2015 Gymnastics Calendar

The calendar of elite international and domestic gymnastics meets held in the 2015 season. To see coverage from other seasons, check out our coverage archive.

Date Meet Location
Jan 29-Feb 1 Elite Canada Trois-Rivieres, Canada
Feb 6-8 Houston National Invitational Houston, Texas, USA
Feb 7 1st Italian Serie A Ancona, Italy
Feb 13-15 WOGA Classic Frisco, Texas, USA
Feb 15-19 Canada Games Prince George, Canada
Feb 19-21 Winter Cup Challenge Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Feb 21-22 Scottish Championships Perth, Scotland
Feb 21-22 Sidijk Tournament Heerenveen, Netherlands
Feb 28 2nd Italian Serie A Milan, Italy
Feb 28 Austrian Team Open Linz, Austria
Feb 28-Mar 1 Welsh Championships Cardiff, Wales
Mar 4-8 Russian Championships Penza, Russia
Mar 5-8 L’International Gymnix Montreal, Canada
Mar 7 American Cup Arlington, Texas, USA
Mar 11 3rd Italian Serie A Florence, Italy
Mar 13-15 English Championships Loughborough, England
Mar 14-15 French Championships Rouen, France
Mar 19-22 Cottbus World Cup Cottbus, Germany
Mar 25-27 Doha World Cup Doha, Qatar
Mar 25-29 City of Jesolo Trophy Jesolo, Italy
Mar 27-29 British Championships Liverpool, England
Mar 28-29 German Junior Championships Heidelberg, Germany
Mar 28-29 Belgian Championships Malmedy, Belgium
Mar 28-29 Hungarian Event Championships Budapest, Hungary
Mar 29-Apr 5 Russian Junior Championships Penza, Russia
Apr 4-5 Ljubljana World Challenge Cup Ljubljana, Slovenia
Apr 5 Mexican Championships Monterrey, Mexico
Apr 13-19 European Championships Montpellier, France
Apr 24-26 All-Japan Championships Tokyo, Japan
Apr 25 German Bundesliga Mannheim, Germany
Apr 25-26 Dutch Euro Games Trials Netherlands
May 1-3 Sao Paulo World Challenge Cup Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 2-3 Swedish Championships Halmstad, Sweden
May 7-9 Varna World Challenge Cup Varna, Bulgaria
May 8-10 Finnish Championships Espoo, Finland
May 9 4th Italian Serie A Remini, Italy
May 9 Portugese Championships Anadia, Portugal
May 13 Olimpiada Nacional Monterrey, Mexico
May 16-17 NHK Trophy Tokyo, Japan
May 18-30 Australian Championships Melbourne, Australia
May 21-24 Anadia World Challenge Cup Anadia, Portugal
May 22-24 Polish International Championship Szczecin, Poland
May 26-31 Canadian Championships Gatineau, Canada
May 30 Four Nations Trophy Turin, Italy
May 30 American Classic Huntsville, Texas, USA
May 30-31 Flanders International Team Challenge Ghent, Belgium
Jun 1-4 Chinese Championships Fuzhou, China
Jun 1-6 Games of the Small States of Europe Reykjavik, Iceland
Jun 5-6 South African Championships Capetown, South Africa
Jun 6-7 Gym Festival Trnava Trnava, Slovakia
Jun 7-10 Southeast Asian Games Singapore
Jun 15-20 European Games Baku, Azerbaijan
Jun 19-21 South American Championships Cali, Colombia
Jun 20-21 All-Japan Event Championships Tokyo, Japan
Jul 3-14 Summer Universiade Gwangju, South Korea
Jul 7-12 Spanish Championships Caceres, Spain
Jul 10-26 Pan American Games Toronto, Canada
Jul 25-Aug 1 European Youth Olympic Festival Tbilisi, Georgia
July 25 U.S. Classic Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA
July 31-Aug 2 Asian Championships Hiroshima, Japan
Aug 7-8 Australia-China Friendly Leederville, Australia
Aug 13-16 U.S. Championships Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Aug 20-22 All Japan Student Championships Niigata, Japan
Aug 28-30 Batumi International Batumi, Georgia
Sep 4-19 All-Africa Games Brazzaville, Congo
Sep 9 Dutch Worlds Qualification Beekbergen, Netherlands
Sep 11-13 Golden League Porto San Giorgio, Italy
Sep 11-13 Bosphorus Tournament Istanbul, Turkey
Sep 11-13 Hungarian Championships Budapest, Hungary
Sep 12 Romania-France Friendly Bucharest, Romania
Sep 12 British Team Championships Stoke-on-Trent, England
Sep 13 Belgium-Sweden-Austria Friendly Belgium
Sep 13-20 Chinese Individual Championships Liupanshui, China
Sep 16-20 Russian Cup Yekaterinburg, Russia
Sep 17-20 Osijek World Challenge Cup Osijek, Croatia
Sep 19 Austria-Hungary-Poland Friendly Grieskirchen, Austria
Sep 19-20 German Championships Giessen, Germany
Sep 19-20 Northern European Championships Limerick, Ireland
Sep 22-23 Junior Japan International Yokohama, Japan
Sep 25-27 Romanian Championships Bucharest, Romania
Sep 25-27 Hungarian Grand Prix Szombathely, Hungary
Sep 26-27 Italian Championships Turin, Italy
Sep 26-27 Swiss Championships Winterthur, Switzerland
Sep 26-27 Stavanger Final Stavanger, Norway
Sep 28-Oct 4 South American Junior Championships Rosario, Argentina
Oct 3 Barborka Cup Zabrze, Poland
Oct 3 France-Spain Friendly Paris, France
Oct 3 Netherlands-Great Britain Friendly Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Oct 3 German Worlds Team Trial Stuttgart, Germany
Oct 3-4 Austrian Championships Innsbruck, Austria
Oct 9-11 Norwegian Championships Elverum, Norway
Oct 10 Novara Cup Novara, Italy
Oct 10 Länderkampf Kunstturnen Dessau-Rosslau, Germany
Oct 11 Salamunov Memorial Maribor, Slovenia
Oct 18-27 Chinese Youth Games Fuzhou, China
Oct 23-Nov 1 World Championships Glasgow, Scotland
Nov 4 Arthur Gander Memorial Morges, Switzerland
Nov 7 Olympic Hopes Cup Leberec, Czech Republic
Nov 8 Swiss Cup Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 17-22 Brazilian Championships Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Nov 20-22 Elite Gym Massilia Marseilles, France
Nov 28 Sokol Grand Prix Brno, Czech Republic
Nov 28-29 Mexican Open Mexico City, Mexico
Nov 28-29 Top Gym Tournament Charleroi, Belgium
Nov 28-29 All-Japan Championships Tokyo, Japan
Dec 12-13 Toyota International Toyota City, Japan
Dec 15-16 Voronin Cup Moscow, Russia

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