2018 U.S. Championships Live Blog | The Seniors, Day 1

Welcome to the live blog for the first senior session at the 2018 U.S. Championships, held in Boston, Massachusetts!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:54 pm. Day 1 Senior Standings

1. Simone Biles 60.100
2. Morgan Hurd 57.000
3. Riley McCusker 56.050
4. Grace McCallum 55.900
5. Trinity Thomas 55.500
6. Shilese Jones 55.300
7. Jade Carey 54.950
8. Kara Eaker 54.800
9. Alyona Shchennikova 53.750
— Shania Adams 53.750
— Ragan Smith 53.750
12. Jordan Chiles 53.600
13. Margzetta Frazier 52.350
14. Audrey Davis 51.300
15. Sloane Blakely 50.700
16. Madeleine Johnston 50.250
17. Luisa Blanco 49.600
18. Olivia Dunne 48.300
19. Deanne Soza 39.150
20. Jaylene Gilstrap 38.750
21. Adeline Kenlin 26.100

9:52 pm. Shchennikova FX- Front layout to double front to stag, some leg sep in the tucks but not too bad. A little low on her second pass. 1.5 to front full. Double tuck to finish.

Chiles 53.600, Dunne 48.300

9:50 pm. Biles BB- Wild on her triple wolf turn, lean forward at the end but couldn’t see if she put a hand down or anything. Barani, low but not as low as it was in some training routines. Bhs loso loso is rock solid. Punch front pike. Full-in dismount, great landing, just a little bounce. She’s legit gonna get close to a 60.

Morgan Hurd 57.000!!! She will finish second today after Simone.

9:47 pm. Chiles FX- 1.5 through to arabian double front, lunge forward OOB. Dos Santos, also really forward on the landing, step forward but SHE WENT FOR IT. Double layout low and really far forward. IS SHE LITERALLY JUST DOING ALY RAISMAN’S TUMBLING MINUS THE PUNCH FRONT IN THE FIRST PASS, BLESS. Double pike. She’ll get those landings under control and be a queen.

9:46 pm. Hurd UB- Komova II to stalder full to Tkachev, YAS. Ricna to Pak, very nice, slight leg sep in the Pak. RAy to the high bar, inbar half to front giant half, inbar full to clean and stuck full-in. GENIUS.

Dunne BB- I only saw part of this, just a little shaky on a leap, just a layout dismount.

Grace McCallum 55.900, Luisa Blanco 49.600

9:44 pm. Blanco FX- Super clean arabian double front to start. Dobule pike is also super clean, just a hop back. Clean 1.5 to front full. Double full. Good work!

Carey 54.950, Davis 51.300

9:43 pm. McCallum UB- Maloney to Tkachev, Pak, some leg sep, clean van Leeuwen, toe on to toe full, almost right on the bar, to full-in with a tiny step back. GREAT day for her!

9:40 pm. Davis FX- Piked full-in, solid enough. Hit the second pass. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Double wolf turn. Third pass is good. Switch half.

Carey BB- Hit the wolf turn. Side split jump half, a little wonky. Good flight series. Solid switch to switch half to back tuck. Hit her jump series. Low double pike, step.

Frazier 52.350

9:36 pm. Kenlin BB- Side aerial, switch to switch half to back tuck, full L turn to tour jeté half, LOVE!!! Excellent layout series. Hit a lovely leap series after that. Low double pike with a step forward.

Johnston VT- Yurchenko 1.5, stuck!! Very nice.

Gilstrap FX- Full L turn to full spin, arabian double front, some leg sep but solid landing. Front layout to front double full, a little messy. Switch ring to tour jeté half to split jump, nice. Double pike and double tuck, the latter is a little low with a hop.

Frazier UB- Van Leeuwen, HUGE Church but she fell. Looks so mad. Pak, Maloney to Tkachev, blind full, double layout pretty well stuck, just some leg sep in the air.

Thomas 55.500, Eaker 54.800, Smith 53.750, Blakely 50.700, Johnston 50.250

9:35 pm. Smith VT- DTY, not bad, huge leg sep in the pre-flight and she has a little bounce on the landing but her form in the post-flight is mostly okay.

Adams 53.750

9:33 pm. Blakely FX- BEAUTIFUL arabian double front, stuck cold!! That was great. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Double pike, back leg flies up a bit. Hit the third pass. Finishes with a 2.5 stumbled back and she tries to save it but goes to her back.

Thoamas UB- Weiler to Maloney to toe full, a little shaky, Tkachev into a Pak, toe on to van Leeuwen, double layout with a great landing. The toe full was the only real issue.

Soza VT- FTY, clean, large step back to control it.

McCusker 56.050, Jones 55.300

9:31 pm. Adams UB- Hit routine but I missed most of it.

Eaker BB- Switch leap mount to split ring leap, front aerial, split ring jump to something that I missed because someone started talking to me, side aerial loso loso is great, split leap to side somi, switch ring to back handspring into a little scale into a split leap to Korbut, SO good! Switch to switch side, this is never-ending. 2.5 with a jump forward.

McCusker VT- DTY, a little crunched, but she gets it around!

9:31 pm. Jones VT- Clean DTY, great! Excellent day for her once again.

9:29 pm. In the final rotation we’ll see…

VT- Jones, McCusker, Soza, Smith, Johnston

UB- Adams, Thomas, Frazier, McCallum, Hurd

BB- Eaker, Kenlin, Carey, Dunne, Biles

FX- Blakely, Gilstrap, Davis, Blanco, Chiles, Shchennikova

9:24 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Simone Biles 44.900
2. Morgan Hurd 42.350
3. Grace McCallum 42.000
4. Riley McCusker 41.950
5. Jordan Chiles 41.600
6. Jade Carey 41.200
7. Trinity Thomas 41.100
8. Alyona Shchennikova 40.750

Ragan Smith is currently 12th.

9:22 pm. Chiles BB- Wolf turn, bhs loso, little bobble but nothing major, front aerial to straddle jump to wolf jump, side aerial, long pause before it but idk why. Switch leap to switch half, almost at 180 on the second but not quite. Little bobble. Side somi. Punch front is good. Double pike, little bounce. Not bad!

9:20 pm. Smith FX- Oof prayer candle. Double layout, super crunched ankles on the landing as if she wasn’t in enough pain. OOB to add insult to injury. 1.5 through to triple full, a little short, double arabian got like NO set, but she still gets it around (with leg sep) into a stag, double pike, chest quite low but hey…her ankles exist still!

9:18 pm. Blanco BB- Love her mount, clap for that CROWD!!! I’m disappointed in you. Switch ring, bhs loso loso, good. Wobble on a jump after that. Side aerial, switch half, double full with a big hop forward.

9:15 pm. Soza FX- Tucked full-in, low with a couple of steps back. Hit the rest, pretty solid.

9:14 pm. Davis BB- Double wolf turn, front aerial to split ring jump, low back leg, good bhs loso, switch to switch half to split jump half, I like that so much. Someone needs to do a routine with like six connected jumps and leaps with half turns and just make their way across the beam like that. I’d STAN IT. Switch ring, back leg is awkward. Double pike, little bounce back.

9:12 pm. McCusker FX- Double layout, OOB. Her second pass was like…crazy awkward and low. A 2.5 to punch front I think, I was surprised she got the punch front out of that! Double pike and double tuck are both good, her double pike is SO open. At classics I think she did the double pike second.

9:11 pm. Gilstrap BB- Bhs loso, front aerial to split ring jump, hit the dismount.

Dunne VT- Toe full (a little late), Chow to Pak, van Leeuwen, legs apart, toe half, legs come apart, to piked Jaeger, good fight through that, then kinda flew off on a swing, looked like her grip was loose or something. 😦 Back on and muscles through her handstand instantly, ugh. Off again. Double tuck dismount.

9:08 pm. Carey UB- Ray with flexed feet, Ezhova, Maloney to Pak is good, toe shoot, full-in, pretty much stuck, maybe a baby bounce.

Jones FX- Good double double to start! Nice high double arabian. Good tucked full-in. Solid double tuck. Dark horse gonna dark horse. When 900 people are injured in October she’ll be the one there to take over on every event.

9:07 pm. Frazier VT- Weak block on her DTY but she gets it around. Just a little iffy in the air.

Blakely BB- Some wobbles that I’ve seen so far. Side aerial, big wobble on side somi, high double tuck but lack of control on the landing, has a little stumble.

9:06 pm. Eaker UB- Maloney to clear hip to Tkachev to Pak, good! Van Leeuwen, clear hip full a little late, toe half to piked Jaeger, she’s rocking this today! double layout with a solid landing. Great work!

9:04 pm. Johnston FX- Stuck her double layout cold! Whip whip to double tuck, nice. Hit her third pass, couldn’t see if it was a front double full or back 2.5. Double pike for her last pass is nice.

Thomas VT- Very nice Yurchenko 1.5! Ready to lead Florida’s vault lineup, Trinity?

9:02 pm. Biles UB- Weiler half, to Maloney to Tkachev, no problems today! Toe full a little crooked to piked Tkachev  to Pak, van Leeuwen, super high Fabrichnova dismount, excellent. She’s thrilled.

Shchennikova BB- Check at the end of her bhs loso loso. Front aerial to split jump to sissone. I missed a bunch in the middle but she hit her dismount with a step.

Adams VT- FTY, hit

9:00 pm. Hurd VT- DTY, solid! Just a little bounce back.

8:59 pm. In rotation three…

VT- Hurd, Adams, Thomas, Frazier, McCallum

UB- Biles, Eaker, Carey, Dunne

BB- Shchennikova, Blakely, Gilstrap, Davis, Blanco, Chiles

FX- Johnston, Jones, McCusker, Soza, Smith

8:55 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Simone Biles 30.050
2. Jade Carey 28.650
— Riley McCusker 28.650
4. Jordan Chiles 28.050
5. Morgan Hurd 27.950
6. Grace McCallum 27.600
7. Alyona Shchennikova 27.450
8. Shilese Jones 27.250

8:53 pm. Frazier FX: Loose double layout, especially in the second flip, but the landing is better than I expected! Good recovery. Arabian double front, a little low, into a jump. Tucked full-in is also a bit low and buckled on the landing. Butterfly!!! YAS I love those and they’re so underused. Wolf turn is a little cray. Double tuck is her best pass of the routine, I think.

8:51 pm. They showed a replay of Riley’s beam dismount and it was SO close to the beam, I screamed.

8:48 pm. UB- Toe full, Maloney to Tkachev, fall. Not WOGA’s day on bars (for the seniors, anyway). Back on for a Pak, van Leeuwen, blind change to front giant half, high clean double tuck, stuck.

Thomas FX- Double layout, just a little bounce in place. 2.5 through to double tuck, YAAAAAS, it’s low and she has a step back but LOVE seeing that in competition!!! I mean, from her, it’s been done lol. GATOR CHOMP like a queen. Front layout to front double full to sissone. Tour jeté full. Double pike, a little underrotated, chest low and a step forward.

8:47 pm. McCusker BB- Gets through the wolf turns with no major problems. Front aerial to split jump to back tuck, bhs loso loso is solid! I want nothing more than for her to slay and she is. Switch to switch half, pause into the Korbut. Side aerial, double tuck set looks a bit weird but she pulls it around, just a tiny little stumble on the landing.

8:45 pm. Davis UB- Came off early in her routine and then again on her Tkachev. 😦 One-armed front pirouette into a Jaeger was good, and she cowboyed her double front and then leaped forward out of it. Shame, she does so much good stuff in there.

Adams FX- I missed the beginning. Double pike is good.

8:43 pm. Jones BB- I missed most of this, but pretty sure it was a hit routine, I didn’t see any falls!

8:41 pm. Hurd FX- Little baby bounce on the double double, solid double layout. Front double full is great. Solid double pike. Beautiful work. Clean and controlled.

Blakely UB- A full pirouette to toe shoot, stalder to toe half to front giant to Endo to double front half-out, I missed everything before the pirouette on the low bar so not sure if she fell or not at the beginning.

8:40 pm. Carey VT- Just a DTY, pretty good form-wise, just a little softness throughout, little bounce on the landing, but she flares it out a bit. Second vault is just the Lopez, not really cute form-wise, but the landing is good.

8:37 pm. Shchennikova UB- Deep inbar full to Komova II to Tkachev, nice. Ricna to Pak is great, to stalder to Chow half, half in double back comes off SO early and she gets NO height, barely gets the second flip around before crashing it. GOD. The rest of that looks so good, she needs a new dismount. This is the second time this summer the dismount has been a problem.

Eaker VT- Yurchenko 1.5, EXCELLENT landing! Mostly good in the air. Much better than classics. Armine fist pumped to the heavens.

Johnston BB- Off on her punch front. 😦 Switch leap to split leap. Double tuck dismount.

8:35 pm. McCallum FX- Double double!! Nice. I missed some stuff in the middle, caught up again at her triple full, just some crossed ankles. Stuck the double tuck. REally great work from her there, and on beam earlier.

Biles VT- Cheng, excellent. Basically stuck. Fantastic. Second vault is the Amanar, her first since Rio. Beautiful in the air, basically stuck it, just her feet a little crossed as in THE OLD DAYS but basically DAMN SON. Dead.

8:33 pm. Dunne VT- FTY, good, nothing majorly wrong!

Chiles UB- Maloney to bail to toe shoot, blind change to piked Jaeger, something into a Gienger but I missed the first skill, full-in to her knees, hands down. UGH. Everything else was going so well.

Smith BB- Hit her layout series to start. Little stumble on the standing full. Punch front to jump series is good. Front aerial, hit the dismount, double pike I think but I couldn’t see what it was from here, just the landing. Oh, apparently she put her hands down? I can’t see that area at all from here.

8:31 pm. Rotation two will be…

VT- Dunne, Biles, Eaker, Carey

UB- Chiles, Shchennikova, Blakely, Davis, Blanco

BB- Smith, Johnston, Jones, McCusker

FX- McCallum, Hurd, Adams, Thomas, Frazier

8:27 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Jordan Chiles 15.000
2. Riley McCusker 14.500
3. Simone Biles 14.450
4. Morgan Hurd 14.100
— Jade Carey 14.100
— Audrey Davis 14.100
7. Alyona Shchennikova 14.000
8. Shilese Jones 13.950

8:25 pm. Kenlin FX- Randi YAAAAAS GIRL. Superb. Front double full to punch front to stag, great. I really like her middle section of music, it’s cool. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Double tuck, some leg separation but totally stuck cold. Double pike, buckled knees, just lost a little steam, but that was great overall.

8:23 pm. Jones UB- Stalder full to Maloney to Pak, good. Toe half to piked Jaeger, nice, full-in with a step back.

Thomas BB- Switch to switch half to low straddle jump. Good bhs loso, clean side somi, quick full turn, side aerial, clean double full with a bounce in place. Not huge D but she did her job!

8:21 pm. Eaker FX- Hit her first pass, I missed what it was. Second is a front layout to front double full, bounce forward. Her extension and stretch on her Y turn is INSANE. Perfect split. Triple full, a tad under but a strong cover. Hit the double pike to finish. Good work.

8:19 pm. McCusker UB- Toe full (a tad late), Maloney to Tkachev, nice, LOVELY handstand before her Ricna to Pak to van Leeuwen, legs get a LITTLE crazy on the Pak and that was a miracle of a connection on the van Leeuwen but great fight. Dismount, half-in double tuck, legs are crazy in the first flip and she’s a little low but she lands it solidly. The stuff she did well was GORGEOUS so she won’t be hit as hard as others without that technique might, but definitely some mistakes in there.

Adams BB- Front aerial to split jump to sissone. Side somi. Double full dismount. Good work.

8:17 pm. Biles FX- Moors, little hop back, much better than the landing at the U.S. Classic!! Front full through to full-in, college stick on her toes. Tour jeté full is great. Biles to stag, just a tad too much power and she goes OOB, couldn’t see if it was one foot or two. Nice landing though aside from that bounce. Double double with a bounce back OOB (both feet). Well, she’s spectacular, what do I say?!

8:16 pm. Davis VT- DTY, a little loose, bounce on the landing.

8:15 pm. Hurd BB- Crushed the standing full. Side aerial. Bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump little wobble. Good back pike, I didn’t see if it came out of a leap but it probably did? Side split jump half, solid. Switch ring. Suuuuper high double pike with a bounce. Fantastic work. She took the punch front out which is probably smart for right now.

8:12 pm. Dunne FX- SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Double layout rotates a little slow and lands short but she gets it around! Hop forward. Double full. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front tuck through to double tuck, chest a little low but solid in her landing. Switch half down into low choreo. Double wolf turn. Solid double pike.

Gilstrap VT- Yurchenko 1.5, knees are a little bent throughout, step forward.

Johnston UB- Front toe on to piked Jaeger, yay! Short hanstand before her clear hip to Pak, a little bent, into a toe…full I think but she only gets it halfway and then has to rest on the bar. Hit the rest, solid dismount.

8:11 pm. Blakely VT- Very floaty and pretty FTY. Strong landing.

8:10 pm. Shchennikova VT- DTY, a little loose, just a couple of little steps back.

McCallum BB- Hit a really good acro + dance series, I saw the front aerial to split jump. Little hop on her double tuck.

Smith UB- Inbar to inbar full (legs come apart and she tucks them), inbar half, to straddle Jaeger, takes an extra swing before the Downie, she’s a little labored here. Ricna to Pak, just some leg sep on the pak. Full-in was good, solid landing. Too bad about the beginning, she got better as she went through.

8:09 pm. Carey FX- Moors and full-twisting double layout, NO PROBLEMS. Double double is also solid. Front tuck through to tucked full-in, great. Landings were all fab! Just a little weak in some of her form especially in her layouts.

Chiles VT- Second vault is a tsuk full, solid.

8:08 pm. Chiles VT- OH MY GODDDDD HER AMANAR WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD. That landing!!!!!!! It’s the best she’s done it, at least as a senior.

8:05 pm. Blanco VT- FTY, good enough.

Frazier BB- Front aerial to straddle jump to split jump, bhs loso is solid! Side split jump half, also good, clean side somi, she’s killing it so far. Side aerial, big break at the hips. Double pike with a step. Really really strong

Soza UB- Toe full to Tkachev, good, another relase after that before her clear hip half to Ezhova, great. Solid full-twisting double layout, she’s happy with that!

8:02 pm. Jordan Chiles is doing an Amanar so that’s exciting! It looked good in training too.

8:00 pm. Rotation one will begin with…

VT- Blanco, Chiles, Shchennikova, Blakely, Gilstrap, Davis

UB- Soza, Smith, Johnston, McCusker, Jones

BB- Frazier, McCallum, Hurd, Adams, Thomas

FX- Carey, Dunne, Biles, Eaker, Kenlin

7:58 pm. Athletes have marched out, the anthem is over…LET THE TOUCH WARMUP BEGIN!


82 thoughts on “2018 U.S. Championships Live Blog | The Seniors, Day 1

  1. So they bring Ragan injured to champs and then wonder she implodes? I can’t with these TD coaches.. Let her scratch and heal jesus christ. Such a waste of talent. She even limped off. Like she can’t even walk properly. It’s outrageous.

    Liked by 3 people

    • 100% agree. Why are her coaches doing this? Let her heal COMPLETELY and then focus on 2019 and 2020. As we’ve seen over and over again, peaking in the Olympic year is what matters if that’s her goal. She’s just making her body weaker by competing while clearly injured. Her coaches should be scratching her from this meet.


      • She makes me so nervous. The commenters said that it looked like she took off at the wrong spot but she ALWAYS leaves like 2 feet of the beam left on her punch and I always think she’s gonna die. Like, do they not practice trying to get closer to the end of the beam?!


        • Well at American Cup last year she took off too close to the end, missed her foot, and we thought she was gonna die so I’d kind of rather see her be able to rotate and not land on her neck again.


  2. this meet is a splat fest. simone has literally no competition at all. like she has 0.6 ND and still leads by 1.5 points after HALF WAY. ridiculous. without her NDs she would already lead by more than 2 points. r u kidding me everybody else?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Simone is an anomaly though. Not a reasonable measuring point. We’ve seen plenty of gorgeous gymnastics so far, from a variety of people.


    • It’s not a splatfest?? lol. Watch 2010 and 2014 if you wanna see a real splatfest. All of the top contenders are hitting and look fab. Simone’s D on vault and floor is like 150000 points higher than Morgan/Riley’s D on BB/FX and UB/BB, respectively. Slash her D in general is the highest in the world by a lot. I don’t know what you expect?

      Liked by 2 people

      • 2011 and 2015 us nationals were bad. When Simone falls on floor, you know it’s bad. Maggie Nichols was literally the only one at 2015 nationals who hit everything.


  3. So whats the tea on Ragans injury? I keep hearing people saying they opted to not get surgery back in the day, and this is why its still an issue? Whats the tea?


        • because TD is too desperate to finally have someone make a big team and not get injured/burn out. find the mistake..


        • I don’t know what’s up with Texas Dreams. Literally none of their gymnasts has survived past 2 years at the senior elite level. Their conditioning seems fine and they don’t take sudden 2 point d score jumps like MG Elite so I don’t know why they haven’t had at least 1 have some tangible success internationally.


        • TD perplexes me. Not only do their athletes fizzle out quickly as senior elites, but they don’t find much success in NCAA either. (McLaughlin, Toronjo, Ernst, Key…). Do they just unwittingly train to peak at 14 yo, squeezing all they can from these children, leaving nothing left, and too weak of basics, to translate into senior success? I really don’t get it.

          But I agree. Every year, KZB seems more desperate.


  4. I’m dead. Simone outscores the bars specialists by several tenths. Hahahaha Ashton, Alyona, Riley you’re certainly NOT going for bars anymore.


    • When you look at Biles, Hurd, and McCusker as the core 3 AA’s, the only weaknesses to be filled in, imo, are floor and vault, to replace McCusker. Put Jade Carey in as a floor/vault specialist, and the fifth spot isn’t needed to maximize TF totals. That spot is to be won by a sure-thing EF medal (Eaker on beam, I wish, though I don’t think she’s showing the SURE THING performances yet, with the breaks in some of her intended connections.


  5. I really don’t understand TD, why does Ragan have to compete now? I’m assuming they’re gong for 2020 and she is a very possible contender with all her experience but it’ll be even more likely if she’s not been falling apart before our very eyes for years prior. That story on her and KZB was meant as a motivational one but it just made me feel really, really sad for Ragan.


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  7. Looks like Simone is still getting “oh my god Simone’s back” scores on Beam and was given a bit of a gift on Bars relative to McCusker or Hurd. I mean it was good, but by worlds her Beam will get mid 14s-upper 14s tops. That’s not to take away from the fact that she did fantastic on both events regardless of overscoring. I think Hurd has cemented herself as the Kyla 2013/14 Raisman 2015/16 2nd American stalwart. McCusker seems safe. Other than those 3 I’m not sure who will/should make worlds team. Maybe Carey will be 4th, but 2nd best American on floor is really her only selling point if she doesnt show a decent Amanar, and with the likes of Murakami and Melnikova that’s not a definite medal for the US team either.


      • Back injury. They decided it was best to rest her to see if she could be full strength for world selection camp. If she could get to where she was at in Jesolo she has a shot at worlds but not being here will hurt her chances. Probably smart though.


  8. simone the bars worker… who would’ve thought…. #1 for bars for day 1. I could see her qualified to bars final at worlds if she hits. Her 6.2 bars is actually fairly competitive for even a bars specialist field.


  9. TBH right now I care about nothing except for the fact that Riley’s glass bones are intact and she is hitting her routines. MY FAIRY PRINCESS.


  10. Morgan “The Hater” Hurd needs to concentrate on the meet. She is probably too busy posting nasty things about Simone on her finsta 🤣


    • It wasn’t a cute look on either of them, let’s not pretend that Simone didn’t completely overreact and could have handled it much more maturely.


    • Uhhh what? She had a great meet…and Simone is equally ridiculous on social media lmao. They’ve apologized to each other and moved past it…maybe you should too, as someone who isn’t even involved.


      • Morgan made a mistake but it was hardly the worst one anyone has ever made. Still, it’s easy to pooh pooh it as just teenage drama, but if any of us returned to our workplace after a break and found out a bunch of coworkers were bitching about us, suddenly it wouldn’t feel so good, would it? Everyone is so mature, wise and above it all…until it personally happens to them.
        People need to stop equating Simone reaction to being hurt by someone’s action with the person’s action that started it. With all the young people killing themselves over bullying, please stop calling her ridiculous and dramatic for being honestly hurt over something that was honestly hurtful. People don’t want to hear Simone’s hurt feelings or Simone calling someone out simply because it’s Morgan and most people adore Morgan. If Simone had been venting about some random person bullying her that we don’t care about, she would have gotten nothing but support and praise for standing up for herself and speaking out. And considering the USAG culture and Nassar, can we stop telling the women what they can and can’t speak up about when someone hurts them? If they don’t speak out in the wisest way, let them figure that out, or kindly offer solutions, but don’t make them feel worse for reacting to hurtful things.
        Fans should realize, as they have, that Morgan’s comment was a normal part of being an imperfect human in the grand scheme of things. But fans should not be telling Simone how to feel about it because it all feels very different when you’re the actual target.


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