The U.S. Classic Senior Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior session at the 2017 U.S. Classic!

We’ll update every few minutes, so refresh your browser as you see fit. Most recent updates will appear at the top. Enjoy!

9:00 pm. Emma Malabuyo won the junior all-around with a 56.750 while Maile O’Keefe was second with a 54.700 and Grace McCallum from the first session was third with a 54.150. We’ll put full junior results up shortly!


1. Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics, 54.950
2. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 53.100
3. Kalyany Steele, Colorado Aerials, 52.900
— Luisa Blanco, WOGA, 52.900
5. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 52.850
6. Shania Adams, Buckeye, 52.750
— Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati, 52.750
8. Deanne Soza, Texas Dreams, 52.650
9. Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite, 52.350
10. Abi Walker, Texas Dreams, 51.500
11. Frida Esparza, Head Over Heels, 50.850
12. Leah Clapper, Gym America, 49.050
13. Laney Madsen, Gym Max, 45.850
14. Jade Carey, Oasis, 42.050
15. Riley McCusker, MG Elite, 39.750
16. Marissa Oakley, Everest, 39.050
17. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 29.900
18. Trinity Thomas, Prestige, 27.900
19. Morgan Hurd, First State, 27.500
20. Marz Frazier, Parkettes, 13.750
21. Ashton Locklear, Everest, 13.600


1. Jade Carey, Oasis, 14.475


1. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 14.550
2. Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics, 14.500
3. Trinity Thomas, Prestige, 13.900


1. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 14.550
2. Luisa Blanco, WOGA, 14.300
3. Trinity Thomas, Prestige, 14.000


1. Jade Carey, Oasis, 13.950
2. Morgan Hurd, First STate, 13.850
3. Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati, 13.500

8:58 pm. Madsen BB- Off on bhs tuck full and then again on her tucked barani. Scorpion turn is a little messy but I love that she does it, off again on piked barani, side aerial, switch to switch half, another fall…..and then 2.5 with a large step forward. Oof. Four falls.

Emma Malabuyo’s 14.3 on floor is the highest floor score in the world so far in 2017!

8:56 pm. This is the weirdest meet ever.

8:53 pm. Malabuyo FX- Great double layout. All she has to do is get through this and she wins the junior meet. Front double full to front tuck to stag jump. Tucked full-in, double pike with a step. Fab.

Esparza UB- Inbar full, Ricna to pak, clear hip circle around because she catches it at her hips, van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, low double layout with legs apart.

Paulson BB- Some wobbles throughout. Switch ring with another wobble. Definitely warmed up better than she competed today, even though it wasn’t a bad meet…just not super confident. 2.5 with a step.

Adams 52.75, Arenas 52.35, Walker 51.5, Soza 52.65, that low floor D really hurt her

8:50 pm. Clapper UB- Doesn’t get her van Leeuwen around much at all and crashes on her side. Piked Jaeger, full-in with a step.

Soza FX- Just a layout for her first pass. Not sure if she balked or if that was planned. Front full to front tuck for the second. Lovely double L turn to illusion turn, double tuck is a little low, good double pike to finish.

Oakley BB- Hit her flight series with a wobble, side somi with a check, nice extension on switch leap and sissone but they’re not connected. Double tuck with a stumble back.

Steele 52.9, Blanco 52.9, Gaskins 52.75

8:47 pm. Locklear BB- Triple and then double wolf turn, both with great control, bhs loso is solid, tour jeté half is good, just a tad short, got both of her upgrades out of the way! Punch front to straddle jump, clean side somi, side aerial to switch leap to switch half, is ASHTON BECOMING A BEAM WORKER?!?!?!!?! Hands down on her double tuck, UGH.

Arenas UB- Full to Maloney to pak (leg sep) to stalder to van Leeuwen, a little messy, Tkachev, nice double layout.

14.5 for Perea with just a layout dismount and not all of her connections! She’s THAT clean.

8:44 pm. Perea UB- Inbar full to Maloney to Ricna, pak, beautiful handstands, beautiful van Leeuwen, inbar half to piked Jaeger, layout dismount with a hop.

Walker FX- A little bit of Nastia up in here with “Dark Eyes!” double layout with a hop. Hit her double arabian with a big stumble forward.

Shchennikova 54.95, Steele 52.9, Chiles 52.85, Adams 52.75

8:41 pm. Dunne VT- FTY, very clean with a great landing.

Gaskins UB- She’s surprised me today, hop change to Endo half to toe full, muscled, to Maloney to pak (messy) to stalder to Chow to stalder to Ricna, wow. CRAZY connections in there, she connected nine freaking skills in a row. Double layout with a small hop. Well I’ll be goddamned. Not great but much better than I expected.

Carey FX- WOAH, nice double double! This kid literally came out of freaking NOWHERE and will probably go to worlds with the hope of medaling on two events. Double layout full-in is great. Front double full, tucked full-in is a little low but wow, she’s fab.

Blanco BB- Switch ring, everything nice that I saw. Full turn to full pirouette, hit the dismount.

8:38 pm. Chiles VT- Amanar, lots of power, gets a little loose at the end and is a little low, step over the side.

Steele UB- Toe half to piked Jaeger is nice. Dismount is low.

Adams BB- I missed the beginning, slash all of it except the dismount. 2.5 a little under-rotated.

Shchennikova FX- Piked full-in, a little low, 1.5 to front full, good double pike. She’s coming into this rotation a full point ahead…good for her. Triple wolf turn actually has pretty nice control. Hit last pass a little low, double tuck I think. #ButICantSee

O’Keefe VT- Nice big DTY.

8:34 pm. After Rotation 3

1. Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics, 41.700
2. Deanne Soza, Texas Dreams, 40.700
3. Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati, 40.300
4. Kalyany Steele, Colorado Aerials, 39.750
— Riley McCusker, MG Elite, 39.750
6. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 39.600
7. Shania Adams, Buckeye, 39.050
8. Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite, 38.850
9. Luisa Blanco, WOGA, 38.600
10. Abi Walker, Texas Dreams, 38.450
11. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 38.150
12. Frida Esparza, Head Over Heels, 37.750
13. Leah Clapper, Gym America, 37.600
14. Laney Madsen, Gym Max, 36.200
15. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 29.900
16. Jade Carey, Oasis, 28.100
17. Trinity Thomas, Prestige, 27.900
18. Morgan Hurd, First State, 27.500
19. Marissa Oakley, Everest, 26.950
20. Marz Frazier, Parkettes, 13.750
21. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Brandy Johnson’s, 13.200

8:30 pm. Soza BB- Punch front tuck to straddle jump, perf. Bhs loso is solid. Front aerial, slight check, split jump to wolf half, side aerial, L turn to illusion turn, big wobble with an even bigger fight. YES. Straddle half. Switch to sissone, double pike with a step. YESSSSSSS. DEANNE IS BAAAAAAAACK. #CRYING

8:26 pm. Ragan’s beam score is a 15.35 which is a little bit #FakeNews but really, that was an awesome routine and that score isn’t TOO far off compared to some other #FakeNews international scores this year.

Walker BB- Press mount that she had to muscle a little, haha. Big bhs loso. Her amplitude on most things is crazy. Switch to switch half to back pike with a little step. Side aerial, good jump series, triple full I think, a camera was blocking me, looked maaaabye a little underrotated.

8:24 pm. O’Keefe FX- Good double arabian to start, 1.5 through to 2.5 stumbled forward, good double tuck with a bounce back, solid double pike.

13.85 for Hurd on floor!! Great day for her on her two events.

8:22 pm. Smith BB- Double wolf turn, solid bhs layout, gorgeous standing full, punch front pike, straddle half, landed with her chest down, split half a little short, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, double pike stuck!

8:19 pm. Madsen UB- Blind change to Jaeger, flexed feet, German giants to pak, tucks her legs and brushes them, but the German giants are so cool, toe shoot a little wonky, double tuck with a step.

Hurd FX- Double double, great! Piked full-in basically stuck. NICE Ferrari! Loooooove her choreo here. Front lay to front double full, yessss! Switch ring to ring leap, lovely. Double pike a little low with a step forward. BEAUTIFUL choreo at the end.

I missed most of Carey’s beam but she has a huge 5.7 D.

8:18 pm. Carey BB- Bhs loso loso, leaps into a back pike, hit the dismount.

Paulson UB- Full to Chow to pak to stalder to van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, double front cowboyed with a step.

8:16 pm. Chiles FX- Big double layout to start, Dos Santos! Just a little tentative on the landing, but super nice. Something through to a double tuck, I couldn’t see the beginning, double pike, low with a hop.

8:13 pm. Clapper VT- FTY, nice and clean and solid.

Shchennikova BB- Something acro into a split to sissone, good, bhs loso loso is good at first but then she jerks back and wobbles, switch ring with a super low back leg and flexed feet, Onodi with a check, side aerial, side somi, crashed her dismount.

Oakley UB- Stalder full to Maloney to pak, to Chow to Gienger, YESSSSS. Extra swing in there before toe half to piked Jaeger, msucled handstand before giant half, Fabrichnova a little short, step to the side.

8:10 pm. Steele VT- DTY, really nice actually!

Blanco UB- Toe on to Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, just a layout dismount.

Thomas BB- side somi, bhs loso, solid, front aerial to jump series, switch to switch half, wobble, straddle jump, side aerial, switch side to straddle half, cool series. Low dismount, looked like mayyybe her hand touched the mat but I can’t see.

McCusker FX- Double tuck full-in, awkward 2.5, punches into weird front tuck that’s a bit squatted. Low double pike with a step. Stuck double tuck.

Gaskins VT- FTY with a hop, not bad.

Arenas VT- DTY with a hop, really nice from my view.

8:08 pm. Esparza VT- DTY, a little messy.

Dunne, FX- Double layout with a step, piked full-in with a small hop, hit third pass, double pike to finish.

Malabuyo BB- Solid flight series, front aerial to split ring jump, double pike with a step, really nice from what I could see.

Adams UB- Looked like a mostly good routine but then she sat her dismount.

8:05 pm. After Rotation 2

1. Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics, 28.850
2. Deanne Soza, Texas Dreams, 27.050
3. Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati, 26.800
4. Shania Adams, Buckeye, 26.650
5. Riley McCusker, MG Elite, 26.450
6. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 26.250
7. Luisa Blanco, WOGA, 25.750
8. Kalyany Steele, Colorado Aerials, 25.500
9. Laney Madsen, 25.400
10. Abi Walker, Texas Dreams, 25.300
11. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 25.250
12. Leah Clapper, Gym America, 24.450
13. Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite, 24.350
14. Frida Esparza, Head Over Heels, 23.700
15. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 14.550
16. Jade Carey, Oasis, 14.350
17. Trinity Thomas, Prestige, 13.900
18. Marz Frazier, Parkettes, 13.750
19. Morgan Hurd, First State, 13.650
20. Marissa Oakley, Everest, 13.200
— Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Brandy Johnson’s, 13.200

8:01 pm. Kenlin BB- Switch to switch half to back tuck, one of the better connections on a triple series this weekend. Side aerial loso is great. Damn, she warmed up so poorly, and now is great today. Split half, front aerial to split jump to sissone, bhs bhs layout is perfect, DAYUMMMMM. Full L turn with tons of control, double pike, nearly stuck. WOWWWWWW. AMAZING routine.

7:56 pm. Hurd BB- Gets the arena to herself! Standing full, low with a wobble but hit. Side aerial, switch leap to split leap, solid bhs loso, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, punch front with a little hop, full turn with a little knee bend check to control it, switch ring, double pike with a small hop. YESSSSSS.

14.55 for Smith on bars! 6.0 D. Talk about turning a weakness into a strength. 13.5 for Gaskins on floor. She looked much better than she did in training on both events so far. Only 11.65 for Jordan. 😦

7:53 pm. Chiles BB- Double wolf turn got hilariously wild but she stood up out of it like “I meant to do that.” Bhs, balked the flight series, dances back to do bhs loso which is under-rotated and she falls. Front aerial to straddle jump to wolf jump. Side aerial, super wild on a leap after that, side somi, punch front, double pike with a hop.

Arenas FX- 1.5 to front tuck. I think I missed the beginning. Double pike with a hop, and hit the last pass, double tuck.

Walker UB- Tkachev, huuuuge pak, leg sep, hit the dismount.

7:49 pm. WOW, 14.0 for Olivia on beam! 6.1 D! I wish I was closer and didn’t have cameras in my view!!! And a 14.5 for Shchennikova, 6.2 D.

McCusker BB- Split mount into her signature pose, Triple wolf turn is a little wild, double is better but she leans forward on it, still not a huge deduction, front aerial, wobble, split jump to straddle jump, bhs loso with a slight wobble, switch leap to switch half to back tuck with a wobble, check on side aerial, she at least doesn’t look SCARY! Double tuck stumbled back and sat.

Gaskins FX- Double layout a little short, tuck full-in with a bounce, leaps are a bit weak, double arabian hopped forward and OOB, double pike with a hop.

Smith UB- Inbar to inbar full to inbar half to straddle Jaeger, great handstand before Downie, nice! Ricna to pak with some leg sep but still solid, Ray to high, full-in with a small bounce back. Good girl!

7:47 pm. Dunne BB- Bhs loso loso, side aerial, hit laps, switch leap to ring jump, hit dismount.

Steele FX- Double layout a little low with a hop, hit second pass, double tuck is good, finishes with 2.5 stumbled over a little.

Shchennikova UB- Inbar full to Komova II to Tkachev, nice. Ricna to pak to Chow half, super slow double layout that she lands cleanly but kinda squatted.

7:45 pm. Thomas UB- Maloney to clear hip full (wild) to huge Tkachev to messy pak, toe on to van Leeuwen is clean, double layout with a great landing.

7:43 pm. Esparza FX- Good first two passes. And good third pass., finishes with double pike that she stumbles forward, maybe put hands down but I couldn’t see.

Lee BB- Front aerial to jumps, hit layout series, wobble after switch leap to switch half, hit loso series, switch ring to split ring jump, hit the dismount but i couldn’t see what because of a camera.

Oakley VT- FTY, nothing huge or exciting.

7:42 pm. Malabuyo UB- Inbar half to endo half, Chow to pak, short handstand before Chow half, slightly messy legs, stalder full to Tkachev, full-in deep but hit well.

Adams VT- Nice clean FTY.

Blanco VT- Another FTY, not bad.

7:38 pm. Madsen VT- Podkopayeva I think, I didn’t see the entry. Not bad.

Soza UB- Tkachev, Ray, Ezhova, toe on to inbar shoot to high, full-twisting double layout, YES DEANNE.

O’Keefe BB- Acro skill into a split ring jump, hit layout series…I think I missed her side aerial series…front aerial to split to sissone, NO, misses the beam COMPLETELY on the sissone!!! UGH. Double pike with a big step.

Clapper FX- Hit opening pass, then double arabian a little low, double pike to finish. Has a TON of crowd support here!

Johnson-Scharpf VT- FTY, not bad.

7:33 pm. After Rotation 1

1. Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics, 14.350
— Jade Carey, Oasis, 14.350
3. Deanne Soza, Texas Dreams, 13.900
4. Marz Frazier, Parkettes, 13.750
5. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 13.600
— Kalyany Steele, Colorado Aerials, 13.600
7. Riley McCusker, MG Elite, 13.450
8. Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati, 13.300
9. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 13.250
— Shania Adams, Buckeye, 13.250
11. Abi Walker, Texas Dreams, 12.900
12. Luisa Blanco, WOGA, 12.350
13. Laney Madsen, Gym Max, 12.150
14. Frida Esparza, Head Over Heels, 12.000
15. Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite, 11.950
16. Leah Clapper, Gym America, 11.850

Juniors In This Session

1. Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams, 14.500
2. Adeline Kenlin, Iowa GymNest, 14.050
3. Maile O’Keefe, Salcianu Elite, 13.750
4. Sunisa Lee, Midwest, 13.150
5. Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus, 13.050

7:30 pm. Frazier UB- Stalder full, van Leeuwen with slight leg sep, stalder half to piked Jaeger, Church to pak, caught it with her WRISTS. AND KEEPS GOING. LITERALLY ONE HAND WAS NOT AROUND THE BAR. Maloney to Tkachev, stuck double layout. HOOOOOLY. Not suuuuper clean but after warmups that wasn’t bad at all.

7:26 pm. Chiles UB- van Leeuwen with slightly bent legs, blind change to piked Jaeger, Ricna to bail to toe shoot, giant full to Gienger, nice, stuck full-in! YAAAAAS.

7:25 pm. Gaskins BB- Got applause for her new candle mount, bhs loso loso is solid if not the prettiest it’s ever been done, switch ring, split jump half, punch front tuck with a wobble and a step, Y turn, side aerial with a big wobble, leap series, hit the double tuck.

7:23 pm. Blanco FX- Double pike with a lunge back, 2.5 with a jump forward, also saw a triple. Pretty good!

McCusker UB- Stalder full, a little wild, Maloney to Tkachev, caught it! Tucked her legs completely on her Downie, Ricna to pak is a mess, gets through the van Leeuwen, blind change to half-in open double tuck, well, my heart pounded through all of that and it was kind of a mess but she fought through.

7:21 pm. Dunne UB- Toe full to Tkachev to pak, nice and clean on the pak! Maloney to Gienger, slight leg sep, toe half to Jaeger, wow, she looks good for her usual weak event. Full-in with a step.

Steele UB- Big arabian, bhs loso loso, front aerial to split jump to sissone, punch front, 2.5 with a hop.

7:18 pm. Esparza BB- Bhe loso, fall. Hit layout series though. Double tuck low with a big step back.

Carey VT- Huge kaz full, not suuuuper clean in the air, but she’s powerful as heck, and a solid enough landing. Bounced. Second vault is the Amanar, mostly really nice, just leaning a little to the side on the landing and had to hop over.

Adams FX- Big clean double arabian but is a little too far back on the landing and has to take two big steps to control it. 2.5 to front tuck is nice. Double pike with a step back. Double tuck with a small hop.

7:14 pm. Arenas must’ve fallen in a spot that I didn’t see…only an 11.95 with a 6.85 E.

Clapper BB- Fell on something that I didn’t see. Side aerial, switch to switch half with a big wobble, back tuck, hit her jumps, hit her dismount.

Shchennikova VT- DTY looked solid in the air, good upright landing with a bounce back.

Lee UB- Nabieva to pak to toe on to Maloney to Gienger, good, stalder half to piked Jaeger, toe full to full-in with a small hop back.

Madsen FX- Whip to double arabian, cowboyed but hit. Tucked full-in, messy in the air and with a bounce forward, hands down. 1.5 through to triple, a little underrotated and short, knees bent. Double tuck to finish,

7:13 pm. O’Keefe UB- Chow to pak to toe on to Maloney to Ricna, YAS. Ugh, muscles a handstand after before her piked Jaeger, stalder full, double front with a small bounce. Shame about that muscle but good fight to get it back.

Malabuyo VT- Nice big DTY, pretty clean from my view.

7:06 pm. Walker VT- FTY, not bad, but very short and not a ton of power, 13.1

Kenlin UB- Ricna, inbar full to pak a little muscled in the pirouette, van Leeuwen, double front half out

Arenas BB- Split mount, 1.5 wolf turn got a little stuck, good bhs loso loso, front aerial into her jumps, side aerial, switch leap, 2.5 with a step. Nice!

Paulson FX- Piked full-in, a little low, triple full is pretty good, 2.5 to punch front is solid and controlled. Good leap extension. 1.5 to front full, lovely!

Soza VT- DTY, a little short, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday! Just like, maybe a quarter of a twist short, and she didn’t squat it.

7:00 pm. Getting ready to begin here at the arena! Touch warm-up real quick, and then we’re ready to goooooo!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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34 thoughts on “The U.S. Classic Senior Live Blog

  1. YASSS RAGAN! SLAY THAT BEAM! Besides that one lil leap bobble, SLAY! Thats how you do a standing full without grabbing the beam!!!!!!!


    • She is injured so her coaches don’t want to push her too much. If we could wrap her up in bubble wrap until next year without her losing all of her strength I’d totes be for that xD She is AMAZING


  2. If Jade Carey is not put on the Worlds team, I will riot and storm into the streets! This kid came out of freakin nowhere and slayed today! Valeri, don’t disappoint me!


      • If she does what she did today at nationals then I see absolutely no reason to not include her. At this point I’m thinking Ragan and Jade have made quite the case for themselves already. That leaves one spot for an all arounder and the other for an event specialist. I’m feeling Morgan for the second AA spot and Alyona/Ashton for the specialist spot


    • I love Jade! Please send her to Worlds along with Ragan!!

      I’m a little worried about Riley, Jordan, and Morgan as the second AA. Riley and Morgan have been inconsistent, and Jordan (with all of her power) did not look good. I know Worlds is 3 months away, but I’d be worried sending any of those three to Worlds. I think Trinity or Abby Paulson could snick in there and grab the second AA spot for sure.

      As for the fourth spot, is it really necessary? I know in 2013 Brenna went to Worlds but did not compete. I can see the USA doing this again. Unless Ashton has a great showing at P&G on bars and beam, I can’t see her going to Worlds.


      • Oops. ACTUALLY it was Gabby Perea ( who I always get confused with Emma for some darn reason) she got a 57.225 AA score, Maile was second with a 56.900 and EMMA was third with 56.275. The senior AA was Riley with 56.600 Andrade was 2nd with 56.000 Paulson was 3rd with 55.800… SO it was Perea who beat the Seniors AA at Jesolo. oops.


        • Gabby, Maile and Emma seems to rotate who would win for first place in every junior competition so it is kinda confusing Haha. I wonder who will win in Nationals between the three.


    • How is it possible that the top 3 jr beat the top 3 sr aa score?!? I cant remember when was the last yr this happen on a consistent basis!


  3. I got so sick of wolf turns this meet. Wolf turn everywhere on beam and floor. Is this some kind of requirement now? LMAO

    I feel pressure coming out of Riley everytime she does a routine. Poor girl.

    Anything can happen in Nationals, but so far only Ragan is still looking good for Worlds.

    Does Jade Carey have bars? Or is she just concentrating on 3 events. Tbh I like her more for the specialist spot than Ashton for Worlds.

    But holy cow are the floor scores so low LOL


  4. I wish Morgan wouldnt have put her hand down on her standing full! ugh. The whole routine is shaky! She scares me! I want her to do so well! lol


  5. This is the first time I’ve seen Adelin Kenlin compete and, wow, she is a beautiful beam worker. She hit everything so well, but what struck me was her pace and rhythm throughout the routine – very calm and graceful. Also, did my eyes fool me during the live feed or did Emma Malabuyo do a whip to double layout as her first pass!?


  6. The lack of consistency in these seniors is so odd to see after such strong performances and consistency but up last quad. It’s also a little nerve racking… Like, those scores are super beatable internationally. I hope the juniors they are killing it don’t break or burn out because I want to see them dominate. So. Many. Falls. Though. Ragan’s bb and UB were pretty much the high light. And Morgan’s FX.


    • I agree. 🙂 The Juniors if they dont suffer the curse, will slay. But if these seniors dont step up, then the ‘old ladies’ will def come back and take their spots when Olympic fever gets closer….


    • I think we are all forgetting how shaky the start of a new quad can be. Go onto youtube and see how awful Simone Biles looked at this event in 2013 – she fell on all her events!


  7. What was Jade Carey’s first vault, a Kaz? I’ve been following WAG FOREVER and I’ve never heard of that before, must be a men’s term? I thought she did a tsuk, what’s the difference?


    • It’s basically a tsuk with a different kind of entry, and with a kaz, a full twist is implied. She basically did a tsuk double, but when I asked her about her vault, she called it a kaz full because she does the tsuk in the kaz style.


  8. Great routine from Gabby Perea on the uneven bars.
    Does anybody know if she has committed to a college yet? She could go straight to UCLA with that leo 😀


  9. My guess for worlds’ team would be Ragan, Riley, Jade and Alyona/Ashton depending on Ashton’s D score.

    That way finals would be:
    AA: Ragan, Riley
    BB: Ragan, Riley
    UB: Alyona/Ashton, Riley
    FX: Jade, Ragan
    VT: Jade

    I would take Morgan as alternate since she could qualify for FX and AA finals probably.


  10. Did Soza only doing a layout as her first pass effect her start value? Except that she obviously lost the value of whatever should have been there?
    Did she have to count the layout as one of her three acros so that her dismount could be free to count as the dismount? Or did the dismount count as both the dismount element and as one of the three acros thus allowing her to pick up her start value by doing 5 difficult leaps?

    Here’s an easy example of what I mean. If a gymnast does
    Arab-Flic-bwd 1/2 twist
    Front somi- Arab – Flic – tuck back
    And then a
    Front layout

    How many of those acros does she HAVE to count? 3 or 4? Does the front layout count as the dismount and as one of the three acros or only as the dismount?

    Would it make a difference if you changed the order of the tumbles around?

    Your answer would be highly appreciated.



  11. Also why did the Texas dreams girls do their split halfs sideways on the beam? Do they have to it that way to get the value or is it just easier for them to land that way? Because in the code it says cross position. I though cross position was the normal way gymnasts stand?


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