Maggio Shines Again at Serie A

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2017 European Championships all-around finalist Martina Maggio improved on her already excellent performance at last month’s Serie A meet to win her second all-around title in a row with a 55.950 (without the bonus, a 55.350) to once again help Brixia Brescia to the top team spot.

Maggio, 15, was stellar on all four events, hitting a beautiful Yurchenko double on top of confident and clean bars, beam, and floor sets in Ancona, bringing in huge scores to give Brixia Brescia a seven-point lead over second-place Ginnica Giglio.

She was joined by junior Asia D’Amato, who tied for second all-around with a 53.800 (without bonus, 53.000) thanks to an outstanding Yurchenko double vault combined with a mostly good day elsewhere, though D’Amato did struggle a bit on bars.

These two also had some help from Francesca Linari with a great routine on floor and 2016 Olympian Martina Rizzelli putting up solid scores on vault and bars. Even though Rizzelli isn’t back to full difficulty yet, her 13.9 on bars (13.5 without bonus) was more than enough for the top bars score of the day, and her Yurchenko full looks clean and polished, so hopefully we’ll see her at full strength again soon.

Ginnica Giglio stepped up their performance following a fifth-place finish in Rome last month, largely thanks to an improved outing from 2016 Olympic alternate Lara Mori, who had an excellent performance on floor and tied D’Amato for silver in the all-around with a 53.800 (without bonus, 53.500). Mori, who made the floor final at Euros last month, put up a 14.0 on that event this weekend to finish with the best score of the meet, and if she continues working on her other events, she and Maggio could do great work at worlds this year.

Spain’s Claudia Colom was also a big help to the team with her lovely Yurchenko full and solid beam set earning a 13.25, while Adriana Crisci brought in a 13.55 for her own Yurchenko full, all coming together to bring the team a solid two points higher than they managed in Rome.

Forza e Virtu looked a bit weaker here than they did last month, placing third after a rough bars performance from Desiree Carofiglio as well as low scores from others on the squad. Carofiglio ended up eighth all-around with a 50.800 (without bonus, 50.100) thanks to a 10.95 on bars, though her vault and beam looked okay, and her floor was great, tying Mori for the top score of 14.0.

Her teammate Arianna Rocca was fifth all-around with a 52.650 (without bonus, 52.050) after fabulous routines on vault, beam, and floor, with beam especially great for her, getting a 13.7 for the second-best score of the day on that apparatus. In addition to these two, Marta Novello brought in a solid 13.95 for her Yurchenko 1½, while Carlotta Necchi contributed scores on bars and beam and Emma Novello competed on floor.

GAL Lissone, third last month, was fourth here, followed by Artistica 81 Trieste in fifth, Estate 83 in sixth, Pro Lissone in seventh, World Sporting Academy in eighth, Olos Gym 2000 in ninth, Centro Sport Bollate in tenth, and Civitavecchia in 11th, with SGA Gymnasium not competing this time around.

Standout competitors from these teams included junior Sydney Saturnino bringing in big numbers for GAL Lissone, finishing fourth all-around with a 52.700 (without bonus, 52.200) while also posting the third-best score on bars, Federica Macri of Artistica 81 Trieste in sixth all-around with the third-best beam score, Giada Grisetti of Centro Sport Bollate with the third-best score on vault thanks to one of her better Yurchenko double attempts, 2016 Olympian Elisa Meneghini of GAL Lissone with clean work on vault and beam (though she’s still not at full strength yet), and Spain’s Cintia Rodriguez of Estate 83 with a pair of solid performances on beam and floor.

In the A2 competition, Juventus Nova Melzo topped the charts followed by Corpo Libero in second and Di Torino in third. Clara Colombo was once again a hero for Juventus, finishing first all-around with a 52.300 while also posting the top score on bars and the second-best scores on beam and floor, while Sara Ricciardi was stellar for Corpo Libero, finishing second all-around with a 52.200 and the top scores on every event but bars, where she finished third.

Irene Lanza of Di Torino was third all-around with a 49.750 and the second-best bars score, while Alessia Federici, who headlines the fourth-place Propatria 1883 Milano squad, was fourth all-around with a 47.250.

Following the top four teams were Biancoverde in fifth, Ghislanzoni in sixth, Fratellanza Savonese in seventh, Renato Serra Ginnastica in eighth, Ginnastica Romana in ninth, Victoria Torino in tenth, Ginnastica Sampietrina in 11th, and Casellina in 12th.

The Serie A competition breaks for the summer, and will conclude with the fourth and final match of the season in Eboli this September. Full results from this month’s edition are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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