American Classic Roster Set


The American Classic, one of the final opportunities for gymnasts to qualify to this summer’s U.S. Classic and National Championships, is set to be held this Saturday May 30 at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas.

Juniors competing must earn an all-around score of 52.500 to qualify directly to Championships, though if they don’t quite hit this but still manage at least a 51.500, they can qualify to the Classic, their last chance at getting the qualification score for nationals. Seniors need a 53.000 for Classics and a 54.000 for nationals, and are also allowed to qualify with just two or three events. The scores for specialists are 40.500 for three events and 27.500 for two events for Classics, and 41.250 for three events and 28.000 for two events at nationals.

This weekend, several elites with experience at the highest levels of U.S. domestic competition will return, including many familiar names and fan favorites like Elena Arenas, Christina Desiderio, Olivia Dunne, Morgan Hurd, Shilese Jones, Adeline Kenlin, Maggie Musselman, Maile O’Keefe, Adriana Popp, Alyona and Polina Shchennikova (back competing for the first time in nearly two years after a back injury took her out for 2014), and Deanne Soza (fully recovered from an eye issue that nearly left her blind last summer).

Others you might recognize from last year’s elite meets include Shania Adams, Rachel Baumann, Aria Brusch, Margzetta Frazier, Megan Freed, Hannah Joyner, Lexy Ramler, Madison Rau, Makenzie Sedlacek, and Anastasia Webb.

New names include Colbi Flory, Anna Huber, Alaina Kwan, Emma Malabuyo, Tienna Nguyen, Trinity Thomas, and Abigail Walker.

Some of these gymnasts have already received their qualification scores to the U.S. Classic but will use this competition mainly to earn their nationals qualification. On Friday, the ranch also hosts the final elite qualifier of the season, where many gymnasts not currently at the elite level will hope to receive qualifying scores, including former NCAA gymnast Melissa Doucette. A full list of gymnasts attending the qualifier is below.

Elite Classic

Shania Adams
Elena Arenas
Rachel Baumann
Aria Brusch
Christina Desiderio
Olivia Dunne
Colbi Flory
Margzetta Frazier
Megan Freed
Anna Huber
Morgan Hurd
Shilese Jones
Hannah Joyner
Adeline Kenlin
Alaina Kwan
Emma Malabuyo
Maggie Musselman
Tienna Nguyen
Maile O’Keefe
Adriana Popp
Lexy Ramler
Madison Rau
Alyona Shchennikova
Polina Shchennikova
Makenzie Sedlacek
Deanne Soza
Trinity Thomas
Abigail Walker
Anastasia Webb


Abigail Brenner, Twin City Twisters
Jade DeGouveia, American Twisters
Kylie Dickson, All Olympia AOGC
Melissa Doucette, ENA Paramus
Micaela Dugan, Illinois Gymnastics Institute
Samantha Durante, Georgia Elite
Taylor Lawson, Parkettes
Camden May, Gym-Max


Alyssa Al-Ashari, Twistars
Jordan Bowers, Solid Rock
Miranda Cabada, All Olympia AOGC
Chae Campbell, Metroplex
Cosette Carranza, Texas Dreams
Kourtney Chinnery, World Class
Leah Clapper, Gym America
Kaitlin DeGuzman, Metroplex
Nevaeh DeSouza, Dream Xtreme
Asia Dewalt, Sugar Land
Jaylene Gilstrap, Metroplex
Sydney Gonzalez, Gym-Max
Kerstin Gries, Sharp’s
Marissa Jencks, All American
Kiya Johnson, Texas Dreams
Eliana Lazzari, Gym Nasti
Rebecca Leach, Texas Dreams
Lauren Little, Everest
Victoria Loomis, Denton
Isabel Mabanta, Metroplex
Laney Madsen, Gym-Max
Anna McGee, Georgia Elite
Natalie Morton, Georgia Elite
Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite
Adrienne Randall, SCEGA
Adeline Sabados, Colorado Aerials
Abigail Scanlon, Capital
Savannah Schoenherr, Georgia Elite
Kalyany Steele, Colorado Aerials
Tori Tatum, Twin City Twisters
Kendal Toy, Metroplex
Sonte Turnage, Legacy Elite

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Photo of Polina Shchennikova

13 thoughts on “American Classic Roster Set

  1. Wait, can’t gymnasts only compete at the American Classic if they’ve already qualified elite? And doesn’t that mean getting the 51.500/53.000 optionals score already? If so, wouldn’t that mean that if they are qualified for the American Classic, they’re already qualified for the US Classic?


    • Yes and no. Yes, they can only compete at the American Classic if they’ve already qualified elite, but no, “qualifying elite” doesn’t mean reaching the 51.5/53.0 optionals scores. Those scores are for the U.S. Classic only. Qualifying elite means reaching the compulsory score of 35.00 for juniors and seniors. Elites who reach these scores may then go on to get a 49.0 or a 51.0, for example, in optional meets and they’re still qualified to elite…they just haven’t qualified to the U.S. Classic or U.S. Nationals. I believe Tienna Nguyen is a good example…she qualified elite based on her compulsory score and is a U.S. elite gymnast, but hasn’t reached the Classics score yet…I believe she has been consistently scoring somewhere in the high 49s at elite qualifiers in the U.S. so far this year (Buckeye, Parkettes). So she is an elite who hasn’t qualified to the U.S. Classic yet and is hoping to get her U.S. Classic qualification score at the American Classic this weekend.


      • Somehow I’ve been misinterpreting qualifying elite this whole time. Oops.

        That really stinks that girls who make the compulsory score and qualify elite at the National Qualifier are done unless they make the optionals Classics score in the Qualifier as well, since they can’t register for the American Classic. I wonder what the reason was for changing it from previous years.


      • It’s also confusing because the USAG qualifying list has everyone who’s qualified elite listed as “Gymnasts qualified to Classics” rather than “Gymnasts qualified elite” so there’s no easy way to separate out who still needs the US Classics score.


      • (I wish I could edit my posts so I didn’t have to keep replying separately)

        I just noticed that the USAG page about the Qualifier/Classic says “American Classic (Junior and Senior Elite International who have passed elite compulsories and achieved the qualifying optional score – 51.50 for Jrs. and 53.00 for Srs.)”

        I think I’ll probably stop trying to understand the qualifying structure soon, lol


  2. Hmm, so many names with some of these to be heading to Tokyo 2020. Is it just me or does the field looks to be wide open after 2016 when Simone and the rest of the current seniors and remaining Fierce Four are retired or off to college?

    Anything can obviously happen but the way it’s going right now… There doesn’t seem to be too many current new juniors that will give good challenge to the top seniors at this point. Unless the new seniors/upcoming 2016 seniors can significantly up their game next year.

    If not, we will have one of the oldest age ave team in 2016. With a large number of current seniors retiring after 2016, it’s gonna be quite a shakeup in US WAG. Hopefully they will have enough depth in the juniors to stay on top….


    • “Anything can obviously happen but the way it’s going right now… There doesn’t seem to be too many current new juniors that will give good challenge to the top seniors at this point. Unless the new seniors/upcoming 2016 seniors can significantly up their game next year.”

      At this point in the last quad, Simone Biles was nothing special, just a little girl with a big vault but placing below 10th on other events…


      • Well, true. Even she admitted she was a nobody in 2012. But at least she was known for her big vt. Don’t think we’ve heard of a big vt junior so far yet… I guess there are several promising jrs that show flashes of greatness at jesolo but I just feel like it’s a huge turnover after 2016….


  3. Thanks for the explanation, as I was confused between Tumblr comments about the national qualifier, with names like Nadia Cho, Irina Alexeeva, and Laney Madsen, and the American Classic roster published on the USAG site where none of these names were mentioned.

    I will be watching the career of Chae Campbell, the Nastia Liukin Cup qualifier and JO bronze medallist who got top marks on floor in both competitions, and who is also competing in the national qualifier. She sounds like a promising young athlete who has strong elite ambitions and hopefully will achieve them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, the qualifier happens usually the day before the American Classic, and often some of the qualifier gymnasts end up competing at the American Classic as well. I’m not sure if that will be the case this year, as the USAG article didn’t mention anything, but I’m pretty sure that’s what usually ends up working out!


      • And if the Tumblr reports are right, it looks like Chae Campbell missed qualifying elite by less than two tenths of a point, but scored a 15.3 on vault if that isn’t a typo (even if she vaults a DTY, that’s one clean DTY — weren’t we talking about juniors with big vaults up above?). How sad for her; a couple of other juniors were equally close. But I hope that gets the fire under her to fix up her bars and beam routines, knowing that she landed a Worlds-final-worthy vault there.


  4. Now that I see the official results, the report being circulated on Tumblr and recorded by a spectator made a mistake in Chae’s bars score. That was why it, and I, concluded that she didn’t make the 51.5 qualification score to Classics. She did!


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