2021 Gymnastics Calendar

Welcome to the 2021 gymnastics calendar on The Gymternet, where you can find all men’s and women’s international and domestic elite meets listed chronologically. For more information for each meet including full schedules, streaming info, and related articles, click through to the coverage guides linked below. All coverage guides will be added two weeks prior to the meet. To see coverage from other seasons, check out our coverage archive.

Date Meet Location
Jan 14-16 Beach Blast Invitational Galveston, Texas
Jan 21-24 Biles National Qualifier Spring, Texas
Feb 3-7 Buckeye National Qualifier Columbus, Ohio
Feb 6 WOGA Classic Frisco, Texas
Feb 6 Liukin Invitational Frisco, Texas
Feb 7 Singapore Virtual Competition Virtual
Feb 8-12 Russian Federal Championships Russia
Feb 11-14 Brestyan’s National Qualifier Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb 12-13 Israeli Winter Cup Netanya, Israel
Feb 12-14 All American National Qualifier – canceled Bellevue, Washington
Feb 13-14 Elite Canada Virtual
Feb 19-21 Elite Canada (MAG) Virtual
Feb 25-28 Cottbus World Cup – canceled Cottbus, Germany
Feb 26-28 Winter Cup Indianapolis, Indiana
Feb 27 Finnish Euros Trials Kuortane, Finland
Feb 27 Icelandic Team Championships Kopavogur, Iceland
Mar 4 Finnish Men’s Euros Trials Volttiareena, Finland
Mar 4-7 Baku World Cup – canceled Baku, Azerbaijan
Mar 5-7 CAN-USA Dual Meet – canceled Montreal, Canada
Mar 5 Belgian Test Meet Ghent, Belgium
Mar 6 1st Italian Serie A Ancona, Italy
Mar 10-14 Russian Championships Penza, Russia
Mar 10-13 Doha World Cup – postponed Doha, Qatar
Mar 11-14 British Championships – postponed Liverpool, England
Mar 12-14 Canadian Technical Trial (MAG) Virtual
Mar 12-21 Singapore Championships Singapore
Mar 13 March U.S. National Team Camp Indianapolis, Indiana
Mar 13 2nd Finnish Euros Trials Kuortane, Finland
Mar 14 2nd Finnish Euros Trials (MAG) Kuortane, Finland
Mar 19 3rd Finnish Euros Trials (MAG) Kuortane, Finland
Mar 19-21 Polish Junior Cup Krakow, Poland
Mar 20 German Euros Trials Frankfurt, Germany
Mar 20 Hungarian Super Team Championships Budapest, Hungary
Mar 20 3rd Finnish Euros Trials Kuortane, Finland
Mar 20-21 Icelandic Championships Laugardalur, Iceland
Mar 20-21 Stuttgart World Cup – canceled Stuttgart, Germany
Mar 26 Hungarian Super Team Championships (MAG) Budapest, Hungary
Mar 26-28 Turkish Championships Bolu, Turkey
Mar 27 Top 12 Championships Haguenau, France
Mar 27 2nd Italian Serie A Siena, Italy
Mar 27 Birmingham World Cup – canceled Birmingham, England
Mar 27-28 Polish Senior Cup Zabrze, Poland
Mar 27-28 Polish Championships (MAG) Zabrze, Poland
Mar 27-28 Hungarian Event Championships Budapest, Hungary
Mar 27-28 Colombian Control Meet Medellin, Colombia
Mar 28 Top 12 Championships (MAG) Montceau-les-Mines, France
Apr 1-4 Russian Junior Championships Penza, Russia
Apr 2-3 Canadian Technical Trial 1 Virtual
Apr 2-3 Lithuanian Championships Kaunas, Lithuania
Apr 2-7 Ukrainian Championships Ukraine
Apr 3 Heerenveen Friendly Heerenveen, Netherlands
Apr 9-11 Parkettes National Qualifier Allentown, Pennsylvania
Apr 10 1st Bundesliga Germany
Apr 10-11 Swedish Championships Sweden
Apr 10-11 City of Jesolo Trophy – canceled Jesolo, Italy
Apr 21-25 European Championships Basel, Switzerland
Apr 23-25 American Classic Indianapolis, Indiana
May 1 2nd Bundesliga Germany
May 1-2 Canadian Technical Trial 2 Virtual
May 4 Tokyo World Cup – canceled Tokyo, Japan
May 4-9 Chinese Championships Chengdu, China
May 11-15 Ukrainian Youth Championships Ukraine
May 11-16 German Championships Leipzig, Germany
May 13-26 Australian Championships Gold Coast, Australia
May 20-23 Hopes Championships Hartford, Connecticut
May 20-23 U.S. Classic Hartford, Connecticut
May 20-24 Stella Zakharova Cup Kiev, Ukraine
May 25-26 African Championships Pretoria, South Africa
May 27-30 Varna Challenge Cup Varna, Bulgaria
May 28-Jun 6 Singapore Open Championships Singapore
May 29-Jun 1 Asian Championships Chengdu, China
Jun 3-6 Cairo Challenge Cup Cairo, Egypt
Jun 3-7 U.S. Championships Fort Worth, Texas
Jun 4-6 Pan American Championships Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jun 4-6 Polish Championships Zabrze, Poland
Jun 5 German Olympic Trials TBD
Jun 5 Vera Caslavska Cup Prague, Czech Republic
Jun 6-13 Russian Cup Novosibirsk, Russia
Jun 10-13 Osijek Challenge Cup Osijek, Croatia
Jun 17-20 Mersin Challenge Cup Mersin, Turkey
Jun 18-20 Junior Pan American Championships Guadalajara, Mexico
Jun 20 2nd German Olympic Trials Stuttgart, Germany
Jun 21-25 Ukrainian Cup Ukraine
Jun 24-27 U.S. Olympic Trials St. Louis, Missouri
Jun 25-27 FIT Challenge Ghent, Belgium
Jun 30-Jul 6 Swedish Championships (MAG) Halmstad, Sweden
Jul 23-Aug 8 Olympic Games Tokyo, Japan
Aug 19-26 Summer Universiade Chengdu, China
Sep 2-5 Koper Challenge Cup Koper, Slovenia
Sep 9-12 Junior Pan American Games Cali, Colombia
Sep 25 1st Bundesliga (MAG) Germany
Oct 2 3rd Bundesliga Germany
Oct 2 2nd Bundesliga (MAG) Germany
Oct 16-23 Gymnasiade Jinjiang, China
Oct 18-24 World Championships Kitakyushu, Japan
Oct 30 4th Bundesliga Germany
Nov 5 British Team Championships Surrey, England
Nov 13 3rd Bundesliga (MAG) Germany
Nov 20 Sokol Grand Prix Brno, Czech Republic
Dec 4 Bundesliga Finals Ulm, Germany