals

Welcome to the live blog for event finals at the 2018 Pacific Rim Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear on the top.

7:55 pm. Yes, it was Jordan Chiles with the gold, Grace McCallum with the silver, and the unstoppable Haley de Jong with a 12.9 for bronze! She had such a tremendous meet here and really proved herself as someone who could sneak onto Canada’s worlds team this year. She’d be a second-string option if everyone’s healthy, but when is everyone healthy? Really happy about her turnaround!

7:46 pm. I believe Jordan Chiles will win the senior floor title with a 13.65 followed by Grace McCallum with a 13.6. I don’t have all scores though!

Junior beam is Zoé Allaire-Bourgie with a 12.975 for gold, Sunisa Lee with a 12.85 for the silver, and Kate Sayer with a 12.45 for bronze.

7:45 pm. Woo, CAN, FX: Huge double layout, landed with a heel OOB though I think. Kinda falls out of double L turn. Switch leap to tour jeté half to sissone, lovely. Double spin. Front tuck through to 2.5, a little low, step to the side to control it. Split jump full, good, right down to some low choreo. Clean and nearly stuck double pike to finish. Fab!

7:41 pm. Chiles, USA, FX: I feel like I didn’t get to appreciate this yesterday. 1.5 through to clean double arabian, just a step at the end. Huge double layout, but lands it a tad forward and she kind of bounces a little with her back leg coming up. Good work on her leap series. Solid double pike, little bounce. Switch full. Double wolf turn. Love the choreo into her last tumbling run, a double tuck, solid. Great work, just that annoying bounce on the second pass.

7:39 pm. McCallum, USA, FX: Good tucked full-in. Little bounce out of front double full to front tuck. Leaps are mostly solid. Ooh, basically stuck the triple full! Some leg stuff but that was nice overall. Great landing on the double tuck, just a little slide.

Allaire-Bourgie, CAN, BB: Front aerial, little bobble. Split jump to tuck jump half. Side aerial is solid. Bhs loso is solid. Double spin, wobbles out of it. Side somi to side split half, love that so much. Little bobble on the switch to switch half. 2.5 with a large step forward. Not her best but still solid.

7:36 pm. Folino, AUS, FX: Tucked full-in, big hop back OOB. One of her leaps had a wonky landing with a bounce out of it. Front tuck through to…something, I missed what it was, but it was a little low. Basically stuck the double pike.

DiCello, USA, BB: Triple wolf turn, double wolf turn, both a little wonky. Off on her flight series. Not one U.S. gymnast hit beam today so there’s that. Good jump series. Switch ring. Second flight series is a bhs loso loso which she hits with no problem. Wobble out of front aerial, into a split ring jump with a weak back leg. Double full, plants her feet, comes out a little early to salute. It’s okay, she got two golds today, I think she’ll be fine.

7:33 pm. Sayer, AUS, BB: Bhs loso, some bent knees, but solid. Clean and strong side somi. Front aerial, a little knee bend, extension on side aerial is great though. Switch leap to split leap, clean and lovely. Full turn. Knees again a little bent in her back handsprings into the dismount, a double full with some slight leg form issues and a hop. Once she just extends her legs a bit she’ll score very well on this event!

7:31 pm. Chipizubov, AUS, BB: Bhs bhs layout, leg up but saves it. Full turn, nice. Great extension on her switch leap to sissone, but she wobbles back the sissone a bit and has to fight through it. Front aerial, split ring jump, wonky back leg and foot, side split half is a little short, solid standing back tuck. Clean double full with a little hop.

7:30 pm. Campos, MEX, FX: Great double pike to start. Switch ring to tour jeté half into some lovely low choreo. Between her beam and what she’s done here so far I like her a LOT. 2.5, gets away from her a little, small step OOB. Switch half. Front full is clean and solid.

7:26 pm. Spence, CAN, BB: Good candle mount. Wolf turn 1.5, steady, switch half is solid. Front aerial, little scoot, good jump series. Lands the layout series with no problems, just a little piked. Side somi. Double full, step back.

Escobar, COL, FX: Double pike, little bounce. 1.5 to front full is solid. Great control on her leaps. Basically stuck the double full. Great work for her!

7:23 pm. Cortes, COL, BB: I need her to crush it and medal. Solid standing back tuck. Bhs layout, wobble and a little sideways, but she holds it. Front aerial, jump series after is solid. Full turn, little check. Double pike, rebounded back to her booty. UGHHHH.

De Jong, CAN, FX: 1.5 through to triple full, a little short on the landing but she hits! Good leaps. Double arabian, step. Excellent double tuck. Split full. Great work! Damn she had herself a MEET.

7:20 pm. Lee, USA, BB: Double wolf turn is nice. Front aerial. Off on layout series, just too much OOMPH and she just pops right off the side instead of planting her feet. Good jumps, switch to switch half to back tuck is GREAT. Hit her side aerial loso loso series after that. Switch ring to ring leap, both pretty good. Double pike, chest a bit low, step back.

Ryan, NZL, FX: Crazy wolf turn at the beginning. Clean 1.5 to front tuck. Hit second pass, then switch to tour jeté half and hop full L turn. Double full to big split jump, looks like it’s gonna get away from her but she does a good job to control it.

7:15 pm. Talia Folino won senior beam! 13.175. Martina Dominici second, but no silver medal, with a 12.500. The silver goes to Paulina Campos of Mexico instead, with a 12.275, and Jordan Chiles gets the bronze with a fall, with a score of 12.175.

Dominici, ARG, FX: The would-be nine billion-time medalist at this meet if she was eligible! Switch full into the corner. Tucked full-in with a step back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Clean double arabian, step forward, OOB. Double tuck, step back. Casual full-twisting Korbut in her choreo. Double full, step back.

Portillo, PER, BB: Fell on something very early in the routine, I missed what. Good jumps. Side somi, chest down but holds on. Switch half to wolf jump is very nice. Came off on something right after that though, second fall. Full turn. 1.5, step forward.

7:13 pm. Vidiaux, CUB, FX: Triple full to open, really nice in the air. Front tuck through to 2.5, step forward. Hit the third pass, full-in, step OOB though. Leaps are mostly good. Double tuck to finish with a large step forward.

Magistrati, ARG, BB: Back tuck mount, great. Bhs loso loso, way short and she falls. Switch leap to split jump to back tuck, solid. Full turn, little check, front aerial, clean. Side somi. Switch side, a little low. 2.5 with a step to the side. Great routine aside from the fall.

7:12 pm. Okay, junior floor was Jordan Bowers with a 13.725 for gold, Sunisa Lee with a 13.225 for silver, and Zoé Allaire-Bourgie with a 13.175 for bronze.

7:08 pm. Moving onto the final rotation. According to USA Gymnastics, Jordan Bowers and Sunisa Lee got the gold and silver medals on floor. On beam, Jordan Chiles finished fourth and Grace McCallum finished seventh. Thinking Jordan could pull in for bronze if Martina Dominici is in one of the top spots? I love not having any scores or rankings.

7:05 pm. Waiting on scores for both senior beam and junior floor! I can’t see anyone outscoring Bowers on floor though.

7:02 pm. Allaire-Bourgie, CAN, FX: SOOOOOO PRETTYYYYYYY. Beautiful triple spin, Sunisa Lee in the background was like “WOW.” Front double full, two little steps out of it. Step back on the double pike. Switch to tour jeté half is good. Double tuck. Lovely double full. I think I can officially stan her now.

Marois, CAN, BB: Candle mount, bhs loso, is solid. Off on a front acro skill after that. Switch to switch half, not at 180 on the latter. Side split half is okay. Great jump series. Front aerial. Front full dismount with a big hop forward.

13.725 for Jordan Bowers on floor!

6:59 pm. Bowers, USA, FX: Big double front to stag, excellent! Full-out, awesome! Step back. Leaps were good from what I could see. Front double full to front tuck is great. High double pike, little step.

Folino, AUS, BB: Switch leap to split jump, nice. Solid on her layout series. Side aerial. Switch ring, back leg isn’t the best but not bad either. Punch front, solid. She’s working it! Front aerial. Full turn, leg up a little I think. Really piked double pike, just like her bars dismount, love that! Practically folded in half. Good landing.

6:56 pm. Lee, USA, FX: Double L turn to pirouette into the corner before her first pass, a big double layout, little scoot back. Solid double arabian, just a step forward. Switch ring to tour jeté full, fantastic. 1.5 to front full, little hop. Gets a little wobbly out of her first wolf turn, the triple I think. The second one was better. Double tuck, little hop back.

Moreno, MEX, BB: Lovely loso mount! Wobble and fall on bhs loso. Wobbled on something after that but I missed the skill. Front aerial with a little wobble. Good full turn. Double full, a little short, step back.

6:53 pm. Spence, CAN, FX: Piked full-in, a tad low, but she stands up out of it quickly. 1.5 through to triple, a little under-rotated, hops it around. Good work on her leaps. Stuck double tuck.

Chiles, USA, BB: Solid flight series, front aerial to jump series is good. Puts her hands down on the tour jeté half, then falls. Side aerial. Switch leap to switch half, not close to 180 and not really connected. Finishes with a double pike with a hop back.

6:49 pm. Campos, MEX, BB: Lovely switch leap mount. Front aerial. Switch leap. Bhs loso with her leg up a little but covers well. Full turn, clean, side somi. Good side aerial to split jump.

6:48 pm. Chipizubov, AUS, FX: Double pike, big, step back OOB. High double tuck with a little scoot back. Double spin. Front tuck through to gorgeous layout full. Switch to switch ring. Very clean double full to finish. Lovely work. Solid sissone to wolf jump. With all of the mistakes so far, she’s crushing it! I hope she medals. 1.5 dismount, little hop forward. Beautiful job.

6:46 pm. Woo, CAN, BB: Candle mount, comes out of it a little early. Bhs loso, looks solid at first but then she has to step back out of it and wobbles a little. Front aerial is clean. Side somi, side split half, huuuuuge crazy wobble that she tries to fight, but after a few struggles she ends up taking the fall. Double spin is nice, as are her leaps. Side aerial. 2.5, good, small step.

6:44 pm. Briceño, MEX, FX: Double arabian, a little cowboyed with a step forward. Double tuck after has a big bounce back. Switch ring to switch half. EXCELLENT 2.5 to front tuck!! Big switch full. Full turn. Double full to finish. Another really great floor routine, and her music was the Mexican hat dance song which was VERY adorable.

6:43 pm. McCallum, USA, BB: Candle mount, super controlled triple wolf turn, side split half, goes for her flight series but her side aerial is way off and she falls on that element. Tries it again, side aerial loso, slight check. Punch front tuck, little bobble, nice connection on the switch leap to front aerial to split jump. Sissone to full turn is great. Double tuck with a large lunge back.

6:41 pm. Vargas, MEX, FX: Full Y turn, nice and controlled, then a big double pike. Switch ring into a tour jeté half, some leg stuff. Excellent 2.5! Loooove her little kicky choreo that goes RIGHT into the run for her front full. Switch full, nice. Clean double full, tiny bounce. Excellent!

6:39 pm. Brett, NZL, BB: Loso mount, big wobble with windmill arms and she saves it. Sideways straight jump full, side aerial, a little off center but she pulls it back. Switch to switch half, not at 180 and she lands it a little awkwardly, stumbling out of it and falling. Standing back tuck once she gets on again is nice, and she follows it up with a bhs loso, just a slight break at the hips. Good full turn. Double full with messy legs but a solid landing.

6:36 pm. Dominici, ARG, BB: Switch leap mount, switch leap to switch half, little step back. Front aerial, little bobble, good bhs loso, just some slightly soft knees, and a little check. Side aerial, down into some low choreo. Switch side, nice amplitude, double tuck, a couple of steps back. Great work, some little things in there, but she’s gotta be happy with both days of competition so far!

Sayer, AUS, FX: Memmel to double spin, mostly good control. Switch full into the corner. 2.5 with a step, nice! Stuck double tuck, fab! Hit the leap series after that, and then a front full, clean. Low double pike to finish with some leg sep in there as well, and then she gets a little wonky near the end of her double wolf turn, but a mostly solid set.

6:34 pm. Fernandez, ARG, FX: Switch half into the corner before her first pass, a double pike, low with a couple of steps forward. Popa, switch to tour jeté half, all good, double full with a little bounce back but pretty clean in the air, double spin to full spin. She’s VERY smiley and good at performing. Clean stuck front full before some choreo to finish, fabulous work!

6:30 pm. The seniors are beginning the touch warmup on beam now, and the juniors are beginning the touch on floor.

6:27 pm. They’re just recognizing Martina Dominici for her bars placement since she can’t be on the podium, and then I think we’ll move onto the next event! Five more minutes if you want to include the touch.

6:22 pm. Okay, like five more minutes I think!!!

6:16 pm. With Marcia Vidiaux not eligible to medal, the vault bronze for the seniors goes to Sophie Marois!

6:06 pm. Award ceremony time, so not sure how long this should take. 15 minutes? My guess was right last time!! See you at 6:20 ish for an update?

Haley de Jong wins the senior bars title! She has a 12.625. Jimena Moreno of Mexico takes the silver with a 12.375 and Kate McDonald of Australia gets the bronze with a 12.025. Martina Dominici unofficially placed second with a 12.6, but isn’t eligible to medal.

5:59 pm. Well, pretty sure Kayla DiCello wins her second gold of the day on vault with a 14.525, and then Sunisa Lee should get the silver with a 14.375. Some scores are missing so not sure who bronze is…maybe Imogen Paterson of Canada with a 13.875? Just double checked and yes, this is the correct order!

5:57 pm. Moreno, MEX, UB: Toe on to Maloney to Pak, leg sep and flexed feet but nice air, van Leeuwen, kind of scissor kicks her legs throughout haha, good Jaeger, Tkachev between the bars, giant full with some leg separation, high double tuck, still takes her a second to find the landing though, step back.

5:56 pm. Fishwick, NZL, UB: Maloney to bail to toe on to clear hip to toe shoot, really good work, just caught the toe shoot super close. Blind change to big Jaeger, bent her knees after catching, giant full to layout stuck. Good work!!

5:52 pm. Sandoval, COL, UB: Maloney to bail (leg sep) to toe shoot, good handstand before her blind change to straddle Jaeger, caught it at her wrists and kind of bounces off, eep. Fall. Back on for a toe-on to low Tkachev, short handstand before giant full, open double pike with a step.

5:50 pm. De Jong, CAN, UB: Stalder half to straddle Jaeger, good, short handstand before Pak, short handstand before toe-on to Maloney to bail (slight leg sep) to messy/crooked/late toe full, toe shoot, clean double layout nearly stuck. Little things in there add up but that was a solid set for her!

5:49 pm. I just realized that even though Marcia Vidiaux placed second on vault, Cuba can’t medal here because they’re not part of the Pacific Rim, so Grace McCallum will get silver. Not sure who gets the bronze because STILL NO SCORES! Also waiting on all scores from junior vault and senior bars.

5:47 pm. Allaire-Bourgie, CAN, VT: Solid FTY, hop back.

5:45 pm. Cortes, COL, VT: MY NEW FAVE LIL BEAN. Yurchenko 1.5, solid in the air, just takes a slight step to the side on the landing, puts her foot OOB. The crowd is obsessed with her.

McCallum, USA, UB: Weiler half, muscles out of it but can’t get it to handstand, also can’t get her cast to handstand right after that, now she’s fighting through the whole low bar piece just to get her rhythm and positioning back, Maloney to Tkachev, good considering she had to struggle before that, Pak, van Leeuwen, just slight leg sep, inbar? it looked like, to giant full, full-in with a hop back. Well, once she got her brain working after those initial mistakes, she did a fab job.

5:43 pm. Avendaño, COL, UB: Hindorff to Pak, slightly flexed feet, shaposh, looks like she almost grasps it but can’t hold on and she pings off to the mat. Back on for a nice Jaeger, bail to Ray, giant full, and full-in with a step forward.

Perkins, AUS, VT: FTY, her back handspring onto the table doesn’t look good at all, results in almost no block, and she crashes it to her hands and knees. 😦

5:42 pm. Sayer, AUS, VT: Clean FTY, bounces on the landing, then rushes out to salute. A little tentative but pretty clean throughout.

5:41 pm. DiCello, USA, VT: DTY, really really nice in the air, just bends her knees a little as she comes in for the landing, and a small hop back. Excellent!

5:39 pm. Lee, USA, VT: DTY, great landing, feet slightly apart but pretty much stuck, mostly good in the air as well, just some ankle form that deteriorates near the end.

McDonald, AUS, UB: Maloney to clear hip to HUGE Tkachev to Pak, YAS. Short handstand before van Leeuwen, super clean though, toe full, a little late, full-out stumbled back at least four steps. Too bad, that was a fab routine, she has so much amplitude and power in her skills.

5:38 pm. Folino, AUS, UB: Toe full, clean Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, Jaeger, high and super piked double pike, nice, just a hop back.

I didn’t realize juniors were only doing one vault each!

Heron, PAN, VT: Another solid Yurchenko 1.5! Just a little messy on the landing.

5:37 pm. Paterson, CAN, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, excellent! Little baby steps out of it.

5:36 pm. Dominici, ARG, UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak are both nice, clean handstand before superb van Leeuwen, blind change, slight ankle separation going into the piked Jaeger, crazy back tuck straight from a handstand, excellent landing.

5:29 pm. Probably going to be a 900 hour wait before the next rotation? Juniors will go to vault and seniors will go to bars. Actually, doesn’t look like it’ll be that long…maybe ten minutes max? Check back around 5:35 pm ET!

5:28 pm. Jordan Chiles takes the gold in the senior vault final, averaging a 14.188, while Marcia Vidiaux gets the silver with a 14.063 and Grace McCallum gets the bronze with a 13.975.

5:26 pm. De Jong, CAN, VT: Second vault is a Yurchenko half-on front tuck off, clean in the air, large step forward and OOB though.

5:24 pm. De Jong, CAN, VT: I hope she hits this as well as she did yesterday!! That was so fab. DTY, not quite as powerful, comes in a little low, but still better than her attempts earlier this year, just a little crunched on the landing.

5:23 pm. Marois, CAN, VT: Tsuk full, a little messy throughout, decent landing.

Score update…Kayla DiCello takes the bars gold with a 13.625, Zoé Allaire-Bourgie gets the silver with a 13.225, and Jordan Bowers gets the bronze with a 12.900.

5:22 pm. Marois, CAN, VT: DTY, nice and high, but doesn’t look like she twists quickly enough so she loses form near the end and looks a little under-rotated, steps to the side OOB at the end.

5:21 pm. Chuang, TPE, VT: Second vault is a handspring front tuck, pretty low landing, but butt doesn’t touch the mat and she stands up out of it pretty quickly, hopping it over a bit.

5:19 pm. Chuang, TPE, VT: Yurchenko layout, bounce back, mostly good in the air.

5:17 pm. Grijalva, ECU, VT: Handspring front tuck, kind of runs out of it.

Still waiting on the last two scores for junior bars, and have none for seniors on vault lol. #WhoNeedsScores

5:15 pm. Grijalva, ECU, VT: Tsuk layout, good enough, hop back that takes her slightly OOB.

5:13 pm. McCallum, USA, VT: Second vault is a Yurchenko half-on tucked half-off, solid landing and good in the air.

Still waiting for two bars scores, but Kayla DiCello is guaranteed a medal…currently has the high score of 13.625, with Zoé Allaire-Bourgie in second with a 13.225 and Paula Arevalo in third with a 12.050.

5:12 pm. McCallum, USA, VT: Omg they’re just using the end of the runway feed like I JUST SAID. Someone is listening!! Anyway, BEAUTIFUL stuck DTY!!! That was excellent!!!

5:10 pm. Spence, CAN, UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, YAS! She got it all, and easily! Clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, very good, double tuck off with some steps back, I think that was supposed to be a double pike? But good cover if she couldn’t get the pike shape in time.

5:09 pm. If the camera people at Flo just stay at the vault like they are during warmups, the feed is fine. It def has something to do with the tracking of the vault. Is anyone monitoring the feeds that can like, make this call? Literally just stand still. Bam. I hate constantly whining about them but for real, it’s always something, I don’t listen to commentary so I won’t bother complaining about that and don’t really care about it frankly, but these feed issues are actually unacceptable for the price point.

5:08 pm. Miranda, MEX, UB: Arched over handstand before Pak, and then uscles a handstand after that, has to start her swing over. Stalder form is lovely but Ray to high loses momentum and she can’t grasp the high bar. Nice Tkachev between the bars, her hip counter looks like Laurie Hernandez’s, Endo full, high double tuck with a good landing.

5:07 pm. Some junior bars scores…Zoé Allaire-Bourgie with a 13.225, Sidney Stephens with an 11.975, and Abigail Magistrati with an 11.850.

5:04 pm. Bowers, USA, UB: Toe full arches over and looks like she’s going to fall off but she switch kips and fixes it very well, Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen gets a bit wild and she catches close, muscles through blind change into a high piked Jaeger, straddle Jaeger after that is nice, full-out, low with a hop forward. Good fight through that set.

Chiles, USA, VT: Second vault is a tsuk full, good from what I could see.

5:01 pm. Ryan, NZL, VT: Again, only saw her first vault hit in the background of the bars feed due to a dark feed. Cam comes back on, but disappears the second she starts running. FIX YOUR LIFE, FLO.

Arevalo, COL, UB: Toe-on to Chow to bail to Ray, very clean on all! Nice work. Stalder half to piked Jaeger, good, giant full, layout flyaway half, very lovely work. EXCEPT THEY HAD HER NAME UP AS KAYLA DICELLO.

Chiles, USA, VT: DTY, caught most of it in the background of bars, DTY, huge with a small hop back.

4:59 pm. Mendez, PER, VT: Oh my GOD literally the SECOND she started her run the feed went dark!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME. And then it comes right back on the second the vaulter is done?? Are they like, unplugging the camera whenever they try to follow the gymnast down the track??? LOL anyway it sounded hit.

4:57 pm. DiCello, USA, UB: Toe full is very nice, to Maloney to Pak, excellent extension through her arms! Clean van Leeuwen, lovely handstand before clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, nice, slightly short handstand as she gets ready for the dismount, a full-out with a little bounce.

Vault feed is 100% black now. Don’t worry, if you have Flo they’ll probably just blame it on your wifi.

4:56 pm. Perkins, AUS, UB: Tkachev, clear hip to Pak, both nice, short handstand before archy toe-on to stalder to toe shoot, nice toe point throughout. Giant full, double tuck with a tiny bounce in place.

4:54 pm. Tarabini, ARG, VT: UGH THE FEED WENT DARK AGAIN JUST AS SOON AS SHE STARTED VAULTING, FLO MAKES ME HAVE A STROKE. Again, I saw her hit it in the background of the bars feed but no idea what it was. She’s sporting some Peng Peng Lee buns though!

Australia is in the most American leos EVER. I don’t know what to do with myself.

4:53 pm. Allaire-Bourgie, CAN, UB: Maloney to Pak, nice, great handstand bofore clean van Leeuwen, good handstand before clear hip to giant full to blind change to piked Jaeger, really close but good cover, stuck full-out! She just gets better and better.

4:52 pm. Vidiaux, CUB, VT: Tsuk layout full to start, a little wild ish, step on the landing. The screen went black after this but a chyron is still up, for the wrong athlete. Hit her second vault from what I could see in the background of the bars feed, I just couldn’t see what it was.

Stephens, AUS, UB: Inbar full is nice! blind change to straddle Jaeger caught a bit close, clean Pak with some leg sep, slightly short handstand before a kip cast, stalder to toe shoot, nice handstand after, double pike with a lunge back. She’s very tidy! Just some little things to fix.

4:50 pm. Magistrati, ARG, UB: Giant full arches over but she saves it, Tkachev, bail is good, just a little bouncy, short handstand before arched toe-on to toe shoot, short handstand before blind change to front giant half, nice, dismounts with a clean double layout, just a little bounce back.

4:48 pm. If you haven’t heard yet, Morgan Hurd decided to withdraw from the bars and floor finals as a precaution after her beam dismount fall yesterday. She’ll be cheering loudly from the stands instead!

4:46 pm. Athletes have just marched out and are beginning the touch warmup now! We should have the first competitors ready to go shortly!

9 thoughts on “Pacific Rims Live Blog | Event Finals

  1. Flo gave the usual response to “clear your cache” until I ultimately convinced them it was a problem with their equipment. Luckily I only had to argue with them through the entire first half of the rotation before they agreed to notify the people on scene.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, that’s the same convo I had with them two weeks ago about Jesolo. They were like “you need at least 25 mbps to stream :)” and I checked my mbps and was at 93, LOL. I was like yep, pretty sure it had nothing to do with me. Eventually after 48 hours of fighting with them they agreed it was their fault. But the screen going dark here was obviously a camera issue…you could still see the chyron on the screen with the name. If it was YOUR problem, you wouldn’t see anything. The fact that we were still getting the graphics but not the camera feed shows it’s their camera issue.


  2. Curious was Chiles just doing a tsuk full as her second vault for this competition only? what happened to her lopez? Or amanar even?


    • Meaning- does she plan on using that as her second vault to try to challenge in the future? or just for this comp? With Carey, and Biles coming… makes me ask…


    • Yeah, I wouldn’t worry. Even at nationals in 2014 and 2015, it was like….uhh, what a disaster of a team, hahaha. Then they got to worlds and were more or less fine. Early season is hit or miss.


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