The 2017 European Championships Women’s Master Team List

With the 2017 European Championships coming up next month, we’ve created this master list to keep everyone up-to-date with lists of all official and nominative teams for each country in attendance. If you have any news or additions, please let us know in the comments! We will also track all changes here, e.g. if an athlete is injured or replaced.


Confirmed by the Österreichischer Fachverband für Turnen on March 22.


Nominative. As of April 17, Marina Nekrasova and Mariia Smirnova are no longer expected to compete.


Confirmed by Gymnastiekfederatie Vlaanderen on March 22. As of April 10, Senna Deriks has withdrawn due to a knee injury sustained in training.










Confirmed by Danmarks Gymnastik Forbund as of April 16.


Confirmed by Suomen Voimistelulitto as of April 12.


Confirmed by Fédération Française Gym on March 20.


  • Mariia Butskikh



Confirmed by the Deutscher Turner-Bund as of March 18.


Confirmed by British Gymnastics as of April 12. Georgia-Mae Fenton has replaced nominative entry Amy Tinkler. As of April 18, Alice Kinsella has replaced Georgia-Mae Fenton due to an injury Fenton sustained in podium training.


Confirmed by the Greek Gymnastics Federation as of April 12.


Confirmed by Magyar Torna Szövetség as of April 9. Noemi Jakab has replaced nominative entry Dalia Al-Salty. As of April 17, Dalia Al-Salty has replaced Dorina Böczögö.


Confirmed by Fimleikasamband Islands as of April 11. Tinna Odinsdottir has replaced nominative entry Norma Robertsdottir.


Nominative. As of April 17, Shailee Weiss has replaced Ofir Kremer.


Confirmed by Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia as of April 14. Sofia Busato and Martina Maggio have replaced nominative entries Desiree Carofiglio and Francesca Linari. As of April 16, Sofia Busato has withdrawn due to an ACL injury sustained in training.






Confirmed by Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Unie on April 3.


Confirmed by Turn Kvinner on April 10. Victoria Bøe has replaced nominative entry Sofie Bråten.




Nominative. As of April 17, Mariana Marianito and Mariana Carvalho have replaced Beatriz Dias and Leonor Silva.


Confirmed by Federatia Romana de Gimnastica on March 21.


Confirmed by TASS on April 10. Maria Paseka has replaced nominative entry Daria Spiridonova.


Nominative. As of April 17, Aleksandra Rajcic has replaced Dejana Kuzmanovic.






Confirmed by Real Federación Española as of April 17. Paula Raya has replaced Claudia Colom.


Confirmed by the Schweizerischer Turnverband on March 22.




Nominative. As of April 17, Yana Fedorova has replaced Alona Titarenko.

31 thoughts on “The 2017 European Championships Women’s Master Team List

  1. Why is Spiridonova on the Euros team? Especially with Kapitanova on the team. It would make more sense to center your team on where you’re sure to get medals, and with Spridonova it’s not very likely. Melnikova can get a medal in all around, beam, floor and an outside chance on bars. Eremina can get a medal in all around and beam. Kapitonova could sneak her way onto all around and can easily get a bars medal if she’s clean. But spiridonova only has an outside chance in bars, assuming she doesn’t crumble (again). Tutkhalyan can get a vault medal easily in the current field. Iliankova showed consistency with what we saw at Russian nationals on bars. But spridonova, at least this season has shown a lack of preparation and inconsistency on the only event that she’s usable on. If they didn’t have Kapitanova, who’s consistent and currently better, then it would make sense to make this sort of gamble, but they do.


  2. Ooooooo…. I thought Filipa Martins retired after the Olympics. Or was there talks about it? So happy to see that she’s still training and competing!


  3. Not going to lie I’m very curious about the congruency of the Romanian team. Do you know what kind of relationship Larisa and Catalina have?


    • Larisa and Catalina both said that anything said about any tense relationship between them were rumors and that they both have a lot of respect for each other as athletes and teammates. As a team they’re both mentally strong team leaders and can definitely reign in Crisan and Cimpian, both extremely talented new seniors that lack confidence, so I think that Iordache and Ponor will both be really good influences on them and this is the most talented overall contingent they’ve sent since 2012 euros.


  4. Do you have a database (or know of an external one) where I can find out the status of various gymnasts? As I was going through this list I wondered where Laura Jurca and Rebecca Tunney had disappeared to?


      • I think that they picked Iordache and Ponor because they can somewhat easily get themselves on the podium if they hit, and then picked Crisan and Cimpian to get experience. Also, I think that Cimpian and Crisan are both a bit more talented than Holbura, even if Holbura has more difficulty on bars and beam (based off last season). While Holbura is actually a really good all-arounder, she doesn’t contribute into medals like Ponor and Iordache, and doesn’t need the experience that Cimpian and Crisan needs. Also, there’s no telling why they didn’t pick Holbura. It’s a possibility that Holbura isn’t prepared or doesn’t have enough difficulty right now.


  5. I truly hope Georgia Mae-Fenton can sneak into the British team. It’s not that she’s necessarily better than those on the current time, but she could use the experience while all other four gymnasts have plenty of that.


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    • I’m not Lauren, but Iordache and Ponor can’t subsitiute an entire team. If the new seniors these next few years can show progress in consistency, execution, and difficulty, than that will mean Romania is on the track back to the top.

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