2018 Youth Olympic Games Live Blog | All-Around Final

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around final at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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6:59 pm. Final Standings

1. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 54.066
2. Amelie Morgan, Great Britain, 53.432
3. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 52.332
4. Tang Xijing, China, 52.264
5. Ksenia Klimenko, Russia, 51.199
6. Emma Slevin, Ireland, 50.499
7. Tonya Paulsson, Sweden, 49.399
8. Kate Sayer, Australia, 49.299
9. Ada Hautala, Finland, 49.148
10. Emma Spence, Canada, 49.132
11. Alba Petisco, Spain, 49.132
12. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, 48.948
13. Lee Yun-seo, South Korea, 48.899
14. Csenge Bacskay, Hungary, 48.766
15. Ana Maria Puiu, Romania, 48.366
16. Egle Stalinkeviciute, Lithuania, 48.099
17. Camila Montoya, Costa Rica, 46.298
18. Zeina Ibrahim, Egypt, 42.983

6:57 pm. A 12.1 for Bachynska with the fall and she gets bronze by HALF A TENTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS *SOBBING* IN RELIEF. BUT NOW TANG IS VERY SAD AND SO AM I BECAUSE THIS IS SO RIO 2016. CHINA WHY.

6:55 pm. In the replay you can see she’s REALLY wanting that stick and just doesn’t plant the landing well at all. Too far back on her heels. Bummer to the max.

6:54 pm. Bacskay gets a 13.5 on vault! 48.766 AA.

Bachynska looks very very bummed. To say the least.

6:53 pm. Villa gets a 13.2 on floor and finishes with a 54.066 overall, currently putting her in first. Bachynska needs a 13.834 to challenge for gold and a 12.1 I think to challenge for the podium. Gold isn’t really possible but a medal still is.

Bachynska FX: JUST KIDDING, IT’S NOT. Sits her opening double arabian. CRUSH. MY. FRIGGGGGGIIIIIINGGGG. SOUL. Tucked full-in is low. Double back third pass stumbles a bit but she holds it up. Double tuck with a step. #RIP #ME

6:52 pm. Bacskay VT: FTY, solid landing! Pretty tight in her form too.

6:51 pm. Hautala gets a 12.916 on vault and a 49.148 AA!

6:50 pm. Villa FX: Tucked full-in to start, second flip is SO open! 2.5 with a step out into her shimmy choreo. Switch to switch half. Fantastic rotation on her triple full. THAT will get credited. Front attitude double turn to a full pirouette. Double tuck with a little bounce back. Popa. Kisses at the end, and THAT SHOULD DO IT, QUEEN!

6:49 pm. Tang gets a 13.066 on floor and finishes with a 52.264, about a point behind Amelie for second at the moment.

6:48 pm. Hautala VT: Handspring front tuck, excellent and clean and solid! Tiny bounce in place.

6:47 pm. Oh YAS, 12.833 for Paulsson’s vault gets her to a 49.399 AA!!! Top ten potential!

6:44 pm. A 13.066 on floor brings Morgan to a 53.432 for her total!! Amazing.

Tang FX: Clean double pike with a hop back. 2.5 to punch front tuck is lovely. Double tuck with a little bounce. Looks like they tossed the triple, huh? Safe. Good work on her leap series. Finishes with a clean and stuck double full. Big switch half at the very end. Fantastic job. E score through the roof.

6:43 pm. Puiu put up the wrong vault number I’m pretty sure so I’m wondering if that’s delaying her judging? Either way she gets a 13.133, finishes with a 48.366 AA.

Paulsson VT: Yurchenko layout with a bounce back. Great day for her!

6:41 pm. Morgan FX: Double wolf turn at the start. Tucked full-in with a bounce. 1.5 through to clean double full, bounce in place. Switch ring to switch half. Front double full is solid! Fab job, fab day for her.

6:40 pm. Puiu VT: FTY, a little janky in the air, and a lunge back.

6:37 pm. Warmups now for the second half of the final rotation! Right now it’s Ksenia Klimenko in the lead with a 51.199 followed by Emma Slevin with a 50.499 and then Kate Sayer with a 49.299. Ireland finishing likely in sixth place here is UN. FREAKING. BELIEVABLE.

6:35 pm. Klimenko gets a 13.033 on floor and a 51.199 in the all-around, currently moves her into first but Villa, Morgan, Bachynska, and Tang should all have a fairly easy job of passing her if they hit.

6:33 pm. Spence gets an 11.666 on floor and finishes with a 49.132 AA.

Klimenko FX: 2.5 to punch front, stuck it cold! Double tuck is a bit low in the air but she gets it around easily. Switch full into the corner before her third pass, a 1.5 to front full. Switch ‘ring’ but the back leg is completely straight. Omg I love the choreo out of her leap after that, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it before?! It’s super cool. Finish strong!!!! Double full, little bounce. Good job finishing strong and with a smile.

6:32 pm. Lee VT: Yurchenko layout with a hop back, pikes it a bit and doesn’t get a ton of height but she’s happy.

6:29 pm. Spence FX: Let’s gooooooo! 1.5 through to double tuck, little stumble back. Front tuck through to 2.5, better landing. Switch to tour jeté half. Good switch ring. Double pike is VERY low, ugh, and she stumbles forward and kind somersaults out of it. 😦 Such a bummer but she just lost steam there at the end. 😦

12.133 for Slevin on floor, and she goes 50.499 AA.

Montoya gets a 12.733 on vault and a 46.298 AA.

6:28 pm. Montoya VT: Yurchenko layout with a tiny bounce back. Solid.

6:26 pm. 12.366 for Zimmermann’s floor, she finishes with a 48.948.

Slevin FX: Double tuck with a big bounce back. Split jump full to straight jump full, looked really cool! Dramatic music and some cool choreo to match. Good leap pass. 1.5 to front layout with a little hop forward. Double full to end is solid, then a switch half before her last pose. Fantastic work, fantastic meet.

Petisco gets a 13.333 for her vault, and a 49.132 AA.

6:25 pm. Petisco VT: FTY, pretty good! Hop back.

6:23 pm. 12.4 for Sayer’s floor, and she has a 49.299 for the day!

Zimmermann FX: Stag ring jump right at the start before her opening double pike, low with a hop back. Switch half to split jump. Double full is clean and stuck! Switch to L hop full. 1.5 to punch front tuck. Some great choreo moments at the end. Double turn and then falls into her pose, LOVE the ending.

12.7 for Ibrahim’s vault.

6:22 pm. Ibrahim VT: Yurchenko layout with a hop back, and a smile on her face. Awwwww yay. I’m happy she got this at the end of a rough day.

6:20 pm. Sayer FX: Memmel turn to double pirouette, then a tour jeté half into the corner to start. 2.5 with a little stumble to the side. Double tuck is a tad low with a couple of steps. Switch to switch ring, then a front layout full. Double pike, a little buckled with a hop. Double wolf turn. Good work.

Egle goes 12.933 on vault, and finishes with a 48.099 all-around which is FANTASTIC for a Lithuanian junior!!

6:19 pm. Stalinkeviciute VT: Tsuk layout, a little low off the table, just a bounce in place. Great job for her today, really just the fall on her punch front on beam that was an issue!!

6:12 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 40.866
2. Amelie Morgan, Great Britain, 40.366
3. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 40.232
4. Tang Xijing, China, 39.198
5. Emma Slevin, Ireland, 38.366
6. Ksenia Klimenko, Russia, 38.166
7. Emma Spence, Canada, 37.466
8. Kate Sayer, Australia, 36.899
9. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, 36.582
10. Lee Yun-seo, South Korea, 36.566
11. Tonya Paulsson, Sweden, 36.566
12. Ada Hautala, Finland, 36.232
13. Alba Petisco, Spain, 35.799
14. Csenge Bacskay, Hungary, 35.266
15. Ana Maria Puiu, Romania, 35.233
16. Egle Stalinkeviciute, Lithuania, 35.166
17. Camila Montoya, Costa Rica, 33.565
18. Zeina Ibrahim, Egypt, 30.283

6:11 pm. Villa BB: Please let us have nice things. This meet is yours to lose. Good loso mount, and strong bhs loso as well. Little check on her double spin. Split leap to side aerial, kind of a precarious landing but it doesn’t phase her. Full L turn. Hop full, wobbled on a leap into her jump series. BREATHEEEE. Double pike a little low with a lunge but she made it through!

12.033 for Hautala’s floor.

6:10 pm. Just an 11.766 for Tang on beam. Really a shame considering what she’s capable of there.

6:08 pm. Paulsson gets a 12.233 on floor.

Hautala FX: My faaaave, this is gonna be GOOD! Sassy opening. Popa right into choreo. Double pike is stuck. Shimmy action and the audience is clapping along. Good leaps. Double full with a step back. Omg her choreo is literally the most fun EVER, I love her. Front tuck into like, some choreo that turned into a leap, I’ll have to watch that again, I wasn’t really expecting that lol. Layout full with a hop to finish. She’s a queen.

6:05 pm. Great 13.2 for Morgan’s beam!! Highest score so far and puts her in the lead!

Tang BB: Beautiful loso mount but she stumbles it back and falls. WHY GOD WHY. Perfect layout but lands it on the side of one foot and falls again. Of course. Switch leap to split ring jump to Korbut is lovely. Switch ring. Something to a back handspring, I couldn’t see the first part. Full turn. Front aerial, wobble, leg up, into jumps. Bounce back on the double full dismount. Well SOMEONE is pissed.

6:03 pm. Puiu gets an 11.7 on floor.

Paulsson FX: Clean double spin to start. Double pike with a bounce back. Switch through to switch full. Solid double tuck with a little bounce. Layout full for her third pass. Switch half. Finishes with a front layout to stag jump. Some GREAT choreo moments in here! Fab job.

6:01 pm. 11.966 for Klimenko and she looks VERY sad. 😦

Morgan BB: Bhs mount, good. Bhs bhs loso is pretty solid. Switch to switch half, maybe at 90 degrees on the latter, to Korbut. Good connection but that second leap was an OOF. Front aerial to split jump to sissone is great. Wobble on the side aerial. Side split jump half, pretty good extension, double full with a hop back. Great work.

5:59 pm. Puiu FX: Tucked full-in, chest down and a step back. Double pike is very nice in the air, also a step there. Didn’t see the first leap into a switch full. Comes out of her (messy) 2.5 a little low but has no problems connecting to the front tuck. Switch ring, weird back leg. Double tuck is low but solid.

5:58 pm. AWWW a little handshake from Giorgia to Ksenia in Ksenia’s moment of sadness.

12.6 for Lee’s floor! Good work.

5:56 pm. Klimenko BB: Get some redemption babyyyy. Wolf turn to start is simple and nice. Switch to split leap, side aerial loso, misses her back foot and falls. KILL MEEEEEEEE. Side somi, front aerial to what looked like a Yang Bo from this angle but I think it was supposed to be a split ring jump. Front handspring to front tuck is a little low but she gets it. Ring leap. Basically stuck the dismount, a double full.

5:53 pm. Lee FX: Memmel turn is so nice. Clean double pike with barely any movement on the landing. Triple full! So tidy. Switch leap to switch half. Controlled double wolf turn. 1.5 to front full, a little low, but gets it. Double full, knees a tiny bit buckled but solid. VERY nice job here.

5:50 pm. Just a 10.9 for Spence’s beam. 😦 Too bad, but at least she really fought to keep from falling!

5:47 pm. Spence BB: Candle mount. UGH, grabs the beam in the middle of what I think was a double wolf turn. 😦 Split jump full with a wobble. Nerves begone!!! Cat leap to switch side. Little check on the front aerial. Bhs layout with a bit of a wobble but a fight. Side somi, her presence in her choreo is so fabulously elegant. Double full with a step.

11.666 for Montoya on floor.

5:45 pm. Montoya FX: Double pike is good in the air, just a step back. Ring leap into the corner. 2.5 with a little step. Double spin. Her leaps are fab. Remember Ivanka Victory? I miss her. Costa Rica loves leaping. Hit her last pass, a 1.5 I think, I was typing about Ivanka.

12.233 for Slevin’s beam!

5:43 pm. Just a 10.633 for Zimmermann, who shrugs and looks pissed and sad.

Slevin BB: Solid full turn, bhs loso is also great, switch leap to split jump, a little shy on the latter, side aerial, side tuck jump half, nice! Side split jump half is also great. Back tuck 1.5 dismount, which is kinda cool. Another hit set from the Irish Queen!

11.966 for Petisco on floor.

5:41 pm. Ibrahim gets a 10.933 on floor. Poor kid. Just not her day. 😦

Petisco FX: Double arabian with a step back. Popa is a little short. Double pike, not a ton of height but no problem getting it around. Chest down a bit on the landing. Switch to tour jeté half. Double tuck, also VERY low, her set on double backs is super weird! She must have to flip so fast. Double full with a little scoot back.

5:39 pm. Zimmermann BB: Back handspring mount is nice. Bhs loso is solid. Switch to split leap, side aerial, a little short and not really rotated completely. Double spin, a bit wild and she falls. 😦 OOF, side somi landed on like, one toe, fall again. Side split jump half, double full with a hop and some form issues.

5:37 pm. Ibrahim FX: Hit her opening pass, I missed the entry but it looked like a 2.5. Great work on her leaps. Low set on her double pike and she puts her hands down. Front layout with a bounce.

Sayer gets an 11.133 on beam, Stalinkeviciute gets a 12.2 on floor.

5:35 pm. Sayer BB: Solid steady bhs loso. Off on her side somi. 😦 Side aerial. Switch leap to split leap. Wobble on the full Y turn. Double full stuck with some leg stuff. Shame about the fall.

Just a 12.933 for Bachynska on beam and this was where she could’ve really fought to get ahead of Villa. She looks hella bummed.

5:33 pm. Stalinkeviciute FX: Big tucked full-in, kinda wild on the landing. Double tuck with a big bounce back. Solid split jump full. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Her choreo is kind of confused. Front layout with a little bounce. Switch half. 1.5 to finish, step forward.

5:31 pm. Bachynska BB: Front handspring to front tuck, great, just a little bounce forward, switch to switch half, front aerial, jumps into a back handspring, all solid so far. Split leap to side aerial, chest down with a bobble, ring leap, double tuck with a step. Mostly good but a few places in there judges will get nit-picky with.

12.033 for Bacskay on floor.

5:29 pm. Bacskay FX: Tucked full-in with a hop to open, not bad. 2.5 to front tuck is excellent! Swtich ring to switch side, her ring is actually pretty good! Double tuck is kinda low, little stumble with her chest down. Double full with a little bounce in place. Great work.

5:27 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 28.566
2. Tang Xijing, China, 27.432
3. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 27.299
4. Amelie Morgan, Great Britain, 27.166
5. Emma Spence, Canada, 26.566
6. Ksenia Klimenko, Russia, 26.200
7. Emma Slevin, Ireland, 26.133
8. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, 25.949
9. Kate Sayer, Australia, 25.766
10. Tonya Paulsson, Sweden, 24.333
11. Ada Hautala, Finland, 24.199
12. Lee Yun-seo, South Korea, 23.966
13. Alba Petisco, Spain, 23.833
14. Ana Maria Puiu, Romania, 23.533
15. Csenge Bacskay, Hungary, 23.233
16. Egle Stalinkeviciute, Lithuania, 22.966
17. Camila Montoya, Costa Rica, 21.899
18. Zeina Ibrahim, Egypt, 19.350

5:25 pm. NICE, 13.966 for Tang puts her into second!

5:22 pm. Morgan’s bars get a 13.366. Paulsson’s beam goes 11.833.

Tang UB: Maloney to big Pak, lovely, good handstand before the van Leeuwen, blind change to her one-armed giants, Ling to Healy I think?, arches through one of the pirouettes before the piked Jaeger, which was a bit of a mess but it didn’t break her swing, stuck her double layout with some form issues.

5:21 pm. 11.6 for Puiu on beam, which yep, lower than her bars. Lawd.

Paulsson BB: Bhs layout, good. Split leap to split jump. Full turn. Side aerial. Back tuck. So far so good! No glaring major errors. Switch leap, bobble, hit the dismount, layout full I think, I turned away for a sec.

5:19 pm. Morgan UB: Maloney to Bhardwaj, good! Van Leeuwen, stalder is very nice, to blind full, blind change to piked Jaeger, double tuck rotates a little slow but zero problems on the landing. She has a few like, weird things going on in her swing, but overall solid.

Lee’s beam goes 10.833.

5:16 pm. Puiu BB: Wobbly 2.5 wolf turn, side aerial to back handspring, really aggressive on that series!! Side somi, slight check, front aerial, wobble, leg up. Really creative tick-tocky kinda choreo. Good LORD her 1.5 wolf turn LOL. Leap series, not too bad, double full with some messy legs…I’m pretty sure her bars were 900% better than her beam.

13.2 for Klimenko’s bars, good considering the fall.

5:14 pm. Klimenko UB: Great handstand before the stalder full to van Leeuwen, awkward shoulder angle and the catch is a fight but she gets it. Toe half to piked Jaeger to Pak, Maloney to Gienger, peels off, same as quals. 😦 😦 😦 😦 Blind change to double front half-out, a little messy and low with a step. She’s bummed. Looks like she’s about to punch someone in the mouth.

5:11 pm. Lee BB: PLEASE hit this. Split leap to side aerial to tuck jump half, a little late on that last connection. Bhs loso, ugh, a little too much oomph and she bounces right off. Really elegant arm choreo. Front aerial is lovely into a split jump to stag ring jump, LOVE! Side somi, check, side split jump half, full L turn to switch leap to wolf jump, she has lots of fab connections! Switch half is a little shy. Dismounts with a double full, practically stuck with her chest a bit down. Aside from the fall, really lovely work.

10.566 for Montoya’s beam. 12.666 for Spence’s bars.

5:10 pm. Spence UB: Toe full, the tiniest bit late, Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, YAS! Double pike, pulls her chest up super fast and takes a step. Good girl.

5:08 pm. Montoya BB: Bhs loso loso, YAS!!!! Wobble at the end but she stayed on. Some leg form issues. Front aerial, little check, full L turn, side aerial, switch leap, split jump to sissone, little wobble, side split jump half, UGH, heels just don’t make it and she falls. NOOOOOOO. She was so close. 1.5 with a tiny step to finish.

5:04 pm. 11.633 for Petisco’s beam.

Warmups now for the second half of the rotation!

5:00 pm. Petisco BB: Solid loso mount! Full turn. Punch front tuck, little wobble but holds it. Straddle jump. Split leap to wolf jump. Bhs bhs loso with a slight check at the end. Switch leap to switch half, the first leap was fab! Side aerial, hip check, and she dismounts with a double full, chest down and a step, her coach is thriiiilled!

10.1 for Ibrahim on beam, 12.7 for Slevin on bars.

4:59 pm. Slevin UB: Toe-on to Maloney to bail to stalder (her stalders are GORGEOUS!) to clear hip to toe shoot, blind change (ankle sep) to straddle Jaeger, blind full right on the bar, layout double full dismount, love!

4:57 pm. Ibrahim BB: Split leap to wolf jump, little pause between, bhs loso, legs are a bit wild and she lands the loso on one foot before falling. Side aerial with good extension. Front aerial, split jump full, going for the big D! Get it. Side somi, bobble, double full with a big lunge back.

12.466 for Zimmerman’s bars, 12.333 for Sayer’s bars, 11.233 for Stalinkeviciute’s beam.

4:55 pm. Zimmermann UB: Maloney to bail to toe shoot, clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, blind full, toe front half with a little hop. Wow, we really haven’t seen any falls on bars yet aside from one on the dismount, right?! Everyone looks so great!

4:53 pm. Stalinkeviciute BB: Double wolf turn, really nice control on it! Goes for a big punch front tuck but is a little over on one foot and has to fall to the side. 😦 Really slow and beautifully extended back handspring in her bhs loso series! Solid. Swotch leap to split leap to back handspring, she is SO GOOD here, I’m so sad about the fall. Front aerial is PERFECT OMG. Side aerial, hip angle is a little off but she’s still solid on the landing. 1.5 with a step. SHE’S GOING TO BE SUCH A GREAT BEAM WORKER SOMEDAY!!!!!!!

4:52 pm. Sayer UB: Weiler half, nice, Maloney to stalder to Ricna, great! Pak, some leg sep, stalder half to toe shoot, toe full almost right on the bar, to a solid double pike. Some great work!

11.1 for Bacskay’s beam.

4:51 pm. 13.433 for Bachynska’s bars puts her a little over a point behind Villa at the moment.

4:49 pm. Bachynska UB: Stalder to Maloney to Pak, nice. Clean van Leeuwen, just needs the shoulder angle to be a bit more accurate but that’s very picky lol. Toe full to low-ish Tkachev, but so far so good! Blind change to good piked Jaeger, high and beautiful double tuck with a hop.

4:47 pm. Bacskay BB: Good loso mount but she almost second guesses the landing, little bobble. Bhs loso, back leg is a little soft but nice and solid. Switch leap to split jump, side split jump half, nice split but lands it kinda on one foot and has a big wobble and has to grab the beam. Now here come the nerves…wobbles on a side aerial and a check on her full spin. Side somi looks a little far back but she gets it. Double full with a bounce forward. Good fight!

12.233 for Hautala’s beam, 14.0 for Villa’s bars.

4:45 pm. Villa UB: Ricna to Pak, very clean, Maloney to stalder half to Ezhova to Chow to bail to toe shoot, excellent. Toe half to front full pirouette to front half, full-in flared and stuck. GIRL. A few moments where she had the tiniest of breaks (mostly in her pirouettes) but I mean, this was pretty freaking excellent.

4:44 pm. Hautala BB: OOH her little spin thing on her chest on her mount! YAS. Full turn is solid, bhs loso is perfectly extended and also very solid! Side somi, side split jump, side split jump half, a little short on the jumps BUT HER CHOREO IS EVERYTHING OH MY GOD. Side straight jump full. Switch leap to split leap, 1.5 dismount with a hop forward. LOVE HER.

4:43 pm. Pretty much everyone who vaulted is in the top nine and everyone who did bars is in the bottom nine…but Lee Yun-seo made the top half with a bars set and Ksenia Klimenko made the bottom half with that vault.

4:39 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 14.566
2. Emma Spence, Canada, 13.900
3. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 13.866
4. Amelie Morgan, Great Britain, 13.800
5. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, 13.483
6. Tang Xijing, China, 13.466
7. Kate Sayer, Australia, 13.433
— Emma Slevin, Ireland, 13.433
9. Lee Yun-seo, South Korea, 13.133
10. Ksenia Klimenko, Russia, 13.000
11. Tonya Paulsson, Sweden, 12.500
12. Alba Petisco, Spain, 12.200
13. Csenge Bacskay, Hungary, 12.133
14. Ada Hautala, Finland, 11.966
15. Ana Maria Puiu, Romania, 11.933
16. Egle Stalinkeviciute, Lithuania, 11.733
17. Camila Montoya, Costa Rica, 11.333
18. Zeina Ibrahim, Egypt, 9.250


4:37 pm. Puiu UB: Here we go, Romania. Stalder to stalder full, a little crooked but finishes it early enough, Gienger with leg separation, very nice Pak, toe on to toe shoot, short handstand before the toe half to front giant half, double pike buckled but not bad. PHEW! She has a lot of good qualities here! Not all hope is lost!

4:36 pm. Lee gets a 13.133! Not bad!

4:35 pm. Dayum, 13.8 for Morgan’s FTY! One of the higher international FTY scores.

4:32 pm. 11.333 for Montoya on bars.

Lee UB: Komova II to Pak, super clean, to stalder to van Leeuwen, YAS. Inbar to inbar half, stalder full right on the bar into a full-in with a bounce. Lovely work! Just minor issues to fix.

13.0 for Klimenko’s vault.

Morgan VT: FTY, I thought she might give the DTY a whirl but this is a safer bet for her. Little hop back on the landing, gorgeous in the air, flared, very nice.

4:31 pm. Klimenko VT: OOF, she BARELY blocks, idk how this is even remotely possible that her block is this rough but alas. Shoulder angle is way off and arms are bent in half…but she gets the Yurchenko full around with major pike/knee issues and a stumble.

4:30 pm. Montoya UB: Clear hip to blind change (leg sep) to piked Jaeger, good. Bail is short and a bit messy, toe on to toe shoot, a little muscly, blind full to layout dismount with a bounce. Good enough for her!

13.9 for Spence on vault.

4:29 pm. Spence VT: Yurchenko 1.5, slightly soft in the knees but overall INCREDIBLE with the landing!!!! She didn’t even have to think twice about it. Solid as hell.

12.2 for Petisco’s bars.

4:28 pm. Petisco UB: Ray to high, blind change to piked Jaeger, she looks like she has the makings of a solid bar worker like pretty much every Spanish senior right now. Bail to toe shoot, a little close on the catch, blind full is a tad late, clean double pike with a step.

13.433 for Slevin’s vault. Ibrahim’s bars score came in on the break and she got a 9.25.

4:27 pm. Slevin VT: The NEWEST QUEEN of gymnastics, ladies and gentlemen. Excellent FTY! Just a tiny step to the side.

4:26 pm. Warmups right now for the next group. A crash from Ksenia Klimenko on vault but she’s like “tbh this is who I am.”

4:22 pm. Emma Spence cracking up as she walks to the lineup is my favorite thing, I’m GUESSING Mr. Denis Vachon is down there being hilarious. 😉

4:21 pm. Little rotation break, next group of athletes now warming up.

4:20 pm. Stalinkeviciute got an 11.733 on bars, Sayer went 13.433 on vault, Bacskay 12.133 on bars…I think that’s everyone I msised before.

4:19 pm. Ibrahim UB: Tkachev, bail, clear hip to clear hip full, WAY late, finishes in horizontal, toe shoot back up catches in a dead hang and she has to start her swing again. Clear hip half to front giant half, blind full, double pike is way low and she crashes it. 😦 Bummer.

13.483 for Zimmerman’s vault.

4:15 pm. Stalinkeviciute UB: I love this kid but this is her weakest event. Hopefully she hits! Bail, some leg sep, stalder full, a little late, toe on is nice, to a Ray back up to high, angle is weird but no problems catching. Front giant half, blind full almost on the bar, then I believe either a toe or stalder front tuck dismount. HIT!

Zimmermann VT: Yurchenko full-on back pike!! Or like, half-on, quick half-off, like the Khorkina. Lunge back. some leg form issues in her flight but love this vault.

4:14 pm. 13.866 for Bachynska’s vault.

Sayer VT: FTY, tiniest bit shy on the landing and hops forward, but otherwise it’s pretty nice! Good hip extension in her block.

4:13 pm. Bacskay UB: Piked Jaeger, blind full to Pak, muscles through a handstand after that and has to take another swing but she gets control back. Toe shoot, clear hip to toe-on, double layout with loose legs and a hop. Good fight.

4:12 pm. Villa goes 14.566 on vault!

Bachynska VT: Ooh, the sleeves of her leo are gorgeous, yellow and blue but the hue is lovely. Yurchenko 1.5, tucks her legs in the last half twist but the first twist was nice…not her best, and I think she lands with a foot OOB but nothing to get upset about.

11.966 for Hautala on bars.

4:11 pm. Villa VT: GORGEOUS extension on her DTY, I’m always like oh THAT’S how that’s done, huh. Huge air, hop back. Her leo is THE STUFF OF QUEENS. Lace done right. Black. Sparkly. Perfect. GOD we don’t deserve her.

4:10 pm. Hautala UB: Blind full, blind change to straddle Jaeger, bail (some leg sep), clear hip, arched a bit before the toe-on to toe shoot, high double pike with a baby hop. Good work there, her blind swings looked a little crooked/off but overall a solid set and she’s thrilled!

13.466 for Tang’s vault, an improvement from qualifications IIRC.

4:09 pm. Okay, forget that phone drama, it works fine on my computer.

12.5 for Paulsson on bars. I’ll try to get scores if they show them. I think they’re going back and forth between vault and bars.

4:05 pm. Just turning on the stream! It’s on the Olympic Channel and the stream sucks on my phone so giving this another shot.

Tang VT: Hit her FTY, a little piked but great landing.

Paulsson UB: Only saw the Maloney to Pak, and a double tuck dismount.

28 thoughts on “2018 Youth Olympic Games Live Blog | All-Around Final

    • No breakdown of results available (yet) as far as I can see, but she must have been credited with the layout. Considering that quite nice yurchenko layouts (4.0D) are scoring high 12s and tucked FTY is a 4.6. Her messy, tucked full twist got a 13.0, so I think they must have credited 4.6D, 8.4E.


      • Nope. A 4.6 is for the layout which she somehow got credited with. The commentator said that a tuck full is a 3.9 so I have no idea why she didn’t get that instead


  1. Lauren: you, my friend, are The Queen. Thank you so much for these live blogs! I love them and need them during beam when i cant handle the pressure. Lol. Tytyty!

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  3. US should send their jrs? dont know why they didn’t…. it’s not like there’s a conflict… they got some very competitive jrs that would have given even the sr a run….

    oh well.. maybe next yr?


  4. I’m now upset there’s no junior worlds this year so that Giorgia can win the grand slam of junior titles (euros, worlds, olympics, nationals).


  5. Aw Klimenko. Hopefully she can salvage something out of event finals. Oh well, she’s been fabulous all year, everyone has an off meet and this just happens to be hers. Can’t wait to see what she can do in the senior ranks next year.


  6. Can we please send Simone to Romania in place of Golgota if she ends up not being healthy in time for worlds? I think that’s a fair trade. They need their 04 babies at the olympics.

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