2019 Elite Canada Live Blog | Senior All-Around

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Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around competition at the 2019 Elite Canada, held in Gatineau, Quebec!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Ana Padurariu 55.591
2. Ellie Black 54.624
3. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 53.541
4. Victoria-Kayen Woo 52.249
5. Jade Chrobok 52.116
6. Jessica Dowling 51.758
7. Emma Spence 50.933
8. Isabela Onyshko 50.733
9. Laurie-Lou Vézina 50.499
10. Audrey Rousseau 49.933
11. Emily Walker 49.800
12. Myrelle Morin 49.774
13. Emma Milne 49.382
14. Ilka Juk 49.249
15. Gabrielle Deslauriers 49.066
16. Hannah Scharf 49.024
17. Amy Bladon 47.966
18. Mia St-Pierre 47.874
19. Quinn Skrupa 47.391
20. Laurie Gagnon 47.166
21. Megan DiPietro 47.049
22. Haley de Jong 46.900
23. Jordyn Ewing 46.849
24. Kiera Wai 46.824
25. Tehya Benjamin 45.233
26. Charlotte Chagnon 44.757
27. Jessica Balan 44.607
28. Amanda Pedicelli 44.357
29. Charlotte McDevitt 43.866
30. Xuan Patenaude 31.891
31. Laurie Denommee 25.008
32. Rose-Kaying Woo 23.950
33. Imogen Paterson 12.550
34. Lucia Jakab 11.475

7:59 pm. Ewing FX: Arabian double front, good! Just a little low with a hop but solid. Crashed tucked full-in onto a sting mat, landed on her head/hands/knees. Double pike is a little short. Double full to finish.

7:57 pm. Scharf BB: Awesome punch front. Missed a leap series after that, switch to switch half I believe is what she was going for. Beautiful side somi. She is the most underrated Canadian senior right now. Side aerial, leg slightly up, double spin, overcooks it a little and falls. Hit her jump series, just a back tuck dismount. Looked like she probably balked a double tuck to play it safe.

7:56 pm. V. Woo UB: Maloney to clear hip full, a little late, toe-on to bail to toe shoot, nice. Short handstand before clear hip half to piked Jaeger, blind full, double layout, suuuuper clean, just a little short on the landing, step forward.

Rousseau VT: Lovely and huge FTY.

7:55 pm. McDevitt FX: Did a double pike onto a sting mat, but landed with her heels up against the edge of the mat and TRIPPED OVER IT TO FALL BACK ONTO IT. The first sting mat drama I’ve ever seen. Also fell on her second pass. And then the last pass. 😦

7:52 pm. Ana’s bars D came in at a 6.0!! She got a 14.725 for that routine, and finished her day with a 55.591 to take the title, unofficially of course as things are wrapping up, but no one will catch up mathematically.

7:50 pm. Wai FX: Double pike, almost stuck, chest just down a bit. Ooh, she also has some really good choreo moments and movements. 2.5, a little short, big step to the side. Memmel turn, stumbles it around a little. Sits front layout to front full. Love her ending pose.

Morin VT: Solid FTY.

7:48 pm. Padurariu UB: Inbar half to piked Jaeger, nice, perfect handstand before piked Galante to Pak, lovely, Komova II to bail to Ray, YAS. Blind full, full-in, step back. Excellent, she looks thrilled! The piked Galante to Pak is a new connection, and the Komova II is a new skill for her. LOVE the upgrades.

7:46 pm. Vézina VT: Yurchenko full-on back pike, solid landing.

Balan FX: Double tuck, hop back. Solid double pike. Double full to finish was a tiny bit messy.

7:45 pm. Walker BB: Had a great leap series at the beginning, then a solid front aerial, bhs loso, and transverse split jump half. Side aerial, little bobble. Clean full turn. Off on a side somi after that. Double full with a hop back.

Jade Chrobok with a 52.116 to finish.

7:44 pm. De Jong VT: Omelianchik, crooked off the table, hop to the side OOB.

7:42 pm. Allaire-Bourgie VT: Yurchenko layout, solid and lovely. Gets a 13.0 there, and finishes her day with a 53.541, not bad for the junior, who should finish top three among the seniors!

R. Woo UB: Tkachev to Pak, missed feet on her toe-on and had to hop off. Back on for toe-on to van Leeuwen, short handstand before messy blind half, double front, sits it.

Deslauiers FX: Hit routine, what I saw was very nice!

7:40 pm. Juk BB: Press mount, gets a tiny bit stuck at first, arches over into a kind of planche, love that flexibility, full L turn, switch leap to switch side, wobble. Solid and clean bhs loso. Handstand right into an Onodi, awesome. Just a tiny bobble. Front aerial, little bobble, split jump to sissone, front full, hops out of it.

Isabela Onyshko finishes with a 50.733, highest non-vault score was a 12.6 on floor.

7:38 pm. Chagnon FX: Lovely choreo at the start! Rudi is a bit short. Double tuck is much better. OMG HER CHOREO IS FAAAAAAAB. 1.5. So much lovely work in there. Hit the last pass as well.

Chrobok UB: Maloney to Tkachev a little low, stalder to bail, nice! To toe-on to toe shoot. Solid double front at the end. Great work.

Saint-Pierre VT: I missed what she did, a front-entry I’m pretty sure, just a lunge back.

7:36 pm. Onyshko BB: Front aerial to switch half, lovely! Full Y turn to full turn. Double full dismount. I missed her flight series, but what I saw looked nice!

7:30 pm. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Ellie Black 54.624
2. Jessica Dowling 51.758
3. Emma Spence 50.933
4. Quinn Skrupa 47.391
5. Megan DiPietro 47.049
6. Tehya Benjamin 45.233
7. Ana Padurariu 40.866
8. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 40.541

7:28 pm. McDevitt BB: Candle mount. Bhs loso, bent knees, not in a straight line so she just kind of lands it on the floor. Switch to split leap, lovely, then a solid side somi. Transverse split jump half, side aerial with a fall. Full turn, wobble, gainer pike off the end.

7:26 pm. Benjamin FX: Double tuck, stuck cold! 1.5 to punch front layout, good, just some body form stuff in the layout. Front layout full.

7:24 pm. Wai BB: Front aerial to split jump, off on her flight series. Front layout full dismount. She was such a little beam prodigy a couple of years ago and she still has so much of what made her great then, just a little more nervous now.

Milne UB: Van Leeuwen, both hit. Caught her first release, then a nice Ray to Pak! Maloney, double layout with a hop, looks so happy!

Ellie Black finished with a 54.624! Not bad with a fall. That amazing vault carrying her through.

7:21 pm. DiPietro FX: 1.5 through to double tuck, stumbled OOB. 2.5 to front tuck. Crashed double pike at the end. 😦 Just kinda lost steam in getting that around.

Walker UB: Piked Jaeger, Pak, caught close but lovely in the air, toe half to toe shoot, short handstands, blind full, blind change to front layout half dismount, nice.

7:19 pm. Balan BB: Back tuck, little stumble back and then a fall. Hit a leap into a cat leap after that. Side aerial to side somi, love that combo, wobbles but holds on. Switch side, full turn, both nice. Hit the dismount.

7:15 pm. Black FX: Popa to start, then she goes for her front full through to triple full, DAMN! It actually looked pretty great! Double pike, hop back. Double full, fantastic.

Jakab UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, nice. Pak, came off on a van Leeuwen. Back on and gets the van Leeuwen this time, then a double front half-out with a bit of a lunge forward. She looks SO similar to Emily Schild!

7:12 pm. Skrupa FX: Nice arabian double front. Piked full-in, a little short but hit. Kind of crashed her double pike after that.

Juk UB: Floaty Tkachev! Toe full to Pak, legs bent and in a straddle basically. Toe-on to van Leeuwen, also bends her legs there. Toe half to front giant to double front, a little low, step back.

Jessica Dowling with a 51.758, Emma Spence with a 50.933.

7:10 pm. Onyshko UB: Clear hip full, a little late, Maloney to low Tkachev but gets it over, Hindorff, again pretty low, and too far over, fall. 😦 Back on for the Pak, van Leeuwen, both look good, toe half to front giant to double front, high, hop forward.

Chagnon BB: Came off on a front acro skill. Off again on her front aerial a few moments later. Hit the rest, nice double full dismount.

7:09 pm. Spence FX: Split jump full. 1.5 through to double tuck, solid! Stuck. Front tuck through to double pike, little steps back. Some great choreo moments. Switch ring to switch half. Finished with a 2.5, some form stuff but overall a solid routine, some of the highest difficulty of the day too.

Padurariu VT: FTY, super solid!

7:08 pm. Chrobok VT: FTY, hop back, some form errors but nothing major.

7:07 pm. Scharf UB: Khorkina to the high bar, hands slip and a hard fall onto her back. 😦 Caught her piked Jaeger and Ray to Pak, though!!! YAS. She’s going to Arizona State and I love her. Nice van Leeuwen, double tuck, high, little step back. Really too bad about that fall, the rest was solid.

Patenaude BB: Front aerial, little wobble, hit the flight series but off on a leap after that. Cut away from her at that point.

7:06 pm. V. Woo VT: FTY, excellent! Almost a stick.

7:05 pm. Dowling FX: I love that she is casually in third right now. Stumbled her triple full around, steps it over OOB. Clean wolf turn. Switch ring was nice, to switch half, a little short. I’m glad she kept this music, I love it. Stuck the double tuck.

7:04 pm. Gagnon UB: Maloney to bail, leg sep, to toe shoot, clean handstand before blind full, super low double pike but sneaks it around with a hop.

7:03 pm. Ewing BB: Wobbled on a side aerial, switch to switch half, wobble but another good save. Cut away from her after that.

6:59 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Ellie Black 41.358
2. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 40.541
3. Jessica Dowling 39.758
4. Emma Spence 38.600
5. Laurie-Lou Vézina 37.949
6. Megan DiPietro 36.983
7. Audrey Rousseau 36.233
8. Myrelle Morin 36.124

6:57 pm. Vézina FX: Memmel turn, a little short. Double pike, a little low in her set, but gets it around. Whoever is commentating (Brittany Rogers?) just said the exact same thing as me AS I WAS TYPING IT. Wizards. Front full, and then fell out of a turn after it. Good leap series. Love her little turns on the floor in her choreo where she’s on her toes and her knees are bent. 1.5, some messy legs and a lunge forward.

6:55 pm. I love “Ruin My Life” playing in the background lmao.

6:53 pm. De Jong FX: 1.5, comes out of it really low and awkward, still goes into the 2.5 but is underrotated and sits it. Arabian double front, a little low, step forward. Solid double tuck.

6:50 pm. Balan UB: Toe-on, Tkachev, a little low and long, sits it on the ground. Back on, does a piked Jaeger and Pak, toe shoot, toe front half dismount. Pretty good!! Just that fall.

6:48 pm. Black BB: Took out the leap series mount that caused her to miss a medal at worlds which is smart. That was the biggest punch in the face to my life. Double spin to full turn, break and a wobble but fights it and holds on. Punch front tuck, a little off, but holds on again. Layout series is solid, switch to switch half to back handspring, good. Side somi, little bobble. 2.5 dismount, little hop. Good! She has a triple full dismount in the works.

I think we’re missing Zoé Allaire-Bourgie on floor in the background. 99% sure that’s her music.

6:46 pm. Skrupa BB: Had a little wobble on a wolf turn, double tuck, a little short with a step.

Deslauriers UB: Short on a blind…half maybe on the high bar and just hopped off. Also sat the dismount.

6:44 pm. Saint-Pierre FX: Piked full-in, a little short and has to whip it around but stands it up. Double pike, lunge back to hold it. Front pike through to double tuck, a little short, kind of runs forward out of it.

6:42 pm. Juk VT: FTY, slightly piked, solid landing.

6:41 pm. Spence BB: Candle mount, solid double wolf turn, stag handstand tick tock into a bhs back pike, awesome. Split jump full, a little short, tiny stumble, cat leap to switch side, front aerial, slight check. Good side somi. Clean double full, solid landing. Good work.

6:40 pm Rousseau FX: Love her opening choreo! Her music is great too. Stumble back on her arabian double front. Cut away from her routine there.

6:39 pm. Onyshko VT: FTY, pretty good! Form looked solid, just a hop back.

6:35 pm. Dowling BB: Candle mount, a little shaky on the double wolf turn but good control for the most part. Split ring jump, solid bhs loso, front aerial, solid as well! Get it. Side aerial, leg up slightly, split jump to sissone is nice and clean. Ooh, gainer back double full off the end! Fantastic!

6:34 pm. Gagnon VT: Tsuk full, big air but landed a bit low and OOB.

Benjamin BB: Good acro series. Front layout full dismount. What I saw was good!

6:33 pm. Morin FX: Love a Gymnix floor. Double tuck, a little forward on her landing, skids out but holds it. Bends her knee a bit on her L turn. Double pike, lunge back but clean in the air. Switch ring to switch half, tidy. 1.5 to front pike, little hop forward. Great effort.

6:32 pm. Milne VT: FTY, step back, good work.

6:30 pm. DiPietro BB: Front aerial, tiny bobble, double full with a hop back. I only saw those bits but sounds like the whole routine was hit.

6:25 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Ellie Black 27.925
2. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 27.808
3. Ana Padurariu 26.966
4. Jessica Dowling 26.925
5. Emma Spence 26.200
6. Laurie-Lou Vézina 25.883
7. Jade Chrobok 25.466
8. Rose-Kaying Woo 25.133

Note that there are five rotation groups here so some gymnasts have only competed one event due to a bye!

6:22 pm. Allaire-Bourgie BB: Excited for this! Front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half, excellent. Side aerial, superb extension. Bhs lso loso, some tiny leg form issues and a little bobble at the end, but good recovery. Beautiful double spin, again with the tiniest bobble. Side somi to transverse split jump half, FAB. Just a little short with her chest when landing the jump. Only the second person I’ve seen connect those, her and Marine Boyer. Switch to switch half, wobble. Dismounts with a double full, clean, small hop. Lovely.

6:20 pm. Saint-Pierre BB: Candle mount, switch to split jump to back handspring, excellent extension and amplitude on her leaps. Side aerial, hip angle is at a super awkward angle and she has a fall. Transverse split jump half, too far forward and she falls again. 😦 Bhs back tuck, feet are a little to the side, third fall. Ughhhh. Full turn, good, switch half is steady. Double tuck, lunge back.

6:19 pm. We missed Emma Spence on bars but she got a 12.7 (4.8 D) so safe to say she hit!

Ana got a 13.133 on floor, Victoria got a 12.733, great scores for both.

6:15 pm. Rousseau BB: Candle mount, clean full turn, good bhs loso, leaps look mostly nice, side aerial, switch half, maybe just a tad shy on the latter but overall she’s doing very well. Double tuck! Excellent landing! Great job.

6:14 pm. V. Woo FX: Always love her floor routines. Her leaps were lovely. I may have missed an opening pass or two. Front tuck through to 2.5, not bad! Double pike, some slightly deep knees but very clean. Excellent job.

6:13 pm. Dowling UB: Ricna, lovely, toe full, Pak, Maloney to bail, arched over a little but good save, to toe shoot, full-in, little step. Pretty solid!

6:12 pm. Pedicelli BB: Wolf turn, foot slipped mid turn and she kind of split the beam, oof, at least it was from a low position! Side aerial to back handspring, little bobble, and then a bobble on her leap series. Transverse straight jump full, nice! Side somi, way short and she has a fall. Transverse tuck jump full, and a gainer pike off the end.

6:11 pm. Benjamin UB: Saw her come off in the middle of her routine. Got back on and hit a nice high double back dismount. Jared Goad coaching!

6:09 pm. Bladon FX: Double pike, good landing. Front handspring front full, split jump full. Knees could be a little tighter. Switch to switch half, a tiny bit short on the latter. Double tuck, some cowboying, step back. Double full, chest a bit down and some leg form, step back. Good work!

Looks like Laurie-Lou Vézina hit beam and Jade Chrobok hit floor.

6:08 pm. Morin BB: Side aerial to split jump, nicely connected. Good jump series after it. Front aerial, some leg form and landed in a lunge almost, bhs loso, again with the knee form but solid landing. Clean full turn. Nice side somi. Transverse split jump half, a bit short. 1.5, step back.

6:07 pm. DiPietro UB: Maloney to bail, some leg sep, arches over toe full and DOESN’T come off even though it was CRAZY. Damn!!! Toe shoot back to high, toe half with some bent elbows to Jaeger, arabian double front dismount, hop on the landing. That was an awesome fight of a routine.

6:03 pm. Padurariu FX: First floor routine since LAST year’s Elite Canada! Double pike, a couple of baby steps. A little downgraded from her full difficulty but that’s expected given the injury. tour jeté half to switch ring, love her music and choreo and expressions, this is fab. 2.5 to punch front to stag jump, nice. Clean double full to finish.

6:00 pm. Black UB: Maloney to Hindorff, great, nice handstand before the Shang, HUGE, way too much power and she falls. Hop change to piked Jaeger to Pak, a little close on the Jaeger, a little short on the handstand before the van Leeuwen, great handstand before the blind full, then a tucked toe front half, stuck.

5:58 pm. De Jong BB: Full turn, front aerial into a good jump series. Transverse split jump half, some knee form but solid there as well. Kochetkova, bhs loso with a little bobble. Good side somi. Good side aerial and front layout full dismount, great work!

5:53 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Ellie Black, Halifax ALTA, 14.700
2. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Gymnix, 14.075
3. Ana Padurariu, Gemini, 13.833
4. Quinn Skrupa, Brandon Eagles, 13.550
5. Emma Spence, Dynamo, 13.500
6. Megan DiPietro, Dynamo, 13.350
7. Jessica Dowling, Dynamo, 13.250
8. Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym-Fly, 12.950

Some other notable scores…12.766 for Jade Chrobok on beam, 12.6 for Isabela Onyshko on floor, Imogen Paterson with 12.55 on bars, Rose Woo went 12.0 on beam and her sister Victoria went 11.966, 11.7 for Audrey Rousseau on bars.

5:51 pm. Gagnon FX: Ooh, looove the opening to this routine. Triple full, lands it about a half twist short, and then like, stumbles the rest around. Double tuck, a tiny bit low, little hop. Switch ring to switch full. 1.5, lands it so far back on her heels and still tries to punch out of it, was a yikes moment, but she landed the punch front tuck on her butt. Love her ending pose.

5:50 pm. Rousseau UB: Maloney, misses connection, extra swing into the bail, which is a little arched, to toe shoot. Form on the Maloney was lovely though. Toe full, leg break, to Tkachev, low but somehow got that combo despite the mistakes. Blind change also ahs some leg breaks, toe front tuck dismount, she’s the one I saw in the background before who got a ton of distance…she releases SO early and goes SUPER low and long on that. Issues in there but I love her, she’s so freaking elegant, glad to see her back.

5:48 pm. We missed Imogen Paterson on bars but she came off laughing which I’d guess is a good thing.

5:44 pm. Padurariu BB: Candle mount, triple wolf turn, wobbly throughout the last of the three turns but holds on. Switch ring, back knee is a tad low, side aerial loso loso is super solid. Queen. Switch half, clean. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, lovely. Switch leap to sheep jump, tiny bobble, some knee form stuff, but overall it was nicely connected and looked strong. Double pike, oof, looks like she’s short so she compensates by pulling up on her chest which causes her to kind of run back out of it and she sits it. GRRRRRRRR.

Flo is uploading routines that they’re not showing so I’ll go back and watch a few that we’re missing at some point tonight! We missed Jade Chrobok on beam earlier.

5:42 pm. R. Woo BB: Punch front, nice. Bhs layout, a little piked but solid. Switch ring, back leg isn’t there at all. Nice turn. Side somi, little wobble. Transverse split jump half, a bit short. Front aerial, switch half, big bobble on the latter and the skills aren’t connected. Sissone to wolf jump as her jump series. Just a layout dismount, injured her Achilles last year so makes sense.

5:40 pm. Morin UB: Maloney to Pak, clean. Short on the toe half. Squat-on jump to high bar. Double pike dismount, hit.

Walker FX: The craziest music I’ve ever heard. There is random screaming. LOVE. Double tuck, kinda runs it back OOB. Hit the double pike a little short. 1.5 to front pike, also a little wild on the landing, goes OOB again I believe. Double full, a tad short, but just a hop.

5:39 pm. Someone in the background on bars just got about 50 feet of distance on her tucked toe front dismount.

5:36 pm. Black VT: Daaaaamn, 14.7 for the first vault! I’d give it to her for the improvements alone. Tsuk 1.5 for her second vault, not the cleanest or most controlled on the landing but again, lots of power. Super happy about that.

Juk FX: Solid double pike to start. Hit the rest.

5:35 pm. Vézina UB: Ray, toe half to Ezhova, cool. Toe-on to clear hip hecht, always fun. Blind full, clear hip hecht back tuck dismount, good work, just some form stuff in there.

5:33 pm. Black VT: Handspring front layout full, actually looked much bigger than usual?! Looks like someone’s training a Rudi…hop forward, leg form actually looked better than usual as well! Like that was pretty squatted at worlds too and she was pretty upright in that landing. Rudi is coming for sure.

We missed Mia St-Pierre on bars and Jessica Dowling on vault.

5:31 pm. Onyshko FX: Double tuck, looked a little rough. Split jump full. Front tuck through to double full, stuck, pretty solid in the air. I like her music. Ooh, Memmel to illusion, looked like she almost overdid the Memmel. Nice leap series after that, switch ring was the first. Double pike, oof, her sets are SO low!!! I was almost surprised to see her get it around but hey, she did. Just short.

De Jong UB: I missed the beginning, looked like she missed something into her Pak, Maloney to bail after that, bent her legs on her toe full and came off.

5:30 pm. Skrupa BB: FTY, not bad, hop back.

Denommee BB: Layout series, good. Solid! Switch leap. A little short on a transverse jump. Front aerial to split jump to Korbut, a tiny bit crooked but solid. Side aerial. Wolf jump to sissone. Side somi had a bit of a wobble but she fought well. Just a layout dismount, she’s scratching vault and floor so probably not fully back from her injuries.

It seems the stream started out giving you the option to pick which event to watch but now you’re forced to watch the main stream which is kind of a bummer.

5:29 pm. Allaire-Bourgie UB: Weiler half to Maloney to super clean Pak to toe-on to van Leeuwen, excellent!!! WOW. Clear hip to blind full to blind change to piked Jaeger, wow. Just shy on the last handstand, goes for just a double tuck, cheats a stick.

5:28 pm. Spence VT: Just going with the FTY today, some soft knees and a hop back but solid power in that vault.

5:27 pm. V. Woo BB: Bhs loso, missed feet, fall. Also a wobble on a transverse jump. Stumble on her double full as well after that. Side aerial was good. 2.5 dismount with a hop.

Scharf FX: I missed almost all of this because they keep switching the feed away from her.

5:25 pm. It’s the first women’s elite meet of the season, y’all!

11 thoughts on “2019 Elite Canada Live Blog | Senior All-Around

  1. Vezina’s dismount brought up a question I’ve had for ages – are gymnasts even allowed to dismount from the low bar these days? By which I mean, could someone “bring back” Mukhina’s dismount as a Pak to clear hip hecht back tuck? Ugh, I’d love to see it done, even if it isn’t actually allowed.


  2. oh my god Ana Padurariu is gonna kill it this yearrrrrrrrrrr
    Also I hope I can see Ellie’s vault
    I’m so ready for canadian greatness this year (last year they were great already)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s the same bar routine Padurariu did at worlds and she’s been doing the piked Galante to Pak connection for almost two years (debuted 2017 nationals).


    • Oh yeah, I remember her doing the piked Galante to Pak at worlds, but she didn’t always connect the two before that (I think the goal was to connect but it didn’t happen often). Last summer she was doing the piked Galante, and then a kip cast to handstand, and then an inbar to bail to stalder to Ray. And the Komova II transition is new. I thought she did a Maloney at worlds but that could’ve just been my vantage point from my seating area in Doha. Prior to worlds she usually had a D score of around a 5.4 so all of her big changes are still pretty new if not brand new.


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