2020 Szombathely Challenge Cup | Women’s Qualifications Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s qualifications at the 2020 Szombathely Challenge Cup, held in Szombathely, Hungary!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Diana Varinska UKR 12.950
2. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL 12.500
3. Lisa Zimmermann GER 12.400
4. Angelina Radivilova UKR 12.350
5. Christina Zwicker CRO 12.000
6. Elina Vihrova LAT 12.000
7. Zoja Szekely HUN 11.850
8. Noemi Makra HUN 11.850
9. Lara Hinsberger GER 11.600
10. Aneta Holasova CZE 11.000
11. Kaja Skalska POL 10.500

7:40 am. We didn’t get ANY floor scores, and the stream turned off before showing the screen with the scores. Hopefully the federation will upload them quickly!

7:35 am. Aneta Holasova CZE FX: Came out with a nice double layout to start, but then over rotates the arabian double front so far, she has to put it down to her hands. I think the nerves are there after being out of competition for so long, she seems to have so much energy that’s translating directly into power! Switch ring to tour jete half, nice, full Y turn, layout full, which is a placeholder right now, good. Little hop on the double pike to finish.

7:32 am. Christina Zwicker CRO FX: Lovely shapes in her choreo at the beginning, Croatia’s REALLY great at that. Switch half into the corner. Front tuck through to double full, very clean, little balance check. Little stumble out of the Memmel. Double pike is clean but a little low. Double wolf turn. 1.5 with a step at the end. Some great work in there.

7:28 am. Kaja Skalska POL FX: Double tuck, a little cowboyed with a lunge back. Her music is “Footloose” and it’s epic. Double wolf turn, good. 1.5 to front tuck, she cowboys it significantly. Switch leap to switch side. Front full is a bit whippy and wonky, stumbles to the side. Falls out of her double turn. Low on the switch half. Fun routine if she could throw a bit more energy into the choreo!

7:25 am. Going into the touch for the FINAL rotation of the FINAL apparatus. This time, we’ll see Kaja Skalska, Christina Zwicker, and Aneta Holasova.

7:22 am. Lara Hinsberger GER FX: Double tuck, low with a hop forward. Falls out of double L turn. 2.5 with a stumble forward. Switch ring to switch half. Front full, a bit arched with soft knees. Nice, hit set for her.

7:18 am. Noemi Makra HUN FX: My stream’s going out a little and so is my energy (I’ve been awake for 22 hours). COME ON, STREAM. Okay, the stream came back the second it ended. COOL. Sorry, Noemi.

7:14 am. Angelina Radivilova UKR FX: 1.5 through to triple full, some leg form and her chest is pretty low, but her feet barely move! Kinda falls out of her Memmel. Front handspring front full. Split jump full. Double pike, switch ring to ring leap. Some lovely work.

7:11 am. About to begin the touch for rotation group two! AND HOPEFULLY GET SOME SCORES? This group has Angelina Radivilova, Noemi Makra, and Lara Hinsberger.

7:08 am. Lisa Zimmermann GER FX: I haven’t seen ANY scores yet. Grrrrr. 2.5 to front tuck with a little stumble back. Triple turn that she couldn’t hold upright but she still completed the turns with her body leaning 45 degrees sideways, RESPECT. Hit a double back after that. 1.5 to front layout, the layout was iffy all over the place…arched, leg form, etc. Front attitude turn, switch to tour jete half, clean but buckled double full to finish. Nice routine.

7:05 am. Zoja Szekely HUN FX: Double pike, tiny bounce. Double tuck, little steps forward. Front full with some bent knees. Overall good.

7:00 am. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL FX: This is gonna be GOOD. She’s also on a roll today. 2.5 to front pike hops forward OOB. Tour jete full. Arabian double front to stag, some leg for on the arabian. Hit a turn but I wasn’t counting, a triple if not a quad! Front double full, a tad bit buckled on the landing. OMG HER MUSIC IS VOGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH MADONNA SAYING “VOGUE” AND EVERYTHING. QUEENS ONLY.

6:57 am. Elina Vihrova LAT FX: Stuck the full-in, AND the front tuck through to double tuck! GIRL IS REALLY POPPING OFF TODAY. A little rough in her double wolf turn, got stuck about halfway through. Really low double pike, lunges forward out of it. Switch ring to tour jete half, her back foot was iffy in the ring. Clean double full, maybe a little forward on the landing, moves a foot slightly, but that was very good.

6:54 am. Diana Varinska UKR FX: 1.5 through to double full, clean and stuck. Double L turn. Comes out of the 2.5 SLIGHTLY low but still easily gets the front tuck. Tour jete half. Switch ring to split ring leap. Memmel turn, little stumble out of it. Clean stuck double tuck. DAMN DIANA.

6:53 am. First round of floor warm-ups now, featuring Diana Varinska, Elina Vihrova, Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Zoja Szekely, and Lisa Zimmermann!


1. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL 13.700
2. Diana Varinska UKR 13.550
3. Christina Zwicker CRO 12.550
4. Elina Vihrova LAT 12.150
5. Tina Zelcic CRO 11.750
6. Noemi Makra HUN 11.750
7. Csenge Bacskay HUN 11.500
8. Aneta Holasova CZE 11.150

6:44 am. Lisa Zimmermann GER BB: Clean loso mount, BEAUTIFUL bhs loso loso series! Switch to switch half, comes in crooked and grabs the beam before falling. Side aerial with a large stumble, wobble on the full turn. Switch to split jump. Big wobble on the side somi. I can’t handle beam anymore today. Transverse split jump half, fall. UGH. Hit the dismount.

6:40 am. Noemi Makra HUN BB: Layout series was excellent! Full L turn, big wobble and then off on the side aerial. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, little wobble on the side somi, double full dismount. 11.750

6:36 am. Anastasiia Motak UKR BB: Front to front tuck, stumble and fall. UGH. Switch to switch half, not at 180, hit a jump series after, preps for five hours for her front handspring front pike, THAT was nice. Wobble on a turn, little stumble on a side aerial, a one million hour prep, OH MY GOD IT WAS LITERALLY 20 SECONDS AT LEAST, for her double full dismount, I’m crying. Her preps are iconic. 10.950

6:32 am. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL BB: Split leap mount. Switch to side aerial is fab. 1.5 pirouette is so cool. Side aerial. Tour jete. Tour jete half. Killing it! Switch half, some messy feet, but hit, gainer full dismount, stuck. Fantastic!!!

6:30 am. Final group is warming up now! This one has Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Anastasiia Motak, Noemi Makra, and Lisa Zimmermann.

6:26 am. Kaja Skalska POL BB: Side somi, little check. Big stumble out of her loso flight series, grabs the beam to attempt to stop from falling, but comes off anyway. Hit her leap series, than  transverse split jump half, off on that as well. Side aerial, wobble. Wolf turn. Layout full dismount with a slide back. 10.100

6:23 am. Christina Zwicker CRO BB: Switch leap mount, aerial, switch to wolf jump, all good! Mostly clean. Bhs bhs loso, just a slight wobble, great extension! Transverse straddle jump is nice and high and stretched. Leg up out of her front aerial, missed the connection to the back tuck. Hit the dismount. Good routine!

6:19 am. Elina Vihrova LAT BB: Punch front tuck mount, excellent! So solid. Punch front tuck to straddle jump, a little rushed, but gets the connection. Step back on her bhs loso series, big amplitude on her switch to switch half, full turn, front aerial, split jump to wolf jump, she’s really on the attack here! It’s cruel that she didn’t make Tokyo but I see big things for her this quad. Side aerial, stuck the double full. Great work. 12.150

6:18 am. By the way, we can only see the bottom of the screen, aka the lowest scores, which is annoying! I haven’t seen scores for most routines.

6:15 am. Diana Varinska UKR BB: Bhs bhs layout, nice! A little piked on the layout, and she has flexed feet in her back handsprings, but that was a solid series. Also hit a ring leap I think, and then a leap series, the angle makes it hard to see what exactly she’s doing. Front aerial to…sissone I wanna say. Side somi is good. Split leap to side aerial, random stumble after she hits it, but stays on. Double full with a hop. Some minor form things throughout but overall that was solid. First routine without a fall! 13.550!!

6:13 am. Going into the touch for the second group! This one has Diana Varinska, Elina Vihrova, Christina Zwicker, and Kaja Skalska.

6:09 am. Csenge Bacskay HUN BB: Long wait for Jasmin’s score kept her waiting in position to salute for more than six minutes before getting the go-ahead. Off on her layout stepout mount. Bent knees on her bhs loso. Switch to wolf jump, side somi is good, transverse split jump half, not quite at 180, little bobble, side aerial goes a little crooked, up into a split jump, full turn, slight check, double full, some ankle form, hop to the side. 11.500

6:01 am. Jasmin Mader AUT BB: Switch leap mount. Switch leap, doesn’t connect out of it, bent knees on her bhs loso series, and has a big break at the hips with her chest down, but fights and stays on. Then short on her front aerial and falls on THAT. Ughhh. Full L turn, great side aerial, casual back roll out of her choreo, side somi, a little tentative, split jump to sissone, little wobble, gainer pike dismount, small hop. 10.450

5:58 am. Tina Zelcic CRO BB: Switch leap to wolf jump, nice extension on the leap. Switch half, a little crooked on the bhs loso, fall. Front aerial, wobble, full turn, slight check. Transverse straddle jump, side aerial, a little short, small hop on the front full dismount. 11.750

5:54 am. Aneta Holasova CZE BB: Excellent layout stepout mount, but then goes a little too big on her triple flight series, going flying off the end of the beam on the second layout stepout. The adrenaline!!! Front aerial, switch leap to split leap to lovely straddle jump, full Y turn, double tuck with a hop back. Very good aside from the fall! 11.150

5:50 am. Lara Hinsberger GER BB: Well, our results screen is back, praise the gymnastics gods. Switch leap mount, little bobble. Front aerial, nice extension, small bobble. Full turn, switch leap to sissone, nice toe point, bhs loso, bent her knees a little in the latter, and has too much oomph at the end, bounces right off. Switch ring, misses the landing, falls again. Some cool “under beam” choreo, slight hip check coming out of her side aerial, double full dismount. 10.300

5:43 am. About to begin touch for beam in a few minutes, with Lara Hinsberger, Aneta Holasova, Tina Zelcic, Jasmin Mader, and Csenge Bacskay in the first group.


1. Diana Varinska UKR 13.150
2. Elina Vihrova LAT 12.400
3. Jasmin Mader AUT 12.400
4. Lisa Zimmermann GER 12.200
5. Lara Hinsberger GER 12.000
6. Marta Pihan Kulesza POL 12.000
7. Zoja Szekely HUN 11.250
8. Csenge Bacskay HUN 10.800
9. Kaja Skalska POL 10.400
10. Anastasiia Motak UKR 9.900
11. Aleksandra Rajcic 9.850

5:35 am. Jasmin Mader AUT UB: Final bars routine! And these particular bars need to be burned. Beam is going to be frightening. Here we go, short handstand before her toe full, a little short and then arches over to compensate, I couldn’t type for the next few skills but she had a transition series with the whole shaposh/bail back and forth, also hit a release, and did that cool dismount where you throw a back tuck straight from a handstand on the high bar. Hit! 12.400

5:32 am. Lisa Zimmermann GER UB: Clear hip full, arches all the way over and falls. Clean van Leeuwen, blind change to piked Jaeger, very nice. Clear hip to Pak, some leg separation, Maloney to bail (slight arch) to toe shoot (nice toe point!), stalder front tuck half dismount, just a little bounce in place. Great after the fall. That’s gotta sting, to come off right away on something that’s relatively easy, and then nail the rest. 12.200, she’d be in the lead over Varinska without the fall I think!

5:30 am. Elina Vihrova LAT UB: Clear hip to stalder, blind full, blind change to lovely straddle Jaeger, bail, sways her back a bit but uses that core and straightens up instantly, toe shoot has a slight dead hang, clean double pike dismount, basically stuck. Fabulous! 12.400, currently second!

5:29 am. Aleksandra Rajcic SRB UB: Toe-on to Maloney to bail to toe shoot, nice! Blind change to beautiful straddle Jaeger, the toe point is real! Short handstand before her giants, blind full clean double pike, but then just kind of…slightly over rotates at the VERY END and falls to her hands and knees. WHY GOD WHY. Beautiful otherwise, handstands aside. 9.850

5:24 am. Final rotation group going to the touch now! This group includes Aleksandra Rajcic, Elina Vihrova, Lisa Zimmermann, and Jasmin Mader.

5:20 am. Diana Varinska UKR UB: Will Diana get the first 13+ of the meet? Oy. Lovely Chow to Pak, short handstand before the Maloney to clear hip full, Tkachev to mixed grip to Jaeger, just a bit rushed with some form but glad she caught that, toe-on, full-in with a small hop. YAY. 13.150 (5.3 D)

5:16 am. Zoja Szekely HUN UB: Big Church to start, even bigger Tkachev to Pak, Maloney (slight leg separation) to Gienger, could just be my angle, but looks like she gets her dowels over the bar and everything, but then drops HARD. Ughhhh. Back on for a blind change to huge piked Jaeger, some foot form, short handstand before the toe full, just a layout dismount with a hop. 11.250

5:14 am. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL UB: Shaposh to bail, nice, to toe-on to toe full, very steady work so far. Ray up to the high bar, clear hip half to piked Jaeger, a little low on the release but catches no problem, blind full to double front, small step. MARTAAAAA!

5:12 am. Looks like their server went down according to the message I just got. LOVE IT. Okay, it’s back just in time for Marta, but we missed the second half of Anastasiia’s routine. I’ll post the score once they show it.

5:10 am. Anastasiia Motak UKR UB: Nice handstand before her Komova II to Pak, flexed feet but nice leg form, very short handstand before the van Leeuwen, legs go into a V in the air as she tries to muster up whatever energy she can to get herself up to the high bar, but she just doesn’t get there, falls. My feed went out as she was chalking up, taking a long time to come back, too.

5:08 am. Zoja looked good in the touch, there aren’t a ton of people in the crowd, but the federation did have limited seating, and Hungary is HERE for their girls. Diana just came off at the end of a transition series but overall looked very clean.

5:03 am. Going into the next touch now, with Anastasiia Motak, Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Zoja Szekely, and Diana Varinska in this group. Zoja and Diana should be big routines/medal contenders.

Lara is leading by over a point with that terrifying fall over two hit routines. POST-COVID GYMNASTICS. Well…mid-COVID gymnastics actually.

5:02 am. Kaja Skalska POL UB: Short handstand before her Maloney to clear hip, BIG Ray release, that was fab, short handstand before her bail, which is also a little short, toe on to toe shoot, blind full is quite late, blind change to front giant to front layout dismount with a hop. Good job! The handstands will get her but I’m really happy she hit that. 10.400 (4.3, 6.1)

4:59 am. Csenge Bacskay HUN UB: A little short on the first handstand, nice Hindorff though, a little arched in her Pak, some leg separation as well, full pirouette to Maloney to clear hip, takes an extra swing into a kip cast and that whole series was a bit scrappy with lots of deductions but hey, good fight, blind change to front giant to half turn back to regular grip, then just a layout dismount. 10.800

4:58 am. We don’t have the scoreboard in our view in the background this time so I don’t know if I’ll catch scores as easily as I did during vault!

4:55 am. Lara Hinsberger GER UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, flexed feet, but good catch, lovely Pak, good handstand before the van Leeuwen, legs go a little crazy in the air, and then OOF, she peels off and lands partially on her head/neck. Just gives her neck a crack and gets back going but that was scary. Nice handstand before the toe full once she’s back on, then a tucked toe front half with a small hop back. 12.000

4:52 am. Athletes just came out for the bars touch, a little early. Lara looks REALLY clean right now, her lines are gorgeous! Kaja just warmed up a Maloney to clear hip, then a Tkachev. Bars are her strongest event, but I hope nerves don’t get to her.

4:47 am. Just waiting for the bars touch to start…should be at 4:54 am ET, aka 10:54 am at the competition. The first rotation group will see Lara Hinsberger, Csenge Bacskay, and Kaja Skalska.

4:44 am. VAULT QF

1. Boglarka Devai HUN 14.225
2. Angelina Radivilova UKR 13.725
3. Lisa Zimmermann GER 13.575
4. Jasmin Mader AUT 13.450
5. Anastasiia Motak UKR 13.400
6. Tijana Korent CRO 13.275
7. Csenge Bacskay HUN 13.250
8. Aneta Holasova CZE 13.225
9. Elina Vihrova LAT 13.225
10. Kaja Skalska POL 12.650

4:40 am. Aneta Holasova CZE VT: FTY, excellent! Takes a lunge back out of it but she got more air and distance than pretty much anyone. 13.500

Tsuk layout for her second vault, also lots of power there, and one of the better tsuks in the air. 12.950

13.225 average to just sneak into the final!

4:37 am. Anastasiia Motak UKR VT: Goes for the DTY, takes a LONG time after saluting to start her run, lots of foot tapping, that was great, hahaha. But it’s not bad! Some form/body shape issues throughout, and she comes in a little close to the table with a step, but she got it around. 13.900

Another VERY long prep for her second vault, which is a Lopez, not the GREATEST, needs to tighten up quite a bit, and she comes up short again, landing with her chest fully down and a step. I think they downgraded it from the layout. Just a 12.900 with a 4.8 D.

13.400 average.

4:34 am. Elina Vihrova LAT VT: FTY, really solid, tiny step on the landing, just has the littlest knee bend in the air and doesn’t get a ton of power.

Next up, a beautiful handspring front pike! Little scoot back on the landing, but that was lovely in the air.

13.225 average.

4:30 am. Touch warm-up for the final group! We have Elina Vihrova, Anastasiia Motak, and Aneta Holasova in this one. Anastasiia looks TEENY TINY next to Elina and Aneta, both of whom are pretty small themselves!

4:26 am. Angelina Radivilova UKR VT: I wanna say she did a Lopez but the way they’re cutting mid-block makes it REALLY hard to see (a) the direction they’re coming onto the table, and (b) the direction they leave it. Either way, it looked good, just minor nit-picky things. Yeah, based on the D score it was def a Lopez.

FTY for the second, a little eh, hops back on it, fine but nothing explosive. 13.350

13.725 average, puts her into second!

4:23 am. Lisa Zimmermann GER VT: Good enough FTY. I wasn’t paying super close attention because I was trying to grab Boglarka’s scores in the background but it looked good! 13.600

Second vault is a Yurchenko half-on pike half, which looked really nice. Small step on the landing. 13.550

13.575 average.

4:20 am. Boglarka Devai HUN VT: Starts with a DTY! And it looks pretty solid! Some crossed legs but I’m impressed given the injuries she’s had, and the time away…great effort. 14.400

Then does a Lopez, a little low and to the side with a step back. Just looked a little labored on that one. 14.050

14.225 average!

4:15 am. Next group is coming in for the touch. This one will include Boglarka Devai, Lisa Zimmermann, and Angelina Radivilova.

Just saw a slight glimpse of the warmup and it looked like Boglarka is doing a Khorkina! I can’t believe she hasn’t competed in over two years.

The stream is kind of going in and out now so hopefully we don’t miss too much if it happens while they’re actually vaulting.

4:13 am. Csenge Bacskay HUN VT: Powerful FTY! Solid landing.

Tsuk layout with a hop back for the second vault. Her layout position is a little soft and whippy, but she again has a good landing, right down the middle.

13.250 average.

4:10 am. Kaja Skalska POL VT: One of my favorite new seniors this year! FTY to start, her body line is a little soft throughout, especially noticeable in the knees, but not enough to downgrade to a tuck or anything. A little short coming in with a step forward, but a good hit for her. Just a 12.850, includes a one-tenth penalty.

Next is a handspring…I couldn’t tell, they cut from one angle to another MID-block. It looked like a handspring with a half twist to a back pike. Decent on the landing.

12.650 average.

4:07 am. Jasmin Mader AUT VT: Handspring front pike half, a little tighter than Tijana’s if you want to compare, but still some leg separation as she came in for the landing, and a step back.

Second vault is also an FTY, almost sticks it! She has a baby step, and a little balance check with some airplane arms. But very nice.

13.450 average.

4:04 am. Tijana Korent CRO VT: Handspring front pike half for her first vault. Had some leg separation, and took a step to the side. Body got a little wonky in the air as well, but overall a solid set.

Does a Yurchenko full with a step back for number two.

I can see a qualifications screen in the background so maybe we’ll get some scores there? YES!

13.275 average.

4:03 am. I’m REALLY excited to get to live blog a world cup again. The stream is here, but you need a Hungarian VPN to access. I use Nord. There aren’t any live scores that I know of, but I’ll try to get them from the stream if I can.

Touch warm-ups are just wrapping up for vault, the first event of the day!

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