2019 Cottbus World Cup | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2019 Cottbus World Cup, held in Cottbus, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Fan Yilin, China, 14.800
2. Anastasia Agafonova, Russia, 14.733
3. Yin Sisi, China, 14.566
4. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, 14.266
5. Kim Bui, Germany, 14.100
6. Anastasia Iliankova, Russia, 13.833
7. Amelie Morgan, Great Britain, 13.766
8. Sophie Scheder, Germany, 13.666

Fan Yilin also joints the perfect 90 club!


1. Liu Yang, China, 15.133
2. Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 14.866
3. Artur Avetisyan, Armenia, 14.833
4. You Hao, China, 14.833
5. Vahagn Davtyan, Armenia, 14.825
6. Courtney Tulloch, Great Britain, 14.666
7. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, 14.366
8. Takuya Nagano, Japan, 13.733

Liu Yang gets his perfect 90!

10:42 am. Kim Bui, Germany, UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger to Pak, some leg form on the Pak. Maloney to Bhardwaj, a little close with some leg form, van Leeuwen, toe full, arched, into a Gienger, double pike with a baby step.

10:38 am. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, SR: Maltese, down to iron cross. Kicks down into an inverted hang, then swings up to handstand, nice control. Double pike up to wide handstand, quite short, to maltese to inverted hang, really nice planche, to handstand, step back on the double double. Some little things in there but really solid overall.

10:36 am. Anastasia Iliankova, Russia, UB: Off right away on her Shang. Got a good grip but couldn’t manage. Tkachev half to Ezhova to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, good, short handstand before her toe full, way arched, into her full-in, stuck with a slight adjustment. 13.833 (6.4, 7.433)

10:33 am. Liu Yang, China, SR: Maltese, into a hang that he presses up to a perfect handstand. Double pike up to an iron cross, really tight planche, double tuck to maltese, honestly a perfect transition. Into an iron cross. TURNS HIS HIS HEAD AND CRACKS HIS NECK LIKE YEAH. I’M BORED. WHAT’S NEXT? Love a cocky boi. Perfect handstand. Double double, a little short with a big step. Well, that routine was so golden until the dismount, he’s got this. 15.133 (6.4, 8.733)

10:31 am. Anastasia Agafonova, Russia, UB: Komova II to clear hip full, nice handstand, to piked Tkachev to Pak, good. Another good handstand before the van Leeuwen, inbar half to piked Jaeger, nice, short handstand before the inbar full to full-in, step back. 14.733 (6.4, 8.333)

10:28 am. Courtney Tulloch, Great Britain, SR: Again still can’t really type but am watching. SUPER  aggressive salto skills up into his planche. That was very nice from what I saw. 14.666 (6.2, 8.466)

10:25 am. Amelie Morgan, Great Britain, UB: Apologies, my groceries guy got here right when she started this routine so I was watching but couldn’t type. Overall it looked REALLY strong to me, had a terrific Bhardwaj! 13.766 (5.8, 7.966)

10:22 am. Takuya Nagano, Japan, SR: Iron cross through to maltese, inverted hang to wide-arm handstand, WAYYYYY short but kinda pulls it back. Saltos to iron cross, maltese through to iron cross, down into a hang that he presses to a pike, stumbles back the double double dismount and rolls out of it. Rough. 13.733 (6.3, 7.433)

10:20 am. Sophie Scheder, Germany, UB: Stalder full to Chow to bail to toe full, a little short and she tries to pull up but ends up arching a bit WHILE still being short, toe half to van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger, toe half is a bit short, full-in stuck. Some little fights in there, but good recovery. 13.666 (5.5, 8.166)

10:17 am. You Hao, China, SR: So I thought they weren’t letting him do rings anymore because . they wanted Lan Xingyu to do it? But alas HERE HE IS. He’s leading the rings rankings right now, but his teammate Liu Yang is a bit stronger and is expected to qualify this way. I wasn’t typing through this but I think he had what was basically the equivalent of a rings fall? I saw him miss a handstand and then like, wildly swing through it. Double double layout dismount was a bit rough as well. 14.833 (6.5, 8.333)

10:15 am. Yin Sisi, China, UB: Blind change to Ling to Healy to piked Jaeger, very nice! Clean Pak, great handstand after into her Maloney to Gienger, blind change to Healy half, very nice, into her Fan dismount. Stuck. GORG. 14.566 (6.1, 8.466)

10:11 am. Artur Avetisyan, Armenia, SR: Starts with a maltese into an iron cross. Goes down into an inverted hang then back up to iron cross. Swings up to handstand, good, double pike to double tuck to maltese, angles looked good from what I could see. Planche, arches quite a bit on the handstand after it, full-twisting double layout, excellent landing in terms of his chest position. Baby step. 14.833 (5.9, 8.933)

10:08 am. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, UB: Good handstand before the Chow to Pak to Maloney to clear hip full, good! Just rushes a little bit on the last skill. Tkachev half to Jaeger, gets it! Just low in her amplitude on the Jaeger. Toe full, mostly in vertical, maybe a LITTLE late, and then a full-in with a hop. Really solid! She just rushes a little and that’s where most of her deductions come from. A lot of her form is lovely. 14.266 (6.0, 8.266)

10:06 am. Vahagn Davtyan, Armenia, SR: Starts with a nice planche that he swings through to a maltese, love that for him. Into an iron cross. Arms bend a bit going into handstand which is a little shaky and he doesn’t really hold it long enough. More iron cross and planche work, and he finishes with a full-twisting double layout dismount. 14.825 (6.1, 8.725)

10:03 am. Fan Yilin, China, UB: Lovely first handstand, toe full gets a bit arched into the Komova II to Pak to Chow to Gienger, that series was beautiful. A little short on the handstand before the toe half into her Ling to Healy straight into her eponymous dismount, a front half-in double back. Mostly gorgeous. Just little things to clean up. 14.800 (6.4, 8.400)

9:59 am. Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, SR: I haaaate that he’s going first. Swings through to a maltese right away, then a pike salto through to iron cross. First handstand is pretty solid. Holds it for nine hours. A little shaky on a planche. Swings into a maltese then down into an iron cross with his hands open. Double pike up to a pretty arched handstand, and he’s swinging a little bit. UGH, a big stumble on a low double double dismount. It’s okay, ruin my dreams. 14.866 (6.3, 8.566)


1. Yu Linmin, China, 14.649
2. Teja Belak, Slovenia, 14.216
3. Yesenia Ferrera, Cuba, 14.199
4. Ayaka Sakaguchi, Japan, 14.066
5. Makarena Pinto, Chile, 14.016
6. Maria Paseka, Russia, 13.883
7. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, 13.866
8. Angelina Radivilova, Ukraine, 13.699

Yu’s 30 points here add to her 30 points from Melbourne, giving her 60 to jump into second place. This was a super important finish for Belak, who gets 25 points and increases to 49, and Paseka had a rough day, but still gets 14 points to increase to 59.

I believe the rankings for vault are now Carey, Yu, Paseka, Tjasa Kysselef, and then Belak.


1. Weng Hao, China, 15.000
2. Kaito Imabayashi, Japan, 14.966
3. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 14.866
4. Harutyun Merdinyan, Armenia, 14.733
5. Thierry Pellerin,  Canada, 14.600
6. Robert Seligman, Croatia, 14.433
7. Tan Di, China, 14.433
8. Stephen Nedoroscik, United States, 13.700

Weng adds another 30 points to  his collection to reach a perfect 90! Imabayashi adds 25 points to increase to 64.

9:41 am. Yesenia Ferrera, Cuba, VT: DTY, a little short, big lunge forward. Actually pretty solid in the air. One of the better ones here in that sense. But the landing will be costly. 14.266 (5.4, 8.866)

Lopez for the second vault, some form things but again pretty solid. 14.133 (5.2, 8.933)

Average is a 14.199 for bronze!

9:38 am. Kaito Imabayashi, Japan, PH: Wooowwwwww his transitions are mostly absolutely GOOOOOORGEOUS, it’s artistry. Gets into some flair work, a few little things, but that was beautiful. I want Weng Hao to get his 30 points but I think this was a higher-quality routine…but I have literally no idea what his D will be so who knows. It’ll be close? I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE CLOSENESS. 14.966 (6.7, 8.266)

9:34 am. Maria Paseka, Russia, VT: Oh boy, here we goooooo. Amanar, straddled in her pre-flight, rushed in the air, soft knees and hips, short on the landing, big lunge to the side OOB and off the mat. 14.300 (5.8, 8.800, -0.3) Literally not a clue how her E score is what it is. Especially in comparison to  other vaults.

Cheng is a full-blown mess. She is somehow straddled, tucked, and hip-piked throughout, and lands it basically in a ball on the mat. Hands down. The Paseka! 13.466 (6.0, 7.566, -0.1)

Average is a 13.883, off the podium

9:33 am. Weng Hao, China, PH: BEAUTIFUL routine from start to finish. So clean and so fluid. The Japanese team watching him on the side agrees. They had some very expressive moments whilst  watching. Mostly like “wow.” Anyway, great work. 15.000 (6.6, 8.400)

9:28 am. Yu  Linmin,  China, VT: Starts with a Cheng, her angle onto and off of the table is insanely off, and her form in the air isn’t GREAT,  but it’s still one of the better non-American Chengs right now in terms of not being FULLY TERRIFYING. Lands it with her feet apart. 14.766  (6.0, 8.766)

Does the tsuk double full next, nice body position in the air in terms of her hips for the most part, just loses leg form and takes a step forward on the landing. 14.533  (5.6, 8.933)

9:26 am. Tan Di, China, PH: Scissor work transitioned nicely into his circles. Lost leg form for literally one billionth of a second but brought it back super well. Travels smoothly. Lovely work. 14.433  (6.2, 8.233)

9:22 am. Angelina Radivilova, Ukraine, VT: DTY! Not awful…just a bit low on the landing and she loses her leg form in the second twist. DOESN’T EVERYBODY?! Big step to the side OOB. 13.833 (5.4, 8.533, -0.1)

Second vault is the Lopez, wild legs on the pre-flight and she has some leg and hip form going on in the layout as well. 13.566 (4.8, 8.766)

Average is 13.699

9:20 am. Harutyun Merdinyan, Armenia, PH: REALLY aggressive routine! A few moments where he got a bit low and lost leg form, but nothing super majorly wrong. 14.733 (6.3, 8.433)!

9:16 am. Teja Belak, Slovenia, VT: Handspring front layout full, pretty good! Very solid. Small step to the side, may have gone OOB. Yeah, she did. Really just soft knees when she comes into the landing. And maybe her hips could be a bit straighter. But one of  the better front layout body positions tbh.  14.233 (5.4, 8.933, -0.1)

Does a beautiful stuck Yurchenko 1.5 for the second! Excellent. Right down the middle. Leg form was actually pretty great on that. 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)

Average is a 14.216 to take the lead!

9:13 am. Stephen Nedoroscik, United States, PH: Smooth and steady at the start. Nice one-hand swing, Oof, has quick hand work on his Russians I believe, but loses his rhythm, and kind of tumbles off. Back on for his travels and a  good dismount. Bummer about the fall, I really like him on this event. 13.700

9:10  am. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, VT: DTY, pretty good in the air in her first twist! Loses her leg form in the second though. Just a big slide back on the landing. 14.166 (5.4, 8.766)

For the second, she does a Yurchenko half-on back pike, a little rushed, big hop back and chest down on the landing. Good for her becoming one of the best German WAG vaulters this year! 13.566 (4.8, 8.766)

Average is 13.866

9:07 am. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, PH: Pretty clean in his transitions early on, hip angle got a little soft at one moment but he stretched out later on. A few skills are soft, actually…and then he loses his leg form near the end but gets it back under control to dismount. Good recovery. 14.866 (6.6, 8.266)

9:03 am. Ayaka Sakaguchi, Japan, VT: DTY, not bad! Not the most powerful, but pretty clean, just a slight step back. 14.433 (5.4, 9.033)

Second vault is a tsuk full, stuck! Just a little piked coming in for the landing. Very nice work. 13.700 (4.8, 8.900)

Average is 14.066.

9:02 am. Thierry Pellerin, Canada, PH: Another good routine! Tbh I wasn’t paying super close attention but he looked very clean. 14.600 (6.2, 8.400)

8:58 am. Makarena Pinto, Chile, VT: Handspring front tuck 1.5, step back OOB, pretty open tuck, and her legs were mostly clean. Maybe tucked them a second too early. 13.900 (5.2, 8.800, -0.1)

Second vault is a tucked tsuk double full, interesting! Form is a bit weaker there, as is the landing, but she’s again pretty open in her tuck. Would be cool to see her lay both of these out someday. 14.133 (5.6, 8.533), oh wow, they gave her the layout for that? I mean…cool.

14.016 average

8:57 am. Robert Seligman, Croatia, PH: I came in a little late to this but saw that he hit everything and looked pretty good while doing it! 14.433 (6.1, 8.333)

8:54 am. Back for pommels and the women on vault!

8:43 am. Rankings-wise, Minami enters the rankings with 30 points, and Skinner enters with 20. Zapata adds another 25 to his total, but he already has two 30s and a 25, so his total remains 85 and he stays put as the leader.

Ignatyev, Frey, and Prokopev are all entering the rankings for the first time, while Van Wicklen gets 12 points to increase his total to 28, moving him into the top 10.

For those who got points from qualifications, Tomas Rodrigues gets 10 to enter the rankings, Rok Klavora gets 8 to increase his to 38, Yahor Sharamkou gets to increase his to 13, Jorge Vega gets 6 to increase his to 22, and Yunus Gundogdu enters the rankings with 5.


1. Kazuki Minami, Japan, 15.100
2. Rayderley Zapata, Spain, 14.800
3. Hayden Skinner, Great Britain, 14.533
4. Nikita Ignatyev, Russia, 14.466
5. Andrin Frey, Switzerland, 13.733
6. Kirill Prokopev, Russia, 13.366
7. Colin Van Wicklen, United States, 13.333
8. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, 13.166

8:35 am. Hayden Skinner, Great Britain, FX: Front full to randi, good. Casual jog into his 3.5, a little messy, small hop forward. Double double, a little low but not bad. Small hop. 2.5 to front…double full? I think. 3.5 to barani! UGH, underrotates the triple, low landing and a big step over. 14.533 (6.5, 8.033)

8:33 am. Colin Van Wicklen, United States, FX: Piked double front half-out, a little low, hop back OOB. I missed the second pass, something to a front full maybe? I didn’t see the beginning of the first element. I may have missed the pass after that as well somehow? Yeah I think I did. But I saw that he hit. 2.5 to barani in the replay. Double full side pass is clean. 1.5 to front full, a little low, hop back. Arabian double front, also a little back on that one, hop back. 13.333 (5.5, 8.233, -0.4)

8:29 am. Kazuki Minami, Japan, FX: Triple double! Step back. Then a 3.5 and a 2.5 to front full. 1.5 to randi. A twisty boy! 2.5 to front double full I think? Damn. And an easy triple to finish. Well then. VERY clean on everything. 15.100 (6.6, 8.500)

8:27 am. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, FX: My small boy! Double front half-out, a TAD  low, but really nice landing. Really aggressive run into his front layout to randi. Double double, bounces back and he’s still twisting a teeny bit. 2.5 to front full, hop on the landing. 1.5 to Rudi. NOOOOOOO, comes up so short on his triple and puts his hands down. Then the arena blasts “I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT.” Same. 13.166 (6.2, 7.066, -0.1)

8:24 am. Kirill Prokopev, Russia, FX: I wasn’t typing for the first two passes, the first was something into a randi, maybe a front full? Yes, just confirmed that in the replay, he was pretty short with a step forward. Then he hit the second pass, a 3.5 to barani which was super weird directionally and he went OOB. 2.5 to front full, sat it. Double double, better than the first three I think. Double full. Triple full, good. 13.366 (6.2, 7.266, -0.1)

8:21 am. Nikita Ignatyev, Russia, FX: Piked double front with a little scoot forward. 1.5 to double front, a bit cowboyed and wild on the landing, big step into the corner. Front double full to front full, solid enough on the landing. Double full side pass. 2.5, beautiful and stuck cold! Not the most difficult but that landing on the last pass was SO good, I never want to see a gross crunchy triple again. Stuck 2.5s for everyone! 14.466 (5.8)

8:18 am. Andrin Frey, Switzerland, FX: Double double, really solid landing. Piked double front half-out, chest a bit low, scoot back. Double front, a little wild on the landing but gets it back under control. Front double full to front layout, good. 2.5 to barani is also good. Hit the side pass, and then quite short on his final pass, a triple full, big low step out of it. Tbh, he was kind of a surprise into this final, so good for him for making it. 13.733 (5.8, 7.933)

8:16 am. Rayderley Zapata, Spain, FX: Oh boy, I’m gonna be rusty and we’re starting with this legend? Double front full-in half-out, then a front full to piked double front. Piked double front half-out. Landings are pretty decent. Double front half-out, just some leg form. Double full for a side pass. 2.5 to front full. Double layout with a little scoot back. THAT was what he needed. 14.800 (6.5, 8.300)!

8:15 am. Okay, we’re through the introductions/lineup and should get started any second!

8:14 am. The announcer just said “für Österreich” aka “for Austria” for a Swiss dude. Same thing.

8:13 am. Okay, we had one million hours of nonsense with introductions and small children doing this.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 8.04.09 AM

But now I think we’re ready to go.

8:01 am. I’ll give a teeny recap of qualifications before each event. Up first is men’s floor, which Kazuki Minami led on Thursday with a total of 14.866 points, ahead of Kirill Prokopev of Russia with a 14.666 and then Milad Karimi of Kazakhstan with a 14.533.

I’m hoping Rayderley Zapata can increase his score from qualifications, where he had a 14.100, though he’s capable of much higher.

Of the eight guys in the final, only Karimi isn’t eligible to earn Olympic qualification points today because he qualified via world championships.

I’m going to try to keep up with updating points throughout the meet and will link to the rankings after each event.

Oh, and that’s Weng Hao in the header picture, FYI. Hoping he can get that perfect 90 today!

16 thoughts on “2019 Cottbus World Cup | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

    • Basically anyone can still get it, and if another gymnast gets a 90 on bars, it’ll come down to a tie break. I don’t think there’s anyone who can realistically do it who’s still eligible to earn Olympic points. Sunisa Lee is the only other one capable of showing up and winning the next three world cups with scores that could potentially beat Fan Yilin’s scores to win the tie-break…but with Sunisa, she’d then also have to win the tie-break against Jade Carey on vault since only one-per-country can qualify through the apparatus world cups. But if Jade didn’t exist or if Sunisa’s bars scores were higher than Jade’s on vault, she could very well show up to Melbourne, Baku, and Doha, get a few 15.2s, and then snag the series title and get a spot. Not at all going to happen, haha, but hey.


      • Lauren, on the 6001st page of qualification rules it says that you do not compare scores between different events. Only the points/ranks. First, average points in all world cups attended, not only the three counting. Second, average rank in qualification in all world cups attended. Within one event, yes, scores.


        • Thank you! I hadn’t heard that before but then someone told me about it today on Twitter…that makes sense since VT/UB score so much higher than BB/FX, it really wouldn’t be fair . to compare scores.


      • So what can Eleftherios do to get a spot? He can try to reach 90 points by winning gold at a next Cup and then they will compare scores between the top gymnasts?
        Is that the same for Epke?
        I can’t imagine Olympic Games without these two… 😥


      • So the same also applied to Petrounias, right? If he goes to the next 3 world cups and wins them all he will be tied for first with 90 points and then a tie-breaker would come into play. He could still qualify to Tokyo (though it’s looking ridiculously hard now)


        • Yup! It looks insanely hard for him, Liu Yang looks SOOOOOO good, and with a better dismount, Liu could come a solid half point ahead of Petrounias so I think we’re gonna end up seeing a lot of Liu in first and Petrounias in second, sadly.


    • I think she needs to worry about Yu Linmin, who can very well get a 90 and oust Jade if Jade doesn’t attend another world cup. I thought Jade was going to Melbourne…but if I were her I would want to guarantee a 90 on at least vault.


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