The 2016 Olympic Games Draw


For reference, here is the draw for the women’s qualifying competition at the 2016 Olympic Games. A full schedule with all links to live streams is available on our coverage guide.

Note – the draw shows the event on which each rotation group starts the competition. Start lists, which will include the lineups for each team, will be available at some point following podium training.


VT Mix Group 7 – Simona Castro, Tutya Yilmaz, Ana Derek, Larrissa Miller, Oksana Chusovitina
UB Belgium – Senna Deriks, Nina Derwael, Rune Hermans, Gaelle Mys, Laura Waem 
BB China – Fan Yilin, Mao Yi, Shang Chunsong, Tan Jiaxin, Wang Yan
FX Mix Group 1 – Toni-Ann Williams, Isabella Amado, Lee Eun Ju, Ellis O’Reilly, Hong Un Jong


VT ItalyErika Fasana, Carlotta Ferlito, Vanessa Ferrari, Elisa Meneghini, Martina Rizzelli
UB Mix Group 5Catalina Escobar, Kylie Dickson, Ailen Valente, Farah Boufadene, Houry Gebeshian
BB RussiaAngelina Melnikova, Aliya Mustafina, Maria Paseka, Daria Spiridonova, Seda Tutkhalyan
FX Mix Group 6 – Catalina Ponor, Lisa Ecker, Giulia Steingruber, Zsofia Kovacs, Ana Perez


VT Mix Group 8 – Barbora Mokosova, Ana Sofia Gomez, Emma Larsson, Dipa Karmakar, Phan Thi Ha Thanh
UB Great BritainBecky Downie, Ellie Downie, Claudia Fragapane, Ruby Harrold, Amy Tinkler
BB BrazilRebeca Andrade, Jade Barbosa, Daniele Hypolito, Lorrane Oliveira, Flavia Saraiva
FX GermanyTabea Alt, Kim Bui, Pauline Schafer, Sophie Scheder, Elisabeth Seitz


VT Mix Group 4 – Irina Sazonova, Courtney McGregor, Sherine El Zeiny
UB NetherlandsEythora Thorsdottir, Celine van Gerner, Vera van Pol, Lieke Wevers, Sanne Wevers
BB Mix Group 2Jessica Lopez, Teja Belak, Ariana Orrego, Marisa Dick, Vasiliki Millousi
FX United StatesSimone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Hernandez, Madison Kocian, Aly Raisman


VT Japan – Sae Miyakawa, Mai Murakami, Aiko Sugihara, Asuka Teramoto, Yuki Uchiyama
UB FranceMarine Boyer, Marine Brevet, Loan His, Oreane Lechenault, Louise Vanhille
BB CanadaEllie Black, Shallon Olsen, Isabela Onyshko, Brittany Rogers, Rose-Kaying Woo
FX Mix Group 3Alexa Moreno, Marcia Vidiaux, Ana Filipa Martins, Angelina Kysla, Katarzyna Jurkowska

37 thoughts on “The 2016 Olympic Games Draw

  1. Lots of interesting things going on here.

    China’s draw is really bad. First rotation on their most dangerous event! Luckily for them, Russia is also starting on beam, which should be…fun…?

    GB and Germany in the same rotation is delicious since those two should be very close.

    Japan going last gives them a lot of opportunity. Their average scores this year are bunched together with Brazil, Netherlands, and France, so it’s definitely an advantage for them to go last and start out on what should be their strongest event. Then again, France is also going last and starting on what should be their best event.

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    • Subdivision 3 is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Wasn’t the Netherlands paired with the US at world’s last year too? Maybe it will bring them luck again.

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  2. Do you know what the best way to watch qualifications in the US is? Last Olympics I used a VPN and watched the BBC coverage. NBC Extra app?


  3. USA has the biggest advantage and China has the biggest disadvantage. Floor is the perfect event to start on, you can lose yourself in the music, get your nerves out in the first few seconds and it’s good to do an event like floor at the beginning when you have more energy. Coupled with the fact that they’re near the end of the day, but not the last subdivision, when tensions get super high and they’re pretty much perfect in where they start. I feel really bad for China. To be in the first subdivision, starting on the nerviest event, especially since theyre not known for having nerves of steel, and the judges are figuring out what range scores routines should get, it’s pretty bad. I guess the one bright spot for China is that they begin and end on their two specialities, which could be good, but overall they got a really bad draw.


    • So did Russia, starting with their two worst events. RUSSIA STARTING ON BEAM. AT THE OLYMPICS. I have a feel there will be a lot of falls. I trust China more than russia on beam… besides Wang Yan, I really don’t trust her on beam at all. I mean, I think I can trust Aliya? If she has a flight series?


    • I get your point, but, realistically, China is going to qualify to the team final anyway, and, barring falls, China will qualify 2 to UB, 1 to BB, and 1 to FX. If they were later in the day, they might have better shots at getting 2 into BB and FX, but not anyone who would medal. Same with vault. As it is, they might still get those extra spots. By going early, China might possibly not qualify in second, but their lead over Russia is about 4 points if you go by average scores so far this year, and Russia got a bad draw itself, so I think China probably will still qualify in second. Even if they don’t, plenty of teams have come back from bad qualification rounds that left them out of Olympic Order in finals. Japan 2012 comes to mind on men’s side.

      To me, the only really notable draw break came for Japan. They are going last, and are starting off on what should be their best event. Japan is on the bubble for team qualification. The difference of going last on vault vs. first on say BB could be the difference between Japan qualifying and not qualifying. That’s the only game changer I really foresee due to the draw.


      • I’m not worried about China and Russia’s chances of qualifying to team finals due to unfortunate draws, but it may affect event qualification. Wang Yan on Vault, Mao Yi on floor and Fan Yilin on beam are all on the cusp in terms of scoring potential, so one extra wobble could make the difference if it turns out most of the major players are on. The same goes for Russia with Melnikova on beam and floor- although if she does watered down routines like the coaches discussed due to her recent hamstring problems, it’s possible those wouldn’t happen even with a perfect draw. If they do lose Paseka to back injury as well, then that’ll probably be the kiss of death for them in terms of medaling as a team. The only team member for Russia I’m worried about with this draw is Tutkhalyan of course. Whether she starts on bars, vault , floor or beam she almost always falls anyway. Hopefully she can pull out Russian Cup AA beam Tutkhalyan, although managing the pike full in dismount cleanly would boost her medal chances a ton.


    • I’m actually a little concerned about the U.S. starting on floor. It could be great in the sense that it worked out well for Simone at Worlds last year and I think Laurie will benefit from it, too, but Aly and Gabby both struggled with this format. Aly was extremely bouncy and missed out on floor finals as a result (which would be supremely unfortunate in Rio) and Gabby fell on beam. I don’t want a repeat of 2012 qualifications smh hoping they can all just be clean and consistent.


      • Alys just had an off year last year,
        partially because
        she was changing around the skills and combinations and routines a lot, trying to figure out what worked for her.
        And as a result she headed into Glasgow not fully comfortable with her routines, along with the fact that she felt the pressure. This year she set
        her routines for Rio and has been competing them for a while, has been consistent rock solid and most importantly confident, which is a key piece Aly didn’t have at worlds. If Aly misses floor finals or underperforms, it won’t be because they started on floor. As for Gabby, she’s kind of the teams “head case” (which is funny because US is the only place in the world where a “head case” can be olympic AA champion and Gabby would be considered consistent enough for most teams) in the sense that Gabby tends to miss beam especially and also deals with issues on floor. Last year, it looked like Gabby was becoming a consistent team player, contrasting from what we saw in London where Gabby would make random, silly mistakes on simple skills (although she hit when it was most important). But as we all know, this just hasn’t been her year.
        She could hit four for four cleanly and perfectly and still miss out on AA finals. It doesn’t matter if Laurie or Aly goes with Simone, both of them are better than Gabby on a perfect day, mostly due to the fact that Gabby won’t have the Amanar in her repertoire. I could be wrong but Gabby will most likely rely heavily on Laurie or Aly making uncharacteristic mistakes to make AA finals, and Gabby doesn’t really have much of a chance of medalling in EFs. The only final Gabby can realistically make is bars, but unless she somehow gets an insanely high execution score, she won’t score anywhere near the medal contenders.


      • Aly has been solid on floor but she’s only just started looking like herself on beam and floor and vault has still been shaky….she’s only landed one clean one that stayed in bounds and didn’t have some other large error attached to it all season. She’s been sticking her landings on floor, though, and seems a lot more confident and in control for sure. The pressure may or may not be there but they’ve all talked about the adrenaline being an issue on the big stage. Floor is usually the last event so they’ve calmed down by the time they get to it….I’m just saying that starting there is a little bit different and I’m hoping they’re calm and don’t go flying out of the gym like Gabby and Kyla did in London.

        As for Gabby, I wasn’t really getting into her chances of making a final one way or the other. I agree with Lauren’s statements from the most recent “You Asked, The Gymternet Answered” regarding Gabby. I think her, Laurie, and Aly are more or less evenly matched when it comes down to it and we won’t know who’s gonna make the final until we know…doesn’t really matter, either, because whoever makes it is gonna be the favorite for silver. Ultimately, I just want everyone to compete to their full potential and to be clean and consistent. The chips can fall where they may from there. I don’t want anyone leaving Rio with any regrets. London had a ton of highs and lows and I don’t want to see any of our girls dealing with that this time around.


        • Aly does have a shaky Amanar, but she still finished really well at nationals and trials with a below 15.5 scoring vault, which is around what she’ll get in Rio, give or take a tenth. I disagree on Aly, she hasn’t made a big mistake on beam or floor this entire year, so I wouldn’t say she “just started” looking like herself. Last year at worlds she mentioned Marta’s expectation and feeling a little overwhelmed of being back at worlds for the first time since London, so it was definitley at least partially a result of pressure. (As to her underperformance at worlds). I don’t remember Aly mentioning adrenaline, I remember Simone did, but maybe you’re right. I don’t think starting on floor will be a problem for them though, and I’m sure they’re sighing of relief that they’re ending on beam, when all the nerves are out. For Gabby I don’t think she’s even with them. I think they’re close though, and i did exaggerate the gap a lot when I said that gabby would rely heavily on uncharacteristic mistakes of either gymnast. Although Aly and Laurie are so solid and consistent that almost any notable error is uncharacteristic. my AA total guesses for each for a hit routine is this. (In Olympic order)
          Laurie: 14.90 15.00, 15.30, 14.80=60.00
          Aly: 15.4, 14.35, 14.8, 15.5= 60.05
          Gabby: 15.3, 15.2, 14.7, 14.6=
          59.8. So if I’m right, and I could be very wrong, Gabby will score lower than Laurie or Aly. I think that Marta should just not put Gabby up on bars in qualifying and then put her in team finals, but Marta had made it very clear that anyone going up
          in qualifying will go in team finals, and since Kocian is going as a one event specialist, that means gabby automatically does AA. I would put Laurie in AA qualifying instead of Aly because then they’re not making Simone do all 4 in team finals, and I don’t think Marta wants Simone to do 3.75 all around competitions in a row. (The .75 is from EF)


      • Yup. There are a bunch of apps for this, some with free trials. I’m planning on experimenting with this during qualifications. Or maybe the NBC live team will turn out to be totally awesome! Anyone but the Trio…

        I’ve watched a lot of older BBC coverage on YouTube, but I don’t know how quickly any of it gets put up.


    • As mentioned – VPN but I think you might also meant – where? In case you did mean where – BBC IPlayer – just google it. I don’t know for sure if they will be broadcasting every quals subdivision on their IPlayer – BUT I believe there may be additional live streams found on their BBC sports website come the time. I haven’t found any detailed info at the BBC scheduling yet. Usually – if they showing it on BBC I – you click on the channel on the IPlayer and you can watch live. Or if it’s BBC 2 or 3, whichever might be the one streaming. They also archive pretty quickly as well.

      I was planning to use BBC for some of the time, but I was also hoping the Youtube Olympic channel might be showing streams? I didn’t know of it’s existence until after the London games ended, and I was impressed by all the coverage! I didn’t know – was it streamed live and then archived, or only put up after the fact? Is there any word on whether they are doing this again? The dates that were on the 2012 videos suggested they were streamed or put up the same day I thought?


      • Yes London was streamed live on YouTube on the official Olympics channel IIRC. Or it might have been on the London 2012 website. Either way I remember being able to watch live stream without VPN. Doesn’t look like they’re bringing that back for Rio.


  4. Lauren, could you maybe have a post which shows all the livestreams on each day and (rio) time?. I would love to see all subdivisions but I doubt one channel showing it all.that would be so awesome Thanks😀


  5. Russia starting on beam… Subdivision 3 is going to be fun, along with Subdivision 5. Also, wasn’t the Netherlands paired with the USA at last year’s worlds? I’m also excited for Subdivision 1 with Chuso and Hong (who hasn’t competed yet this year wit her scores published.) I hope Chuso lands her prod… I mean if it was anyone else (or Dipa actually, props to her for winning the test event and being the first Indian gymnast represented at the olympics.) But really, I want a Prod like at that small meet in (Turkey?) the Mersin(?) one? I’m so bad with names, anyway, just hoping that we’ll see one like Produnova’s 1999 Universiade landing- that was legendary.


  6. Will the full event replay for all of the gymnastics at the olympics (qualifications, team finals, aa, event finals) be available after the olympics besides for on NBC where you have to be a cable subscriber to watch?


    • The 2012 and 2014 Olympic events for all kinds of sports, including all the 2012 gymnastics qualifications, team final, AA, and EF finals are up the Olympics YouTube channel so I’m guessing that will continue this year. I don’t know how long it will take to go up though. Probably not until after the games are done. The coverage was really good for gymnastics. It showed a lot of athletes from a lot of countries and Shannon Miller did really good commentary that was informative and unbiased.


      • Thank you! I knew I watched it somewhere afterwards but couldn’t remember where and was afraid that it wouldn’t be available afterwards like this year’s Olympic Trials. I hope they put it up again this year!


  7. If anyone is interested, someone named Erlo Fischer has been posting some training videos and pictures of equipment on Facebook! The green on the beams and vaults look so cool!!


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