2015 European Games

The 2015 European Games were held from June 13 through June 20 in Baku, Azerbaijan.


MAG Event Finals WAG Event Finals MAG AA Recap All-Around Recap
Qualification Day 2 Sub 7-8 Qualification Day 2 Sub 5-6 Qualification Day 2 Sub 3-4 Qualification Day 2 Sub 1-2
Qualification Day 1 Sub 7-8 Qualification Day 1 Sub 5-6 Qualification Day 1 Sub 3-4 Qualification Day 1 Sub 1-2
Results Enjoying Baku Preview Roster

2 thoughts on “2015 European Games

  1. Just so ya know, your schedule says Wednesday, June 18 for the individual all-around. …but the 18th is Thursday. Lol, got my own self very confused just now.


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