2020 Elite Canada | Junior Qualifications Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the junior all-around and apparatus qualifications at the 2020 Elite Canada, held in Calgary, Alberta!

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4:43 pm. DAY 1 STANDINGS

1. Clara Raposo 51.616
2. Maya Zonneveld 49.632
3. Cassie Lee 49.349
4. Ava Stewart 48.899
5. Rébéka Groulx 48.749
6. Alicia Wendland 48.566
7. Rylee Miller 48.065
8. Sydney Turner 48.032
9. Bailey Inglis 47.899
10. Charlie-Ann Barbeau 47.516
11. Aurélie Tran 47.166
12. Amy Jorgensen 46.599
— Jenna Sartoretto 46.599
14. Zoé Cotnoir 46.283
15. Kahlyn Lawson 46.199
16. Marie Millette 45.832
17. Jenna Lalonde 45.749
18. Virginie Therrien 44.983
19. Jayne Carvell 44.899
20. Alexa Tucker 44.782
21. Kiora Peart-Williams 44.516
22. Jada Yip-Janniere 44.499
23. Reese Grolla 44.349
24. Maya Peters 43.832
25. Evie Astle 43.798
26. Jordanna Phillis 43.716
27. Marisa de Groot 43.633
28. Jenna Timmons 43.632
29. Natasha Lopez 43.532
30. Malayna Ramos 43.366
31. Éva-Rose Lupien 42.232
32. Ella Mayerhofer 42.183
33. Grace Slaunwhite 41.282
34. Elizabeth Noble 41.132
35. Athena Hutchinson 40.149
36. Ava-Lee MacLean 39.232
37. Sofia Spadafora 32.383
38. Jordis Kliewer 31.982
39. Julia Gillies 19.033

4:37 pm. Rébéka Groulx FX: Arabian double front with a slight step back, very good body position on the landing. Split jump full. 1.5 through to layout full to stag, good! UGH, crashed her double tuck. WHYYYYY. 11.466

4:34 pm. Alexa Tucker FX: Split jump full. Tucked full-in, step back. Hit her second pass to a stag jump, very nice. Last pass was also solid! Excellent routine. 13.133

Virginie Therrien UB: Pak, legs apart. Was a little short on a circle skill on the low bar, blind full, hit the dismount. 9.800

Athena Hutchinson BB: I missed this. 9.900

4:31 pm. Alicia Wendland UB: Weiler kip, toe shoot, double layout super clean! I think I missed the beginning but what I saw was great! 11.700

Sydney Turner BB: I missed most of this but what I saw was good! 12.733

Scores stopped coming in for me, FYI. That’s fine. I love that I’m trying to follow two different meets right now and scores are stuck for both of them.

4:28 pm. Sofia Spadafora FX: Dobule tuck, a little cowboyed, small step. Solid pass overall. Switch ring to switch half. Front layout to front full, I think meant to be laid out but she tucks her legs a little bit. Hit her last pass I think. 10.800

4:27 pm. Zoé Cotnoir BB: Bhs back tuck, little stumble. Switch leap. Side somi, a little off-balance but fixes it. Punch front, kinda runs out of it, and she’s pretty low. Falls. Side aerial with super clean leg form. Cat leap. Double full with a hop back. 10.000

4:26 pm. Jordanna Phillis UB: Clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, nice. Pak, just some leg/foot form. Toe-on to van Leeuwen, ugh, misses her hands and falls. Blind full, double tuck with a lunge back. 11.100

4:24 pm. Marisa de Groot FX: Front tuck through to double tuck, clean in the air, but doesn’t have the landing, hands down. Switch half. Double pike is really deep and buckled. 11.000

Clara Raposo VT: Big DTY!!! Hop on the landing. 14.350!!

4:22 pm. Elizabeth Noble BB: Bhs mount. Bhs loso with a slight check. Side somi. Off on a back tuck I believe. Hit the dismount. 9.166

Jenna Lalonde UB: Great first handstand but can’t get the toe full around after and has to hop off. Gets it this time, a little muscled, blind change to piked Jaeger, her extension is gorgeous. Pak, muscles the handstand out of it. Super high double tuck with a hop. Her lines are gorgeous, but her form gets a little lost sometimes. If she can get the form down she’ll be a brilliant little bar worker. 11.200

Ava Lee MacLean VT: 11.800

4:20 pm. Jenna Timmons FX: She went out of frame on her first pass but I think it was a full-in, big stumble back OOB. 2.5 to front tuck is good! Double tuck, chest a bit down. 11.600

4:19 pm. Natasha Lopez BB: Big check on her side somi, but stays on. Same on the transverse split jump half. Came off on something after that. 10.133

Cassie Lee VT: FTY with a step forward. 12.950

Maya Zonneveld UB: Clear hip to blind change to straddle Jaeger, fall. Double pike came off SUPER early, hop forward, but she got it to her feet. Still an overwhelmingly good day for her. 11.266

4:17 pm. Charlie-Ann Barbeau FX: Switch full, good. Nice HIGH double pike, just a stumble back out of it. Double L turn. 1.5 to front layout. Switch full to Popa. Front full. Excellent job! 11.533

4:15 pm. Amy Jorgensen BB: Huuuuuuuge bhs loso, that took up the entire beam! Front aerial also gets some distance. Switch leap, sharp, just a bobble at the end. Split jump to split jump half, a tiny bit shy in the split on both. Full turn. Side aerial. Hit the dismount. 12.300

Jayne Carvell UB: Stalder full, dragged her knees a bit, stalder to toe shoot, stalder half to front giant half, tucked toe front half with a step. 10.100


1. Maya Zonneveld 38.366
2. Rébéka Groulx 37.283
3. Clara Raposo 37.266
4. Alicia Wendland 36.966
5. Cassie Lee 36.399
6. Zoé Cotnoir 36.283
7. Charlie-Ann Barbeau 35.983
8. Virginie Therrien 35.183


4:10 pm. Sydney Turner UB: Piked Jaeger, toe half, legs come apart and she has to get back into her rhythm. Toe full, down to a Pak, then pauses again before casting to handstand. Ray to high. Double layout dismount, step back. 10.733

4:07 pm. Alexa Tucker BB: Candle mount and she hit her jump series after, but off on her flight series, I think a bhs bhs layout. Switch half to back tuck. Ugh, off again on her side aerial. She’s putting so much power into these skills, but then it just becomes a bit hard for her to hold onto them. Double tuck with a step. 10.333

Zoé Cotnoir UB: Layout Gienger! Just slight leg separation. Bail to clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot. I missed the end I think. 12.100

Alicia Wendland VT: 12.800

4:05 pm. Elizabeth Noble UB: I missed this I think? I don’t remember seeing it. 8.066

Sofia Spadafora BB: I think I also missed this. Where does my brain go sometimes? I saw that she fell on her dismount, I think. 9.533

4:01 pm. Marisa de Groot BB: Bhs loso, her back is completely sideways when she lands it but she somehow stays on! Side somi, almost connects it to a transverse jump. Switch to switch half, good. Came off on something after that, though. 11.000

Clara Raposo FX: DOUBLE LAYOUT!!! Hands down but it’s ALMOST there. So nice in the air. Arabian double front, super clean and open, step back. Switch ring to switch half, SHIMMY. Double spin. Tucked full-in, small hop. Popa. Switch leap. And the sassiest ending pose choreo ever. 12.033

Jordanna Phillis VT: 13.250, D is a 5.0 so I’d guess a Yurchenko 1.5

3:58 pm. Natasha Lopez UB: Bail, legs apart, to toe full, also a struggle with her leg form, has to hop off. Ray to high once she’s back on, toe half, doesn’t make it to handstand, has to hop off. Blind change to Markelov, good. Hits the double tuck dismount as well. 9.533

Jenna Lalonde VT: I saw her hit in the background of bars but didn’t see what she did, probably a Yurchenko layout or pike. 11.750

3:57 pm. Ava Lee MacLean FX: Solid double pike. Good leap series. 2.5 goes super crooked, still punches out into a tuck but is completely sideways and just can’t get it around, sits it. Double full at the end is solid. 9.966

3:56 pm. Jenna Timmons BB: Candle mount. Side aerial, clean, slow into a switch leap out of it, but she still made it fluid despite not doing it super quickly. Bhs loso loso is lovely! Ugh, then off on a transverse jump. Front aerial, good jump series. Double tuck, goes a little slowly but lands it fine. 9.866

3:55 pm. Amy Jorgensen UB: Really nice straddle Jaeger! Hit routine, stuck the double tuck at the end. 11.233

3:52 pm. Cassie Lee FX: Omg, her little opening choreo bits are so fun. Bounce on the double pike. 1.5 to front full to stag, clean and lovely. Hit her last pass, I think a double back but my eyes weren’t on her until the last second. 12.866

Charlie-Ann Barbeau BB: I missed a lot of this but everything I saw she hit…though that really tells you nothing, I’m sorry! 11.600

Jayne Carvell VT: 11.900

Maya Zonneveld VT: 13.600, damn, she is having herself a DAY!

3:50 pm. Aurélie Tran FX: I missed the beginning of this, but she hit her 2.5 (second pass) well, and then her third pass also. Lots of great choreo in there too. Including an AWESOME headstand finishing pose. QUEENS ONLY. 12.633

Athena Hutchinson UB: I missed most of this but saw a fall and some handstand troubles near the end where she tried to keep her swing going but just had to pause a couple of times. Front full dismount ended up a bit tucked as well. 7.166

Virginie Therrien VT: 12.750

3:49 pm. Rébéka Groulx BB: Fell early on in her routine, on a wolf turn. Hit her flight series and everything I saw after that, including a really nice side somi, switch to switch half series, and then a front aerial to split jump. Side aerial also great. 1.5 with a hop. 12.100


1. Clara Raposo 25.233
2. Rébéka Groulx 25.183
3. Maya Zonneveld 24.766
4. Sydney Turner 24.566
5. Charlie-Ann Barbeau 24.383
6. Alicia Wendland 24.166
7. Elizabeth Noble 23.900
8. Natasha Lopez 23.866

3:41 pm. Jordanna Phillis FX: Double pike, punches forward out of it to her hands. I think a 1.5 after that. Switch to switch half, splits aren’t quite a hundred percent there. Double tuck, slowly rotated and she has her hand touching the floor before she even lands it. Now she’s crying IN her routine which is like…UGHHHHH. Poor angel. Composes herself a bit in her choreo but then crashes her last pass and she’s just mentally done. I feel so gutted, she’s so upset. Aww but her coach seems like the sweetest in how she’s handling it.

Natasha Lopez VT: 13.100

Elizabeth Noble VT: 12.800

Zoé Cotnoir VT: 11.900

3:36 pm. Marisa de Groot UB: Clear hip to Pak, form isn’t quite there but aggressive. Was a little short on a handstand direction change after that, and came off a second later also due to the handstand struggle. 9.633

Ava Lee MacLean BB: I missed the beginning. Saw her come off later on, on a side somi, then again right after that, I think on a transverse jump. Dismounted with a layout full I think. 9.133

Jenna Lalonde FX: Ooh, had a crazy pirouette at the beginning, I couldn’t tell what it was, looked like a quad, went SO fast. Double tuck, chest down and a step back OOB. She’s very balletic at times. Had a lovely tour jeté and she just uses her arms like a ballerina. Layout full. Lots of expression! Really good 2.5! WOW, this was gorgeous. Not like, the most expert tumbler, but just beautiful. 11.533

3:32 pm. Cassie Lee BB: Wolf turn, REALLY low to the beam, damn. She’s practically a pancake! Nailed her flight series. Side somi is clean. Transverse straddle jump half. Does a second flight series, the first had losos, and this one has a layout to two feet but she can’t hold on unfortunately. Big switch half into her jump series. Double full. 12.633

Jenna Timmons UB: Clear hip half, I think meant to be a full but she muscles halfway through. Back on for a clean Maloney, into a Pak that isn’t as clean. Arched a handstand on the high bar later on and I thought my screen froze because she held it in that arched position for about five hours. Somehow got it back to handstand! Hit the dismount with a step. 9.066

Maya Zonneveld FX: I missed her first pass. Second was a good double pike. Solid double full at the end. 12.766!

3:31 pm. Charlie-Ann Barbeau UB: I wasn’t typing during this but she hit everything I saw. Just a front layout half dismount. 11.033

3:29 pm. Jayne Carvell FX: Good double pike. Solid double tuck, maybe just a little cowboyed. 2.5 into a punch front at the end. Good routine! 11.566

Julia Gillies BB: Double spin went a little wild but holds on. Side somi was good. Good side aerial as well. Switch leap to split jump, Punch front, ouch, lands it super low and hard, falls. Hit the dismount. 11.100

Amy Jorgensen VT: 12.000

3:27 pm. Rébéka Groulx UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, great handstand after that, down to a clean Pak, clear hip to clear hip half, a bit short, to toe-on to toe shoot, nice. Blind full, almost vertical, blind change to double front, clean tucks and a small step! Excellent! 12.033

Athena Hutchinson VT: 12.050

3:25 pm. Aurélie Tran BB: Switch leap. Side aerial, little bobble. Switch leap to sissone, another small bobble. Good bhs loso! Front aerial to split jump, good. Hit a transverse jump. Double full with a step. Mostly great! 11.500

Sydney Turner VT: 12.500

Virginia Therrien FX: Love her opening choreo, it’s super cute. Double pike is good. Also solid on her double tuck. Front tuck through to double full, step back. 11.633

3:23 pm. Alicia Wendland FX: Hit her double tuck to start. Front full to front tuck with a little hop. I feel like I missed a lot of this but what I saw was good. 12.433

Alexa Tucker UB: Clear hip to clear hip full, arches over and comes off. 😦 Caught her Jaeger, had some problems with a swing after that, but corrects it and gets to her Pak, I think then maybe misses her toes or something for a toe shoot? Yeah, rests on the bar for a second then does the toe shoot and gets it this time. Full-twisting double layout, ugh, to her knees. That was rough but she has so many good things in there, just needs to pull it all together. 8.066

3:22 pm. Clara Raposo BB: Straddle jump to sissone, nice. Side aerial loso, perfect! So solid. Had a wobble on something after that but caught herself. Switch leap. Front aerial. Transverse straddle half, good! Standing back tuck, solid. Double pike, step back. FANTASTIC! 13.433


1. Alexa Tucker 13.250
— Charlie-Ann Barbeau 13.250
3. Rébéka Groulx 13.150
4. Jenna Timmons 13.100
5. Sydney Turner 12.066
6. Sofia Spadafora 12.050
7. Marisa de Groot 12.000
— Maya Zonneveld 12.000

This is just from this session, by the way. The two junior sessions will be combined at the end.

3:15 pm. Marisa de Groot VT: 12.000

Elizabeth Noble FX: Front tuck through to double tuck, stuck! Popa. Double pike, a little low. She also has a Queen medley. Canadians are like yas we love it, can’t get enough. Actually most of hers is just Bohemian Rhapsody I think. 1.5 to front pike. Good work! 11.100

3:10 pm. Natasha Lopez FX: Double pike is a tad low. 1.5 through to…something, I couldn’t see what, but landed it. Double tuck, crashed, that was a hard landing, looked like she hit her face. Poor kid. 10.766

Jenna Lalonde BB: Off on a bhs bhs loso. Got her Onodi, though! Nice switch leap series. Illusion turn. Hit the dismount. 11.266

Cassie Lee UB: Blind full to blind change to straddle Jaeger, looked far but she got it! Dragged her legs on her pak I think. Hit the dismount. 10.900

Jenna Timmons VT: 13.100

3:07 pm. Amy Jorgensen FX: Double pike with a bounce back. 2.5 to front tuck, just doesn’t have the air awareness out of the tuck and looks like she might sit it, but kinda throws herself forward and crashes it that way. 1.5 through to double full, just a step back. 11.066

Julia Gillies UB: Toe-on to Tkachev, misses it completely. Also missed her Pak, sat it. Clear hip to toe shoot caught pretty close. Blind change to front giant, then sat the dismount. That was a rough one. 😦 Her skills looked good for the most part, just a little off. 7.933

Maya Zonneveld BB: Good bhs loso. 2.5 wolf turn. Hit the dismount. 12.000

Charlie-Ann Barbeau VT: 13.250

3:05 pm. Jayne Carvell BB: I missed the beginning of this but she hit everything I think. Flight series had some bent knees and a wobble. Split jump full, good! Front aerial. Double full with a lunge back. 11.333

3:03 pm. Athena Hutchison FX: I missed the beginning. Had a good leap series and some nice choreo. Double tuck with a step back. 1.5 to front layout, a little arched. Hit her last pass a bit short. 11.033

Aurélie Tran UB: Had a lot of random swinging happening on the high bar before her Pak, stalder to stalder half to toe shoot is very nice, giants into a really open double tuck with a little bounce. 10.833

3:02 pm. Virginie Therrien BB: Hit her flight series and jump series, then a clean side aerial. Transverse split jump half, just a slight check. Double full with a lunge back. 10.800

Rébéka Groulx VT: Hit her FTY, 13.150

2:59 pm. Sydney Turner FX: High clean double tuck, stuck on her toes. Double pike, hop back OOB. Good shape, though. And good power. Switch ring to switch full. 2.5, little skid forward but does it into an arabesque. Hit the last pass, I wanna say 1.5 to front pike, but I missed the entry. 12.066

Clara Raposo UB: Clear hip full, a little late but no issues, Maloney is super clean, to clear hip to toe-on, Pak, great, handstands are on point. Stalder half to Ray. Clear hip half to front giant half, Excellent double layout, really fights for the stick. Not a bars kid but that was a fantastic hit for her! 11.700

Alexa Tucker VT: 13.250

2:58 pm. Alicia Wendland BB: Candle mount. Side aerial, nice extension, just a slight wobble. Bhs loso, little skid back but also VERY clean. Switch leap to sissone. Triple wolf turn, double wolf turn, goes wild halfway through and flips under the beam, ugh! Held on with her legs though, queen. Front aerial, beautiful. Double full with a hop back. 11.733

2:56 pm. Ava Lee MacLean UB: Clear hip, blind full, Pak, bent her knees and flexed her feet a bit, and I think her feet touched the mat. Arched over on a handstand shortly after and came off. Back on for a verly clean handstand before her toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant (bent her legs) to double front, sat it. 7.833

Sofia Spadafora VT: 12.050

2:55 pm. Zoé Cotnoir FX: Starts with a very nice 2.5 and follows it up with a strong double tuck. QUAD TURN! Queen. Switch ring to L hop full to pirouette. Popa, little step out of it. Front tuck through to double full, step back OOB. Good routine! 11.633

2:54 pm. Jordanna Phillis BB: Off on her flight series. Hit an acro skill after that, and her jump series, though she’s a little short on the straddle jump. 2.5 dismount, big lunge out of it. 10.500

1:30 pm. I honestly don’t even know when the second flight starts…but I’ll be back then and will post on Twitter when it happens! I’d imagine like 2:30 or 3 pm ET?


1. Ava Stewart 48.899
2. Rylee Miller 48.065
3. Bailey Inglis 47.899
4. Jenna Sartoretto 46.599
5. Kahlyn Lawson 46.199
6. Marie Millette 45.832
7. Kiora Peart-Williams 44.516
8. Jada Yip-Janniere 44.499
9. Reese Grolla 44.349
10. Maya Peters 43.832
11. Evie Astle 43.798
12. Malayna Ramos 43.366
13. Éva-Rose Lupien 42.232
14. Ella Mayerhofer 42.183
15. Grace Slaunwhite 41.282
16. Jordis Kliewer 31.982

1:21 pm. Turns out I couldn’t see vault, Jada Yip-Janniere got a 13.700 for her FTY though!

Actually just caught both of Bailey Inglis’ vaults in the background, she did an FTY to start, which was a LITTLE low and messy, but she still got it around, and then a Yurchenko layout for her second vault. Looks like she gets a 12.6.

Ava Stewart doesn’t have an FTY, her D is just a 3.9 it seems, 12.7 total.

1:19 pm. Reese Grolla BB: Beautiful mount showing off her flexibility. Very clean and airy bhs loso. Cat leap to switch leap, lovely. Front aerial, ugh, just a tad short, tries to adjust but comes off. Back on for her clean side aerial. Split jump. Ooh, I need to watch her dismount again, I was slightly zoned out just assuming it’d be something typical but it looked like she had a cartwheel to gainer something or other. It was pretty, either way! 11.500

Éva-Rose Lupien UB: Dragged her feet on her Pak, then struggled a bit after with some circle elements, gets the toe shoot, and then does a double tuck dismount. 7.466

Jordis Kliewer scratched floor. 😦

1:17 pm. Maya Peters FX: I wasn’t typing during this but good from what I saw? No falls, anyway. I think her middle pass was a 1.5 to punch front IIRC. 11.466

Jenna Sartoretto UB: Nice Pak. Dragged her feet on the mat on a skill after and came off. Back on for a toe shoot, toe half to Markelov, nice! Double tuck, rotates a little slow, but good enough air for her to still get it around and stick it. 11.000

1:14 pm. Kahlyn Lawson BB: Candle mount, good. Pulls her toes up to her knees for a jazz passé and does the full turn right from that position, which I LOVE, zero prep, zero momentum, STILL gets it. Good leaps, front full dismount with a hop. 11.900

The female Wimgym coach is honestly one of my fave people on the planet today. I’ve heard her yell a few things when the girls were on floor, she’s always like OMG U WERE AMAZINGGGG, so encouraging, I need her to be my life coach.

1:11 pm. Rylee Miller BB: Big switch leap, hit her jump series, then a good bhs loso. Pretty nice work from what I saw! 11.866

Marie Millette FX: I wasn’t typing during this but it was a great routine! She’s had a pretty excellent day…AND she had a Melnikova moment where her long braid escaped its bun mid-routine, making her a QUEEN. 11.366

Grace Slaunwhite UB: I missed this unfortunately! 7.400

1:09 pm. Kiora Peart-Williams UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak I think, I blanked for a second, toe shoot, toe half, I think it was meant to be a toe full but she muscles it halfway through and hops off. Oh, no, she meant the toe half but just couldn’t get it all the way up over the bar. Gets it the second time, into a front giant, and then a double front dismount. 10.500

Gonna try to watch some vault in the background of bars to see how the Gemini girls finish up. I believe they both have FTYs which in this field is pretty advanced. I’ve seen a couple of FTYs in the background from girls in red leos so I assume that’s at least one of them.

1:08 pm. Malayna Ramos FX: Memmel turn, good double pike! Stepped to the side on her second pass. Front tuck through to double full, a little wild at the end, but steps back to control it. 10.800

Ella Mayerhofer BB: Steady on her bhs loso. Also good on the switch to switch half. Looks like she gets the side aerial but then randomly stumbles. 1.5 dismount with a hop. 11.400


1. Ava Stewart 36.199
— Rylee Miller 36.199
3. Jenna Sartoretto 35.599
4. Bailey Inglis 35.299
5. Éva-Rose Lupien 34.766
6. Marie Millette 34.466
7. Kahlyn Lawson 34.299
8. Kiora Peart-Williams 34.016

1:01 pm. Jada Yip-Janniere FX: Crashed her tucked full-in at the start. Switch ring to switch half. Hit the double pike at the end. 10.900

Maya Peters BB: A little wobbly on her wolf turn, grabbed the beam to steady herself. Side aerial loso loso, good effort, but she’s almost fully sideways when she lands and has to take the fall. Front aerial. Switch leap to straddle jump. 1.5 dismount, good. 10.300

12:59 pm. Kahlyn Lawson UB: A little short on one of her low bar handstands, toe shoot, blind full, blind half to front giant half, double tuck with a step back. 10.266

12:57 pm. Rylee Miller UB: Toe half, piked Jaeger, Pak, a little messy in one of her low bar handstands/circle elements, but good fight. Blind full, high clean stuck double tuck. Nice! 12.233

Ava Stewart FX: 2.5 to front tuck, good. Tour jeté full to split leap. Step back out of her double pike. Lovely double full. Queen! 12.400

Marie Millette BB: Bhs loso, super solid! Short on her switch half, wobble. Clean side aerial. Hit the dismount. Good routine! 11.500

12:53 pm. Evie Astle FX: Double full, good. Clean split jump full. Layout full for her second pass, also clean. 11.466

Ella Mayerhofer UB: Pak, good. Clear hip half, toe shoot, super close to the bar, tries to muscle a kip cast to handstand out of it but can’t. Rests for a second before going into her giants, then comes off on a blind full. Hit a big double tuck dismount when she got back on. 8.500

Malayna Ramos BB: Side aerial, then had a wobble on something after that but stayed on. Front aerial, little wobble into the split jump, bigger wobble there. Bhs loso, some form things but hit. Double full with a step back. 9.966

12:50 pm. Bailey Inglis FX: Opened with an excellent 2.5 to punch front. My feed froze after that so I missed a few things I believe. A little wobbly in a wolf turn. Big split jump full. Double pike, a tiny bit buckled. 12.633

Jordis Kliewer BB: Off on her front toss to back tuck. Balked her dismount, just did a back handspring and I guess didn’t hit the set she needed so she just hopped off. 9.366

Reese Grolla UB: I missed this but she hit! 10.666


1. Kahlyn Lawson 24.033
2. Rylee Miller 23.966
3. Ava Stewart 23.799
4. Éva-Rose Lupien 23.266
5. Marie Millette 22.966
6. Grace Slaunwhite 22.732
7. Bailey Inglis 22.666
8. Jordis Kliewer 22.616

12:42 pm. Ava Stewart BB: She warmed up a REALLY good tuck full. Switch to split jump. Bhs tuck full, it’s great in the air, but she’s just a little off to the side when she lands it, fall. UGH. Transverse split jump half. Front aerial, bent her knee on the front leg, but nice air, switch ring with a perfectly planted landing. Double pike, maybe a tad low but gets it. She comes off with a good sense of humor about the falls, which is something to note about all of the Gemini girls. Even at the junior level where you generally see LOTS of tears after falls, the Gemini kids are always like “shrug!” 11.866

(Not that crying is BAD, but sometimes these kids are under so much pressure take it so so so so so seriously even when they’re like 12 and a fall at Elite Canada when you’re 12 means absolutely nothing for their future but you can still tell it really gets to them, so I love it when the juniors are able to get to the presence of mind to be like “meh, whatever, this meet literally doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of my life, I’ll get it next time.”)

12:40 pm. Evie Astle BB: Front aerial, nice! Off on a wolf turn, double I think. Switch to split jump to back pike, good connections there. Bhs loso, just a bit too far forward, tries to correct her hip placement but falls. Off again on the side aerial. 😦 Hit the dismount.

Grace Slaunwhite FX: Clean double full. Layout for her last pass. Simpler routine but done very well!

12:38 pm. Marie Millette UB: Very nice Pak! Toe-on to toe shoot, a little dead hangy after, but her extension is BEAUTIFUL! On everything. Blind full, legs glued. Dobule tuck with a step. So so clean. 10.766

12:36 pm. Kiora Peart-Williams FX: Solid double pike. Hit the next pass, either a 1.5 or 2.5 into a front tuck, I didn’t see the entry. Double tuck to finish is very clean. 11.700

Malayna Ramos UB: Pak, some flexed feet, but good catch. Toe-on to toe shoot, Step back on the double tuck. 9.900

12:33 pm. Bailey Inglis BB: Back handspring mount, nice. Suuuper clean triple wolf, then an equally good double. Switch leap, nice extension, misses the connection to the straddle jump, little wobble after that. UGH, splits the beam on her bhs loso loso, but her form was beautiful. Side aerial, holds on nicely. Transverse split jump half, a little shy in the split, follows it up with a transverse straddle half. Hits a jump series after that as well. Double full with a step back. Too bad about her mistakes today, she’s SO GOOD. 10.566

12:31 pm. Éva-Rose Lupien FX: Front handspring Rudi, her technique was glorious on that! Great 2.5 to finish! 12.000

Jordis Kliewer UB: Toe-on to Maloney, empty swing after before the bail. Short on some handstands after that and had some leg form in her blind full, front giant to double front, gets it! 9.866

12:29 pm. Jada Yip-Janniere BB: Switch to switch half, really nice amplitude on both! Back handspring to back pike, hips are a little off and she falls. Full turn. Came off again on something after that. Hit two transverse jumps. Good double full. 9.833

Maya Peters UB: Really nice stalder! Toe shoot, bent her knees in a giant, double tuck got a ton of distance but not quite enough height, sits it. 10.266

12:28 pm. I should have epxlained earlier but this is the first of two junior flights. There are about 4 girls per rotation so it’s gonna FLY by.

Jenna Sartoretto FX: Arabian double front, super low landing but mostly good in the air. Double pike is good. Lots of beautiful choreo moments in this! 11.966


1. Jordis Kliewer 12.750
2. Malayna Ramos 12.700
3. Rylee Miller 12.266
4. Marie Millette 12.200
5. Bailey Inglis 12.100
6. Ava Stewart 11.933
7. Grace Slaunwhite 11.866
8. Maya Peters 11.800

12:21 pm. Evie Astle UB: Ezhova! Right to a switch kip. Clear hip. UGH THIS FEED, Flo what in the world are you doing? They just cut away from. literally everything. Dismounted with a layout half. 10.566

Kiora Peart-Williams BB: Back handspring mount. Again missed most of this due to Flo. Hit her double full dismount. She’s another one to watch so I’m mad I missed this. Ugh, must have had some struggles…just a 9.066

Ella Mayerhofer FX: I missed all of this one. 11.633

12:17 pm. Bailey Inglis UB: Maloney to bail to toe-on to toe shoot, huge Tkachev between the bars, blind change to front giant, blind full, UGH, comes off a hair second for her double layout and brings it down to one knee. She was SO good up to that point! Anyway, she’s a Gemini kid and is absolutely one to watch. 12.100

Éva-Rose Lupien BB: I missed this due to stream issues…Flo kept kicking me out of my individual streams and sending me back to the main stream, which was having technical difficulties according to Brittany Rogers. 11.266

Reese Grolla FX: I missed all of this due to stream issues. 10.933

12:15 pm. Jada Yip-Janniere UB: Had a weird start, couldn’t really get the first handstand up I guess and just hopped off instantly? Oh, it was on her blind change I guess. Remounts and does the blind change to straddle Jaeger, clear hip to bail, legs come apart and she arches over, has to hop off again. Back on for a toe full, toe shoot, toe-on, and a super solid full-in! 10.066

12:13 pm. Kahlyn Lawson FX: Solid double pike to start. 2.5 to punch front, good! A little ambiguous between a tuck and a layout but solid pass for this level. Double tuck is slightly low but good routine overall! Also I hate gymnastics hair talk but I HAVE to shoutout to all of the Wimgym ponytails I’ve seen so far at this meet. They’re all fabulous. 11.333

12:12 pm. Grace Slaunwhite BB: I missed this unfortunately! 11.866

Ava Stewart UB: Really clan bail to stalder to toe shoot. Clear hip to Tkachev between the bars, blind full, double pike dismount with a step. 11.933

Jenna Sarrotetto BB: A little short on a transverse jump half. Flight series had a little wobble. Hit her leap series. Hit the dismount. 10.233

12:10 pm. Rylee Miller FX: Good double tuck to open, and she finished with a solid 2.5. Great start! 12.266

12:02 pm. Waiting for the stream to start but so far I’m having better luck with my internet situation than I did last night. FINGERS CROSSED!

Super excited for the juniors today, mostly because so many of them are relatively new. Clara Raposo, featured in the image for this blog, is an old fave, and I absolutely adore her and think she could get a big win this weekend, but I’m equally as excited to see how the more “underdogs” have upgraded/improved compared to last season. It’s a super talented group and we could see some surprises.

Athletes are marching out now!

5 thoughts on “2020 Elite Canada | Junior Qualifications Live Blog

  1. Highlights for me:
    Everything from Clara
    Beam and floor from Cassie-Lee-All-Turns-Welcome (also massive flare on the FTY!)
    Wendland’s UB technique
    Sydney Turner’s beam
    Alexa Tucker’s floor
    Jordanna Phillis’ potential

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg also Maya! A lot of really great skills and she hit an amazing beam set!! I don’t understand the low score there… I didn’t realize over time was so costly?!


      • Yeah, I feel like a lot of the scores were lower than I expected, especially compared to previous years! But wow, Maya was the HUGE surprise for me today! She was one last year I didn’t really notice but her beam and floor are so strong!


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  3. Exciting watching these juniors! So much talent and perseverence. Wow Clara! Makes me smile just watching that one. Big talent big personality!


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