Happy Holidays from The Gymternet!

Can you believe it? The 2014 elite meet season is OVER! While things have looked slow on our site over the past couple of weeks, don’t worry – we’ve been busy preparing for the new year, and we have a lot in store!

Gymnast Database

This is a brand new awesome – yet super time-consuming – feature that we’re very excited to begin to share. We’ve covered meets featuring over a thousand gymnasts this year, and one of the questions we get most often about newbies is “has she competed before?”

The gymnast database is going to help you with that. Beginning in 2015, we’ll link to gymnasts in all of our coverage so one click will be all you need to learn more. Right now, each gymnast’s profile includes her full name, country, date of birth, and status, i.e. whether she’s currently competing in elite, if she’s moved on to NCAA, or if she’s injured. The profile also includes all 2014 individual results, as well as medals won. Eventually we’ll include results over an entire career, but that’s a whole other project entirely! Finally, each profile has a link to all Gymternet coverage having to do with that specific gymnast.

We have over 100 gymnasts in the database thus far, so be sure to check it out! This is about 10% of the total database, which we’re hoping to have completely finished by early March. At the moment, we’re focusing on elite WAG gymnasts who competed in 2014, and everyone who competed in the all-around and team finals at Worlds is up.

You Asked, The Gymternet Answered

We know, it’s been awhile since we got one of these babies up, and we have a couple hundred questions waiting in the queue. Now that there’s a lull, we’re hoping to get a bunch up in the coming weeks to hold you over until the competitions start up again.

Gymnastics is More Than Just WAG

As we announced a few weeks ago, The Gymternet is heading into 2015 with the goal of providing top coverage for men’s gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, and rhythmic. We have some fantastic writers helping with each, and hope to teach you as much as we can about each discipline while also covering the major meets. Eventually, we’d like to add acro in as well, though for the time being we don’t have any experts on hand to help out.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all of the support since we launched in July of this year. We reached nearly a million views in just five months, which is absolutely insane and unexpected, so THANK YOU. We hope your holiday season is the best ever, so Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and we hope you have an amazing 2015!

Peace and love,

The Gymternet


11 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from The Gymternet!

  1. I love all these ideas. Specially the database. It will be awesome. If you guys need any help with websites in Portuguese (from Portugal or Brazil), I’d be glad to help with any translations.


    • That’s amazing! I’d love that! I have a good handle on some languages that I read often in terms of gymnastics (French, German, and Russian mostly) but don’t have a good familiarity with Portugese, so that’s great to know!


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