Hopes Classic Live Blog | Session 1


Camryn Nelson, a frontrunner for the Hopes 10-11 competition this season

Welcome to the live blog for the 10-11 age division at the 2018 Hopes Classic, held in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:52 pm. Final Standings

1. Ava San Jose, Paramount Elite, 49.900
2. Myli Lew, San Mateo, 49.350
3. Camryn Nelson, Will-Moor, 49.200
4. Autumn Reingold, Olympica, 49.150
5. Baylie Belman, WOGA, 48.600
6. Hezly Rivera, ENA Paramus, 48.300
7. Lucy Tobia, Parkettes, 48.000
8. Kaela Yee, Leyva, 47.950
9. Zoey Molomo, Metroplex, 47.600
10. Alicia Zhou, Love Gymnastics, 47.400
11. Kaitlynd Kastl, Metroplex, 47.350
12. Tiana Sumanasekera, San Mateo, 47.250
13. Michelle Pineda, Metroplex, 47.150
14. Rafaela O’Neill, Airborne, 46.900
15. Kylee Bromley, First State, 46.750
16. Carsyn Coleman, Precision, 46.450
17. Ella Kate Parker, North East Texas, 46.050
18. Sophia Dennis, Capital, 46.000
19. Emerson Fisk, Golden City, 45.850
20. Gabriella Van Frayen, Gym X-Treme, 45.750
21. Allison Cucci, The Victors, 45.250
22. Hailey Avellar, Auburn, 44.800
23. Ellorie Cane, Precision, 44.650
24. Clancy Conley, Gym Nasti, 43.350
25. Acacia Esser, Capital, 41.300
26. Azaraya Ra-Akbar, United Gymnastix, 27.450

7:35 pm. Lew BB: Switch to switch half to back tuck, GREAT! Front aerial to split jump, also solid. Bhs loso is solid, she’s fab here! Double full, almost overrotated, just lunges back to control. That was lovely.

7:32 pm. Matthews FX: Everything I saw from this was great! Good to see her come back from that bars mess where she smacked her face.

Yee BB: Bhs loso, excellent extension on her leaps, side aerial, hit routine.

Avellar FX: A little low on her first pass, and her 1.5 was also short. Made it through though!

7:28 pm. Esser FX: Double pike, big step forward. Double tuck, flies forward to her hands. Omg she has a hilarious little choreo bit on the floor…it’s like, not intentionally hilarious but it’s just so adorable it’s funny. Front layout. Double full is a little messy.

Cucci UB: Hit what I saw, some ankle sep on the blind change, double tuck is high and nearly stuck, very nice!!

7:27 pm. Roberson UB: Didn’t see the beginning, just a little stumble on her dismount. She doesn’t look THRILLED but the rest of her day was great and bars is her weakest so she can forgive herself if stuff went wrong.

7:26 pm. Coleman BB: I saw from the full turn, switch (maybe at 120 degrees, her back leg just didn’t want to go up) to back tuck, front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, 1.5 dismount with a hop and a big smile.

7:25 pm. I missed Ava San Jose’s bars, but she got an 11.9…and finished with a 49.900 total. Still some competition to come, but Camryn Nelson’s closest and she’d need a 13.3 on bars to tie, so I’d say Ava is pretty safe!

7:20 pm. Arana BB: I only saw from the switch half to back tuck, missed her foot going into her switch ring and she balked it. Got it the second time around, and also hit her jump series and then her double full dismount with a hop back.

7:18 pm. Golden City girls Emerson Fisk and Rayna Light are the bounciest, danciest, smiliest gymnasts I’ve ever seen pre-routine. It’s hilarious, they are adorable.

Zhou FX: Double tuck, chest is a tad low. Her music is so childlike and whimsical. I love it. It needs a tap break in the middle. Front layout front layout. Good extension on her leaps. 1.5 to front tuck, comes in a little low, but good cover, stands up out of it.

7:15 pm. Resta FX: Double tuck, lunge, pretty controlled. Double pike, good rotation! Just a scoot back. Front full, legs get pretty tucked, into a stag. Double full, a little shy, step forward. Some iffy things in there but overall she did a good job!

Sumanasekera BB: I missed most of this…just saw a clean layout full to finish.

7:14 pm. Fisk UB: Pak with bent knees and flexed feet, stalder is lovely, to toe on to toe shoot, nice, one of the less dead hangy toe shoots today. Gets her front giant in, and then a double pike with a step. Good girl.

7:12 pm. Fontaine FX: Double pike to start is strong. She has some old school (like…2013 is super old school now apparently) messy McKayla hair and I used to not be a fan but now I love it. That whole “no more messy hair, MUST WEAR A BUN” nonsense was just another form of control tbh. Double tuck is good, and she hits her front layout after that. Double full, some leg stuff, but solid routine, and I think she’s the only one I saw with four passes today!

Maliwanag UB: Had two falls in her routine.

7:10 pm. Rivera BB: Little wobbly on her flight series, but gets it back fast. Quick and fluid leap series. Goes for a switch ring too! Hit the double full dismount. Not sure if she fell somewhere in there…her score’s only an 11.35! Might’ve been before we jumped in on the stream.

7:07 pm. Hopes 10-11 Standings

1. Ava San Jose 38.000
2. Hezly Rivera 36.950
3. Camryn Nelson 36.600
4. Baylie Belman 36.450
5. Autumn Reingold 36.350
6. Ella Kate Parker 35.900
7. Myli Lew 35.850
8. Alicia Zhou 35.700
— Kaela Yee 35.700

7:04 pm. Kastl FX: Double pike into a lunge. This poor kid having to go on floor after what just happened…nerves of steel, man. Good front full. Double full, little shuffle on the landing. Great work all things considered!

7:02 pm. Azaraya is conscious and they just got her out of the arena. It’s very rare that I react to a fall the way I just did with her so that should tell you just how FREAKING TERRIFYING it was.

6:59 pm. Azaraya didn’t get up…they’re getting her onto a stretcher now and stabilizing her so hopefully she’s in good hands and this won’t be anything too serious.

6:57 pm. Trying to get an update about Azaraya Ra-Akbar from someone in the arena because I’m legit upset about what just happened.

Esser BB: Side aerial, good, has a couple of sideways-facing jumps. Double full, little leg stuff, but hit.

6:55 pm. Ra-Akbar UB: Toe-on arches way over but she gets it under control…then does a clear hip and when she swings under, her hands slip and she lands kind of head first on the ground which was terrifying as all hell. She’s shaking a bit, that looked really bad not gonna lie.

6:53 pm. O’Neill BB: Omg she’s talking to herself as she does her wolf turn, bless. It’s kind of rough though, and she goes flying off backwards. I didn’t see the rest but seems to have hit, dismount looked good.

Tobia FX: Big double tuck, stuck with her chest down. Hit the last pass, a 1.5 through to…either a full or double full, I couldn’t see. Looked great from what I saw though!

6:51 pm. Pineda FX: Hit the beginning, she’s super adorbs and has her feet pointed in literally all of her choreo. Big smiles too. 1.5 to punch layout. Hit the end. Great work, she’s so fun!

6:48 pm. Roberson VT: WOAHHHH, FTY, still a pretty new vault for her, but it looked EXCELLENT compared to when I last saw it!! Nearly stuck it, too!!!

6:47 pm. Sullivan FX: Her music in the background is some good old fashioned recycled Rebecca Bross circa 2010. And she’s a WOGA kid so perfect. Oh here she is. 1.5 to punch front. Very nic leaps. Her switch leap to straddle was lovely. Good double tuck with a little bounce.

6:42 pm. Bebe Rexha’s “No Broken Hearts” featuring a terrifyingly inappropriate Nicki Minaj rap was playing in the background of Leah Fontaine’s beam just F…Y…I…

6:40 pm. Fontaine BB: Everyone in the YouTube stream chat has been screaming about this kid for two solid hours. Check at the end of her bhs loos. Switch to switch half, doesn’t get that second leap up but hit it anyway. Side aerial, full turn, good jump series. She has some knee bend issues but her knees are hella wrapped so it could just be a byproduct of dat tape aesthetic. Hit the dismount and looks absolutely thrilled.

6:39 pm. Belman FX: Lovely double pike and OHHHH YAS she’s elegant af. Hit her second pass. Beautiful double full. I STAN.

6:37 pm. Van Frayen BB: Good start for her from what I saw. Bhs loso loso, some bent legs, ugh, and she falls backwards and comes off. When we go back to her, she hits her dismount.

Cane UB: Ugh, came off on a cast. Clear hip to stalder to jump to high, double tuck with a lunge forward.

6:36 pm. It’s back!! Now just have to figure out who’s doing what and when and where and why and how.

6:27 pm. Hopes 10-11 Standings

1. Ava San Jose 25.500
2. Hezly Rivera 24.950
3. Carsyn Coleman 24.450
4. Azaraya Ra-Akbar 24.350
— Camryn Nelson 24.350
6. Autumn Reingold 24.200
7. Ellorie Cane 24.150
8. Baylie Belman 24.100

6:20 pm. Still no fix from the stream, so I’m gonna let you guys go live your lives. I’ll post on twitter if or when it’s back up and running! Then yall can come back to the blog.

6:15 pm. Okay, the stream is basically fully out right now…which is fun. As a small child in the YouTube chat said, “I’m not here to see things glitch.” SAME, NIA.

6:07 pm. Nelson FX: They didn’t show the beginning, but she hit what I saw when she came into the shot. More mature choreo and music from her. Solid double full at the end.

6:05 pm. Bromley BB: Big wobble on her side aerial but she saved it. Really, we’ve seen tons of close calls for falls so far but not a ton of actual falls…really great fight from all of these kids! Hop back on the dismount.

Avellar UB: Toe on to toe shoot, caught a little close, blind change to front half, double tuck, basically stuck, good routine…also hit the beginning but I didn’t see what.

6:01 pm. Molomo BB: Really excellent routine!

Parker FX: Double pike, large step back OOB. 1.5 to front tuck. The stream is super glitchy right now, like watching a flip book. Omg she has like some Vegas-style showgirl music that’s really cute…choreo doesn’t go super well though. Hit her last pass.

5:59 pm. Cucci FX: Only saw a front full to front pike.

Matthews UB: Muscled through a cast into a front giant and came off. Oof, oh no, gets back on for a straddle Jaeger and catches it on her face, comes off holding her nose and crying. Poor kid.

5:57 pm. Esser UB: She had a fall halfway through her routine, I didn’t see what on.

Kastl BB: Good jump series. Front aerial to split jump, missed connection to back tuck, little check. Bhs loso, little check. Nice scale at the end before her dismount. Double full low but far, no problems on it.

5:54 pm. Tobia BB: Nailed the crap out of her triple flight series and punch front. Just very solid stuff.

Roberson FX: Caught the end, just the double pike, looked good!

Ra-Akbar VT: I think she did an FTY, only saw the end but thought I could see her coming out of a twist. Big smile when she finishes.

5:50 pm. Hopes 10-11 Standings

1. Ava San Jose 13.200
2. Azaraya Ra-Akbar 12.450
3. Rafaela O’Neill 12.400
4. Ella Kate Parker 12.350
5. Kaela Yee 12.100
6. Carsyn Coleman 12.050
— Camryn Nelson 12.050
8. Alicia Zhou 11.950

Hopes 12-13 Standings

1. Joscelyn Roberson 13.100
2. Nola Matthews 12.400
3. Alyssa Arana 12.200
4. Rayna Light 12.050
5. Ashlee Sullivan 11.700

Note that most of the 12-13s will be in the second session later tonight! I’m just keeping track for now so you can see.

5:47 pm. Sumanasekera FX: Double pike, little stumble back. Good leaps. 1.5 to front tuck, gets the punch tuck around though it looked sketchy for a sec, layout full, kind of bounces forward.

5:45 pm. Reingold BB: Caught it from the side aerial, and she also hit a leap series after that. She’s a little angular in some of her movements but mostly clean. Hit the dismount.

5:43 pm. Cane FX: She looks a little bit like Ragan Smith, partly in her face but also in her mannerisms. Double tuck, almost stuck, just a baby step back. Shows off some weird shoulder flexibility in her choreo. Switch ring to switch half, a tad short in the split. She’s got some sass. 1.5 to front tuck, great. Okay, her choreo is super fun. OMG HER SASS I’M DYING. Her facial expressions are HILARIOUS. BLESS HER. Front full to stag. Fantastic.

5:42 pm. Fisk BB: Basically in an LSU leo. Bent legs on her bhs loso loso, but good finish on that series, a little short on one of her leaps and a little messy in her dismount, had to take a big stap back.

Jong UB: Only saw the end but she had a full-in dismount!! For this age group, that’s like super crazy difficult.

5:40 pm. Rivera FX: Popa before her first pass, a nice double pike, just a little forward on the landing. Front tuck through to double full, little hop. Double tuck with a hop back. Lots of potential there!

5:39 pm. Bromley UB: Stalder to toe on, toe circle before jumping to the high bar, double pike dismount with a step.

5:36 pm. Maliwanag BB: Front aerial to split jump to Korbut, some pauses throughout and some bent knees. Onodi, a little messy and pretty clear she’s not gonna get it square, fall. 😦

Lew FX: Came into the middle of her routine for a 1.5 that landed forward but her hips were pulling her backward, and the punch front tuck out of it just wasn’t going to happen. Sat it. Hit the last pass.

It’s basically impossible to get anything but vault and bars on this feed sadly!

5:32 pm. Nelson BB: Switch to split leap to Korbut, lovely form. Back headstand walkover to get back up, very cool. Little wobble on her full turn, Front aerial with a check, just seems a bit nervous. Bhs loso, slightly bends her back knee on the loso as she preps for the landing. Good side aerial. Straddle to split jump to back tuck is super fluid. Lots of adjustments and you can see her looking for her little chalk mark on the beam as she preps for her dismount which would probably be a 500 point deduction at 2017 worlds but I think the judges here will be kinder about it. Good double full dismount. Great set.

5:30 pm. Yee FX: Had to start her music over. Double tuck, she barely uses half the floor, she’s so tiny. Big band/swing music but with like…a techno beat behind it? LOL. Bless. Front tuck through to layout full, solid. Her dance elements are nice. Double full, little bounce. Her music ends with “TEQUILA!” God love ya, floor music arrangement producers.

 5:28 pm. Parker BB: From Joscelyn Roberson’s gym. Front aerial to split jump to sissone, good. Bhs, a little awkward when she lands it and she almost pauses before going into the loso. Some knee form. Hits the full turn on her toes. Side aerial to a nice straddle jump. Switch to split leap to back tuck, wobble but fights for it. Hit the dismount.

5:26 pm. Ra-Akbar FX: Good double pike to start. 2.5 comes in a little low but she’s still able to punch out of it into the tuck. Double full is good. Low double tuck, lands forward with her chest down but overall a solid routine.

5:25 pm. Cucci BB: Front aerial, little check that turns into a bigger check but she gets it back. Bhs loso is solid. Full turn is clean. Side straddle jump, chest down and a check. Switch leap, little stumble into her jump series. Oof, way off on her acro into her dismount which she lands like, on her back-ish. Rough ending to a mostly good routine, bobbles aside.

5:21 pm. Roberson BB: Onodi, full turn, great control, front aerial to split jump to sissone, bhs bhs layout is KILLER oh my goodness. Switch leap. Side split half, also good. Little wobble on a jump after that. Side aerial lsoo loso MYYYY GODDDDDDDDDD. Some leg stuff there but so solid and that was her second MAJOR flight series in this routine. Double pike, chest a tad low but GET IT GIRL.

5:20 pm. Tobia UB: Pak, stalder half, jumped to the high bar, blind change to front giant half, double pike with a step back to finish.

5:18 pm. San Jose BB: Full wolf turn, switch leap to switch half, very controlled. Side aerial, little check, CRUSHED the triple flight series!! Damn, super solid. Front aerial, lovely extension, into her split jump to straddle jump, also with killer extension. Side split half again with the legs, knees, feet, toes, everything stretched to the heavens. Stuck the double full with her feet slightly apart. Well well well.

Carsyn Coleman is on floor in the background and she has Gracie Kramer’s floor music which is hilarious to see from a small child.

5:16 pm. Pineda UB: Pak, a little weak in her knee form, toe on to stalder to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, some ankle separation, double pike, pretty open but super close to the bar. Nice hit routine though!

5:14 pm. Zhou VT: Yurchenko layout, into a little lunge.

Arana FX: Double tuck to open was clean, just a tiny bounce back. Whippy front full, little step. Nice tour jeté half to sissone. Hops around her double L turn, and finishes with a solid double full. Good work!

This isn’t a four-screen meet, so I’m just following what the live stream is showing but I’m sure they’ll upload videos later.

5:12 pm. Touch warmups going on now! Three more minutes. Gonna do the best I can to live blog whatever I can get!

5:06 pm. Gymnasts are marching in now! Should begin around 5:10 or so with the touch warmup.

5:00 pm. It’s U.S. live blog time! Everyone’s favorite time of the year. Today’s Hopes Classic is the qualifier for Hopes Championships, which will be held alongside the U.S. Classic in Ohio later this month. The top 18 from today’s meet in both the 10-11 and 12-13 age divisions will move on to Championships.

The first session of the Classic will feature gymnasts in both age divisions, and then the second qualifier later this evening will wrap things up for those in the 12-13 division.

We’ll be back in just a few minutes once the competition gets started!


6 thoughts on “Hopes Classic Live Blog | Session 1

  1. That fall was terrifying, I totally agree. She just came off such an odd way that lead to a really scary landing. Hope she is ok!


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