NCAA Week 7 Preview and Schedule


Maya Bordas of Cal

We’re more than halfway through the regular season now (how how HOW?!) and this week is a BUSY ONE, including a bunch of big neutral quad meets.

We’ll get two sessions of the GymQuarters Invitational in Missouri on Friday, featuring Iowa State (No. 23), Lindenwood (No. 42), Texas Woman’s (No. 54), and S.E. Missouri (No. 73) in the afternoon and then in the evening, we’ll get an awesome battle between Utah (No. 4) and LSU (No. 5) to see how these two compare when matched head-to-head for the first time this season, with Missouri (No. 15) and Stanford (No. 26) also taking part.

The Perfect 10 Challenge will also be held Friday night in Oklahoma City, featuring competition from top-ranked Oklahoma, Pac 12 programs Washington (No. 18) and Arizona State (No. 19), and George Washington (No. 35).

UCLA (No. 3) is back home on Saturday after a few weeks on the road, hosting Arizona (No. 25), which could be a good time for them to play with some of their depth before the season gets even crazier. Also in the Pac 12, we’ll get a great match between Oregon State (No. 12) and California (No. 14) in Corvallis on Sunday night, with both teams really stepping it up over the past few weeks making this a must-watch this weekend.

Though a couple of SEC programs will take part in these quads, Friday Night Heights will still be going strong, with Florida (No. 2) traveling to Alabama (No. 9), Georgia (No. 7) hosting Kentucky (No. 13), and Auburn (No. 11) hosting Arkansas (No. 21).

In the Big Ten, Minnesota (No. 16) hosts Maryland (No. 31) on Friday while Michigan (No. 8) travels to Penn State (No. 24), Nebraska (No. 17) travels to Ohio State (No. 22), Illinois (No. 38) travels to Iowa (No. 39) for what should be a super close battle on Saturday.

One of my favorite meets this weekend will be between two of the most underrated teams – and MRGC rivals – Boise State (No. 10) and BYU (No. 20). Both teams are capable of similar potential scores if they hit, and with the action happening in Provo, where the judges have been extra enthusiastic this season, I am so excited to watch this one.

And of course, we can’t forget the now sixth-ranked Denver – the highest in the program’s history! – which will compete at home this week, hosting Illinois State (No. 60). It’s going to be an easy win for the Pioneers, but Denver is now only about a tenth back from reaching the top five, and with the way they’ve been competing in recent weeks, if they continue pushing, this might just be the week they make it happen.

The full schedule for week seven is below. All times listed are ET, the first team listed is the host team, and we’ll update any links as they are updated on each program’s schedule. Once the meet is finished, we’ll add the results. Enjoy!

6:30 pm Ithaca 189.925, Cortland 187.125 Results
3:00 pm Lindenwood 195.275, Iowa State 193.675, Texas Woman’s 190.725, S.E. Missouri 188.500 Results
6:00 pm Stout 185.800, Gustavus 184.775 Results
6:30 pm Bowling Green 194.375, Towson 193.025 Results
Eau Claire 182.750, Hamline 182.525 Results
7:00 pm Central Michigan 195.050, Eastern Michigan 192.750 Results
Georgia 197.300, Kentucky 197.225 Results
West Chester 192.675, William & Mary 192.525, Rhode Island College 182.825 Results
7:30 pm LSU 197.250, Utah 197.075, Missouri 196.475, Stanford 195.850 Results
La Crosse 189.000, Winona State 183.150 Results
8:00 pm Auburn 197.100, Arkansas 196.175 Results
Oklahoma 198.075, Washington 196.250, Arizona State 195.650, George Washington 194.975 Results
8:30 pm Florida 197.325, Alabama 196.475 Results
Minnesota 196.850, Maryland 195.325 Results
9:00 pm Boise State 197.175, BYU 196.900 Results
Southern Utah 196.575, Temple 194.050 Results
10:00 pm New Hampshire 194.800, San Jose State 194.400, Sacramento State 192.725 Results
Air Force 194.200, Seattle Pacific 192.600, Oshkosh 189.100, Whitewater 185.025 Results
1:00 pm Brockport 190.000, Cortland 184.025 Results
2:00 pm Michigan State 195.425, Rutgers 194.100 Results
4:00 pm NC State 195.850, North Carolina 193.700 Results
Nebraska 196.400, Ohio State 195.750 Results
Michigan 197.075, Penn State 194.750 Results
5:30 pm UCLA 198.025, Arizona 194.975 Results
7:00 pm Illinois 195.650, Iowa 195.400 Results
8:00 pm Denver 197.625, Illinois State 193.375 Results
1:00 pm Northern Illinois 195.700, Ball State 194.700 Results
Pennsylvania 193.025, William & Mary 192.850 Results
Southern Conn. 192.075, Ithaca 189.950, Springfield 188.100 Results
West Chester 191.725, Ursinus 182.800 Results
Utah State 196.075, West Virginia 195.575, Pittsburgh 195.100, Cornell 193.075 Results
Western Michigan 195.025, Towson 193.100 Results
Yale 193.775, Brown 191.950 Results
2:00 pm Kent State 195.800, Bowling Green 194.075 Results
3:00 pm Lindenwood 194.000, Texas Woman’s 193.850 Results
LSU 197.650, Missouri 195.475 Results
4:00 pm New Hampshire 196.025, UC Davis 195.525 Results
UIC 195.100, S.E. Missouri 185.550 Results
5:00 pm Oregon State 196.950, California 196.150 Results

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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