2016 Pac Rim Team & All-Around Session 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for session one at the 2016 Pacific Rim Championships! Reporter Trisha Wolf is on hand in Everett to bring the updates to you during all WAG sessions today, so stay tuned. Refresh your browser every few minutes for updates, the most recent of which will appear at the top of the post.

4:49. That’s all for now. The second session starts at 7:00 PT. See you then! 

4:56 pm. In juniors, Louise Lopez from Mexico leads with a 51.450, teammate Jimena Moreno is in second with a 49.700, and Ko Ching Fang from Chinese Taipei is in third with a 49.150.  Ping Ju Lai from Chinese Taipei had the top 1 vault score with a 13.650, Morena had the top score on bars with a 12.200, and Lopez leads beam and floor with a 13.300, and 13.600.

4:53 pm. Shannon Miller will be in Rio this summer in a capacity that she can’t disclose yet. She find watching gymnastics to be harder competing. She also still has her white scrunchie and confirmed that Peggy Liddick was the mastermind behind the scrunchie (I’m glad to see she has continued that trend in Australia. Their scrunchies matched their leos today).

4:33 pm. After the first session, Kiara Munteanu leads the senior field with a 54.150. Georgia-Rose Brown is in second with a 52.400, Emma Nedov is in third with a 52.350, and Ginna Escobar from Colombia is in fourth with a 52.150. Emily Little had the top 1 vault score with a 14.700 (I don’t have two vault scores) and top floor score with a 13.850. Munteanu leads bars and beam with a 13.650 and a 13.450 respectively. Australia is leading the team competition with a 217.850, Mexico is second with a 194.800, and Singapore is 3rd with a 194.400.

4:28 pm. Munteanu, the leader after the first session, was pleased to go 4 for 4 and contribute good routines for her team. She found out she was going to compete earlier this week and thinks she will be competing at the Test Event but isn’t sure yet. Emily Little and Larissa Miller talked about how challenging it has been to prepare for another Olympics. Peggy Liddick told them to treat this like another verification and a stepping stone to next week’s Test Event, where they will attempt to qualify a full team to Rio.

4:16 pm. Going to interview some of the AUS gymnasts and maybe Shannon Miller. I’ll update scores when I get back.

4:13 pm. Munteanu, AUS, double wolf, front layout double front, double pike stays in, switch full, front full, double tuck OOB. Great day for the alternate. She should be in 1st.

Zeng, SIN, UB, jaeger, bailm toe shoot, looses swing on full

4:11 pm. Little, AUS, double wolf, piked full in, front aerial, double tuck, double pike. Clean landings. Computer froze during her 2nd pass unfortunately so I missed it.

 4:07 pm. Miller, AUS, front layout to double front, front full to front double full, switch half, falls on double arabian oob, Memmel, switch full, 2.5. Other than the fall, great routine.

4:04 pm. Villegas, COL, V, Y pike

Nedov, Aus, Falls on full in, double tuck oob, double l turn, double wolf, stands early, switch full, double full, double pike, low landing w/step forward.

4:02 pm. Brown, AUS, FX, Memmel to illusion, front full, double full, ring leap to switch ring, Semenova, double tuck (low chest, small hop), illusion

3:55 pm. Time for rotation 8. Maybe the wifi will even work. COL on V, SIN on UB, ECU/TPE on BB, AUS on FX.

3:52 pm. Castro CRC, double pike, dramatic choreography, split fullswitch ring, switch half, front full, straddle full.

3:49 pm. Kwon, HKG, BB, switch, off on straddle quarter, back tuck, straddle full

Moreno, piked jaeger, pak, maloney, tktchev, full, double pike with steps back, messy legs throughout.

3:47 pm. Lopez, UB, clear hip, toe on, stalder, full, half, stuck double back.

3:45 pm. Jimenez, CRC, full turn, double full, switch half, l.5

Stuck double back from Lozano on UB

3:41 pm. Reid, CRC, FX, double tuck to her knees, great facial expression before the pass, ring leap, L turn to full turn, also fell on her double full, aerial, 1.5 to finish. Very expressive.

Arias, Pan, tucked Yhalf (or maybe its a Y Arabian since they’re apparently the same). 2nd vault is a tucked FTY.

3:39 pm. Rotation time. CHI/PAN on V, MEX on UB, HKG on BB, and CRC on FX

3:35 pm. Ardila, COL, fall on DLO, piked full in, lacks extension on leaps, tucked full in, double tuck. So much potential on this event!

3:32 pm. G Escobar, Col FX, double pike mount

Munteanu, Aus, RO 2 feet loyout, switch to sissone, straddle quarter, switch half, full turn, side somi, double tuck. She’s on today.

3:29 pm. Nedov, AUS BHS BHS layout 2 feet, well connected leap series, BHS LOSO, switch ring balance check, front aerial to sheep is slow, punch front, sits her double pike. Great routine going until then.

3:26 pm. Brown, AUS, switch leap, y turn, front aerial to split jump, illusion turn almost off but hangs on, BHS LOSO, side somi, aerial, double tuck dismount w/a low chest.

3:24 pm. Fang, TPE, UB, clear hip, toe on, toe full, full, layout

Nathan, Sin, V, FTY, not much distance, hop up

3:22 pm. Little, AUS, BB, punch front, wolf turn, switch leap to straddle quarter, front aerial, slow on the sissone connection, BHS to 2 foot layout (piked down), double pike dismount, small hop back.

3:18 pm. Rotation 6 will begin soon. SIN on V, TPE/ECU on UB, AUS on BB, and COL on FX. Gym Australia posted on instagram that Emily Whitehead is injured and withdrew.It did not mention who would compete at the Test Event.

3:17 pm. Ng, HKG, clear hip, off on toe shoot, double pike

Castro, CRC, full turn, wobble, switch full (a little short), punch front full.

3:15 pm. Kwan, HKG, UB, clear hip, bail, jump to high, fell forward on double pike dismount.

3:11 pm. Arias, Pan, FX double full dismount

Barquero CRC, full turn, switch leap, switch half, back tuck, off on BHS back pike,  punch front, wolf to straddle, double full.

3:08 pm. Jimenez, CRC, BB, BHS LOSO (messy legs), full L turn, off on aerial, front aerial, straddle quarter, split jup to sissone, 1.5 w/hop forward

Vazquez fell off the mat on her second vault.

3:07 pm. Cabrera, CHI, FX, Spit full to wolf, FHS front full, switch half, double full, double L turn, popa, switch full, aerial

Vazquez, Mex, V, Tsuk full

3:01 pm. Sorry, the wifi is going in and out here. Rotation 5 is about to begin. MEX is on V, HKG is on UB, CRC is on BB, and CHI/PAN is on FX.

2:57 pm. G Escobar, COL, nice switch ring, BHS LOSO, switch leap, switch half, back tuck probably supposed to be connected, front aerial, split jump to wolf, full turn, double back (chest down, hop back)

2:54 pm. Ardila, COL, BB, BHS to back tuck, swithc half, full turn, aerial, side somi (hangs on), double pike with a small step

2:52 pm. Munteanu, AUS, high tkatchev to geinger, piked jaeger, bail, shoot to high bar, full, stuck full in Much needed hit for AUS.

2:48 pm. Miller, UB, fall on her Ricna. What is this., in bar, in bar half, piked jaeger, bail, stalder shooter, stalder full (break), stuck full in.

2:44 pm. Tan, SIN, FX, long pause in the corner before her 2.5 dismount

Brown, AUS, major form break on toe full (kind of looks like Mikulak on his Cassina last night). Tries to stay on, but comes off. Rough UB rotation for Aus, maloney to pak, chow, toe on, toe on half, jaeger, double front stuck I think.

2:40 pm. Nedov, AUS UB, toe-on full, overarches handstand and comes off. Toe one, Van Leeuven, jaeger, bail, stalder shoot, double front.

Mizzen AUS, Maloney, tkatchev to pak, Van Leeuwen, full-in with low chest. Came off at the beginning of her routine.

2:34. Rotation 4 about to begin. TPE/ECU on V, AUS on UB, COL on BB, SIN on FX.

2:33 pm. Lopez, Mex, double tuck, 2.5 nicely landed, switch full, fun position on full turn, switch ring to ring leap, front full to stag, switch half, double full.

2:27 pm. Moreno, Mex, double back, 2.5, switch ring, switch half to wolf, double full, swtich full, ring leap, missed the dismount.

Choi, HKG, FHS, front tuck, several steps back and walks into the table, 2nd V is a tsuk pike.

2:25 pm. Vazquez, Mex, full in nearly stuck, double spin, 1.5 to front full sat, stumbles out on double pike, switch full, falls on double full. Dramatic presentation and good potential.

2:22 pm. T. Chan, HKG, FHS front pike, squatty landing.

2:20 pm. Kwan, V, HKG, FHS, front tuck

Lousalot, MEX, double tuck mount, front full, switch leap, switch half, double full,  full turn with leg up, double pike with some leg separation.

2:17 pm. Reid, CRC, UB, toe on, jaeger, bail, toe shoot, full, double tuck with a step back.

Lozano, Mex, FX, rudi to split leap, double full.

2:14 pm. Despite what the live scores say. Mary-Anne Monckton is not here. Get well soon Mez! I think her score is actually Munteanu’s.

2:12 pm. Rotation 3 will begin w/HKG on vaul, CRC on bars, CHI/PAN on beam, and MEX on floor.

2:11 pm. G Escobar, COL, toe on, full  to geinger, bail, toe shoot, full in w/a small hop back.

2:07 pm. Ardila, Col UB, jaeger, toe shoot, full pirouette, peels off on her double back but lands on her stomach and gets up quickly.

Zeng, SIN, back pike, switch leap, wolf to sissone, back tuck to BHS (slow connection), full turn, gainer pike

2:04 pm. Nathan, SIN, BB, punch front, off on BHS LOSO, switch leap to wolf to sissone (slow connection), aerial, back tuck, switch half, full turn with leg up, double full.

2:01 pm. Little, Aus, DTY, landed with chest down and stepped back. Does a tsuk layout to try to qualify into V finals

Fang, TPE, FX double tuck with chest down, double spin

2:00 pm. Nedov Aus, FTY, piked down but w/more distance than the first two, hop back.

Brown Aus FTY nearly stuck. Still piked down to land but probably the best of the four.

1:58 pm. Mizzen, V, Aus, FTY, piked down to land but nearly stuck.

Rodriquez, Col, UB, fell on jaeger, double tuck dismount w/a small hop.

Muteanu, AUS, FTY, more piked than Mizzen with a larger hop.

1:56 pm. I largely fail at looking at the scoreboard but junior scores are available here and senior scores are available here.

1:53 pm. The second rotation is about to begin, which features the other four teams. Australia is in a rosy hot pink with black mesh on top, Chinese Taipei is wearing black on bottom and two shades of pink on top. Colombia is in dark purple with lighter purple mesh sleeves. Singapore is in the same leos they wore to podium training.

1:49 pm. Kwan HKG, double tuck with legs glued together to mount, front layout to front full (sits front full), straddle full, falls out of double spin, 1.5 to dismount. Does a nice arabesque in the corner to meet the one foot rule.

Moreno Mex nice LOSO flight series, big wobble on her aerial, balance check on switch half, dismounts with a double full.

1:46 pm. C Chan HKG FX, double tuck mount nearly stuck, lacked extension on split full, popa looked much better, front full to split leap, double turn, double full.

Lopez Mex did a nice switch ring and also had a solid switch leap, great extension on her side somi. Dismounted with a double full.

1:45 pm. Castro, CRC, V, Ylayout. Jimenez did a Tsuk pike earlier

1:42 pm. Arias, Pan, UB, clear hip stand, off on geinger with messy legs.

Chan, HKG, FX  back 1.5 2nd pass, I think she mounted with a double full,  very quatty landing on her front full but hangs on. 

1:39 pm. Reid, V, CRC, Ylayout

Vazquez, Mex, BB, back tuck, off on full turn, aerial, switch half, punch front, balance check, 1.5 w/a hop.

1:37 pm. The first touch warm-up is underway.

1:34 pm. Hong Kong is in the same leos that they wore for podium training. Costa Rica’s are white on top and blue on bottom with red, white, and blue accent stripes in the middle. Mexico is in black with red, green, and white accents on the sides and sleeves.

1:33 pm. Giulianna Pino Alcivar from Ecuador will also rotate with Chinese Taipei, though she will only compete on beam.

1:19 pm. Perhaps the biggest surprise in this session is that Kiara Munteanu will be competing for Australia. Originally she was announced as a non-traveling alternate for Pacific Rim and the Test Event. Emily Whitehead appears to be the alternate today.

1:16 pm. Eight teams will compete in subdivision 1. The first half of the rotation will feature Costa Rica (vault), Chile/Panama (bars), Mexico (beam), and Hong Kong (floor). The second half features Australia (vault), Colombia (bars), Singapore (beam), and Chinese Taipei (floor).

1:13 pm. Less than 20 minutes until the first subdivision begins! We’ll be back shortly. Enjoy!

Article by Trisha Wolf


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