2019 Cottbus World Cup | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2019 Cottbus World Cup, held in Cottbus, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Hidetaka Miyachi, Japan, 14.933
2. Ilias Georgiou, Cyprus, 14.166
3. Alexey Rostov, Russia, 14.166
4. Colin Van Wicklen, United States, 14.033
5. Hu Xuwei, China, 12.733
6. Zhang Chenglong, China, 12.666
7. Randy Leru, Cuba, 12.166
8. Audrys Nin Reyes, Dominican Republic, 11.866

8:15 pm. Hidetaka Miyachi, Japan, HB: I’m afraid I’m not gonna type fast enough for this. Opens with the Miyachi, then the Bretschneider. Cassina, Kolman, WOWEEEEE. FANTASTIC. Stalder, stalder half, Endo, damn he is SOOOOOOO FAST but I’m afraid he’s losing lots of E for rushing. Full-twisting double layout with a hop. 14.933 (6.4, 8.533)

8:12 pm. Audrys Nin Reyes, Dominican Republic, HB: Oh my GOD LMAOOOOO LORD. EVEN HE’S LAUGHING SO I DON’T FEEL BAD BUT LMAOOOOOO. Went for a Cassina, didn’t get the rotation all the way around, basically landed it on his back/shoulder against the bar, somehow held on for a second and got turned around before falling, goodness that was a mess. But a funny one. Bless him for laughing. No way that skill will be even close to credited though. Hop full when he gets back on, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle to mixed grip, hands hop into L grip, loses his leg form when he goes back to regular, stalder, DDLO with a hop forward. 11.866 (4.8, 7.066)

8:08 pm. Ilias Georgiou, Cyprus, HB: Stoop half, Cassina, very nice! Kolman, good as well. Layout Tkachev. Straddle Tkachev. Blind change to L grip, does some front giant work but nothing super fancy, full-twisting double layout with a step. Fabulous little routine! 14.166 (5.6, 8.566)

Glad THAT jumped ahead of Rostov, and on a tie-break. VINDICATION.

8:04 pm. Randy Leru, Cuba, HB: Clear hip, goes for a huuuuge Liukin but can’t quite get his hands around the bar. Just kinda taps his fingers before falling hard. Triple Tkachev series, straddle to layout to straddle mixed grip, one-arm front full, stoop half, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, Endo, blind change, stalder, and a double layout full-out, stuck. The routine as a whole was BEAUTIFUL. So slow and steady. 12.166 (5.5, 6.966, -0.3)

Another penalty, probably for taking his time to re-mount.

8:00 pm. Zhang Chenglong, China, HB: Layout Kovacs, then a hard fall on his Cassina after that. OOF, that looked rough. Back  on for a Kolman, then a huge layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed, front pirouette work, and a stuck but low-ish DDLO dismount. 12.666 (5.7, 7.266, -0.3)

I don’t know what the penalty is for…possibly related to taking a long time to re-mount after his fall?

7:57 pm. Hu Xuwei, China, HB: Starts in mixed grip, swings over into regular, Liukin! Nice. Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, stalder Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed, gets a bit wild and crazy on his handstands after and eventually breaks his rhythm completely and rests on the bar for a second. Dismounts with a DDLO with a big hop back. 12.733 (6.3, 6.433)

7:55 pm. Alexey Rostov, Russia, HB: Cassina, legs are a mess, Kolman is better. Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip to his front giant work. Stoop half, legs are a bit messy. Overall his front work is a little rough. Yamawaki. Stalder. Double layout full-out with a big hop back. 14.166 (6.3, 7.866)

Okay, I know his D is a lot higher than Colin’s, but for them to be separated by just a tenth overall, it’s kinda rude. That was a mess. RANK THE ROUTINES BETTER.

7:54 pm. Colin Van Wicklen, United States, HB: Yamawaki, Kolman, nice. Layout Tkachev. Straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, goes into his front giant work there, including a full pirouette on one arm. Stalder. Double layout full-out with a solid landing. Great work! 14.033 (5.5, 8.533)

7:53 pm. Jumping ahead to high bar now!


1. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 13.533
2. Kim Bui, Germany, 13.500
3. Lara Mori, Italy, 13.400
4. Claudia Fragapane, Great Britain, 13.366
5. Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Poland, 13.233
6. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 12.833
7. Denisa Golgota, Romania, 12.166
8. Angelina Radivilova, Ukraine, 12.100


1. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 15.400
2. You Hao, China, 15.400
3. Vladislav Poliashov, Russia, 15.366
4. Lukas Dauser, Germany, 15.166
5. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 14.766
6. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 14.666
7.Andrey Likhovitskiy, Belarus, 14.233
8. Brinn Bevan, Great Britain, 14.200

7:50 pm. Oleg  Verniaiev, Ukraine, PB: Arched over at the very beginning, but the rest is pretty tight. Especially his single rail transition. Walks it back over to both rails. Tippelt, huge Bhavsar after. More transitioning between the bars. Stuck the double front half-out. Fab. 15.400 (6.7, 8.700)

7:43 pm. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, FX: Omg her opening choreo is so silly and SO Tisha. I didn’t realize she did “Hot Honey Rag” dance break from Chicago, LOVE IT. Double tuck to front tuck, really solid. Triple spin, usually she does a quad to double so keeping it simple here. Her choreo is SO cute. Is this the routine she had at worlds?! Next pass is a 1.5 to front full I think but I didn’t pay super close attention. Good landing. Maybe some leg form on both. Double turn in front attitude to illusion. Little Charleston choreo. Double full with a hop back. Switch half. Huge stumble around on what I think was supposed to be a quad turn. 12.833 (4.8, 8.033)

7:42 pm. Vladislav Poliashov, Russia, PB: There’s a baby crying in the background.  Who brings a baby to these things? Unless it’s Jagna, Jagna can stay and cry if she wants. Pretty good work so far, does both a Tippelt and then a Bhavsar. Big straddle salto, practically into his dismount, fab routine. Very fluid and clean across the board. 15.366 (6.5, 8.866)

7:38 pm. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, FX: Tucked full-in, little hop. Arabian double front, I could see some toe point in there! Good landing. Memmel turn to full pirouette, switch ring to split ring leap, GORGEOUS. Love how sassy she is, but in a not “in your face” kinda way. Hit the next pass, I think a double tuck or a double pike, I blanked out for a sec. Leaps into the corner before her last pass, a double tuck, good landing there. 13.533 (5.1, 8.433)

Okay, that was good, but Kim Bui’s was literally transformative (and a bit cleaner on the tumbling I thought). I would’ve given this one to Kim.

7:36 pm. Andrey Likhovitskiy, Belarus, PB: Tippelt near the start, short on a transition to the single rail, inbar cast to handstand is nice, hit the dismount. I feel like he did like zero skills? But hey, he hit. 14.233 (5.5, 8.733)

7:31 pm. Kim Bui, Germany, FX: Double layout, beautiful in the air and excellent on the landing! Double tuck is super clean, small hop back. I like a lot of her choreo too. Tour jeté half. 2.5 to front pike stuck cold, GORGEOUS. Wowee. Switch leap to switch full. Double pike just the tiniest bit forward on the landing. Absolutely beautiful performance. I CRY. 13.500 (5.1, 8.400)

7:29 pm. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, PB: Front salto up to handstand, holds it forever. A little loose in a pirouette transition after that, and short on a subsequent handstand. Some tiny hand adjustments. Ono looked nice. Single rail transition back to both, then another one-arm pirouette, Double front half-out with a little scoot. 14.766 (5.9, 8.866)

7:26 pm. Lara Mori, Italy, FX: Whip to full-in, bounces it back OOB. Switch ring to switch side half. Memmel to illusion, not bad! 2.5 to front layout, leg form is a bit rough on both. Triple full, again with some leg form but good rotation. Hit a leap after that. Double pike, a bit low, big lunge out of it. Not her best, but not bad either. 13.400 (5.6, 7.900, -0.1)

7:24 pm. Lukas Dauser, Germany, PB: One-arm full pirouette to a half, nice series. Some little adjustments on a single rail transition, maybe a little arched in the handstand out of it as well. Overall doing pretty well, though…really pretty work mostly. Double front half-out to finish is solid. Just a small hop back. 15.166 (6.4, 8.766)

7:21 pm. Claudia Fragapane, Great Britain, FX: Full-twisting double layout, really low landing, knees buckled a bit. Double layout is also pretty buckled, to stag. Tour jeté half to switch half into a cool dive. Arabian double front, a bit low there too, but better than the first two. Double pike, low set but still gets it around. #ShortPeopleWins Hit another leap before finishing. 13.366 (5.7, 7.666)

7:18 pm. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, PB: One arm pirouette to a one arm half, nice. Arched on his transition to the single rail, good transition out of it. Legs fall all over the place on a transition after that, though. Then arched on the next skill too. A little rough so far. Another one-arm full pirouette. Stuck the double front half-out. 14.666 (6.6, 8.066)

His face when he sees his score LOL I’m pretty sure he’s kinda like “yeah no that should not be my score, I deserve MUCH lower” hahahahahaha. Bless him.

7:15 pm. Denisa Golgota, Romania, FX: Full-in, good. Arabian double front, step forward, maybe OOB but I can’t really tell. Switch full is good. Double turn in front attitude is a bit stumbled around. Double pike, good landing. Double wolf turn, a little iffy. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Double tuck fully crashed. UGHHHH. Was just about to say how it’s so good that lowering her difficulty helped her hit. Feet didn’t even hit the floor I don’t think, similar to Radivilova’s fall. Random dab at the end, okay then. 12.166 (5.2, 6.966)

7:12 pm. Brinn Bevan, Great Britain, PB: WHAT IS THIS FACIAL HAIR SITUATION? I’M SCREAMING. Front pike to handstand, clean. Single rail transition, handstand after that is  a little short. More pirouette work between the bars. Big straddle salto. Tippelt is clean, Ono out of it. Hop cast to handstand, then lost his leg form on a half pirouette to handstand after that. Good fight to straighten them back out again. Hit the dismount a little short. 14.200 (6.2, 8.000)

7:08 pm. Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Poland, FX: A pink animal print leo for the Pink Panther! 2.5 to a beautiful front pike, awesome start. Arabian double front to stag. Quad spin! Tour jeté half to switch full I think? I’m honestly still so mad she wasn’t at worlds. Front double full is excellent. Double turn in front attitude, loses control a bit there, but this routine was fabulous. 13.233 (5.2, 8.033)

7:05 pm. You Hao, China, PB: Front salto right up into a handstand to start, then a double tuck to his arms, followed by a double pike also to his arms. Jam-packed. A salto with a twist, then a back pike, he’s POPPING OFF on salto skills. Bhavsar, Tippelt, slow and steady. Stuck the double front half-out. That was a very exciting routine. 15.400 (6.9, 8.500)

7:03 pm. Angelina Radivilova, Ukraine, FX: Memmel turn to start. 1.5 through to triple full, just a lunge back OOB. Not bad! Arabian double front right to her bum, I don’t think her feet even came out from under her, just went right smack down. Hit a leap series after that. Double pike, good landing. Switch ring to split ring leap. 12.100 (5.3, 6.900, -0.1)

7:02 pm. Just jumped ahead of all of the medal ceremony business so I’m going to get right into the women on floor and the men on p-bars!


1. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, 14.849
2. Audrys Nin Reyes, Dominican Republic, 14.754
3. Yahor Sharamkou, Belarus, 14.749
4. Hidenobu Yonekura, Japan, 14.650
5. Tseng Wei-Sheng, Taiwan, 14.583
6. Shin Jea-hwan, South Korea, 14.549
7. Jorge Vega, Guatemala, 14.483
8. Colin Van Wicklen, United States, 13.783


1. Urara Ashikawa, Japan, 13.700
2. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, 13.533
3. Li Qi, China, 13.400
4. Emma Nedov, Australia, 13.366
5. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 13.300
6. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, 12.433
7. Sophie Scheder, Germany, 12.300
8. Ayaka Sakaguchi, Japan, 12.000

6:54 pm. Jorge Vega, Guatemala, VT: Oof, handspring randi, but he’s way low and underrotated, a real ankle-crusher there. His feet are facing sideways. 100% shouldn’t be credited as a 2.5 but they did anyway. 14.500 (5.6, 8.900)

Does the kaz 1.5 next, much better landing, just a step forward. Maybe a little rushed throughout but still a solid vault. 14.466 (5.2, 9.266)

Average is a 14.500

6:50 pm. Li Qi, China, BB: Switch leap mount, good. Switch leap, little stumble. Wolf jump to sissone is good. Roundoff layout, almost too much power I think? Stumbles on the landing but holds on. Front aerial, wobbles, misses another connection. Hits the jump into an Onodi into a stag ring jump. Just a bit nervous today it seems. But still looks great. Side aerial, little wobble and a break at the hips. Korbut. Love her kick up choreo to get back to a standing position. Back-to-back transverse jumps, EXCELLENT on the connection there. Clean, stuck double full. Nervous and rough with the connections, but goodness she’s still fantastic. 13.400 (5.8, 7.600)

6:47 pm. Audrys Nin Reyes, Dominican Republic, VT: OOH LORD, tsuk full-in, practically to his knees. Big lunge forward as well when he stands up out of it. 14.708 (6.0, 8.808, -0.1) THAT E SCORE LMFAO ok

Up next is a suuuuuper high Dragulescu, a bit messy and rushed with a big lunge back, but the height on that was fab. 14.800 (5.6, 9.200)

Average is a 14.754, currently second!

6:44 pm. Ayaka Sakaguchi, Japan, BB: Side aerial to layout stepout, just opens up weird for the second skill. Still gets it, though. Double spin is good. Switch ring, solid, back leg could be better. Hit a jump series after that. Really nice straddle form. Front aerial, misses a foot, but barely bobbles. Transverse split jump half, also solid. I can see why she broke a 14 in qualifications. She’s super precise. Side somi, little wobble. God, she’s gonna fall on the dismount, isn’t she…yup, goes for the triple full, underrotates it a bit, stumbles it back and sits it. THE WOOOOORST. 12.000 (5.2, 6.800)

6:40 pm. Shin Jea-hwan, South Korea, VT: Kaz double full, almost overrotates it actually, uses a big step back to control it. GORGEOUS in the air though. 14.666 (5.6, 9.066)

A handspring front double full for his second vault, I can’t believe this is only a 5.2 in MAG, rude. Deep landing with a big hop forward but again pretty nice in the air. 14.433 (5.2, 9.233)

Average is a 14.549

6:37 pm. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, BB: Bhs bhs layout, FANTASTIC series overall in terms of how solid it was, though her layout shape and leg form will get deductions. I love that Diana is a legit beam worker now. Switch ring, really solid. Switch leap to sissone, she’s working super aggressively and looks very confident. Full turn. Front aerial to split ring jump to split jump, fantastic! Side somi, just slightly forward. Split leap to side aerial, maybe her legs are a little low on the leap. Double full, clean and solid on the landing. THAT was a damn ROUTINE! 13.533 (5.4, 8.133)

6:34 pm. Tseng Wei-Sheng, Taiwan, VT: Tsuk double pike, his pike is actually a little open, insane for this vault! Just a hop back really. Overall excellent. 14.900 (5.6, 9.300)

Second vault is a Roche, pretty good, rotation was excellent as is his chest position on the landing, just cowboys near the end and takes a hop forward/to the side. 14.266 (5.2, 9.166, -0.1)

Average is 14.583

6:31 pm. Urara Ashikawa, Japan, BB: Middle split mount. Lovely bhs loso. Hit a jump series after that, wolf to sissone. Side aerial is also solid. Transverse split jump half, super clean. Switch leap to sheep jump, suuuper fluid and well-done. Side somi with her legs extended, the only way a side somi should be done. Overcooks the double spin slightly and loses control a bit but quickly gains it back. Triple full! Excellent rotation and landing. Fist pumps for herself, AS SHE SHOULD. 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

6:28 pm. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, VT: Suuuuper high Dragulescu, I’m always like “WOW HE COULD DO A TRIPLE FRONT” and then remember…he did. But damn, that block. Lands just a little off-center and has to hop his way back over. 14.766 (5.6, 9.166)

Tsuk double pike for the second vault, pretty freaking excellent. His pike shape is GORGEOUS. And the landing is fab. Brilliant work. 14.933 (5.6, 9.333)

It honestly doesn’t seem fair that this vault’s execution was only four tenths higher than Yonekura’s second vault. Vault differentiation is actually stupid.

Average is a 14.849!

6:24 pm. Sophie Scheder, Germany, BB: Does a simple mount, then goes right into her bhs loso, tries to land it kinda lunged but her back foot doesn’t get where she needs it and she doesn’t have a prayer of staying on. 😦 Front aerial, full turn, slight hip adjustment. Switch leap to switch half, soft knees on the latter. Side aerial, a little underrotated, little checks as well. Side somi, chest a bit forward. Transverse split jump half is pretty good in terms of her body position throughout. Gainer layout with a little hop. 12.300 (5.0, 7.300)

6:20 pm. Hidenobu Yonekura, Japan, VT: Here we gooooo. He’s gonna bring the big guns. Kaz 2.5, INSANE. Actually probably a quarter short but he had one of his feet facing forward so they’re gonna give it to him. Hops around that other little bit. In the air he’s also crossing his ankles a bit. 15.100 (6.0, 9.100)

His second vault is the handspring randi, also insane. Leg and hip form aren’t the greatest and he’s lacking control on the landing, stumbles it to the side and off the mat. 14.200 (5.6, 8.900, -0.3)

Averages a 14.650

6:17 pm. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, BB: Back dive to candle mount, does a little kicky choreo out of it, cutesy. Front handspring front tuck, little step. Switch leap, GREAT back leg extension. Misses the connection to the switch half, so she does that into a split jump. Good cover. Front aerial, slight check, split ring jump to back handspring. Just a few issues with her connections today. Split leap to side aerial, lands it on her toes before planting her feet. Switch ring, back foot is flexed, full turn. Double tuck, small step forward. 13.300 (5.7, 7.600)

6:14 pm. Yahor Sharamkou, Belarus, VT: Goes for the kaz 1.5 for his first attempt, ankles in the air aren’t the greatest, but he has a pretty solid landing, and tons of power throughout. Bends his knees on the landing to really absorb it and only takes a wee hop in place. Maybe bent them a TAD too early, though. 14.533 (5.2, 9.333)

His second vault is the Dragulescu, DAMN! EXCELLENT landing there, absolutely nails it. I’d say stuck. Let’s see the replay…tiny wee baby step, and chest just slightly forward, but yes that was nice. Kicks out into the half twist so quickly. 14.966 (5.6, 9.366)

Average is a 14.749

6:11 pm. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, BB: Layout stepout mount is very good. Bhs loso loso is also pretty solid, tiny adjustment. Switch to switch half to back handspring, lovely. She’s very underrated on this event in general. Side aerial. Full turn to sissone, good connection there. Side somi, just a tiny bit back on her feet but no problems landing it. Transverse split jump half, UGH, chest way too far down and she can’t hold on. That’s rough, this was SO good. Double full to finish. SO CLOSE. 12.433 (5.3, 7.133)

6:06 pm. Okay, I was able to get it on my phone. Moving onto beam in like one second.

NEVER MIND, that’s not working. Does anyone happen to have a YouTube link? Otherwise going to try to keep refreshing on my computer…


6:04 pm. Hold on like two minutes, the stream replay on my computer is freezing every one minute so I’m trying to pull it up either on youtube or on my phone!

5:59 pm. Colin Van Wicklen, United States, VT: Starts with a Dragulescu, gets a ton of height but can’t get the half twist all the way around so he lands a quarter short and then can’t hold onto the landing, stumbles it back and crashes. 13.433 (5.6, 7.833)

Second vault is a kaz 1.5, gets a ton of power but is slightly short/awkward on the landing, and has to take a big step out to the side. 14.233 (5.2, 9.133, -0.1)

Average is a 13.783

5:55 pm. Emma Nedov, Australia, BB: Mounts with a back dive to chest stand, clean. Bhs bhs layout, excellent! Really solid on all elements in that series. Front aerial to split jump to sissone is also very tight in the connections. Transverse split jump half, a little short, but no real balance issues. Switch leap, little step forward out of it. Switch ring, back leg is maybe a tad low but this isn’t a great angle for that. Full turn. Punch front is fantastic. She’s crushing it. Double pike, rotates it a bit slow and so she’s a bit under when she lands, step forward to control it. Overall a great routine. 13.366 (5.4, 7.966)

5:54 pm. Starting with beam and men’s vault!

The good thing about live blogging on something that already aired is that I can jump past the long medal ceremony delays. PRAISE.

5:50 pm. Hey! So this isn’t actually a live blog from the second day at Cottbus. But I wasn’t feeling well so I chose to sleep in this morning, though being a bit nuts, I didn’t want to have the first blog up but not the second so you’re GETTING a second live blog, just ten hours after the fact. Enjoy?

8 thoughts on “2019 Cottbus World Cup | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

  1. Lara Mori is getting real close to that perfect 90, right? How many more competitions before Jade really needs to make a decision about this world cup route?


    • Lara’s getting close to the top spot on floor, but she’d have to win the next three competitions outright to get a perfect 90 (her other scores right now are three 25s, so even if she wins two more and drops two 25s and adds two 30s, she’d still only be at 85, so she’d really need to win the next three).

      Jade is likely going to qualify on vault, so floor doesn’t matter all that much for her if Lara does get ahead of her there. I can see Jade topping both vault and floor, and then qualifying through vault, which would then open up the floor spot for Lara, who is looking most likely to get it.


  2. How is it decided whether Jade takes the top spot for vault or floor.

    With my brief understanding of the process it doesn’t seem very fair to the second placed vault athlete


    • So initially the FIG said once she qualifies on vault, which comes first in the order of competition, she would no longer be eligible to win the floor series title. So her winning vault will automatically qualify her to the Olympics via the vault series title, and then her points for floor become invalid. I’m not sure if they changed things, but this way of doing things makes sense to me because then there is no “deciding” which event qualifies her.


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