2015 Varna Challenge Cup

The 2015 Varna World Challenge Cup was held from May 7 through May 9 in Varna, Bulgaria.


Recap Results Competitors


All times listed are GMT+3 which is 7 hours ahead of EDT.

Thursday May 7 2:30 pm Qualifications (MAG FX, PH, SR)
5:55 pm Qualifications (WAG VT, UB)
Friday May 8 2:00 pm Qualifications (WAG BB, FX)
5:10 pm Qualifications (MAG VT, PB, HB)
Saturday May 9 12:30 pm Finals (MAG FX, PH / WAG VT)
2:25 pm Award Ceremony I
2:45 pm Finals (MAG SR, VT / WAG UB)
5:20 pm Award Ceremony II
5:50 pm Finals (MAG PB, HB / WAG BB, FX)
8:20 pm Award Ceremony III

How to Watch

Some routines from qualifications will have a delayed broadcast on BNT HD on May 8 at 5:15 pm GMT+3. Finals will air live on May 9 at 12:30 pm on BNT HD for session I, 2:45 pm on BNT World for session II, and 6:20 pm on BNT HD for session III. It’s possible a stream will go up on the BNT website for finals but there is no international access available so get your IP maskers ready if you want to try to watch.

Results will go up here after each competition.

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