Black Headlines Virtual Elite Canada Field

Ellie Black

Video submissions began today for this year’s virtual Elite Canada competition, and while many of the top seniors are sitting out as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused recent club closures around the country, two-time Olympian Ellie Black is back and ready to get her year started.

Black is the only member of the 2019 world championships team who will compete here, and she’s most notably joined by 2016 Olympian Rose-Kaying Woo, 2018 Youth Olympic medalist Emma Spence, 2017 Pan Am floor medalist Laurie Denommée, world championships team members Sophie Marois and Audrey Rousseau, and 2019 Universiade team members Jessica Dowling and Denelle Pedrick, with Pedrick now focusing fully on her elite comeback, training alongside Black at Halifax Alta now that she has wrapped up her collegiate career at Central Michigan University.

Also notably competing in the senior field this year is Clara Raposo, who was on track to win the junior title at Elite Canada last year until she injured her knee on vault in the final. She’ll be joined by junior world championships teammate (and club teammate!) Cassie Lee, as well as 2020 Elite Canada junior all-around champion Maya Zonneveld and bronze medalist Ava Stewart, all of whom should be exciting additions to the senior squad.

With all of last year’s top juniors moving up to the senior field, and with many other juniors sitting this meet out, this won’t be a particularly strong Elite Canada for juniors, but there are still some notably talented gymnasts in the mix, with Victoriane Charron the number one to keep your eye on. Charron, born in 2008, is technically still a novice-level gymnast for the next year, but despite being among the youngest in this group, she’s incredibly talented and so elegant on every event, and will be the most likely candidate to top the all-around competition.

So, how will this virtual competition work? Beginning today, February 4, and ending on February 9, each club with a gymnast entered to compete will host its own competition in the gym, which will be overseen by a local judge in real time and filmed to be submitted to the head judge for video review, which will begin February 13.

Gymnasts are following all of the rules you’d expect them to follow at a live meet, including wearing appropriate competition attire and dismounting on hard surfaces (or on 20 cm hard landing mats with supplementary mats below for height if the gym doesn’t have a standard competition landing for vault), and any special requests – such as raising the bars or wearing special bandages – have to be cleared with the head judge in advance. Just like at a real competition, gymnasts can submit D-score inquiries, and there is a 13-page guide to help ensure gyms are all following the same standards for filming routines, including camera set-up and the exact view that must be captured.

As for judging, the local overseeing judges will be responsible for submitting all routines to the head judge immediately after the scheduled competition for their respective gyms, and the assigned judges for each event will sign into an online platform to view and judge the routines and submit their scores at the same time. All junior routines will be judged on February 13, as will senior vault and bars submissions, while senior beam and floor routines will be judged on February 14.

All scores will be available in real time on LiveMeet, and Gymnastics Canada is investigating options for sharing videos of routines. A list of all athletes expected to compete is below, as are the schedules both for the local club competitions and then for the live virtual judging.

Jessica Balan, Laval Excellence
Ellie Black, Halifax Alta
Jayne Carvell, Flicka
Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence
Laurie Denommée, Méga Gym
Jessica Dowling, Dynamo
Jordyn Ewing, Halifax Alta
Lucia Jakab, Okanagan
Nya Kraus, Gym Adventure
Kahlyn Lawson, WIMGYM
Cassie Lee, Manjak’s
Sophie Marois, Gym-Fly
Rylee Miller, CAN-AM
Éloïse Monat, Équilibrix
Imogen Paterson, Flicka
Kiora Peart-Williams, Futures
Denelle Pedrick, Halifax Alta
Charlise Radencich, Revolution
Clara Raposo, Manjak’s
Rachael Riley, Bluewater
Audrey Rousseau, Équilibrix
Jenna Sartoretto, Futures
Emma Spence, Dynamo
Sydney Stevens, Fundy
Ava Stewart, Gemini
Leah Tindale, Dynamo
Sydney Turner, TAG
Rose-Kaying Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Maya Zonneveld, Revolution
Amelie Blanton, Fundy
Hannah Buchmann, TAG
Victoriane Charron, Gym-Richelieu
Viktoria Duchesne, Vancouver Phoenix
Sienna Fretwell, TAG
Makenzie Grant, Vancouver Phoenix
Athena Hutchinson, Club Aviva
Amy Jorgensen, Marian
Carley Leakos, Club Aviva
Ella Mayerhofer, WIMGYM
Marie Millette, Marian
Becca Mitchell, TAG
Sophie Patterson, Club Aviva
Jordanna Phillis, Vancouver Phoenix
Virginie Therrien, Gym Gadbois
Aurélie Tran, Gymnix
Evandra Zlobec, WIMGYM
Date Time Club Overseeing Judge
February 4 10:30 am Gymnix Doris V-Sheehan
11:30 am Halifax Alta Gord Bennett
February 5 12:00 pm Gym-Richelieu Jennifer Charters
1:00 pm Okanagan Carolyn Foster
4:00 pm Vancouver Phoenix Shelly Lefler
February 6 1:00 pm Gemini Gymnastics Tracey Anderson
2:00 pm Fundy Gymnastics Jennifer Charters
4:00 pm Gym Adventure Cyndi Fairbrother
February 7 11:00 am Marian Gym Club Brady Spencer
12:30 pm Bluewater Kim Dennis
2:00 pm Flicka Sheri Wilson
5:00 pm TAG Sports Centre Andrée Montreuil
February 8 10:00 am Gym Gadbois Lorraine Currie
12:00 pm Club Aviva Aislinn McVittie
1:30 pm Dynamo Tracey Anderson
February 9 9:00 am Futures Gymnastics Kathy Stoesz
10:00 am Méga Gym Toni Hansen
1:00 pm Équilibrix Carolyn Foster
1:00 pm Gym Fly Hélène Laliberté
1:30 pm CAN-AM Ruth Uren
2:00 pm WIMGYM Carolyn Irwin
3:00 pm Revolution Liz Armitage
4:00 pm Laval Excellence Sarah Shaver
4:00 pm Manjak’s Tracey Anderson
Date Time Category Apparatus
February 13 11:30 am Junior Vault and Bars
2:00 pm Junior Beam and Floor
5:30 pm Senior Vault and Bars
February 14 11:30 am Senior Beam and Floor

7 thoughts on “Black Headlines Virtual Elite Canada Field

    • Pretty much, yeah. They’re not naming a “champion” until the end of three competitions – this one plus two technical competitions happening in March and April –and they’re picking the best score from just one competition, so gymnasts technically only have to do one to win. Most probably aren’t ready yet, especially those based in the Ontario area, because there have been gym closures due to the pandemic. They’re probably just waiting for one of the technical competitions instead, and Shallon is at Alabama right now.


      • Do you know anything about Zoe Allaire-Bourgie’s recovery? I see other Quebecois listed, including someone from her gym. Could easily be a preparation thing since Quebec has been under strict measures, but I haven’t seen/heard anything about her since her injury.


    • I’m so excited about Clara! She looks fabulous in training videos. I haven’t seen anything from Zoe in quite some time, so I’m not sure how things are going for her in training…I assume she’s probably just waiting for one of the other two competitions, but at this point she now hasn’t competed in almost two years, so I’m hoping it won’t be a huge shock for her when she returns.


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