Ukraine Tops the Podium at Sokol Grand Prix


Krystyna Sankova and Maksym Semyankiv of the Ukraine were the champions of the Sokol Grand Prix in Brno, Czech Republic held over the weekend. The Austrian team of Jasmin Mader and Daniel Kopeinik placed second, while the Czech team of Anna-Maria Kanyai and Daniel Radovesnicky were third.

Like the Swiss Cup, the meet was a mixed pairs event with the format featuring three rounds of competition. In the first round, all gymnasts competed on two apparatus. In the semi-finals, the top eight pairs performed on a third apparatus with scores from the first round not counting into their total. In the final round, the four best pairs from the semi-finals again began on a fresh slate and competed on any one apparatus (including one already competed in a previous round).

Due to the lack of full teams from each country, some gymnasts competed as pairs with gymnasts from other nations, though none of these mixed nation teams made it through to finals.

Ukraine was in the lead at the very beginning with a 55.0. Sankova hit her routines on vault (including a lovely FTY) and floor while teammate Semyankiv looked clean and polished on floor and pommel horse. The Czech gymnasts qualified to semi-finals with a 53.6 thanks to Kanyai’s excellent beam routine and hit bars set, and then Radovesnicky’s polished, albeit easy, vaults and decent p-bars. A mixed team featuring Czech junior Veronika Cenkova (the nation’s Youth Olympic Games competitor this summer) and Swedish gymnast Michael Trane qualified in third place with a 52.7 after both showed their skill on vault and floor.

Eliminated in the first round were two mixed teams, one featuring Marie Nevrklova of the Czech Republic and Christopher Soos of Sweden, and the other featuring Dagmar Lovetinska of the Czech Republic and Victor Pozuelo of Spain.

Qualification Results

Rank Athlete Nation Event 1 Score Event 2 Score Total
1 Krystyna Sankova Ukraine FX 13.050 VT 13.500 55.000
Maksym Semyankiv Ukraine FX 14.100 PH 14.350
2 Anna-Maria Kanyai Czech Republic UB 13.350 BB 14.250 53.600
Daniel Radovesnicky Czech Republic VT 13.050 PB 12.950
3 Veronika Cenkova Czech Republic VT 13.325 FX 12.750 52.700
Michael Trane Sweden FX 13.600 VT 13.025
4 Christina Meixner Austria FX 12.100 BB 13.250 52.475
Michael Fussenegger Austria HB 13.050 VT 14.075
5 Marlies Männersdorfer Austria FX 11.450 BB 11.950 50.625
Christian Bazan Spain VT 13.275 PB 13.950
6 Jasmin Mader Austria FX 12.800 UB 12.800 50.350
Daniel Kopeinik Austria PB 12.000 SR 12.750
7 Johanna Deutschmann Germany VT 13.150 UB 11.150 49.500
Ismael Romero Spain SR 12.950 FX 12.250
8 Jana Weisserova Czech Republic BB 11.200 FX 11.750 49.300
Pontus Kallanvaara Sweden FX 13.400 HB 12.950
9 Marie Nevrklova Czech Republic VT 12.650 FX 10.100 48.650
Christopher Soos Sweden FX 13.500 PB 12.400
10 Dagmar Lovetinska Czech Republic FX 11.600 VT 12.550 47.375
Victor Pozuelo Spain VT 11.775 PB 11.450

Sankova and Semyankiv stayed at the top with a 28.4 during the semi-finals, despite Sankova’s struggles on her difficult beam set. Her difficulty and a textbook p-bars set from Semyankiv made them no match for the competition, however, as the Czech team followed right behind them with a 28.05 after Kanyai’s lovely vaults and Radovesnicky’s clean floor.

The Austrian team of Christina Meixner and Michael Fussenegger was the third team to qualify to the final with a 27.825. Meixner hit her vaults while Fussenegger killed it on rings, earning the top score of the semi-final with his 14.9. Finally, Mader and Kopeinik of Austria qualified fourth with a 27.225 after Mader hit some beautiful vaults but Kopeinik struggled a bit on floor.

This round, two mixed Czech and Swedish teams were eliminated (one featuring Cenkova and Trane, and the other featuring Jana Weisserova and Pontus Kallanvaara), as were the Austrian/Spanish team featuring Marlies Männersdorfer and Christian Bazan, and finally the Germany/Spanish team featuring Johanna Deutschmann and Ismael Romero.

Semifinal Results

Rank Athlete Nation Event D E ND Score Total
1 Krystyna Sankova Ukraine BB 6.0 7.650 -0.1 13.550 28.400
Maksym Semyankiv Ukraine PB 5.8 9.050 14.850
2 Anna-Maria Kanyai Czech Republic VT 4.4
13.600 28.050
Daniel Radovesnicky Czech Republic FX 5.5 8.950 14.450
3 Christina Meixner Austria VT 4.4
12.925 27.825
Michael Fussenegger Austria SR 6.2 8.700 14.900
4 Jasmin Mader Austria VT 5.0
13.825 27.225
Daniel Kopeinik Austria FX 5.2 8.200 13.400
5 Veronika Cenkova Czech Republic BB 5.1 7.850 12.950 26.250
Michael Trane Sweden SR 4.9 8.400 13.300
6 Marlies Männersdorfer Austria VT 4.2
11.700 26.200
Christian Bazan Spain SR 5.7 8.800 14.500
7 Jana Weisserova Czech Republic UB 3.4 7.350 10.750 24.400
Pontus Kallanvaara Sweden PB 5.0 8.650 13.650
8 Johanna Deutschmann Germany FX 3.4 6.950 10.350 22.450
Ismael Romero Spain VT 4.8

In the final round, Sankova competed on vault again, performing another very clean FTY as well as a handspring front pike for a 13.85 average. Semyankiv went for a high bar routine, and though it wasn’t without mistakes, he still managed to pull in a 14.75, helping them to their 28.6 finish.

Mader also opted to compete on vault this round, and though she hit her handspring front tuck rather nicely, she fell on her FTY, earning a 13.225. Kopeinik on pommel horse meanwhile hit a decent routine for a 13.7, giving them a 26.925 to end their day in silver medal position.

Radovesnicky finished things up for the Czech team on high bar with a solid routine for a 13.95. Despite the rest of her day looking strong, Kanyai unfortunately fell on floor, coming up with just a 12.5 to give them a 26.45 overall finish, earning bronze.

Though the Austrian team of Meixner and Fussenegger also earned a 26.45, they were awarded fourth place, though I’m not sure what the tie-breaker was. Meixner made mistakes on her very low-difficulty beam routine, earning a 12.0, while Fussenegger hit his floor routine nicely for a 14.45.

Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Event D E ND Score Total
1 Krystyna Sankova Ukraine VT 5.0
13.850 28.600
Maksym Semyankiv Ukraine HB 6.3 8.450 14.750
2 Jasmin Mader Austria VT 5.0
-0.1 13.225 26.925
Daniel Kopeinik Austria PH 5.4 8.300 13.700
3 Anna-Maria Kanyai Czech Republic FX 5.2 7.300 12.500 26.450
Daniel Radovesnicky Czech Republic HB 5.3 8.650 13.950
4 Christina Meixner Austria BB 3.9 8.100 12.000 26.450
Michael Fussenegger Austria FX 5.7 8.750 14.450

Article by Lauren Hopkins

2 thoughts on “Ukraine Tops the Podium at Sokol Grand Prix

  1. Thank you for covering this event. I love the coverage of the lesser known events. Gymnastics really is a year-round sport. I’m glad to see Sankova competing better. The Ukrainian women have really underachieved recently.

    I love the mixed events. It’s a fun format.


    • Thanks Grace! It’s unfortunately hard to find videos so a bit more difficult to do solid coverage of the lesser-known events, but at least we have some record of them out there that’s relatively easy to find, I guess! I was glad to see Sankova doing well, and then Kysla had some nice moments in Mexico this weekend…really hope these two can continue doing the smaller events to get the experience they need for Worlds.


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