2018 U.S. Championships Live Blog | The Juniors, Day 1

Welcome to the live blog for the first junior session at the 2018 U.S. Championships, held in Boston, Massachusetts!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

3:20 pm. Day 1 Standings

1. Leanne Wong 56.400
2. Sunisa Lee 55.900
3. Kayla DiCello 55.250
4. Skye Blakely 54.800
5. Konnor McClain 54.500
6. Olivia Greaves 53.400
7. Tori Tatum 53.050
8. Alexis Jeffrey 52.500
9. Karis German 52.250
10. Kailin Chio 51.950
11. Aleah Finnegan 51.550
— Selena Harris 51.550
— Claire Dean 51.550
14. Zoe Gravier 51.500
15. Sydney Morris 51.450
16. Sophia Butler 51.250
17. Jordan Bowers 51.000
— Sydney Barros 51.000
19. Brenna Neault 50.800
20. Ciena Alipio 50.250
21. Levi Jung-Ruivivar 49.850
22. Lilly Lippeatt 49.300
23. Katelyn Rosen 48.850
24. JaFree Scott 13.200

3:19 pm. Morris BB: Put her hand down on her wolf turn again!!!! She did the same thing on floor. UGHHHHH. Hit the rest though, really solid flight series and double pike especially.

3:17 pm. Lee FX: Double layout is basically stuck. Tucked full-in is also good. Front double full. Double tuck to finish. Excellent job. True queen.

3:14 pm. Finnegan FX: Double arabian is lovely in the air but a little too back on her heels and she sits it. 2.5 to front layout, had to pull it under to get it but not bad.

Gravier UB: Piked Jaeger, stretches to reach the catch, good job. Pak to stalder to Ray, high clean and stuck full-in! Fantastic work.

Harris BB: I missed the beginning, good side somi, hit the dismount.

3:12 pm. Neault BB: Front aerial into a jump was nice. I missed most of this.

Greaves UB: I couldn’t type during the beginning but everything was great. Started typing at the van Leeuwen, arched over her toe full, looked a little wild, step on the dismount, which was a bit low.

3:11 pm. Jung-Ruivivar UB: Inbar to toe half to piked jaeger, toe full to Pak, some leg sep, stalder to van Leeuwen, came flying off and kind of flipped out of it, terrifying but she turned her head in a way that it wsn’t THAT terrifying when she hit the mat. Looks like she’s gonna cry but after getting checked out she’s okay and gets back on for the dismount. High full-in, stuck. Poor kid, it was going so well to that point.

Wong FX: Double arabian is lovely. Triple full is EASY. Good double pike. Beautiful 2.5. Fab.

3:06 pm. Blakely VT: DTY, very nice!

Dean UB: High piked Jaeger, toe full to Pak, I think I missed a skill near the beginning, kinda crazy on her van Leeuwen, double pike with a baby hop.

DiCello BB: Triple wolf turn but her leg is bent fully at the non-supporting knee. It’s straighter in the double wolf turn. Side aerial to lovely jump series. Switch ring, not bad, Bhs loso loso is a little short and she has to hold that landing but gets it, front aerial to ring jump, again not bad on the ring, side split jump half, double full with a hop.

Barros FX: Double arabian, low with a hop. Second pass landing looked a little crazy but I didn’t see what it was. Double tuck is pretty open, the most solid so far. Hit her last pass.

3:02 pm. Alipio VT: Huge FTY! One of the biggest Yurchenko fulls today.

McClain UB: Inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, Maloney to stalder half, hit the dismount, great work from her today!

Butler BB: MAH GIRL. I love her so much, plz hit. Wonder if we’ll get the layout full back? YES WE DID AND YES SHE HIT IT. SOPHIAAAAAA QUEEN.  Switch to switch half to back pike. Onodi to sheep jump. Hit leaps after that. Double pike STUCK OH GODDDDDDD AM I DEAD.

Lippeatt FX: Piked full-in, a little short with a step. 1.5 through to low double tuck. 2.5 to front tuck. Double pike with a bounce back.

Tatum VT: DTY, not bad, step back.

2:58 pm. German VT: Clean FTY, even flares it a little. Solid. Front aerial to jump series.

Bowers UB: I can’t believe she is in 17th right now. Toe full to Maloney to Pak, some leg sep, to van Leeuwen, good. Giant 1.5 pirouette, hit her feet on the low bar, UGH. Caught her Jaeger, stuck her full-in. What a bummer day for her. It’s okay, everyone has one.

Chio BB: Great bhs mount! Hit her flight series. Also hit the rest, I just wasn’t typing.

Jeffrey FX: Hop forward on the double arabian. Very high double pike. Hit her middle pass and then an easy double full to finish.

Rosen VT: FTY, not a ton of power but good.

2:54 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Sunisa Lee 43.100
2. Leanne Wong 42.550
3. Kayla DiCello 41.800
4. Skye Blakely 40.400
5. Konnor McClain 40.200
6. Aleah Finnegan 39.850
7. Alexis Jeffrey 39.700
8. Olivia Greaves 39.450

2:53 pm. Finnegan BB: Great triple flight series and then a side aerial loso, excellent. Front aerial, full spin, lovely double full. Solid kid.

2:48 pm. Harris UB: Good Ray! Bail, legs get a little wild, but great fight to regain control. Blind change to Khorkina! Double layout stuck. I love this kid so much. She should be EVERY NCAA COACH’S DREAM ATHLETE.

Wong BB: Full L turn to full pirouette is great. Random bhs is slow going nto the straddle full but DAMN if she gets that it’s such a fantastic combo. Front aerial to split jump, lovely triple full dismount, much better than classics!

Tatum FX: Smooth and easy tucked full-in. Hit her two middle passes, both twists, one in combo. Also hit her last pass.

2:45 pm. Alipio FX: Double pike with a little bounce. Clean 1.5 to front full. Hit the rest, solid routine.

Barros BB: Double wolf turn, solid. Switch leap to sissone. Stumble on bhs loso but she fights it and stays on. Front aerial. Stumbled back and sat her double pike. UGHHH that’s always the worst after so many solid saves and good work ON the beam.

Neault UB: Toe full (late), short handstand before her Maloney to Pak, arched on a handstand before her toe shoot back up, toe half to straddle Jaeger, finished the salto SO high and early! Clean double tuck with a little bounce in place.

2:44 pm. DiCello UB: I love that she’s basically in Germany’s highlighter national team leo. Toe full to Maloney to Pak, super clean van Leeuwen, take me to church, blind change to high piked Jaeger, stalder half, a little arched but good job correcting quickly, clean full-in, stuck with her feet apart. Queen.

2:41 pm. Rosen FX: Double layout! The second flip is pretty tucked but she gets it around. Hit her second pass. Double pike is a little low but she stands it up with no problem. Double tuck, step aback.

Lippeatt BB: Whippy layout series, not the cleanest but it’s solid. Side split jump half is also good. Punch front. Hop full pirouette. Standing back. Double pike with a step back. Good!

Greaves VT: Lovely FTY, looked pretty stuck.

2:38 pm. German FX: Nice double layout and big tucked full-in! Solid on both. 1.5 to front full. Just a tad wild on her last pass, bounced back a bit.

Dean VT: Beautiful landing on her FTY!!

Butler UB: Full to Maloney to clear hip half to toe half to piked Jaeger, great. Big Ray but a fall. Toe full to Pak, double layout a little piked in the first flip, step forward.

Jeffrey BB: Clean bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump to back tuck I think, wobble, switch side to straddle jump is excellent. Good dismount.

Jung-Ruivivar VT: Clean FTY, hop back.

2:37 pm. Chio UB: I wasn’t typing during most of this but looked like she got everything, and her double layout was excellent, lovely and stuck.

McClain VT: FTY, mostly clean, just slight knee bend when she first goes into her flight, step on the landing.

2:34 pm. Gravier VT: Clean FTY, little step to steady herself.

Morris UB: Toe on to blind change to piked Jaeger, Pak, hit the dismount. Good work!

Lee BB: Triple wolf turn, mostly great. Little bobble on the layout series. Switch leap to switch half to back tuck. Hit her next flight series but I missed the start, side aerial loso loso probably?, better finish than her first. Her ring leaps after were better than most in terms of the back leg. This kid! She’s crushing it. Double full with a little hop. Well, if she won beam at classics with a layout, she has this in the bag with what she did today.

Blakely FX: Nice tucked full-in to open, hit the rest.

Bowers VT: Clean DTY, but her chest is WAY down on the landing. 😦 Big step to the side.

2:29 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Sunisa Lee 29.050
2. Leanne Wong 28.950
3. Kayla DiCello 27.600
4. Skye Blakely 27.200
5. Alexis Jeffrey 27.050
6. Sydney Barros 26.650
7. Aleah Finnegan 26.600
— Konnor McClain 26.600

2:27 pm. Jung-Ruivivar FX: 2.5, little step. Now comes the CHOREOOOOOO!! My fave. Hit her pass after that but I only saw the landing. Double tuck, chest a little low. Lovely routine as always.

Wong UB: Inbar to Chow to Pak (the tiniest leg sep) to Chow half, lovely. Gorgeous. Toe full, stalder half to piked Jaeger, super high stuck double layout. NEW WINNER OF THE LOUD APPLAUSE CONTEST. And for good reason, that was insane.

2:25 pm. Alipio BB: Hit the beginning. Bhs bhs layout is excellent! Side aerial loso, you can see her core tighten up to hold that but it’s pretty nice, good for her getting both series. Side split jump half, and she dismounts with a 2.5, low with a step.

2:24 pm. Dean FX: WAY low on her 2.5, front tuck out of it. Still somehow stands it up! 1.5 to front full. A tad low on her double pike, step.

Barros UB: Maloney to Pak, good, crooked on her van Leeuwen. Solid piked Jaeger. Hop on the full-twisting double layout. This leo tho…god bless KZB.

2:23 pm. Rosen BB: Hit the beginning, a little wobbly. I started typing for the front aerial (wobble), good jump series, double pike dismount with a little step, legs looked a little tucked.

2:21 pm. McClain FX: Big double layout to start. Front double full to front full, little step on the landing. Oof, 2.5 to punch front gets a little short, but good cover, and she finishes with a solid double full I think.

Scott UB: Maloney to stalder to HUUUUUUUUUGE Tkachev DEAR LORD. Inbar to Pak, super clean, very clean van Leeuwen, her leg form is SO TIGHT. Stalder half to straddle Jaeger, little hop on the double layout, a little low. Good routine, she has a few jerky movements in her swings but that has the makings of a really strong routine.

2:20 pm. German BB: I missed the beginning but she got pretty much everything with no problems. Front aerial and side aerial are both good. Full turn. Another high double tuck!

2:17 pm. Bowers FX: Double layout, a little low, buckled. Hit her second pass, a tucked full-in I think. Good front double full, step forward. Double pike. Just that first pass was problematic.

Lippeatt UB: Big Tkachev, but she slips and falls. 😦 Inbar to Pak, a little messy on the latter, Weiler half, cool, but rests her body on the bar throughout it. Toe on to toe full, a little late, full-in with a step.

2:15 pm. DiCello VT: DTY, ankles a little loose but solid landing and good power.

Jeffrey UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, good, van Leeuwen, nice height on her straddle Jaeger. Hit the dismount.

Blakely BB: Good double wolf turn. Solid bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump to split jump half. Super high punch front tuck. I missed a couple of things after that, high double tuck to finish. I’m really liking the chest positions on most of these double saltos off beam today!

Neault VT: FTY, good. Very long lines in the air.

2:14 pm. Gravier FX: Double pike, good. Hit the pass after that and then a 2.5 I think. Front full at the end.

Butler VT: BEAUTIFUL and stuck FTY! Again lacking in power but that was very nice.

2:12 pm. Tatum BB: Side split jump half is good. Switch leap to split leap, side aerial to bhs, a little messy in the knees, punch front, I like her little run into it. Hit the dismount.

Chio VT: Clean FTY.

Lee UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, Nabieva to Pak to Maloney to Gienger, YAS. Pak was a little messy and her legs came apart in the air on her Nabs but she till got the whole series. Toe full to full-in dismount, looks RELIEVED.

2:10 pm. Harris VT: Yurchenko 1.5, very nice! Little step.

Finnegan UB: Toe full, Maloney, bail, toe shoot, toe half to straddle Jaeger, good, ugh, then hands down on her dismount.

Greaves FX: Tucked full-in to start, hit her second pass, switch ring to tour jeté half, good double pike. Switch half into the corner. Solid double tuck.

Morris VT: Goodness she is so teeny! FTY, not a ton of power but solid enough.

2:07 pm. In the second rotation, Selena Harris will start on vault, Aleah Finnegan on bars, Tori Tatum on beam, and Olivia Greaves on floor.

2:04 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Leanne Wong 14.600
— Aleah Finnegan 14.600
3. Sunisa Lee 14.250
4. Konnor McClain 14.000
5. Skye Blakely 13.950
6. Sydney Barros 13.550
7. Alexis Jeffrey 13.250
— Tori Tatum 13.250

2:01 pm. DiCello FX: Double layout is good…then a lovely 2.5, basically stuck. Wobbles through the last rotation of her triple wolf turn. Hit her third pass, I missed the beginning but it was a combo pass like front full through to something or other, also hit a double back last pass.

1:59 pm. Rosen UB: Toe on, blind change to Jaeger, good, she missed that in the touch, hit the dismount. Hit routine!

Dean BB: Bhs loso loso, no problem. Front aerial. Straddle jump to split jump to back tuck, side aerial to switch leap to switch half, YES! Side straddle half is a little low. Whips around her 2.5. Good work.

Butler FX: Double pike with a step. BEAUTIFUL 2.5 to front tuck!!!! Hit her third pass. Omg her choreo section at the end for her final pose gets an OOOOOH from the crowd, and she got the biggest applause of anyone so far! LOVE.

1:53 pm. German UB: I love the WCC leo SO MUCH. Super long wait for her. Judges probably trying to figure out WTF Blakely was doing with her pirouettes and what to actually credit her with. Looks like they’re watching video. Finally gets to go, stalder full, van Leeuwen, stalder half to front giant to piked Jaeger, bail, some ankle sep, double layout with a hop.

Chio FX: Double pike is very nice. Bounce on her second pass, I think it was a double full. Tour jeté half. 2.5 to lovely front pike to stag. Switch ring to switch half. Hit her last pass. Great job.

McClain BB: Bhs bhs layout, SUPER floaty, leg comes up but she holds it. Standing full YAS. Good jumps. Side aerial, split leap, big pause before the switch half. Back tuck. Hit the double pike. Great work.

1:52 pm. Bowers BB: Bhs loso loso, off-center and she falls. 😦 Punch front tuck. Split jump to straddle jump. Switch ring, back leg isn’t quite there, double pike with a step.

1:49 pm. Gravier BB: Hit her first acro skill, something going forward, I only saw the landing, then a back tuck, good jump series, double full with a hop. I think I missed a bunch of this.

Blakely UB: Toe full to Tkachev, Pak, Maloney, no skill out of the Maloney, stalder full to full-in, little step. She looked a little lost in some of her pirouettes on the high bar, but she figured it out with no major issues.

Morris FX: Tucked full-in to open and then hit her second pass, double tuck is a bit low, chest to her knees. Fell back on her wolf turn, will that count as a fall? She def put her hand back to steady it. Double pike with a hop.

1:46 pm. Greaves BB: Super slow and controlled double wolf turn. Hit her leap series easily. Good bhs loso. Super solid punch front. Side aerial, little check. Beautiful and high double tuck!! Excellent.

Jeffrey VT: FTY, small hop back, not bad in the air.

Harris FX: Memmel to illusion, fave. Tucked full-in, little bounce. Hit her second pass. Super high double pike, great set on that! High double tuck to finish.

Lippeatt VT: FTY, a little short and not super clean.

Tatum UB: Toe full a little late to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, hit the dismount with no problems.

Barros VT: DTY, messy in the second twist and low, squeaks the landing around but stumbles it back.

1:42 pm. Wong VT: DTY is graet, a little hop.

Alipio UB: Maloney to Pak is good, just slight leg sep. Inbar, muscles through toe half and hits her feet on the low bar while fighting through it. Tries toe toe half again into a piked Jaeger, fall. Double tuck.

Jung-Ruivivar BB: Candle mount, Front aerial to split jump to Korbut, lovely. Side aerial, switch leap, pause before a beautiful switch half, little bobble, side split jump half, lands with her back a little too far back and she falls. 😦 Lovely bhs loso and a gorgeous solid double pike with a high landing to finish.

Neault FX: Hit her first pass, a double back. Then a double tuck with a hop. Also hit the third pass that I saw.

Finnegan VT: GORGEOUS DTY!!!! That was excellent from my POV.

Lee VT: DTY, leg form is a little loose in the air, and her feet are apart on the landing, hop back.

1:39 pm. Leanne Wong will start on vault, Ciena Alipio will start on bars, Levi Jung-Ruivivar will start on beam, and Brenna Neault will start on floor. Only a couple more minutes until we begin!

1:37 pm. Time for the touch warmup! I didn’t see anything dramatic in the pre-meet warmup. Actually the most dramatic thing was when I started eating the cheeseburger sliders they gave us and Armine looked at me with the fire of a thousand suns.

1:32 pm. The athletes are marching out! We’ll be back shortly with live updates of every routine we see today.


35 thoughts on “2018 U.S. Championships Live Blog | The Juniors, Day 1

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    • Your way of formulating your though ” that finnegan girl ” sounds a bit rude to me. Maybe if you choose a better way to ask your question you’ll get more answers.


      • Did those pearls turn into dust from all that clutching? lol not familiar with her, just discovered her and that she is sisters with the other Finnegan girl. 🙂


  3. I’m so proud of Blakely and McClain! Babies getting stronger – but also they were both so CLEAN (from what I saw). I didn’t get to see Blakely’s floor though – how did it score so high?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Could you catch what was going on between LJR and her coach after her bars fall? It looked like her coach was being a Good Coach to me from the split screen, but I wondered what your perspective from being there was.


  5. Really upset for Bowers, while she’s had iffy routines every so often this is her first meet of the year where she really imploded. Hope Finnegan can hit all four cleanly day 2, she would be a great addition to the National team. Really happy for Wong and Lee! I feel like they balance each other perfectly at the moment, Wong with the pristine execution and Lee with the insane difficulty. Hope Forster decides to send one of them or Bowers to the YOG because the all-around duel between Villa and one of the top US juniors would be epic.

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  6. AHhhhh I watched this live and it was so cool, I think I saw you over behind bars in the black section (not sure what to call it), Sophia Butler’s beam was honestly one of my favorite moments cause when she hit that full I almost screamed so loudly.


  7. Ugh I need Bowers to make national team. I hope they don’t base it on just the all around standings because she had an iffy day 1 but is one of the top juniors.


    • I’m sure she’ll be added in the spring when they start gearing up for Jesolo if she doesn’t reach top six after Day 2. The juniors don’t have anything coming up for the rest of the year, so I think they’ll just stick with those six for now and add new athletes when they need them.


    • National Team is automatic for Top 6 AA Juniors and Top 6 AA Seniors, with 8 additional funded slots possible.

      Jordan could possibly pull up to Top 6 overall AA after Day 2, but even if she doesn’t, there’s still a chance that they could give her a spot based on her success this season, or that she could get added at a later camp.


    • Yeah I think they would add her in spring. I don’t see them use any of the 8 additional spots at the moment for the juniors at all. USAG isn’t in a great place financially and the juniors have nothing coming up so they won’t give funding spots just because. I think they will take maybe 2 or so for some specialist seniors like Carey.


      • Carey can still make top 6 aa and not need a specialist spot. I’d be pretty impressed if she pulls it off. Her Kas 1/1 would make the difference, I bet.


  8. Sophia’s ray is so huge I can’t even. I haven’t seen much of her- discovered her first at classics and goodness that ray is glory. Sad about the fall but still glory.


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