The NCAA Gym Skim | Week 4


Sienna Crouse of Nebraska

The weekly NCAA gymnastics update featuring the must-know moments and top stats from every meet all in one place.

Oklahoma 197.975, Denver 196.350, Missouri 196.200, Arkansas 195.825 [Results]

The Sooners had a spectacular meet at Saturday night’s Metroplex Challenge, beginning with a massive 49.5 on vault thanks to some big power from Olivia Trautman and Jade Degouveia followed by a stuck Yurchenko 1½ from Brenna Dowell in the anchor spot. On bars, Dowell had a fall on her huge Ray, but the rest of the team brought it back, with Nicole Lehrmann and Alex Marks lovely in their work while Maggie Nichols returned to the lineup, anchoring the event with a 9.925 for a mostly great routine, just coming up a tiny bit short on one handstand. Pretty much everyone was ‘on’ on beam, with Nichols again looking close to perfection, but my favorite routine came from Anastasia Webb, whose leaps were especially gorgeous. On floor, Jordan Draper continued to struggle a bit with her last pass, but the team easily made up for it, getting four 9.925s from Dowell, Degouveia, Brehanna Showers, and Olivia Trautman, with all four looking fantastic throughout to help the team come within a quarter of a tenth of a 198.

Denver had some uncharacteristic struggles here, with Maddie Karr falling on beam and coming up short on her opening double pike, but she made up for the mistakes with a big Yurchenko 1½ and a gorgeous bars set, winning the title with a 9.95. Lynnzee Brown was mostly good, aside from her last pass on floor looking a bit short, while Alexis Vasquez was heavenly on beam, and I was so impressed with fellow freshman Alexandria Ruiz on all four events, where she looked calm and lovely, especially on beam.

This was a great meet for Missouri, which came back from falls on two events to count only hit routines, showing clean and solid work throughout, especially from Aspen Tucker on vault and floor, Mary Nicholson on beam and floor, and the always fabulous Britney Ward on vault and beam. Arkansas, meanwhile, had to count a fall on beam after Amanda Elswick missed her jump series and flight series, which came after Hailey Garner fell on her side aerial to layout stepout. The team looked especially strong on floor, where Sydney McGlone was a standout, also nailing her FT for a 9.875, while Sarah Shaffer was fantastic on vault, bars, and floor, and Kennedy Hambrick impressed with her super strong all-around performance, looking her best on bars for a 9.875.

AA: Anastasia Webb, Oklahoma, 39.550
VT: Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma, 9.950
UB: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.950
BB: Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 9.975
FX: Brehanna Showers, Jade Degouveia, Brenna Dowell, & Olivia Trautman, Oklahoma, 9.925

UCLA 197.775, Arizona State 196.125 [Results]

Once again, UCLA proved to be absolute money in this Monday afternoon matchup against fellow Pac 12 program Arizona State. Starting out, vault was a little weak compared to the rest of their events, though the leadoffs did their jobs, and Nia Dennis had a beautiful stuck FTY in the anchor position, getting a perfect 9.95. On bars, Margzetta Frazier opened with a fantastic set, getting a 9.925, and then the team fought past a fall from Dennis to see a 9.975 from Norah Flatley, a perfect 10 from Madison Kocian, and a 9.95 from Kyla Ross in the anchor spot, helping the team to a 49.7 total. Beam was good, though didn’t look quite as perfect compared to bars, with a few little things here and there, and Kocian was the strongest in the leadoff spot with a 9.875, though the team came back full-force on floor, beginning with Gracie Kramer’s 9.925 and then seeing a trio of 9.95s from Ross, Frazier, and Katelyn Ohashi, who looked like she stepped her heel out of bounds, but wasn’t actually given the penalty.

Arizona State opened with a fantastic bars rotation that saw a 9.875 from leadoff Morgan Hart, and then a huge 9.975 from anchor Cairo Leonard-Baker, who got a 10 from one judge and I have to say, I’m totally here for smaller programs also getting some Carol love when they visit programs with Carols on hand. The team had a few iffy spots on vault, though the latter half of the rotation was pretty solid, including a 9.8 from Jessica Ginn, and though they opened floor with an injury to Katelyn Lentz on her first pass, the rest of the squad fought hard, with the last three in the lineup crushing it, including a 9.8 from Ginn, and a pair of 9.825s from Kaitlyn Szafranski and Leonard-Baker (after being treated at the hospital, Lentz was found to have an Achilles rupture, so we hope she gets well soon!). The Sun Devils finished with an outstanding beam rotation that beat UCLA’s own event score by about a tenth. Everyone stepped it up on this apparatus, with Ashley Szafranski’s always lovely routine earning a 9.875, though it was the flawless Justine Callis who stood out the most, getting a career-high 9.925 to take the title.

AA: Kyla Ross, UCLA, 39.450
VT: Nia Dennis, UCLA, 9.950
UB: Madison Kocian, UCLA, 10.000
BB: Justine Callis, Arizona State, 9.925
FX: Kyla Ross, Margzetta Frazier, & Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA, 9.950

Florida 197.675, Kentucky 196.650 [Results]

The Gators continued upping their game Friday night, especially on bars, where the ACTUAL CAROL helped the team to a 49.725, the highest event score in program history. After giving the lowest of the two scores to every single Kentucky gymnast, Carol handed a 10 to Alicia Boren in the lead-off spot, but then when I thought Trinity Thomas’ actually perfect routine (minus a slight heel slide) would get a 10, Carol ended up being the holdout, though Thomas still managed to win the event with a 9.975. The whole lineup was pretty much flawless there, however, and continued to be so on beam, where Alyssa Baumann missed her acro series in the anchor spot, but with the rest of the team doing well, it didn’t really make much of a difference. Thomas was again the standout there and on floor, where Boren was also incredible, and though vault is still a bit weak overall – they’re lacking some amplitude and still don’t have the best attention to detail on landings, having to count a pair of 9.775s after Savannah Schoenherr sat her Yurchenko 1½ – there have been some improvements and they still have plenty of time to get it in better shape.

Kentucky started out strong on bars, where Cally Nixon stunned with excellent form and one of the highest double tuck dismounts I’ve ever seen to post a 9.9, and the Wildcats actually beat Florida’s vault score with some solid landings throughout, with Katie Stuart winning the title with a 9.9. The team was strong on floor, getting past a fall from Stuart in the leadoff spot to post five strong numbers, including a 9.925 from the effortless Mollie Korth, and after struggling on beam in week three, they were back in business there with six solid sets, including a 9.875 from Alex Hyland, who was strong on all four events.

AA: Trinity Thomas, Florida, 39.700
VT: Katie Stuart, Kentucky, 9.900
UB: Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.975
BB: Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.925
FX: Trinity Thomas & Alicia Boren, Florida; Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 9.925

LSU 197.450, Alabama 196.850 [Results]

After shocking back-to-back losses on the road in week two and then at home in week three, LSU was back on track to get the win against Alabama in Tuscaloosa on Friday night thanks to a stunning vault rotation that saw four perfect sticks in addition to strong work throughout the rest of the meet. Kennedi Edney led the team on bars with a near-flawless set for a 9.9, and then she went on to win the vault title for her stuck Yurchenko 1½ after equally perfect sticks from Sarah Finnegan, Ruby Harrold, and Julianna Cannamela. On floor, Edney, Finnegan, and McKenna Kelley provided the perfect back-end lineup, with Kelley looking much stronger than she did a week ago, though Finnegan was the clear standout here with her beautiful leaps and gorgeous toe point earning a 9.95, and both Finnegan and Edney topped the team with 9.925s on beam to win titles there in addition to tying for the all-around titles.

Bama lost all-arounder Lexi Graber right before the meet, putting them at a major disadvantage with having to fill four lineup spots, but they handled the loss well. On vault, things mostly looked solid, but Shallon Olsen was the clear standout with her stuck DTY earning a 9.9. Kylie Dickson missed her opening cast to handstand on bars, having to take an extra swing right off the bat, but the rest of the lineup was more than strong enough to ensure a solid team score, including a 9.95 for Shea Mahoney’s lovely set, and they continued showing improvement on beam, where Alonza Klopfer was a stunning leadoff, Emily Gaskins showed the most incredible leap positions and elegance in her routine, and Wynter Childers was unstoppable, getting a 9.925. There were a few tiny hiccups on floor, but Abby Armbrecht was excellent for a 9.925, and Olsen again stepped it up in the anchor spot, effortlessly nailing her piked full-in and front tuck through to double tuck for a 9.85.

AA: Kennedi Edney & Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 39.625
VT: Kennedi Edney, LSU, 9.925
UB: Shea Mahoney, Alabama, 9.950
BB: Wynter Childers, Alabama; Kennedi Edney & Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.925
FX: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.950

Utah 197.375, Arizona State 195.825 [Results]

The Utes did what they always do at their Pac 12 road meet against Arizona State, hitting solidly throughout to go 49.275 or better on all four events to keep their average pretty consistent. MyKayla Skinner had a little hop on her DTY and was short on one of her floor passes, having a little bit of a Twilight Zone kind of meet where bars and beam ended up being her top-scoring events. Her bars were excellent, but I was most impressed with beam, where she looked the best I’ve seen her all season. Sydney Soloski was phenomenal on floor, and the team did a great job coming back from a fall on beam, with Kari Lee getting them back on track with a 9.875, matched by MaKenna Merrell-Giles, who was also excellent on vault, bars, and floor.

Arizona State came out of the gate on fire on vault and bars, with Cairo Leonard-Baker superb on both, sticking her FTY and her full-in dismount while Morgan Wilson and Anne Kuhm both got their jobs done there as well. Unfortunately on beam, Ashley Szafranski came off on her Rulfova, and then Justine Callis nailed a gorgeous triple flight series but then had a big issue holding onto the front handspring to one knee, so while the team didn’t have to count a fall, they still came up much lower than they’re capable of there. Thankfully, they came back in a big way on floor, where Kaitlyn Szafranski was super solid, and Leonard-Baker was flawless for a 9.95 to take the title.

AA: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 39.600
VT: MaKenna Merrell-Giles, Utah, 9.900
UB: MyKayla Skinner & Missy Reinstadtler, Utah, 9.950
BB: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.925
FX: Cairo Leonard-Baker, Arizona State, 9.950

Nebraska 197.250, Illinois 194.675 [Results]

With Sienna Crouse back in action on every event but bars, the Huskers were able to return home for a huge meet after last week’s disappointment on the road. All-arounder Taylor Houchin was fantastic on all four events, giving very little away to contribute some of the top scores across the board, while Crouse came back in a big way, especially on beam and floor, where she brought in a 9.9 and 9.925, respectively. We also saw fantastic work from Sierra Hassel on beam and floor as well as from specialist Megan Verceles Carr on bars, while freshman Adnerys De Jesus came into her own with an incredible meet on her three events, vault, bars, and floor.

Illinois, meanwhile, got off to an incredible start on bars, seeing a pair of 9.875s from Mary Jane Otto and Rachael Donovan, and then Karen Howell brought in a 9.9 followed by a 9.925 from anchor Rae Balthazor. But when the team moved to vault, they struggled with landings and were forced to count a few low scores, seeing a 9.775 as their strongest number from specialist Kasey Meeks. The team fought past a fall on floor to count mostly decent numbers there, including a 9.875 from Kylie Noonan, but then they were forced to count a fall on beam, though Otto, Howell, and Balthazor were again clutch here to bring in some 9.8-range scores to finish strong.

AA: Taylor Houchin, Nebraska, 39.525
VT: Adnerys De Jesus, Nebraska, 9.900
UB: Rae Balthazor, Illinois, 9.925
BB: Sienna Crouse, Nebraska, 9.900
FX: Taylor Houchin, Nebraska, 9.950

UCLA 197.225, Stanford 195.125 [Results]

UCLA got off to a mostly decent start on bars, counting some little things like some leg separations and weaker-than-usual landings. Kyla Ross led the team with a 9.9, giving away a bit on some adjustments in the handstand before her dismount, but her double layout was clean and perfectly stuck. Lead-off Margzetta Frazier posted a 9.85 with a couple of perfect handstands and a clean van Leeuwen, just scooting back a bit on her double layout, and I loved Anna Glenn’s routine, which went 9.875 with a few tiny issues, though her dismount was also gorgeous, with a big stick out of her blind full to double tuck.

On vault, there were a few weak landings, holding the team back considerably, though they were able to count Ross’ stumble back into the table on her Yurchenko 1½, which looked cleaner than in earlier weeks, but she was just a bit too short to hold it up. Sekai Wright’s 1½ was solid on the landing, though she had some soft knees in the air, and Nia Dennis was beautiful in the air with her FTY, just hopping it back a bit for a 9.85. Floor also had a few little things, like a couple of short passes in the early half of the rotation, but Pauline Tratz stuck her tucked full-in cold, while Margzetta Frazier and Katelyn Ohashi stunned in the last two spots, with Frazier going 9.875 and Ohashi getting a 9.975.

The team wrapped up the meet on beam, under pressure after a 9.575 from Madison Kocian who started the rotation with a check on her front aerial that caused her to miss a connection to her straddle jump, but Kendall Poston made her lineup debut with a flawless triple acro series and a solid landing on her 1½ dismount to get them back on track with a 9.85, and then the latter half of the lineup brought a 9.9 from Norah Flatley, a 9.925 from Kyla Ross, and a well-deserved 9.975 from anchor Katelyn Ohashi, who nailed her two-foot layout series as well as her front aerial to bhs loso into her layout full dismount.

Stanford opened vault with hops and lunges on nearly every attempt, though Rachael Flam was mostly clean in her Yurchenko half-on front pike, taking just a step forward, while Aleeza Yu was clean enough in her big, flared FTY to earn a 9.825 with just a small hop. Things picked up on bars, where Yu was again super clean throughout, doing a clean Maloney to bail to Ray and then a stalder to double tuck with a hop to the side for a 9.8, while Grace Waguespack had a few tiny leg form issues that added up in her set, though stuck the double layout for a 9.8, and Kyla Bryant topped the team with a 9.875 for a set that included a toe-on to Tkachev, Pak, and huge double layout.

On beam, the Cardinal had to count a fall after both Kaylee Cole and Rachael Flam fell on their acro series, and they also had to count a big break from Taryn Fitzgerald on her acro series. The rotation still had some highlights, though, with Taylor Lawson performing a stunning standing arabian to reach a 9.825 while Kyla Bryant matched her, showing a great punch front and high double tuck dismount. The team finished super strong on floor, with a big 1½ to double tuck and excellent double pike from Lawson and a huge double layout and solid double pike from Morgan Hoang both going 9.85, while Bryant in the anchor matched them after nailing her front tuck through to double pike and a huge open double tuck.

AA: Kyla Bryant, Stanford, 39.325
VT: Sekai Wright, UCLA, 9.875
UB: Kyla Ross, UCLA, 9.900
BB: Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA, 9.975
FX: Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA, 9.975

Georgia 197.000, Iowa State 195.900 [Results]

The Gym Dogs had a great time competing at home on Monday afternoon, a tradition for the team, which put up solid rotations on vault and floor to get the win and boost their average in a big way. Georgia remains one of the top vault programs in the nation right now, with Rachel Lukacs and Sydney Snead leading the charge here to bring the team to a 49.3 to start their day. On bars, a fall from Emily Schild followed by a rhythm mistake from Megan Roberts meant the rest of the team had to look as good as possible, but it was no big deal, because Alexa Al-Hameed with her huge Tkachev in addition to gorgeous routines from Rachel Dickson and Marissa Oakley helped them to a 49.2. Beam had a few little bobbles, but it was mostly solid, and the same can be said about floor, with anchor Sabrina Vega selling the crap out of her routines on both events, while Snead and Dickson also brought in big numbers on both, and Lukacs managed a 9.925 to match Vega with a powerful set of her own.

Iowa State started out looking great on bars, putting up six solid sets including a 9.8 from Laura Burns and a 9.9 from Meaghan Sievers. The team continued looking strong on vault, with a pair of 9.775s from Sophia Steinmeyer and Phoebe Turner, while Sievers again led the team with a 9.875, and floor was even better, with the top routines coming once again from Steinmeyer and Sievers, both of whom were rock solid in their performances. Moving to beam, there was a bit of a delay as the apparatus broke at the end of Georgia’s rotation, and so nerves were obviously high as it took about 20 minutes to wait for a new apparatus to come in…but leadoff Sydney Converse was fantastic to kick them off with a strong set earning a 9.8, a score matched by Molly Russ, while specialist Grace Woolfolk tied for the title with a 9.925.

AA: Sydney Snead, Georgia, 39.525
VT: Sydney Snead, Georgia, 9.925
UB: Marissa Oakley, Georgia, 9.925
BB: Grace Woolfolk, Iowa State, 9.925
FX: Rachel Lukacs & Sabrina Vega, Georgia, 9.925

Minnesota 196.925, Penn State 196.775 [Results]

These two Big Ten programs got a ton of love from the judges on Saturday, helping the teams to some of the best scores in the country this week with some standout individual performances on both sides. For Minnesota, the team was excellent from start to finish, just counting a couple of lower scores on vault, but otherwise showing phenomenal work to get a big finish on beam. Lexy Ramler was an obvious standout, leading the team on vault and beam, and I loved her 1½ to double full on floor. Ivy Lu was gorgeous as ever on bars and beam, and Paige Williams was fantastic on floor, getting a 9.95 to lead the field.

For Penn State, Lauren Bridgens was again the top performer, leading the team on vault and bars, and as always, Sabrina Garcia was a standout on bars and floor, sharing the bars title with Bridgens while leading the team on floor with her beautiful anchor performance. I also loved Melissa Astarita on floor, who had a double tuck so open, her arms were practically straight out to the side as a statement, and the beam rotation saw fantastic routines from Mason Hosek and Jessie Bastardi.

AA: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota, 39.625
VT: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota; Lauren Bridgens & Sabrina Garcia, Penn State, 9.900
UB: Ivy Lu, Minnesota, 9.950
BB: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota, 9.950
FX: Paige Williams, Minnesota, 9.950

Auburn 196.775, Georgia 196.400 [Results]

Another week, another win for Auburn, which has been crushing it this season, and Friday night was no different. Opening with a solid vault rotation, where Gracie Day posted a 9.9 to lead the team, the team was able to keep the momentum going from event to event, seeing Day again lead them with lovely work on bars for a 9.875, while Abby Milliet and Meredith Sylvia were fantastic at the end of the beam rotation to post a 9.85 and 9.875, respectively, and then Derrian Gobourne, who was a solid contributor on all three events going into floor, was absolutely phenomenal to cap things off for the Tigers, getting a 9.95 for a routine that showed tons of power and style. I also really loved Milliet’s performance on floor, and am happy to continue seeing her really come into her own there with a beautiful quality to her performance.

The Gym Dogs got off to a disadvantage on bars, seeing some minor mistakes add up throughout the rotation while anchor Rachel Lukacs – who is dealing with shoulder pain – missed her release, leaving her unable to pick things up…though I was super impressed with Megan Roberts, who performed her routine super well to earn a 9.85. Vault was actually incredible for Georgia, with tons of attention to detail that I really didn’t expect from them, but they were super on here, including a perfect stuck FTY from Sabrina Vega earning a 9.9 to match equally great vaults from Sydney Snead and Rachel Dickson (their team total of 49.4 was the third-best in the country so far in 2019 on this event). Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep that going on floor, where some landings gave them trouble, though Vega was a star there and on beam, earning a pair of 9.925s, and the team showed great strength in coming back from Emily Schild’s fall on her flight series on the latter event, putting up an overall beautiful rotation.

AA: Derrian Gobourne, Auburn, 39.375
VT: Gracie Day, Auburn; Sabrina Vega, Rachel Dickson, & Sydney Snead, Georgia, 9.900
UB: Gracie Day, Auburn, 9.875
BB: Sabrina Vega, Georgia, 9.925
FX: Derrian Gobourne, Auburn, 9.950

Boise State 196.625, Southern Utah 195.525 [Results]

All-around standout Shani Remme was back at her best in Friday night’s meet against MRGC rival Southern Utah, with Boise State taking the win by over a point thanks to her and the rest of the team giving excellent work on pretty much every event, with beam just a tad weaker than the rest. Remme was especially great on beam and floor, bringing in a 9.9 and a 9.925 to lead the team on both, while Sarah Means was a standout on vault to earn a 9.9 with her clean set, and Courtney McGregor led the team on bars with a 9.9, showing steady and confident work on her other three events as well to bring in a solid all-around score. Also doing well were bars specialists Emily Muhlenhaupt and Alexis Stokes, and I loved seeing Isabella Amado back on floor.

For Southern Utah, vault and floor were excellent, though the team counted a few weak spots on beam to come up a little short. Caitlin Kho was fantastic on vault and floor, with Morgan Alfaro and Stephanie Tervort also bringing in strong vault numbers. Shylen Murakami was a standout on bars and beam, Hannah Nipp led the team on beam with a solid 9.875, and both Molly Jozwiakowski and Karley McClain saw clean and steady floor sets to lead the team on that event with a pair of 9.85s.

AA: Shani Remme, Boise State, 39.500
VT: Sarah Means, Boise State, 9.900
UB: Courtney McGregor, Boise State, 9.900
BB: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.900
FX: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.925

California 196.575, Stanford 196.125 [Results]

In the Monday night meet between Pac 12 rivals Cal and Stanford, Cal ended up looking fantastic at home, going 49.075 or better on every event with everyone contributing strong efforts towards the win. Toni Ann Williams was at her best on vault and beam, Nina Schank was outstanding on bars and floor, and freshman Milan Clausi brought in a 9.925 on floor to win the title with her beautifully-choreographed and well-performed routine. Stanford struggled with some low scores here and there, but overall it was a solid meet for the Cardinal, which saw Rachel Flam step up her game with great routines on vault and beam, while Aleeza Yu was fab on vault and floor, and Kyla Bryant was a star on all four events, bringing in her best score on floor, where she earned a 9.925 to share the title.

AA: Kyla Bryant, Stanford, 39.425
VT: Rachel Flam, Stanford; Kyana George & Toni Ann Williams, California, 9.875
UB: Nina Schank, California, 9.900
BB: Toni Ann Williams, California, 9.900
FX: Kyla Bryant, Stanford, & Milan Clausi, California, 9.925

BYU 196.450, Utah State 195.025 [Results]

With BYU back at home, the team was once again able to put up a huge score against MRGC rival Utah State, taking the title by over a point thanks to one excellent rotation after another. As always, Shannon Evans was a superstar, putting up clean bars and an excellent crowd-favorite floor to get a 9.9 on both while we also saw fab work from Brittney Vitkauskas on floor, Cheyenne Hill on beam, Abbey Miner on vault, beam, and floor, and Abby Boden on bars, beam, and floor. Utah State lacked a bit of finesse on vault and counted some mistakes on beam, but showed great work on both bars and floor. The standouts of the day were Annie Beck on bars and beam, Logan Varnadore on vault, MaKayla Bullitt on bars and floor, and Autumn DeHarde on beam and floor. The usually fab Madison Ward had an unfortunate fall at the end of her day on beam, but she was especially strong on vault and floor, putting up a 9.9 to take a share of the title on the latter.

AA: Shannon Evans, BYU, 39.425
VT: Rebekah Bean & Shannon Evans, BYU; Logan Varnadore, Utah State, 9.800
UB: Shannon Evans, BYU, 9.900
BB: Natasha Marsh, BYU, & Autumn DeHarde, Utah State, 9.900
FX: Briana Pearson & Shannon Evans, BYU; Madison Ward, Utah State, 9.900

Michigan 196.400, Maryland 193.525 [Results]

On the road against Big Ten foe Maryland, the Wolverines posted a season-high team score to get the win by nearly three points, with beam and floor the top events for the program. Natalie Wojcik was phenomenal here, nearly sweeping the meet with wins on every event but floor, where she was just a quarter of a tenth behind Olivia Karas, who won the event with a 9.925 in the anchor spot thanks to her excellent tumbling. Wojcik again stuck a flawless Yurchenko 1½, getting a 9.925, and her beam was absolutely breathtaking, while Karas put up solid sets on bars and beam. I loved seeing what Abby Brenner was capable of on vault and floor, and the leadoff beam from Lauren Farley showed some beautiful skills to open the rotation with a 9.85. Maryland struggled with falls on a couple events, with floor the most disappointing to see them end on that bummer of a note, but the team saw some strong individual performances from Collea Burgess on vault, beam, and floor, and from Audrey Barber on all four events with bars and floor a highlight.

AA: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan, 39.625
VT: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan, 9.925
UB: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan, 9.875
BB: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan, 9.925
FX: Olivia Karas, Michigan, 9.925

Oregon State 196.100, Washington 195.900 [Results]

This was one of my favorite meets of the week with super close action from start to finish, though a weaker than usual beam rotation from Washington handed the meet to Oregon State, which finished with a superb rotation on the same event, coming back from a fall from Lacy Dagen on her flight series to reach a 49.275 as a team. OSU opened on bars with six solid sets, including a standout 9.85 from Mary Jacobsen, capped off with a stuck double front. On vault, there were some weak landings, but the team got a 9.8 from Kaitlyn Yanish and a 9.825 from Madi Dagen to lead them there. On floor, Jacobsen opened up with her weirdly awesome Swan Lake remix, complete with full Irish jig choreo on the side from her teammates, and the scores built up nicely throughout the rest of the rotation, reaching a 9.875 from Isis Lowery for her high-energy sass and huge tumbling, and then a 9.9 from the super polished Yanish. There were several strong performances on beam, but it was specialist Maela Lazaro stunned with her set, picking up a 9.925 to win the title.

Washington came out on the attack with some vaults, with Madison Copiak sticking her FTY on her toes and then Geneva Thompson nailing her own FTY landing to lead the team with a 9.85. Bars went well as a whole, with Copiak looking super confident, while Roberson led them with her first 9.9 of the meet with her nearly flawless set. On beam, Malory Rose had an uncharacteristic wobble on an aerial before then missing her foot on her dismount leading to a bit of a scary tumble off, though she luckily had a good save, putting her hands down. Monica Riley also had a large wobble on her flight series, which the team ended up having to count, though the rest of the squad had their backs, with freshman Brenna Brooks standing out with an awesome set, while Copiak was again solid and Roberson picked up a 9.9 for her brilliant loso loso series followed by a stuck gainer full. On floor, everything went pretty well, with a pair of 9.875s from Kristyn Hoffa and Maya Washington as well as a third 9.9 from Roberson, but in the end the team was just a couple of tenths shy from being able to take back the lead, settling for second.

AA: Evanni Roberson, Washington, 39.475
VT: Geneva Thompson, Washington, 9.850
UB: Evanni Roberson, Washington, 9.900
BB: Maela Lazaro, Oregon State, 9.925
FX: Evanni Roberson, Washington, & Kaitlyn Yanish, Oregon State, 9.900

Ohio State 196.050, Michigan State 195.225 [Results]

This Big Ten matchup saw Ohio State come back from falls on all four events to still manage to surpass a 196 on the road. The Buckeyes started out strong on bars, seeing a 9.9 from anchor Jenna Swartzentruber for her gorgeous routine, and Colby Miller was also a standout as a specialist on the event, while Jamie Stone (who had an uncharacteristic bars fall), Olivia Aepli, and Morgan Lowe each tallied a 9.825 on vault to keep the team with a healthy lead at the halfway point. Aepli unfortunately fell on floor late in the lineup, but Janelle McClelland got them back on track with a 9.875 while Stone then put up a 9.9 to help the team reach a 49.125, and after an early rotation fall from Lowe on beam, the team rallied once more to see a 9.825 from Amanda Huang followed by an excellent anchor routine from Danica Abanto that went 9.85 to take the title.

Michigan State did well throughout the meet, also coming back from a couple falls and mistakes to end with a huge floor rotation that reached a 49.125 thanks to a brilliant anchor performance from Lea Mitchell, who upset both of Ohio State’s normally solid all-arounders to take that title. Other standouts for MSU included Gabriella Douglas with brilliant work on vault, beam, and floor, Molly Hoerner O’Malley with a beautiful bars performance, and strong work from Alaina Raybon on beam and Ashley Hofelich on floor.

AA: Lea Mitchell, Michigan State, 39.100
VT: Lea Mitchell, Michigan State; Morgan Lowe, Olivia Aepli, & Jamie Stone, Ohio State, 9.825
UB: Jenna Swartzentruber, Ohio State, 9.900
BB: Gabriella Douglas, Michigan State, & Danica Abanto, Ohio State, 9.850
FX: Lea Mitchell, Michigan State, & Jamie Stone, Ohio State, 9.900

Arizona 195.975, California 194.450 [Results]

It was nice seeing Arizona getting a Pac 12 upset at home, but heartbreaking to watch it come at the expense of Cal crumbling on bars. The Wildcats were solid from start to finish, putting up a series of solid vaults, including solid FTYs from Maddi Leydin and Heather Swanson, before moving on to a great bars rotation that saw beautiful work from Christina Berg and Danielle Spencer-Bearham. Leydin fell on a pike jump to back tuck on beam, but the team was able to fight back to put up all scores of 9.725 or better, including a 9.825 from Courtney Cowles, and though Cowles landed her 2½ on floor poorly, the rest of the team was once again there to have her back, seeing a pair of 9.85s from Swanson and Sydney Freidin in addition to a 9.9 from Berg, getting the team to a 49.2 apparatus total.

With Talitha Jones arching over a handstand on bars in the lead-off routine, it seemed like the always-faithful Kyana George would get the team back on track, but then she missed her Tkachev, Chelsea Shu came off on her bail, and Maya Bordas fell on her Jaeger, putting Cal in a super deep hole just four routines into the meet. From that point on, everything went more or less okay, and the Golden Bears didn’t have to count any other big mistakes, but despite especially fantastic rotations on vault and beam, they just didn’t have enough room to come back from that first rotation, getting the loss. The team tallied a 49.3 on vault, a huge number right now thanks to solid landings all around, including a pair of 9.9s from George and freshman Milan Clausi, and Clausi was fantastic on floor, with her and George each getting a 9.825 there to lead the team again. On beam, Sofie Seilnacht, Toni-Ann Williams, and Cassidy Keelen led the team with a 9.8, 9.875, and 9.9, respectively, while Clausi and George again matched scores with a pair of 9.775s to make this a 49.125 rotation overall, another rotation showing just how strong this team is despite what happened on bars.

AA: Kyana George, California, 38.750
VT: Milan Clausi & Kyana George, California, 9.900
UB: Danielle Spencer-Bearham, Arizona, 9.900
BB: Cassidy Keelen, California, 9.900
FX: Christina Berg, Arizona, 9.900

Iowa State 195.975, Lindenwood 194.300 [Results]

Iowa State’s standout competitor Meaghan Sievers helped her team to a huge score at home on Sunday, going 9.8 or better on all four events, including a 9.875 on vault and a 9.9 on floor to win the all-around title with a 39.425. The team as a whole crushed it on bars and floor, seeing several 9.8-range scores, as well as a huge 9.925 from Laura Burns’ bars set, with Burns also tallying a 9.875 on floor. On vault, Kelly Martin was a standout, while on beam, Meixi Semple showed some gorgeous lines and a solid performance to pick up a 9.8. For D2 Lindenwood, some scores were a little weak on bars and beam, but the team had some excellent floor performances, including a pair of 9.8s from Kyndall Baze and Ryan Henry, the latter of whom was excellent in the all-around, while fellow all-arounder Courtney Mitchell led the team there with a 9.825. Also strong on Sunday were Aleah Turon on vault and Samantha Borges on bars, while Andavea Alexander killed it on bars, beam, and floor.

AA: Meaghan Sievers, Iowa State, 39.425
VT: Meaghan Sievers, Iowa State, 9.875
UB: Laura Burns, Iowa State, 9.925
BB: Meaghan Sievers & Meixi Semple, Iowa State, 9.800
FX: Meaghan Sievers, Iowa State, 9.900

New Hampshire 195.375, Yale 194.125 [Results]

All-arounder Danielle Mulligan led UNH to a win on the road at Yale, putting together a solid performance from start to finish that included a pair of 9.9s on bars and beam. The team overall had a strong day, counting no falls or major mistakes, and coming back from a couple of weak spots on each event to count mostly solid numbers. In addition to Mulligan, Nicole O’Leary and Lauren Diggan were both great on vault, Riley Freehling was a standout on bars and beam, and we saw some great floor sets from Diggan and Emma Winer. Yale started out a little weak on vault, with a 9.675 from Charlotte Cooperman the team’s top score, though they quickly got back to business, putting up some fantastic bars sets from Jacey Baldovino and Jessica Wang, some strong beam performances from Wang, Emma Firmstone, and Kiarra Alleyne, and then ending on a high note with an incredible floor rotation that saw a 9.8 from Jade Buford, a 9.85 from Alleyne, and a 9.875 from Alyssa Firth, who won the title.

AA: Danielle Mulligan, New Hampshire, 39.275
VT: Nicole O’Leary & Lauren Diggan, New Hampshire, 9.750
UB: Danielle Mulligan, New Hampshire, 9.900
BB: Danielle Mulligan, New Hampshire, 9.900
FX: Alyssa Firth, Yale, 9.875

UIC 195.250, Northern Illinois 194.800, Bowling Green 193.950 [Results]

UIC continued its incredible hitting streak on Sunday afternoon to win this tri-meet at in-state rival NIU with especially huge scores on bars and floor, where they fought for team scores of 49.1 and 49.0, respectively. The squad fought past a couple of falls to count only hit routines, seeing standout performances from Kayla Baddeley on vault, beam, and floor, Toni Alicke on bars (where she got a 9.9!) and floor, Mikailla Northern on all four events, including an anchor floor performance that saw a 9.85, and Serena Baker on bars.

NIU placed a pretty close second, struggling with a fall counted on beam, though they came back for an epic final rotation on floor to score a 49.375, including a trio of 9.85s from Tara Kofmehl, Ally Ferber, and Amanda Bartemio, a 9.9 from Allison Richardson, and a 9.925 from Anna Martucci to take the title. Cinny Lamberti led the team on vault with a 9.8, while Morgan Hooper was best on bars with a 9.8 and Mia Lord won beam with a 9.85. BGSU counted a mistake on bars and a fall on beam, though the vault rotation was on fire, seeing a 9.875 from Lauren DeMeno, who also did well on beam, and a 9.9 from Jovannah East, who led the team on beam and floor. Additionally, Anna-Maria Kanyai led bars with a 9.7 for the team.

AA: Mikailla Northern, UIC, 39.225
Jovannah East, Bowling Green, 9.900
UB: Toni Alicke, UIC, 9.900
BB: Mia Lord, Northern Illinois, 9.850
Anna Martucci, Northern Illinois, 9.925

NC State 195.200, North Carolina 194.650 [Results]

This great in-state rivalry continued on Friday night with the visiting team NC State down by half a point going into the halfway point, but they were able to fight back and take advantage of mistakes from the host team on beam to get a big road win against their rival. The team started out great on bars, coming back from an early and surprising fall from Drew Grantham, counting all 9.7+ scores including a 9.8 from leadoff Meredith Robinson. Alexa Phillips and Grantham anchored the vault rotation with a 9.8 and 9.825, respectively, and then on beam it was Paris Phillips and Grantham who wrapped things up with a 9.8 and 9.875. On beam, it was hit after hit from start to finish, with the latter half of the rotation seeing a 9.8 from Caitlyn Fillard, a 9.875 from Nicole Webb, and then a 9.825 from anchor Grantham to seal the win.

UNC had an incredible start on vault, where Mikayla Robinson, Madison Hargrave, and Khazia Hislop went one after another with a 9.9, 9.875, and then another 9.9 to help the team to a 49.125. Bars also went well, including a 9.825 from anchor Rylie Dewhurst, but the team unfortunately counted two falls on beam, though those who hit did super well, including a 9.8 from Alexis Allen, a 9.825 from Hislop, and a 9.85 from anchor Jamie DeCicco. They were able to fight back for some big scores on floor, seeing a 9.825 from Robinson in the leadoff role before then also getting a 9.825 from Hargrave as the anchor and a 9.875 from Hislop, who took the title, but it wasn’t enough to give them what they needed to take back the lead.

AA: Caitlyn Fillard, NC State, 38.900
VT: Mikayla Robinson & Khazia Hislop, North Carolina, 9.900
UB: Rylie Dewhurst, North Carolina, 9.825
BB: Nicole Webb, NC State, 9.875
FX: Khazia Hislop, North Carolina, & Drew Grantham, NC State, 9.875

Pittsburgh 195.175, George Washington 194.625 [Results]

With a fall and some form issues from GWU in the first rotation, Pittsburgh was able to get off to an early lead thanks to some solid work on vault, including a stuck FTY from leadoff Charli Spivey followed by the event-high 9.8 from Olivia Miller. The team put up five mostly solid routines on bars, and then did a great job coming back from Miller’s leadoff fall on her acro series on beam, with Lucy Brett – cheered on by her visiting teammates from The Academy in England – excellent in her set, while anchor Brittany West took the title with a 9.85 showing a fantastic and difficult jumps, including a switch half to straddle jump and a switch side half. The team ended with six pretty much equally good floor sets, led by Sophie Bochenek with a 9.825.

The ladies of GWU are still finding their stride this season with a largely freshman class at the reigns, though senior Alex Zois continues to be a standout on all four events, showing that especially on bars today, where an arched-over handstand almost led to a fall, though she was able to pull it back for a much more minor deduction instead. Zois also led the team on beam, where they looked superb overall, while Olivia Zona topped the field on floor with a 9.85 for her solid routine, but I absolutely loved Cydney Crasa both there with her super powerful opening front tuck to double pike, and on vault, where she stuck a solid FTY for a 9.8.

AA: Alex Zois, George Washington, 38.925
VT: Olivia Miller, Pittsburgh, & Cydney Crasa, George Washington, 9.800
UB: Rachel Dugan, Pittsburgh, 9.800
BB: Brittany West, Pittsburgh, & Alex Zois, George Washington, 9.850
FX: Olivia Zona, George Washington, 9.850

Bridgeport 195.075, Brown 191.225, Hamline 188.425, Rhode Island College 177.850 [Results]

The D2 program Bridgeport got the win on the road at this quad meet hosted by Brown and featuring teams from all three divisions. The team was fantastic, performing far above their standard for this point in the season thanks to especially strong work on vault and floor, where the team tallied a 49.1 led by a pair of 9.875s from Kelly Aycock and Crystal Gwinn as well as a 9.9 from Maya Reimers. Reimers also posted a 9.825 to lead beam, with everyone else in the rotation hitting solid sets as well, while Julianna Roland put up good sets on all four events, leading vault alongside Gwinn, while Aycock and Kathryn Doran were the best on bars with scores of 9.8 and 9.875, respectively.

Brown had to count falls on bars and beam, but were solid on the other two, with the top performances of the day coming from Mei Li Costa on vault and bars, Kate Nelson on vault, bars, and floor, Cassidy Jung on beam, Julia Green on floor, and Rose Domonoske on beam and floor. Hamline, on a rare WIAC trip to the east coast, was third, putting up a huge score for the program, getting top scores from Darby Slater on vault, Kelsey Ranneklev on bars, and Meghan Webb on beam and floor. Rhode Island College had some drama on beam, but once again broke a 47 on floor thanks to hit routines from everyone in the lineup, led by Grace Davis on floor with a 9.5. Davis also led beam with a 9.3, while Allie DiBiase was strongest on vault in addition to contributing some of the top scores on each event, and Christa Vaccaro topped the team on bars in addition to putting up strong work on vault and floor.

AA: Julianna Roland, Bridgeport, 38.700
VT: Crystal Gwinn & Julianna Roland, Bridgeport, 9.850
UB: Kathryn Doran, Bridgeport, 9.875
BB: Maya Reimers, Bridgeport, 9.825
FX: Maya Reimers, Bridgeport, 9.900

West Virginia 194.925, Kent State 194.450, George Washington 194.125 [Results]

Home team WVU did a great job coming back from sitting in third after the third rotation to taking the win after a fantastic floor rotation, where they saw a pair of 9.9s from Jaquie Tun and Kirah Koshinski to wrap up a strong overall meet. Koshinski also stuck her Yurchenko 1½ to lead the team on vault with a 9.9, Esperanza Abarca was gorgeous on bars to get her fourth-straight 9.8 with beautiful lines and handstands, and Carly Galpin put up a rock-solid beam set as the anchor to keep the team from counting Taylor Sell’s flight series fall in the five-spot, earning a 9.8 to take a share of the title.

After missing a meet at home last week due to the snow, Kent State came back in a major fashion, improving on its opening meet by several points, thanks especially to a fantastic bars rotation that saw a pair of 9.8s from Dara Williams and Jade Brown, who had a huge Tkachev and beautiful handstands. The team fought through several wobbly routines on beam, and there were some rough landings on vault and floor, but they still came through with a few key 9.8s here and there, including one from Riley Danielson on beam and another from Madison Trott on floor, helping them to secure second place.

GWU in its second meet of the weekend had a mostly strong meet, including a great vault despite having to deal with some drama with the apparatus breaking, though when they got to beam in the final rotation they ended up counting a fall to lose their edge. Alex Zois continues to lead the team with some of the best scores on each event, including a 9.85 on floor, while Simone Banen was great on bars and beam, Brooke Bray was solid on beam, and Olivia Zona was excellent on vault and floor.

AA: Alexandra Zois, George Washington, 38.950
VT: Kirah Koshinski, West Virginia, 9.900
UB: Esperanza Abarca & Jaquie Tun, West Virginia; Simone Banen, George Washington; Dara Williams & Jade Brown, Kent State, 9.800
BB: Riley Danielson, Kent State; Carly Galpin, West Virginia; Brooke Bray, George Washington; 9.800
FX: Kirah Koshinski & Jaquie Tun, West Virginia, 9.900

Iowa 194.575, Rutgers 191.625 [Results]

Despite counting some weak vaults and beam sets, Iowa got the win at home at this Big Ten match-up against Rutgers, putting together a stellar bars set and finishing on a high note with mostly excellent floor routines. Bridget Killian was excellent on vault, beam, and floor, Clair Kaji brought two 9.8-range scores on bars and floor, Lauren Guerin led the team on floor with a 9.875, and Nicole Chow struggled a bit on vault and beam, but more than made up for it with a fantastic bars set that earned a 9.9, coming in just ahead of specialist Jax Kranitz with a 9.875. Rutgers counted falls or mistakes on bars, beam, and floor, though the team had several individual standout days, with Kaitlyn Hall leading vault, Shannon Farrell leading bars, Kiera Doherty-Herwitz and Belle Huang leading beam, and Huang leading floor in addition to getting the all-around win.

AA: Belle Huang, Rutgers, 38.600
VT: Bridget Killian, Iowa, & Kaitlyn Hall, Rutgers, 9.750
UB: Nicole Chow, Iowa, 9.900
BB: Bridget Killian, Iowa, 9.725
FX: Lauren Guerin, Iowa, 9.875

Texas Woman’s 194.300, Stout 189.950, Centenary 189.750, La Crosse 187.350 [Results]

TWU got the win at home on Sunday at a quad meet hosted against three strong D3 programs, all of whom did a fantastic job battling each other until the very end. For TWU, vault was a slow start, led by Hope Parkin with a 9.775, but the team picked things up for an excellent bars rotation, featuring a 9.85 from Jenna Cashmore, and though they counted a fall on beam, Bria Northrop and Erin Alderman were stellar there with a 9.85 and 9.875, respectively. Finishing on floor, the team counted five solid routines, with Northrop and Alderman again leading the field with scores of 9.825 and 9.85, helping them see their highest score of the season.

Stout is already having a standout season, and they continued their roll with the second-place spot at TWU thanks to consistent performances across the board, led by Shadae Boone on vault and floor, Sierra Beaver on bars, and Brooke Terry and Britney Wolfe on beam. Centenary finished two tenths behind Stout, doing especially great work on beam, where they saw a 9.7 from Jerrica Harris and a 9.75 from Navia Jordan. Cami Bea Austin led the team on vault and also did great work on beam, Kendall Sanders was excellent on all four events, and Jordan was strongest on floor with a 9.775. Though La Crosse finished fourth, they posted their highest score of the season with especially great work on vault and beam. Specialists Savannah Farrell and Megan Hawkins were the standouts on vault, Ellie Beckman and Brooke Kachinsky were best on bars, specialist Jessica Ahrens led the team on beam, and Sam Weyker (who was also strong on vault and beam) posted a 9.6 on floor, while Emma Grant put up a 9.625 for the team’s best there.

AA: Bria Northrop, Texas Woman’s, 39.025
VT: Hope Parkin, Texas Woman’s, 9.775
UB: Jenna Cashmore, Texas Woman’s, 9.850
BB: Erin Alderman, Texas Woman’s, 9.875
FX: Erin Alderman, Texas Woman’s, 9.850

Illinois State 194.175, S.E. Missouri 184.425 [Results]

Though Illinois State and SEMO used to be pretty close rivals, it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as the host team got a ten-point win over SEMO, which seems to be really struggling this season, especially on bars. For the host team, bars and floor went supremely well, seeing a 9.8 from Sofia Iribarren and then a 9.85 from Kylie Meyer on bars, and then a 9.85 from Mia Quigg followed up by a 9.9 from anchor Gabrielle Cooke on floor. Cooke was also the leader for the team on vault, and Meyer put up a huge beam set, going 9.875 in the anchor position to make up for some lower scores earlier in the rotation. Beam was the best rotation for SEMO, seeing an especially strong performance from Anna Kaziska, who also led the team on floor. Gabrielle Adams was the top earner on vault, meanwhile, and leadoff Kendra Benak put up the team’s top bars score with a 9.525.

AA: Gabrielle Cooke, Illinois State, 38.600
VT: Gabrielle Cooke, Illinois State, 9.750
UB: Kylie Meyer, Illinois State, 9.850
BB: Kylie Meyer, Illinois State, 9.875
FX: Gabrielle Cooke, Illinois State, 9.900

Eastern Michigan 194.125, Ball State 192.875 [Results]

Eastern Michigan had a few minor mistakes in the early half of the meet that kept them from getting close to that 195, but they recovered well for solid rotations on beam, where they fought past a fall, and on floor, where the fabulous all-arounder Emili Dobronics finished her amazing day with a 9.85. Ciara Gresham stood out with her big power on vault and floor, specialist Cortney Bezold was fab on bars, and Caitlin Satler looked strong on beam and floor. Though Ball State bars anchor Kaitlyn Menzione missed her Jaeger, the gymnasts who went up before her were solid enough to keep them from counting a fall, and they improved with solid rotations on vault and floor, though ended up counting a beam fall in the final rotation to secure the loss. Menzione got some redemption on floor with a 9.8, Jordyn Penny was solid on vault and beam, getting a 9.825 on the latter, Maddie MacDonald was a standout on vault, bars, and floor, and specialists Stefanie Schweikert and Lauren Volpe brought great sets to their respective events, vault and beam.

AA: Emili Dobronics, Eastern Michigan, 38.925
VT: Ciara Gresham, Eastern Michigan, 9.775
UB: Cortney Bezold, Eastern Michigan, 9.850
BB: Jordyn Penny, Ball State, 9.825
FX: Emili Dobronics, Eastern Michigan, 9.850

Temple 194.100, Pennsylvania 190.100, Ithaca 185.750, Ursinus 174.175 [Results]

Temple saw a great performance to get the quad win at home on Sunday, starting out with some little fumbles on vault, but quickly getting it together to put up solid routines on the remaining three events. Monica Servidio and Jazmyn Estrella were standouts on vault, bars, and beam, and the team saw huge routines from Jaylene Everett and India Anderson on floor, with Anderson tallying a 9.9 for her set. Penn was weak on vault and bars, but did well on the other two, seeing top performances from Sydney Kraez on vault and floor, Jordyn Mannino on bars and floor, Alex Kothe on bars, and Darcy Matsuda and Caroline Moore on beam.

D3 Ithaca looked great on floor and put up some strong individual performances elsewhere, including a 9.375 from Marin Sheridan to lead vault, a 9.55 from Julia O’Sullivan to lead bars, a 9.475 from Katie Holcomb to lead beam, and a 9.675 from the fabulous Carolyn Nichols to lead floor. Fellow D3 program Ursinus unfortunately fielded only five gymnasts on bars, leaving them unable to take advantage of strong performances elsewhere, including a 9.425 from Lindsay Rush on vault, a 9.575 from Autumn Snape on beam, and a 9.625 from Kaylin Knapsack on floor.

AA: Ariana Castrence, Temple, 38.275
VT: Monica Servidio, Temple, 9.725
UB: Jazmyn Estrella, Temple, 9.850
BB: Monica Servidio, Temple, 9.825
FX: India Anderson, Temple, 9.900

Towson 194.075, William & Mary 192.975 [Results]

Towson looked a little weak in the first two weeks of the season at home, but they came back super strong on the road, working their way up to a fantastic beam performance to end on a high note. Ally Wesoly was a top performer on all four events, Mary Elle Arduino and Emerson Hurst crushed it on their three, with beam especially wonderful for both, and Cortni Baker brought the power on floor in addition to putting up one of the strongest bars sets. William & Mary didn’t have the best opening on vault, and then counted a fall on bars, but they came back for great rotations on beam and floor to finish strong. Samantha Sakti was once again fabulous on floor, and she also brought in the team’s high scores on vault and beam, while Taylor White was solid across the board, Evan Pakshong hit great sets on bars and beam, and Caroline Caponi was fab on bars and floor.

AA: Ally Wesoly, Towson, 38.925
VT: Emerson Hurst, Twoson, 9.775
UB: Caroline Caponi & Evan Pakshong, William & Mary, 9.825
BB: Mary Elle Arduino, Towson, 9.875
FX: Caroline Caponi & Samantha Sakti, William & Mary, 9.825

Air Force 193.775, San Jose State 191.700, Alaska 191.425, Seattle Pacific 189.325 [Results]

I loved seeing Air Force grab a big win over host team San Jose State in this MPSF quad on Friday night. The visiting team ended up two points ahead of the rest of the field thanks to fantastic beam and floor rotations. Mariana Murphy did excellent work on bars and beam, all-arounder Tyler Davis was on fire all meet long, Anna Salamone was key on vault and bars, and we got a great beam set from Cam Barber while Riley Hill was solid on floor.

SJSU struggled off the bat with weak sets on vault and bars, and they also counted a fall on both beam and floor, leaving them unable to keep up, though we saw individual standout performances from Stephanie Relova on bars, beam, and floor and Taylor Chan in the all-around, putting up a huge 9.85 on beam and a 9.9 on floor to win both titles. Alaska’s floor rotation was absolutely outstanding, seeing a pair of 9.85s from the brilliant Sophia Hyderally and Kaylin Mancari, and all-arounder Isabelle Fox was also excellent there in addition to hitting her other three. For D2 program Seattle Pacific, bars was rough, and there were also some low scores on beam, including from the normally rock-solid Darian Burns, who had excellent work on vault and floor but just couldn’t get it done on the other two. Itzia San Ramon also looked great on floor, while Zahra Lawal was strong on vault, Miyuki Matsune was good on bars and beam, and McKenna Zimmermann nailed vault, bars, and beam.

AA: Taylor Chan, San Jose State, 39.075
VT: Tyler Davis & Anna Salamone, Air Force, 9.775
UB: Mariana Murphy, Air Force, 9.800
BB: Taylor Chan, San Jose State, 9.850
FX: Taylor Chan, San Jose State, 9.900

Central Michigan 193.675, Western Michigan 192.700 [Results]

Aside from counting a fall on beam, this was a pretty decent meet for Central Michigan, with the rest of their events looking mostly solid. Morgan Tong had a solid day on vault, beam, and floor, Skyler Memmel was once again fantastic on beam, Nora Fettinger put up good routines on vault and floor, and Denelle Pedrick returned to the all-around with a good day on all four events, leading the team on bars with a 9.8. Western Michigan took the loss at home after counting a few big mistakes on floor in the final rotation, including one from the normally fantastic Rachael Underwood, though she made up for the fall there with some of the top scores on vault, bars, and beam, posting a 9.875 to lead the team on the latter. Stacie Harrison had the team’s best vault of the day, and Morgan Spence led the team on bars and floor, getting a 9.8 in the final rotation to finish second all-around behind Pedrick.

AA: Denelle Pedrick, Central Michigan, 39.100
VT: Morgan Tong, Central Michigan, 9.800
UB: Denelle Pedrick, Central Michigan, 9.800
BB: Rachael Underwood, Western Michigan, 9.875
FX: Nora Fettinger, Central Michigan, 9.825

UC Davis 193.350, Alaska 193.125, Sacramento State [Results]

UC Davis eked out a close win at home against MPSF rival Alaska, finishing strong with a standout floor rotation to secure the team title by two tenths. With a strong opening on vault that included a 9.75 from top all-arounder Gabby Landess and a 9.8 from Kyla Kessler, the team counted a fall on bars in rotation two, though they still had some good individual routines there, including a 9.725 from Kessler and a 9.75 from Aya Suzuki. The team also had to count a fall on beam, though the solid half of the lineup was incredibly strong there, getting a 9.8 from Sarah Liddle, a 9.825 from Landess, and a 9.875 from Yasmine Yektaperast, and then they came together to get some solid floor scores, including a 9.775 from Suzuki and a 9.85 from Kelley Hebert, who came back nicely from two falls earlier in the meet to win the title there.

Alaska made some major improvements as a whole, and so they were able to increase their team title even with some weak vaults counting into the total, with beam and floor the team’s best rotations. Sophia Hyderally continues to be a star on both events, posting a 9.8 on floor while winning the beam title with a 9.9, and we also saw standout routines from Isabelle Fox on all four events, and from Kaylin Mancari on bars, beam, and floor. Sacramento State also saw some improvements this week, counting only hit routines on three events, though they were still forced to count some weak performances and falls on bars. Alexis Belkoff led the team on vault and floor, while Jordyn Brent was the best on bars, and Shaye Mathias was strongest on beam.

AA: Isabelle Fox, Alaska, 38.800
VT: Kyla Kessler, UC Davis, 9.800
UB: Aya Suzuki, UC Davis, 9.750
BB: Sophia Hyderally, Alaska, 9.900
FX: Kelley Hebert, UC Davis, 9.850

Brown 192.850, Southern Conn. 189.625 [Results]

Competing at home for the first time last season on Monday, Brown pulled off the win against D2 Southern Conn., counting a fall on floor but otherwise making it through with some excellent work across the board. Mei Li Costa was excellent on vault and bars winning the titles on both, while specialist Cassidy Jung led the team on beam with a 9.85 in the anchor spot, and Julia Green topped them on floor, capping off the rotation with a 9.825. For Southern Conn., the opening bars rotation was the weak spot, but the team was actually pretty great on vault and floor, and then just put up one low number on beam for an overall good day. Standouts for this program were Cassidey Girolamo on all four events, Cadi Borsellino on vault, bars, and floor, specialist Keara Loughlin on beam, and both Jordan Peloquin and Hannah Stahlbrodt on floor.

AA: Cassidey Girolamo, Southern Conn., 38.350
VT: Mei Li Costa, Brown, 9.800
UB: Mei Li Costa, Brown, 9.800
BB: Cassidy Jung, Brown, 9.850
FX: Julia Green, Brown, 9.825

Cornell 192.150, Cortland 184.800 [Results]

Cornell got its first win of the season at home against D3 Cortland on Saturday, showing a couple of weak spots on vault and bars, but overall looking much stronger than they have so far, especially on beam where the team counted four scores at 9.7 or better, including a 9.775 from Malia Mackey. Kelsey Kurfirst proved her worth once again as a perfect leadoff on vault and bars, while specialist Christina Luniewicz won the bars title with a 9.825, Lyanda Dudley was clutch on bars and beam, Claire Haklik was solid on floor, and anchor Samantha Henry ended the meet with a 9.825 for her floor set to win the title. Cortland got off to a weak start on bars, but quickly picked up the pace, and the team looked great on floor, bringing in a 9.7 from Rachel Filipski followed by a 9.75 from Emma Schulz in the anchor position. Schulz was also key on vault and beam, tying for the title on the latter with a 9.775, Filipski anchored vault with a 9.6 to win the title, and Emma Speciale hit a solid 9.55 on bars to top the team there.

AA: Emma Schulz, Cortland, 37.625
VT: Rachel Filipski, Cortland, 9.600
UB: Christina Luniewicz, Cornell, 9.825
BB: Malia Mackey, Cornell, & Emma Schulz, Cortland, 9.775
FX: Samantha Henry, Cornell, 9.825

West Chester 191.850, Springfield 186.500 [Results]

West Chester got a strong win on the road on Sunday, showing an excellent finish on floor and beam to get close to a 192. On vault, the team fought past a fall to finish well, seeing a pair of 9.65s from Natalie Onderko and Myranda Marshall to lead the team, and Jessica Meakim looked solid on vault to post a 9.725. Meakim was also the top contributor on floor, anchoring with a huge 9.825, and the team saw a pair of 9.7s from beam leadoffs Melanie Wojewoda and Jordan Miranda, with the rest of the lineup hitting before seeing a 9.75 from Sarah Boyd as the anchor. Springfield actually looked pretty solid throughout as well, just counting a few mistakes but nothing too dramatic. Tali Twomey and Jessica Clemens were strongest on vault, Clemens anchored bars and beam with strong sets as well in addition to also posting one of the top scores on floor, Sarah Murphy and Taylor Campagnone were great on beam, and on floor Campagnone opened with a 9.5 while Twomey anchored with a 9.625 to help the team finish on a high note.

AA: Jessica Clemens, Springfield, 37.700
VT: Jessica Meakim, West Chester, 9.725
UB: Natalie Onderko & Myranda Marshall, West Chester, 9.650
BB: Sarah Boyd, West Chester, 9.750
FX: Jessica Meakim, West Chester, 9.825

Southern Conn. 191.125, Brockport 188.850, Rhode Island College [Results]

SCSU got the win at home with especially great work on beam and floor on Sunday afternoon. Hannah Stahlbrodt was excellent on all four events, while Alexandra Lesperance led the team on vault, Noely Macias and Jacqueline Kutcher did great work on bars, Jordan Peloquin was ace on beam and floor, and Keylea Brothers was solid on bars and floor. D3 Brockport had an especially solid floor rotation, seeing a 9.725 from Alexis Castellaneta, who was also great on vault and beam, while Candis Kowalik and Kimberly Musall put up a pair of 9.75s to help the team to a 48.475 total. Kowalik was also great on vault and beam, while Stephanie Mager led the team on vault, Nicole Jackson was solid on vault and bars, and Taylor Keough was strong on bars and floor. Rhode Island College again had some struggles on beam, and wasn’t quite as tight as they’re capable of on floor, though the team managed to improve on Saturday’s performance overall thanks to standout work from Allie DiBiase on vault and bars and Grace Davis on beam and floor.

AA: Hannah Stahlbrodt, Southern Conn., 38.675
VT: Alexandra Lesperance, Southern Conn., 9.600
UB: Hannah Stahlbrodt, Southern Conn., 9.650
BB: Jordan Peloquin, Southern Conn., 9.725
FX: Hannah Stahlbrodt, Southern Conn., 9.825

Whitewater 183.375, Winona State 182.650, Gustavus 180.525 [Results]

Whitewater was a little weaker than normal on Saturday, down a few points from their potential after a bad day on bars, where they fielded only five athletes, which forced them to count two scores in the 8.0-range on top of a 7.2, though Bailey Fitzpatrick and Abby Helmke did strong work there to put up a pair of 9.425s. The rest of the meet went much better, with Helmke also a standout on beam, specialist Lauren Marshall leading vault, and Franchesca Hutton and Vanessa Olinger looking fabulous on beam and floor.

Winona State made some improvements after a rough meet earlier in the week, with bars still the weakest, but beam and floor both went well. Kaitlyn West was a standout on vault and floor, Anna Hiller put up the top score on bars, specialists Cora Geiger and Kelly Johnston were great on beam, and Kennedy Utz was the top earner on floor. For Gustavus, bars and beam kept them from challenging the other teams, but Samantha Ardy was fantastic on both in addition to also looking strong on vault and floor to win the all-around. Amanda Malo struggled on beam, but was great on the other events, leading vault, bars, and floor for the team, and we saw great work from Brooke Merila on vault, beam, and floor.

AA: Samantha Ardy, Gustavus, 37.425
VT: Lauren Marshall, Whitewater, 9.575
UB: Amanda Malo, Gustavus, 9.475
BB: Franchesca Hutton, Whitewater, 9.650
FX: Franchesca Hutton, Whitewater, 9.600

Oshkosh 183.025, Eau Claire 179.175 [Results]

Oshkosh got the win at home with some overall strong work on most events, though the opening rotation on vault was a bit weak, with the highest scores just a pair of 9.05s from Amira Ali and Kaira Hammond. Hammond also led the team on bars and beam, winning the title on the latter, while Bailey Finin and Rahdea Jarvis were excellent on floor, and Jessica Bernardo did a super strong job in the all-around. Eau Claire got off to a pretty good start on bars, where Hanna Lewis put up the top score of 9.35 to win the title, but they struggled a bit on vault, seeing a pair of 9.1s from Lauralynn Anderson and Andrea Gessner as the top two. Despite returning for a mostly strong floor rotation, where Sydney Dame had the top score of 9.275, they then struggled through beam, seeing a 9.15 from Anderson and from Kiya Bjorge, but they just didn’t pull in big enough numbers from the rest of the team to make an impact.

AA: Jessica Bernardo, Oshkosh, 36.575
VT: Lauralynn Anderson & Andrea Gessner, Eau Claire, 9.100
UB: Hannah Lewis, Eau Claire, 9.350
BB: Kaira Hammond, Oshkosh, 9.550
FX: Rahdea Jarvis, Oshkosh, 9.625

Gustavus 180.275, Winona State 178.725 [Results]

This was a huge win for Gustavus on the road against a historically much stronger WIAC program! Led by all-arounder Amanda Malo, who was on fire from start to finish, the team showed some continued struggles on bars and beam, but they counted mostly strong scores on vault and floor to get the edge. Sophia Redding led the team on vault, Samantha Ardy was key on bars and beam, and in addition to Malo anchoring floor with a 9.4, we also saw great work from the early half of the lineup, including Brooke Merila, Jamie Erdely, and Samantha Tonjes. Bars and beam were the real downfall for Winona State, and they couldn’t make up for the mistakes on vault or floor due to some mistakes counted there as well. Kaitlyn West anchored vault with a 9.3 to lead the team there, while Sunny Hasebe had the top score on bars with a 9.225, the leadoff 8.95 from Megan Tran on beam was the best the team could put up there, and West came back to lead floor with a 9.4, sharing the title with Malo.

AA: Amanda Malo, Gustavus, 36.825
VT: Kaitlyn West, Winona State, & Sophia Redding, Gustavus, 9.300
UB: Samantha Ardy, Gustavus, 9.375
BB: Samantha Ardy, Gustavus, 9.150
FX: Kaitlyn West, Winona State, & Amanda Malo, Gustavus, 9.400


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