The 2019 Oklahoma vs Florida Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the No. 2 Florida Gators at the No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:36 pm. The 49.825 on floor is the Sooners’ highest score ever on floor, naturally!!!

Oklahoma wins 198.325 to Florida’s 198.025. And it wasn’t even a really great meet for either team on beam or floor so ya know.

In addition to Olivia Trautman winning vault and Nicole Lehrmann winning bars, Maggie Nichols and Alyssa Baumann tied for the beam title, and Jade Degouveia, Olivia Trautman, and Brenna Dowell tied on floor, with Olivia Trautman taking the all-around title with a 39.725.

9:33 pm. Trautman FX: Double layout, huge, super controlled lunge. Front layout to front full to split jump, excellent! Double tuck, perfect. Okay, this is gonna get a 10 if the last two got 9.975s. Fantastic job. OU is going to be close to a 50 on floor hahahahahahahaha. Oh, and she goes 9.975, so they have three 9.975s and two 9.95s. 49.825 I mean OKAY JUDGES

9:32 pm. Baumann BB: I wasn’t typing during the beginning but she hit everything beautifully, then switch to switch half, superb full turn. 1.5 stuck a bit deep, effortless routine. 9.975

9:30 pm. Dowell FX: Dowell, jumps it into a lunge. BLESSED. HER TOE POINT IN THAT PASS. 1.5 to beautiful front layout. Front layout to front full, almost holds that landing for a second to prove that she stuck it before doing the stag. That was better than Degouveia’s but for some reason Brenna doesn’t score as well? She better get a 15. 9.975

9:28 pm. Thomas BB: One-armed bhs into her loso, beautiful. Front aerial to wolf jump is solid. Full turn, clean. Double full, tiny scoot back. 9.925

9:26 pm. Degouveia FX: I missed typing during most of this but she hit her first two passes supremely well. 1.5 to front full, ankles on the last pass were a bit weak but overall a solid routine. 9.975

9:25 pm. Gowey BB: Switch leap to split jump. Bhs loso loso, tiiiniest bit crooked at the end but it doesn’t even cause her to bobble. Just adjusts her feet. Front aerial to sissone. Gainer full, little shuffle back with one foot. Perf. 9.9

9:24 pm. Draper FX: Whip half to Rudi, solid! 1.5 to front full is MUUUUUCH better than previous weeks. Switch to switch full. Her best routine by far, good way to get them back on track. 9.95

9:22 pm. Boren BB: Front toss, bhs loso, big break and then a fall. WHY. Great jump series. Cat leap to gainer layout stepout, then a solid full turn. Cartwheel to gainer full, nice. 9.25

9:20 pm. Showers FX: Double pike, nice set, jumps into a controlled lunge. Punches into a Rudi for her second pass, looked pretty clean. Whip half to punch front, lands on her heels and stumbles back to her butt, OOF. “It didn’t look like a fall but people who watch gymnastics know it was!” Kelly lmao what are you saying. 9.325

9:18 pm. Hundley BB: Front aerial to sissone, lovely. Bhs loso, also pretty solid. Cat leap to switch side, great. Full turn is also solid. 1.5 dismount, came off a little early it seemed, didn’t get the punch she needed, but still looked fab and stuck it. 9.925

9:16 pm. Webb FX: Hit her opening pass well, just stepped into her dance. 1.5 to front full after that. Second leap in her leap pass is a bit short with flexed feet. Rudi is good to finish. 9.95

9:14 pm. Skaggs BB: The Fox Sports graphics have Scaggs and Hunley competing. CLOSE! Who needs their actual name? Lovely double wolf turn. Switch to split jump. Bhs loso is super solid. Cat leap to side aerial to layout full, landed on her toes with her chest at horizontal. 9.875

9:05 pm. Oklahoma leads Florida by 148.500 to 148.425 going into the final rotation!


9:02 pm. Baumann FX: I missed the first pass aside from the landing but I think it was a double tuck maybe? Solid landing though. 1.5 to front full, kind of wonky on the landing but tries to cover it up with dance. Double pike, pretty much stuck cold. 9.95

9:00 pm. Nichols BB: Front aerial to split jump, lovely. Bhs loso, flawless. Full turn, tiny check. Switch leap to split leap. 1.5 stuck cold. Gorgeous. She did have that check on the turn and a judge gave her a 10. The other judge was like okay I want to give it a 10 too but come on, we have to like, follow some sort of code, right? 9.975

8:59 pm. Thomas FX: OMG HER CHOREO IS THAT SHE’S A MUMMY UNWRAPPING HERSELF, SCREAMING. Huge beautiful double layout. Front full front lay to stag, lovely. Suuuuper high insane double pike, a baby bounce on the landing, “and then she turned into a beautiful butterfly.” KELLY. 9.95

8:57 pm. Webb BB: Full turn, beautiful bhs loso. Cat leap to front aerial, looks like she has it, and then a break at the hips. LAWD. WHERE’S BRENNA??? Brenna should be in this lineup. Good leap series. Hit the dismount well. 9.875

8:55 pm. Boren FX: Huge double layout, tiniest adjustment in her landing. 1.5 to front layout, steps out into choreo. Love the performance after that. HUUUUGE open double tuck. GOD give it a 10. They hate me. 9.9

8:53 pm. Showers BB: Bhs loso, break at the hips, slight check. Beat jump to split jump full, solid. Switch leap, splits the beam, HAHAHAHAHA right down into her choreo, I’m crying, that’s should actually get bonus because she split the beam SO PERFECTLY. I’m calling it a split jump to cross straddle. Screaming. Beat jump to Korbut and stuck gainer full. 9.575

8:51 pm. Reed FX: Huge double layout, PERFECT landing into a superbly controlled lunge. Switch full to wolf jump. Front handspring front layout Rudi, suuuper clean, just some ankle stuff in the Rudi. Double pike, the tiniest bit short, but that was fantastic. 9.925

8:49 pm. Woodard BB: Full turn, solid. Side aerial to back handspring, solid. Front toss, a little awkward on the rotation, but she just takes a little bobble, nothing super serious. Nice scale after that. Switch to split jump to beat jump. Side aerial to stuck layout full. Beautiful! 9.85

8:47 pm. Hundley FX: Whip to double tuck, a tiny bit short but she covers it up well. Doubel pike, mostly controlled lunge but dances out of it. Love her switch straddle half into a front support. 1.5 to front layout, also not fully controlled on that landing but she’s SO good at covering those landings with dance. 9.875

8:46 pm. Lehrmann BB: Full turn, bhs loso is crooked and when she goes in for the Korbut, she’s nowhere near where she needs to be to catch the beam. Fall. Hit her leap series after that, then a front aerial, break at the hips, gainer full with a hop back. 9.225

8:44 pm. Johnson-Scharpf FX: Double pike, stumbled back OOB. Brings the sass after that pass, love. Front layout to front full to stag, the stag was a good cover for a hoppy landing. Switch full into a Shushunova, love. Double tuck, super controlled on the landing, into a lunge. 9.55

8:42 pm. Trautman BB: Super solid bhs loso. Cat leap to switch side. Front toss, tiny bobble. 1.5 with a beautiful landing. 9.925

8:37 pm. Oklahoma goes 49.725 to match Florida’s top bars score in the country from last week. The second half of OU’s bars lineup was truly golden, but unfortunately Florida’s anchors on vault were two of the weakest tonight which was odd to see. Too much adrenaline is what it looked like to me.

Oklahoma has the lead at the halfway point with a 99.3 to Florida’s 98.825.

Olivia Trautman wins vault with a 9.95, and Nicole Lehrmann wins bars with a 10.

8:36 pm. Nichols UB: Huge Ray, Pak, toe-on to van Leeuwen, beautiful. Perfect handstand before giants to double layout, stuck cold with feet apart. Yeah, we’re gonna get another 10. Nope, 9.975!

8:35 pm. Thomas VT: Yurchenko 1.5, super lovely in the air, but a big hop back and to the side. 9.775

8:34 pm. Lehrmann UB: Lovely straddle Jaeger, bail caught in a PERFECT handstand, good last handstand, stuck the full-in cold. It’ll probably get a 10 though it did have a few teeny tiny adjustments. But we all know those don’t count in a top 5 program. Yep, I was right! Our first 10

8:33 pm. Boren VT: Yurchenko 1.5, legs come apart in the air when she pops off the table, and she has a bit of a stumble on the landing. KELLY WANTS HER TO DO A YURCHENKO DOUBLE BACK LULZ. 9.65

8:32 pm. Dowell UB: Ray, tiny arch in the handstand before the toe-on to bail, double layout, clean, with a tiny hop back. 9.925

8:31 pm. Schoenherr VT: Yurchenko 1.5, sat it last week but this week she sticks it COLD. Just leg sep on the pre-flight and her hips/knees are a little loose, but solid landing for her. 9.9

8:30 pm. Thomas UB: Straddle Jaeger, bail is okay, just a little sway in her back, double layout, a little off in the air, little hop. 9.925

8:29 pm. Reed VT: Yurchenko 1.5, tonnnnns of power, a little wild on the landing with a big step forward.

8:28 pm. Trautman UB: Toe-on to big Tkachev, nice, bail, bent her arms and had leg separation, that was a weird mistake, good save though. Double layout with a little hop back. 9.875

So far Florida isn’t quite as good as Oklahoma on vault and Oklahoma isn’t near as good as Florida on bars.

8:27 pm. Chant VT: Tsuk full, big hop back. 9.825

8:26 pm. Webb UB: Huge Pak, van Leeuwen is also good, toe half to double front half-out, step back. Love how casual that dismount is for her. 9.9

8:25 pm. Cheney VT: FTY, big hop back. 9.775

8:18 pm. Sooners go 49.575 on vault, just shy of their top score so far this season even without Maggie Nichols, which is nuts to see what this team is capable of at full strength.

Florida with a 49.675 for that epic bars rotation, also exactly 0.05 shy of their team high just like the Sooners.


8:17 pm. Skaggs UB: Tkachev to Pak, double layout is floaty and stuck. Lovely. This was a killer bars rotation for the Gators. 9.95

8:16 pm. Dowell VT: Yurchenko 1.5, huge and solid in the air, just a tad overrotated with a hop forward. “That hop is NOT OKAY.” KELLY 9.9

8:15 pm. Schoenherr UB: Toe half to Jaeger, toe-on to bail, tiny adjustment, great handstand before blind full to double tuck, high and stuck with her feet apart. 9.925

8:15 pm. Trautman VT: Yurchenko 1.5, excellent! Huge and stuck. 9.95

8:14 pm. Thomas UB: Maloney with great lift to clear hip to Pak, beautiful. Perfect handstand before toe-on to van Leeuwen, she’s like “hi I’m still elite.” Arched over handstand super slightly, double layout with a solid landing. Really just that handstand at the end. AHAHAHAHA one judge gave her a 10 with that handstand GOD BLESS I love this meet. 9.975

8:13 pm. Stern VT: Yurchenko 1.5, isn’t as tight as the others in the air with her knees, and also has a step forward on the landing. 9.825

8:12 pm. Hundley UB: Maloney to Pak, lovely. Toe-on to van Leeuwen, tiniest ankle separation but barely noticeable, full-in, big, solid landing! 9.925

8:11 pm. Degouveia VT: “She is really turned on.” KELLY WHAT. Yurchenko 1.5, almost stuck, just slides her feet a bit, huge and gorgeous in the air. GOD this vault rotation is in-freaking-sane. Just leg sep on the pre-flight which you can’t see super well form the side angle, but we got it in the front-on view in the replay. 9.9

8:10 pm. Gowey UB: Ray, good, toe-on to Pak, tiniest leg stuff in the Pak, but not severe. Dobule layout, chest down a bit but otherwise a good routine. 9.875

8:09 pm. Webb VT: Yurchenko 1.5, also big and lovely, another tiny baby bounce in place. 9.925

8:08 pm. Boren UB: Caught her release and bail with no problems, solid. Double layout a little close to the bar, little tiny bounce on the landing. 9.9

8:07 pm. Lehrmann VT: Yurchenko 1.5, big and lovely, just a tiny bounce in place. 9.9

8:06 pm. Aww, yeah, doesn’t look like Maggie is vaulting. Just bars and beam I think. According to the sideline reporter, Maggie “had no sissy fits” when she was injured. ?!?!?! Same

8:00 pm. So excited for this meet! I went to Florida at Oklahoma in 2015 and it was one of the most amazing meet experiences I’ve had.

Anyway, I REALLY need Maggie and Trinity in the all-around. I hope Maggie is healthy just for me to live this dream.


7 thoughts on “The 2019 Oklahoma vs Florida Live Blog

  1. This meet was the worst case of crack scoring I have ever witnessed. Are both teams in th outstanding category. Absolutely but that judging was beyond egregious. What is the point of ranking teams when this offensive farce is allowed to continue. What are we to do. Raise the top score to 11? This was a great meet and the athletes did their jobs. Now it’s time for the judges to do theirs. When the situation becomes this obvious ncaa needs to step in and address it. Interesting that it occurred on Super Bowl weekend suppprting a game that has been tainted by pathetic referring. Are the actual division winners even competing. This is how I’m beginning to feel about the post season meets. Is it already decided who will be in the final 4. It certainly looks that way. We have seen routines equally performed by other teams but not equally rewarded. I’m so tired of 10’s being handed out to special “protected” athletes. To use the word of the past few years. “Is it collusion.” It is certainly seeming that way. Word to judges. “Clean up your act or get out”. Don’t let ncaa Gymnastics become the next comical sport. Don’t let it be the next professional wrestling. Don’t let it become TRASH!


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