Martins is Portuguese National Champion


2016 Olympian Filipa Martins won the all-around title at this year’s Portuguese Championships in Lisbon, posting a 51.550 to top the senior field that featured the country’s eight best gymnasts.

Though she wasn’t at her peak form, Martins, who placed eighth in the all-around final at European Championships last month, was unbeatable in Lisbon, finishing more than three points ahead of the rest of the field even with slightly weaker performances on most of her events.

The 21-year-old also put up the top scores of the competition on bars with a 13.2 and on floor with a 12.3 while winning the silver medal on beam with a 12.55. She was the only senior who didn’t compete two vaults, so she was unable to challenge in that competition, but her Yurchenko full earned a 13.5, the highest single vault score of the meet.

Mariana Marianito was second with a 48.300 while posting the second-highest scores on vault and floor while Mariana Carvalho took the bronze with a 47.850, putting up the second-highest score on bars.

Rounding out the senior field were Leonor Feijo in fourth with a 47.400 and the bronze medals on bars and beam, Beatriz Dias in fifth with a 46.600 while also picking up the gold on vault, Diana Abrantes in sixth with a 46.100 while getting the gold on beam and the bronze on vault, Leonor Silva in seventh with a 44.650 and the bronze on floor, and Ines Romero in eighth with a 44.600.

Five juniors competed here, with Rafaela Ferreira taking the gold with a 46.200. Like Martins, 15-year-old Ferreira also put up the top scores on bars and floor while getting the silver on beam, and she also nabbed the silver on vault with her easy but clean attempts getting her a 12.5 average. Her difficulty could use some work overall, but she definitely showed promise with a great routine on floor, so hopefully in the coming years she’ll be able to boost her skillset to add some depth to the senior field.

Beatriz Cardoso got the silver medal in the junior field with a 45.350 while also taking the vault and beam titles and sharing the bronze on floor. Her vaults were clean, but like Ferreira, her difficulty wasn’t quite where it needs to be. The bronze medal went to Daniela Flores with a 43.600, and she won the bronze on bars and the silver on floor.

In fourth was Matilde Castanheira with a 43.450 as well as the silver medal on bars and the bronze medals on vault and floor, and Carolina Almeida was fifth with a 42.900, also getting the bronze medal on beam.

Full results from this year’s Portuguese Championships are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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