2019 Pan American Games Live Blog | Men’s All-Around Final

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s all-around final at the 2019 Pan American Games, held in Lima, Peru!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Caio Souza, Brazil, 83.500
2. Arthur Mariano, Brazil, 82.950
3. Cory Paterson, Canada, 82.200
4. René Cournoyer, Canada, 82.075
5. Brody Malone, United States, 80.450
6. Isaac Nuñez, Mexico, 80.250
7. Robert Neff, United States, 79.700
8. Randy Leru, Cuba, 78.600
9. Rafael Rosendi, Cuba, 78.250
10. Andres Martinez, Colombia, 78.250
11. Adickxon Trejo, Venezuela, 77.800
12. Jostyn Fuenmayor, Venezuela, 77.750
13. Jesus Moreto, Peru, 77.675
14. Carlos Calvo, Colombia, 76.700
15. Joel Alvarez, Chile, 75.750
16. Daniel Agüero, Peru, 75.725
17. Daniel Villafañe, Argentina, 75.650
18. Israel Chiriboga, Ecuador, 75.350
19. Santiago Mayol, Argentina, 75.125
20. Andres Perez, Puerto Rico, 72.950
21. Jose Lopez, Puerto Rico, 72.800
22. Reiss Beckford, Jamaica, 72.550
23. Francisco Acuña, Costa Rica, 70.600
24. Fransisco Ulate, Costa Rica, 70.050

9:34 pm. Caio is still crying. So is Arthur. LMAOOOO I love them. Brazilian MAG is so extra, between them and Russian MAG I just die at all of the feelings.

9:32 pm. Robert Neff USA HB: Huge layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, layout Tkachev half, jumps into L grip for some work there, stoop half back to regular grip, DDLO stuck cold. Lots of sticky feet in this final! Amazing end to what started out as a rough day for Robert but he was down in like 18th place at some point and I think he could finish in the top 8. 14.000!

Robert with a 79.700, should finish sixth!

9:29 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA HB: Endo full to L grip, hand slips a bit, doesn’t phase him, stoop half, hop full, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, great. Gets the WINKLER! Catches kinda close. Stoop full, handstand is a little crazy, Yamawaki, DDLO stuck cold. Little mistakes in there that looked like they came from nerves, but nothing that will ruin him. He’s again SO SO SO happy. 14.400!

Arthur finishes with an 82.950

9:27 pm. René Cournoyer CAN HB: I wasn’t typing during the beginning, had a big Tkachev to Tkachev half, front giant full, Endo half, stalder, and a pretty well stuck DDLO. Fantastic, Canada is KILLER right now. 13.650

René with an 82.075 today. Assuming Mariano hits, he’ll be the Canadian bumped off the podium, but JUST BARELY.

9:26 pm. 14.050 for Brody Malone on floor, and he gets an 80.450 for today with some mistakes on pommels and p-bars! Good comeback for him.

9:24 pm. Andres Perez PUR HB: Yamawaki, nice air on that, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change to L grip, stoop half, blind change again to L grip for a stoop, stalder, full-twisting double layout, a little low but solid.

9:21 pm. Caio Souza BRA HB: Huge layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, hop full, Kovacs, some leg stuff, blind change to tak full to Yamawaki to Gienger, LOVE that so much. Tak half, DDLO dismount with a hop forward, he’s basically CRYIIIIIING he’s so happy!!!!!!! And I mean, WHAT a day. He wasn’t at his best on his best event, p-bars, but he was fantastic literally everywhere else. 14.400!!!!!!

HE’S SCREAMING, I’m dead LMAOOOO he’s legitimately just shrieking. All-around is 83.500!

9:18 pm. Cory Paterson CAN HB: One-arm pirouette, stoop half, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, gets it around nicely, big Yamawaki to Endo half, stalder, beautiful full-twisting double layout with an excellent landing! Excellent day today for Cory. 13.750

Cory finishes with an 82.200 AA, solid!

78.250 for Andres Martinez, 75.750 for Joel Alvarez, 70.050 for Francisco Ulate


1. Caio Souza BRA 69.100
2. Arthur Mariano BRA 68.550
3. Cory Paterson 68.450
4. René Cournoyer CAN 68.425
5. Isaac Nuñez MEX 67.150
6. Rafael Rosendi CUB 67.050
7. Jostyn Fuenmayor VEN 66.550
8. Brody Malone USA 66.400

9:13 pm. Brody Malone hit high bar for a 13.500!! Such a bummer that he could’ve easily been in that final.

9:11 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA PB: Wasn’t typing at the beginning but what I saw was good. Had a nice straddle press to handstand, and a good pirouette to single rail, pressed to handstand out of that and then a little iffy transitioning back to both rails. Double pike with a little hop back.

9:09 pm. René Cournoyer CAN PB: Went a bit crooked on a handstand out of an early pirouette but got really big height on a Bhavsar. Short handstand after that, straddle salto to L sit, then presses up to a really nice handstand. Double front with a small step. Good! 13.850

9:05 pm. Andres Perez PUR PB: Ono is nice…he loses leg form in mosts of his swings up to handstand though. Bhavsar to straddle…supposed to be press handstand out of that straddle but he sits it on the bars. Presses up after, good, but then sits his double pike dismount. 11.300

9:02 pm. Caio Souza BRA PB: Oof, bent his knees fully on a transition from the single rail back to two. Double tuck to his arms, I hate those, crazy muscled handstand after, straddle salto, Bhavsar, handstand out of it was nice, then another Bhavsar to a press handstand. Double front half-out, little hop. Aside from the knee bend early on and that one super wonky handstand, this was pretty good. 13.700, ugh, down a point from yesterday

8:58 pm. Cory Paterson CAN PB: Had a few iffy handstands in there, but overall really solid throughout, Bhavsar to press handstand, double front dismount with a big hop forward. 14.350

8:54 pm. Robert Neff USA PB: Short on a handstand early on. L sit pressed to handstand and then his fancy pirouette (Diomidov 3/4?) to inbar press handstand which I love so much. Super crooked on a one-armed pirouette, and on a handstand after too. Double pike, good landing. 13.400


1. Caio Souza BRA 55.400
2. Arthur Mariano BRA 54.700
3. René Cournoyer CAN 54.575
4. Cory Paterson CAN 54.100
5. Isaac Nuñez MEX 53.800
6. Rafael Rosendi CUB 53.800
7. Jostyn Fuenmayor VEN 53.700
8. Brody Malone USA 52.900

8:45 pm. Brody Maloney USA PB: Looked like he hit his leg on the bar early on. Many of his handstands are pretty off, and he muscled up a press pretty heavily. Scoot back on the double pike. 12.300

8:42 pm. Reiss Beckford JAM PB: Hit routine, just some form things throughout…had a big salto element and a Bhavsar, small hop on the double pike dismount.

8:39 pm. Jostyn Fuenmayor VEN HB: Yamawaki half, stoop half, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, does a front stalder in two different grips, full-in double layout, a bit piked in the second flip. 13.350

8:38 pm. René Cournoyer CAN VT: Roche, overrotates it! Big lunge forward. A bit cowboyed in the air. 13.900

8:36 pm. Andres Perez PUR VT: Kaz full, nice! Just minor form things in the air. Small hop back and his chest down. 13.900

8:35 pm. Caio Souza BRA VT: Shewfelt, beautiful in the air, crossover step that goes OOB. But they don’t take the penalty!!! He’s like cool, I don’t mind. 14.600

8:33 pm. Cory Paterson CAN VT: DTY, clean in the air, but goes a little crooked off the table, I think he has a foot OOB on the landing and his chest is down. 14.050

8:32 pm. Robert Neff USA VT: Kaz 1.5, great in the air, bum is a little low and he’s maybe a hair short in rotation when he lands it but overall this is a super solid vault. 14.450

8:30 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA VT: He put up the number for the DTY but then did a beautiful Shewfelt with an amazing landing! Awesome! 14.650


1. Caio Souza BRA 40.800
2. René Cournoyer CAN 40.675
3. Brody Malone USA 40.600
4. Jostyn Fuenmayor VEN 40.350
5. Rafael Rosendi CUB 40.150
6. Arthur Mariano BRA 40.050
7. Cory Paterson CAN 40.050
8. Jesus Moreto PER 39.875

8:25 pm. Andres Perez PUR SR: He’s pretty loose in all of his elements. Dismounted with a double double and I think his hand touched the mat.

8:20 pm. Caio Souza BRA SR: He’s the most comfortable up here in this group by FAR. I wasn’t typing skills but he barely wavers on anything. Fantastic double double dismount too. 14.250

8:19 pm. They just showed Brody Malone’s vault in replay, a really solid Kaz 1.5. Just a hop on the landing but great in the air.

8:16 pm. Cory Paterson CAN SR: Maltese, leg is almost there but he’s not quite horizontal, iron cross, inverted planche. Almost makes it to handstand after but swings through and tries it again. Saltos up into an L sit, steady, muscles a handstand up after that, you can see him shaking like mad but he gets it, full-in half-out double tuck dismount with a small hop.

8:15 pm. Long wait for Robert’s rings score. He has a rip on his wrist and is getting medical attention from the looks of it.

8:12 pm. Robert Neff USA SR: Straddle planche is good, swings to inverted handstand and then pushes up to L sit. Flips out of it into salto skills up to an L sit, press handstand, just a little shaky. Next handstand is a bit arched, and the one after that is muscled a bit in addition to swinging. Full-in half-out double tuck, bounce on the landing. 12.650

Brody Malone 14.550 VT!

Jesus Moreto 13.500 PB, nice!

Israel Chiriboga 12.850 HB

Jose Lopez 12.550 HB

8:11 pm. Reiss Beckord JAM VT: Yurchenko half-on front layout full-off, form is a little scrappy, hops on the landing. 13.800

8:10 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA SR: High straddle planche, presses his legs into a planche, swings through to an inverted handstand the up to an L sit. Saltos to a straddle sit, awkward on the transition, presses to handstand and he’s a bit shaky there in his body and in the rings. Next handstand is pretty arched. Full-in half-out double tuck, solid landing. 13.050

Daniel Villafañe 11.6 HB

Rafael Rosendi 13.250 PB

Randy Leru 14.250 VT

Andres Martinez 13.950 VT

8:09 pm. Isaac Nuñez MEX VT: Handspring Rudi, pikes down a bit on the landing but the rest is very nice. Hop back. 14.100

8:06 pm. René Cournoyer CAN SR: Maltese, takes him a sec to get his legs in the right place, inverted handstand back up to maltese, then a nice high straddle planche, really nice. Sway back in his handstands and he’s moving a bit, saltos up to an L sit, good, presses to handstand and just shakes a tiny bit, double double with a slight hop to the side. Good! Just little things. 14.025


1. Daniel Villafañe ARG 27.300
2. Jostyn Fuenmayor VEN 27.050
3. Arthur Mariano BRA 27.000
4. Rafael Rosendi CUB 26.900
5. Daniel Agüero PER 26.850
6. Israel Chiriboga ECU 26.750
7. Cory Paterson CAN 26.700
8. René Cournoyer CAN 26.650

7:59 pm. Reiss Beckford JAM SR: Straddle planche down to an inverted handstand, saltos up to a straddle planche, ooh, that transition was smooth! Into an L sit and then pressed up to a handstand that’s a bit shaky at first but then ends up super straight. All of his handstands are pretty solid. Full-twisting double layout dismount, a bit messy and piked but decent on the landing.

7:57 pm. Damn I feel pommels scoring was super tight today compared to yesterday?

7:56 pm. Andres Martinez COL SR: Had nice saltos to his L sit, and what I saw was fine aside from handstand where he had really noticeable sway in his back. I think just a full-twisting double tuck dismount, solid but obviously not super difficult on this event. 12.650

7:54 pm. Caio Souza BRA PH: Nice presses up and down between scissors and handstands, he has a couple of transitions and they’re all pretty much fluid. This is mostly going great as far as pommels go, just small leg separations and minor things like that but that was great and he looks SO JAZZED but like, angrily so?! He is nuts, I love it. All the guys are cracking up. 12.950

7:50 pm. Cory Paterson CAN PH: A little jerky in his scissor at the start but picks up speed and starts looking quite good. He found a terrific rhythm and aside from some messy legs going up into the handstand for the dismount that was great! 13.050

7:47 pm. Robert Neff USA PH: Scissors at the start are nice, but his legs start coming apart a bit shortly after that. Good job quickly getting under control. I feel like his lines are really beautiful on pretty much every event BUT this, but his hips are a bit too piked for me. 12.450

7:46 pm. Daniel Villafañe 12.900 PB

Jostyn Fuenmayor 13.900 VT

7:44 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA PH: Hit routine, pretty much everything went well, nothing major to complain about here. Just the little things and his bum is quite close to the horse at most times. But again, solid and hit. 12.950

7:43 pm. Daniel Agüero 12.400 PB

Jesus Moreto 13.450 VT

Joel Alvarez 13.950 VT

Santiago Mayol 13.950 VT

7:42 pm. René Cournoyer CAN PH: Beautiful press to handstand at the start, that toe point! His second press up is a bit muscled and it takes him a second to bring his legs together. I really like his aggressive style on here, has his little iffy moments with form but overall he’s so confident and solid. 13.300

7:38 pm. Andres Perez PER PH: I wasn’t paying super close attention to this but know that he had two falls. 10.100

Rafael Rosendi 13.700 VT

Adickxon Trejo 14.050 VT

Brody Malone 13.500 SR


1. Daniel Agüero PER 14.450
2. Daniel Villafañe ARG 14.400
3. Israel Chiriboga ECU 14.150
4. Arthur Mariano BRA 14.050
5. Cory Paterson CAN 13.650
6. Caio Souza BRA 13.600
7. Francisco Acuña CRC 13.350
8. René Cournoyer CAN 13.350

7:30 pm. Just saw a replay of Daniel Agüero’s kaz 1.5, which was super low but great in the air and solid on the landing (aside from obviously being low).

Andres Martinez COL PH: Wasn’t paying super close attention to this but everything I saw looked like it was fine until he tried to I guess transition up into a handstand but kind of flipped down onto the horse. Just really had that last skill and the dismount left so a bummer. 11.700

7:26 pm. Cory Paterson CAN FX: I think the first as a front double full to front full, then a clean arabian double front with a hop forward. Clean 2.5 to barani. 1.5 to tucked front full side pass. Triple full looked a bit wild in the air, slightly underrotated with a hop to the side. Actually in the replay it wasn’t underrotated at all, he landed right in the sweet spot, but with his chest down. I think I’m so used to these being a little overrotated in MAG that a good angle on the landing looks short lol. 13.650

7:24 pm. Robert Neff USA FX: Randi, just a little shuffle. Oh god oh god I’m already losing it, 3.5 to front full I think?? Then a 2.5 to front layout full? I need to glue my eyes to the screen the entire time because I look down for one second and miss two full passes. Honestly don’t know what the first one was but I think the second is right.  Arabian double front with a hop forward. HANDS DOWN ON A DOUBLE FULL WHY GOD WHY. Triple full landed on his toes with a step forward to finish. WELL THAT BLOWS. 12.750

7:21 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA FX: Piked double front TO STAG I’M SCREAMING??????? He stuck the double pike perfectly and it was gorgeous and then he just gracefully leaped out of it like a true queen. I’M CRYING. Front double full to front layout. 2.5 to front full, stuck cold. 1.5 to Rudi. Side pass double full is weirdly a little short. Tucked full-in at the end is also a little short with a bounce. I still can’t get over that first pass and just how artistic he was in this routine overall. 14.050

7:19 pm. Some non-floor scores…Daniel Agüero 14.450 VT, Daniel Villafañe 14.400 VT, Israel Chiriboga 14.150 VT, Francisco Acuña 13.350 VT, Jose Lopez 13.300 VT, Jostyn Fuenmayor 13.150 SR, Brody Malone 12.550 PH

Sad face on that last one.

7:18 pm. René Cournoyer CAN FX: Double double, small step back, but it takes him OOB. Front layout to double front, step forward. Nice front double full to barani. Clean and solid 1.5 to Rudi. Another really clean pass in the double full. Tucked full-in with a step back to finish. 13.350

7:15 pm. Andres Perez PER FX: Well, got my answer…here’s Daniel’s replacement. Tucked front full into a front double full, hop forward. Front full to barani, solid. 1.5 to Rudi with a little hop back. Arabian double front is BEAUTIFUL and stuck cold! Great job. Clean stuck double full. 2.5 with a little lunge/stumble out of it. Nice job. 13.000

7:12 pm. Caio Souza BRA FX: Front layout to double front, quite cowboyed with a big hop. Double double with a hop back. 2.5 to a tucked-ish front full. 1.5 to front layout full. Triple full with a hop back. Really picked up after that first pass! 13.600

Just got the news that Daniel Corral of Mexico is NOT participating in the final today so he can focus on EFs. He’s still on the start list…I assume Andres Perez of Puerto Rico is now in his place?

7:10 pm. Touch warm-up is just wrapping up! We should see competition in the next couple of minutes.

6:58 pm. Excited for the men’s competition to start shortly!

Robert Neff of the United States was the top qualifier, but teammate Brody Malone – who qualified way down in 12th place – can also challenge, as he was shooting for somewhere in the neighborhood of an 84 AA until a freak high bars set brought him way down.

The Brazilians Arthur Mariano and Caio Souza will also be strong here, as will the Canadians Cory Paterson and René Cournoyer, and I’m really excited for Daniel Corral of Mexico, who is back and looking gorgeous, with a good shot at taking a medal if he hits and others struggle.


10 thoughts on “2019 Pan American Games Live Blog | Men’s All-Around Final

  1. I don’t get why Daniel Corral decided to skip this. If he wasn’t a contender, then I get it, but he qualified at #4, wtf


    • SO…I don’t speak Spanish but I know enough of similar languages to pick out words and I heard “Daniel Corral is missing the final to focus on event finals” which I thought was kinda silly because he had a great chance at sneaking in for a medal in this final…but turns out I missed the crucial word ESPEREMOS which means “we hope” that he’s skipping this to focus on EFs, hahahaha. I was like yeah that changes things. Turns out ESPN in Mexico has since interviewed him and it looks like he reinjured the shoulder that kept him out with an injury for so long. 😦 I don’t know if I updated the blog with that tidbit, I may have just tweeted it, but yeah, unfortunately he won’t be back for EFs either. 😦 😦


  2. It’s a shame for Brody Malone that he performed so much better today on HB but then worse on pretty much everywhere else. Like, he changed a 7.800 score for a 13.500 on HB but that only got him +2.3 points on the all-around.


    • Yeah, his p-bars were kind of a mess, and I didn’t see his pommels but they looked to not go well based on the score. Too bad…but he’s 19 and has plenty of time to get in the mix! Getting up to 5th place was great for him considering the Brazilians and Canadians were on fire. Brody probably has the most talent in this group but he’s also the least experienced going up against Olympians and the top guys from these other federations. There’s definitely more to come for him!

      Liked by 1 person

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