2020 Elite Canada | Senior Qualifications Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior all-around and apparatus qualifications at the 2020 Elite Canada, held in Calgary, Alberta!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

10:20 pm. DAY 1 STANDINGS

1. Ana Padurariu 53.483
2. Brooklyn Moors 52.532
3. Isabela Onyshko 52.082
4. Emma Spence 51.882
5. Audrey Rousseau 51.149
6. Victoria-Kayen Woo 50.900
7. Sophie Marois 50.082
8. Quinn Skrupa 49.949
9. Jessica Dowling 48.166
10. Mia St-Pierre 48.149
11. Kiera Wai 48.132
12. Kyra Cato 47.983
13. Jordyn Ewing 47.800
14. Emily Walker 47.382
15. Myrelle Morin 47.216
16. Saki Yoshida 46.582
17. Amanda Pedicelli 46.232
18. Chelsea Murray 46.149
19. Imogen Paterson 46.115
20. Leah Tindale 45.283
21. Caitlyn Yip 44.849
22. Laurie-Ann Demers 44.299
23. Charlise Radencich 44.283
24. Valérie Menezes-Thibault 43.216
25. Mégane Kokiw 37.116
26. Piper Johnson 34.966
27. Lilian Bate 34.366
28. Ellie Black 27.033
29. Laurie Denommée 24.532
30. Eloise Monat 22.650
31. Rachel Grenke 10.400

10:10 pm. Amanda Pedicelli BB: Came off on her side aerial as well as on a transverse jump half.

Then my internet completely died and I disappeared FOREVER. Jk, just had to restart it all. Idk what was with my entire internet situation tonight but it was honestly terrible.

10:06 pm. Laurie-Ann Demers UB: Had a cool bail right to clear hip. Arched over on a handstand on the high bar after and came off. Blind full, tucked toe front half, a little underrotated. 9.600

Chelsea Murray BB: She hit what I saw, but I didn’t see the whole routine. 11.433

10:04 pm. Ana Padurariu BB: Candle mount, lovely triple wolf turn. Switch ring, good, just could be a little better in her split but she’ll get there. Side aerial loso loso, super solid! Clean switch half, front aerial to split jump to back handspring, good. Switch leap to sheep jump. Solid double pike. THERE’S a routine!!! 14.600!!!

Mégane Kokiw FX: Double pike, little hop. Double tuck is a bit low and cowboyed. I didn’t see the rest but she’s crying. 😦 11.633

10:02 pm. Saki Yoshida UB: Shaposh to bail to toe-on to toe full, good. Came off in the middle of the routine but I couldn’t see where. Had a cool layout twisty dismount but I wasn’t paying attention, I think it was a back double full. 10.400

10:00 pm. Mia St-Pierre BB: Punch front, wobble. Bhs layout, actually pretty nice in her layout shape/position in the air, but she’s just a little off to the side and falls. 11.100

Jordyn Ewing FX: Double tuck and double pike, both with good power. Front tuck through to layout full, good. 12.000

Some vault scores…Brooklyn Moors with a 13.300, I think she likely kept it simple, just a 4.6…is that a front layout half? Or just a front layout? Or maybe a front layout pike full? I literally don’t know hahaha. I just know a front layout full is a 5.4. SHRUG. Emma Spence with a 13.650 for her Yurchenko 1.5.

9:55 pm. Eloise Monat BB: This is the first time I’ve seen her today I think. She’s in a knee brace. Lovely bhs loso, and then a clean switch leap out of it. Off on her side somi. Great extension on her transverse split jump half. Switch to wolf jump, a little slow. Just a layout dismount. 10.000

Victoria-Kayen Woo FX: Double layout is pretty low but I couldn’t see if she went to her knees. Front tuck through to 2.5, stumble out of it but not bad. Double pike, slowly rotated, crashed it. So many slowly-rotated double saltos from basically everyone tonight, tbh…it’s really weird?! #FEBRUARY 11.800

Caitlyn Yip UB: I missed this. 9.000

9:52 pm. Audrey Rousseau BB: Bhs loso, little wobble, but nice. Front aerial to split leap, TOE POINT! I missed the rest. 12.566

Myrelle Morin FX: I missed the beginning. Had a super clean 2.5 at the end, just a little low on the landing. 12.000

Kyra Cato UB: Big Ray to Pak, just loses her Pak form in the air and then when she catches. Hit the rest but I’m missing a lot because of my internet. 10.900

9:49 pm. Laurie Denommée BB: I didn’t type for most of this because my internet is imploding. Hit what I saw, just a layout dismount, I think due to her injury that she’s still recovering from. 12.966

Isabela Onyshko UB: Maloney to Tkachev, some knee form, but gets it, Hindorff, good, blind full, loses her leg form, into the Pak, van Leeuwen, just slight knee form again, toe half to front giant to double front, step back. SHE HIT! 13.366

Charlise Radencich FX: I missed this! 10.833

9:47 pm. Rachel Grenke UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, looks like she has it but falls. I missed the rest. 10.400

9:45 pm. Sophie Marois BB: Bhs loso, big wobble, tries to fight but falls. Wobble on her leap series. Side aerial, little check into her split jump. Gainer pike dismount. 12.100

Quinn Skrupa FX: Really tight knees in the arabian double front!! Split full. Piked full-in, rotates a bit slow and comes in a little low, but keeps it upright. Super clean double tuck. 12.666

9:44 pm. Kiera Wai UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, nice distance. Stalder half, short, to toe front with a big step. I guess I caught it in the middle, not sure what happened prior to that! 11.433


1. Brooklyn Moors 39.232
2. Victoria-Kayen Woo 39.200
3. Ana Padurariu 38.883
4. Isabela Onyshko 38.716
5. Audrey Rousseau 38.583
6. Emma Spence 38.232
7. Sophie Marois 37.982
8. Quinn Skrupa 37.283

9:36 pm. Lilian Bate FX: Split ring half, the Dynamo compulsory. Arabian double front, skids it and sits it, but her body position was almost good? Just didn’t get her legs out from under her it seemed. 1.5 to front full. Triple full! Some nice leg extension choreo after it. She’s got promise.

9:32 pm. Brooklyn Moors FX: Split jump full. A kid in the crowd just said “oh, BROOKLYN!” Literally same. Oh my GODDDDDD the Podkopayeva was GLORIOUS. OH GOD. I think she did a front layout into it? But I could be imagining that. Front double full, punches out of it almost entirely horizontally, but somehow doesn’t sit the punch front. PHEW. Double front is pretty low but also doesn’t sit it. She’s like I put 500% of my energy into that opening pass and now here we are. But whatever. IT’S FEBRUARY. Switch ring to split ring half. 1.5 to finish. 13.066

Okay, our girl has four passes now!!! She didn’t do both the Pod and the double front in the same routine last year, and only had three passes at worlds. SHE’S BUILDING. That last pass is gonna become a 2.5 to front tuck I think, and then the front double full will probably go to front full? Here for it.

9:30 pm. Jordyn Ewing BB: Switch leap, nice! Almost right into the full turn, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, solid. Bhs loso, comes in a bit under and falls. Side aerial to layout full dismount. 12.100

By the way, vault this rotation was…fine. I think all FTYs, nothing above a 13.250, from Isabela Onyshko.

9:28 pm. Emily Walker FX: Queen medley!! You love to see it. Double pike. 1.5 to front full. Having fun with it too. Front handspring front full with a little skid. Good work. 11.600

9:25 pm. Ellie Black BB: Hit her leap mount, then hands down on her bhs loso series and she like, smiles about it like a queen. Literally no one is ready to do gymnastics in February. Switch leap to switch half to back handspring, side somi. Front layout full dismount. 13.200

Ana Padurariu UB: Stalder half to Jaeger, inbar piked Tkachev, stalder, can’t quite get it to handstand, has to hop off. UGHHH. Bail to Ray, blind full a little late, full-in is stuck. 12.000

9:22 pm. Mia St-Pierre UB: Clear hip to a great handstand, Ray gets good height but no distance, just barely squeaks it over, bail to toe shoot, blind full, late and a bit rushed, blind half to front giant, tucks her knees and can’t get the momentum to get back up over the bar, hops off. Back on for a front toe-on right into her double front dismount, THAT’S cool! 11.066

Emma Spence FX: 1.5 through to double tuck, ugh, low with a big stumble. I may have missed her first pass. Switch ring to split ring half. Double pike, loses steam and form a bit, but hits it. 12.333

Victoria-Kayen Woo BB: Lovely bhs loso. Front aerial to split to straddle, straddle could be better. Side aerial with a little check. 2.5, legs are a bit rough but good landing. 13.300

9:19 pm. Myrelle Morin BB: Back handspring mount. Bhs bhs, I think she balked a loso, kinda stumbles on the beam but doesn’t fall. Front aerial, mostly clean leap series, realllllllyyyyyyy cool transition into her low choreo. 11.400

Valérie Menezes Thibault FX: One of the better arabian double fronts in the air but she’s still a bit squatty on the landing. 2.5, landing isn’t quite there, but again, mostly clean in the air. Good double tuck! 12.000

Audrey Rousseau UB: I wasn’t typing during this but it was a really good set! Had a nice Tkachev between the bars. 12.700

9:14 pm. Laurie Denommée UB: Maloney to bail, front toe half, toe-on to van Leeuwen, some leg form, HUGE Gienger, came off on something after that, it was weird, I didn’t really see how. Blind full, tucked toe front half with a hop. 11.866

Leah Tindale FX: Big arabian double front. Floaty 1.5 to front full, just tucks her knees a bit in the full. Loooove her choreo. Double tuck, a little low, but hops it back. 12.133

Charlise Radencich BB: I didn’t see this super closely but saw a fall. 9.300

9:10 pm. Quinn Skrupa BB: Super solid on her layout series! Ended her wolf turn in a bit of a catcher’s squat. Onodi is nice. Her back handspring into the dismount looked like it was gonna be terrifying, and I’m honestly bewildered that she got her double tuck around. But she did!! 12.333

Jessica Dowling FX: Split ring half into the corner. 1.5 through to double tuck (I think it was a 1.5, I didn’t see anything aside from the stepout), a little low. Triple full is a bit underrotated. Ugh, crashed her double pike. 11.700

Marois UB: Was that a Deltchev? For some reason I’m picturing her doing a backwards giant into a Deltchev, but it could’ve been a front giant to Jaeger and I’m just losing it. Gotta go back and watch. Pak, Maloney to Bhardwaj, ugh, super wild, and she lets go of the bar and sits it. I missed the rest. 11.866

9:07 pm. Amanda Pedicelli UB: Ricna, big clean Pak, Maloney, lots of amplitude, bail to toe full, arched over the handstand out of it, Ray to high, blind change to front giant to double front, ugh, just a little too forward, then sits it when she pulls back. Overall this was an “NCAA, are you watching?!” routine. I believe she’s committed to Towson IIRC. 11.766

9:03 pm. Imogen Paterson FX: Arabian double front is a bit low. 1.5 through to double full, nice! Double tuck, gets it. 11.166

Mégane Kokiw BB: Hit her flights series. She has some nice leap extension! Did a leap series to a back tuck. Ugh, off on her back tuck. Side aerial. Full turn. Off again on a transverse split jump half. 1.5 dismount, big step to the side. 9.300

Chelsea Murray UB: Bail, clear hip to clear hip hecht, that just made me miss Laurie-Lou Vézina! Crashed her dismount sadly. 10.600


1. Ana Padurariu 26.883
2. Brooklyn Moors 26.166
3. Sophie Marois 26.116
4. Mia St-Pierre 25.983
5. Victoria-Kayen Woo 25.900
6. Emma Spence 25.899
7. Audrey Rousseau 25.883
8. Isabela Onyshko 25.466

8:58 pm. Emily Walker BB: Candle mount, switch leap, pause, switch half, to split jump half, nice cover, just a little shy in two of those splits. Front aerial, little bobble. Solid bhs loso. Side aerial. Full turn. Side somi, chest a little low. Hit the dismount.

8:57 pm. Kyra Cato FX: Good double pike to start. Front double full, a little low, but yas! Double tuck was a bit cowboyed, but lands it well.

8:53 pm. Emma Spence BB: Excellent position in the candle mount. Double wolf turn, a slight fall forward, but pulls back. Split ring jump, then a super solid bhs layout, probably credited down but nice and solid. Cat leap to switch side. Front aerial, tiny bobble. Side somi, good. She has lots of really good choreo moments. Clean double full. That was pretty damn excellent overall! 12.666

8:49 pm. Victoria-Kayen Woo UB: Shaposh to full pirouette, toe-on, arched, to Pak, a little wild, but catches. Short handstand out of it and goes a bit wild into the van Leeuwen, not a surprise that her legs come apart and she doesn’t get close to the high bar unfortunately. Just a bit rushed throughout that whole beginning. Clear hip half to a HUGE piked Jaeger, powerful giants into her double layout, clean and stuck. The second half of that routine was like Aliya Mustafina winning Olympic gold in comparison to the first. Amazing how you can just have a total mental change when you fall and remount. 12.300

Valérie Menezes Thibault BB: Came off very early in her routine and then again later on but I wasn’t watching skills super closely. 8.166

Isabela Onyshko FX: New music I’m 99% sure! But I also never remember music. Nice leap to start. Double tuck is good, better set than last year! Oooh, girl’s got some SAAAAASSSSSSS YES YES YES. Hit her second pass, I think a 1.5 to front full but I didn’t see the entry. Some good work on leaps, and she hit the last pass. YAY!!!! 12.933

8:45 pm. Kiera Wai FX: Hit her first two passes well, second was a double full I think. Lovely routine with lots of engaging choreo. 12.033

Myrelle Morin UB: Came off right away on a circle skill on the low bar. Maloney to Pak, a little muscled out of it. Came off again on the high bar. Clean double pike. 10.266

Leah Tindale BB: Candle mount, holds it forever. Hits her wolf turn. Switch leap series is nice. Hit her flight series and a punch front to jump series, solid. Good double tuck! Yay! 12.600

8:44 pm. Charlise Radencich UB: Hit her Jaeger, but then fell on something on the low bar. Has a really powerful swing. Double pike with a step back. 10.800

Sophie Marois got a 13.850 for her DTY, Audrey Rousseau got a 13.750 for what I assume is an FTY.

8:42 pm. Jessica Dowling BB: Hit her wolf turn. Back leg a little low on her split ring jump. Bhs loso is solid. Big leap series, gets lots of amplitude, front aerial, doesn’t bring her chest all the way over when she lands, but covers well. Side aerial. Layout full dismount, a little under. 12.500

Laurie-Ann Demers FX: I missed her first pass. Hahaha, kinda gets stuck in some of her low-to-the-floor choreo where she’s like, upside-down and rolling over, bless. That would be me. Really nice double full. 10.866

8:41 pm. Some vault news for ya…13.950 from Mia St-Pierre, 13.650 for Ana Padurariu’s FTY.

8:38 pm. Imogen Paterson BB: Love how she gets from low to high by jumping up through her toes. Bhs loso. Side aerial. Switch to switch half, little stumble. Front aerial, wobble. Hit the dismount. Very good routine! 11.466

Quinn Skrupa UB: Stalder half to toe-on to Ricna, yay. Pak, a little low, but she cheats it back up when she catches, smart. Van Leeuwen, clean. Stalder full, a little late, arabian dismount, ugh, sits it. 11.500

Saki Yoshida FX: Ooh, big triple full to start! Get it! Great on her leaps. Good double tuck as well. Hit routine! 12.466

8:35 pm. Piper Johnson FX: Hit her opening pass well. Ugh, hands down on her final pass. Sorry, didn’t see which tumbles she did. 10.100

Mégane Kokiw UB: Arched over a full on the low bar but stayed on, handstands are quite short overall. Then just dismounted, that was it. I love girls who are like “literally no” to bars. 4.733

8:33 pm. Lilian Bate BB: She’s new to the Dynamo crew and I’m super excited to see her! Bunch front, split ring jump, nice! Standing layout stepout, ugh, comes off. Wobbles when she climbs back on as well. Front handspring to front tuck, some form issues and she’s a little low, but gets it. Switch leap, back leg isn’t quite there, to sheep jump. Transverse split jump half, nice. Front aerial to split jump, such solid difficulty! Double tuck, just a tad low. 10.866

8:30 pm. Caitlyn Yip FX: I didn’t see this! 12.033

Jordyn Ewing UB: Over-arched her bail and came off. Hit the rest that I saw, including a solid double tuck dismount. 11.300

8:28 pm. Ellie Black UB: Maloney to Hindorff, Shang, piked Jaeger to Pak, toe-on to van Leeuwen, some leg form, just a layout dismount, stuck. Well, she looks great. 13.833

Brooklyn Moors BB: Punch front mount, hit a leap series after that. Front handspring to front tuck, ugh, just a little low and crooked, fall. Split leap, floaty, to front aerial to split jump, gorgeous. Clean side aerial, and a solid Rudi dismount. She looked fabulous aside from the fall. 12.633


1. Victoria-Kayen Woo 13.600
2. Myrelle Morin 13.550
3. Brooklyn Moors 13.533
4. Quinn Skrupa 13.450
5. Charlise Radencich 13.350
6. Emma Spence 13.233
— Ana Padurariu 13.233
8. Isabela Onyshko 12.533

8:21 pm. Kiera Wai BB: Switch leap mount to her leap series, beautiful!! Full turn, bhs layout, soft knees and she’s crooked/piked, hops off. Punch front is a bit low, but doesn’t fall, front aerial to split jump to back handspring, just a little weak in the split. Front full dismount. 11.566

8:17 pm. Laurie-Ann Demers BB: I weirdly remembered when she announced her retirement something like four or five years ago?! It was right after I made her a profile on the site LOL. I think she’s done level 10 since then but crazy to see her back in elite! Double spin, good! Bhs loso, some bent knees and a fight to stay on but she gets it. Switch leap to side aerial, wobble. Also a wobble on the fro 10.100nt aerial. And on the side somi, but good fight on everything. Transverse split jump half is good. Hit the dismount. 10.733

Sophie Marois FX: Piked full-in, a bit low but she gets it. Hit the second pass as well. Last pass was either a 1.5 or front full, I didn’t see the entry. Good routine, just not difficult enough really. 12.266

Valérie Menezes Thibault UB: Hindorff, short handstand before the Pak, a little low with her legs apart. Clear hip full, arches over halfway through and she has to hop off. Toe shoot, short handstand before the blind full, blind change to front giant to double front, really far forward and I think her knees hit the mat. 10.100

8:13 pm. Leah Tindale UB: Thrilled she’s finally not injured. I missed the beginning but looks like she lost her legs on a low bar circle skill and had to hop off. On again, clear hip full, ugh, legs are a bit wild and actually almost hit the high bar which I feel like is impossible. Back on for the Maloney to Pak, but then off again on the van Leeuwen. She looks about 15 feet taller than when I last saw her honestly, and that’s what looks like is throwing her off. Caught the Jaeger, and then hit the tucked toe-front half with a step. 8.300

Amanda Pedicelli FX: Double pike, good. Stuck the double tuck! She was either low on her last pass or missed it completely, I couldn’t really tell because there was a little glitch. 11.566

Saki Yoshida BB: I missed this! 10.566

8:10 pm. Chelsea Murray FX: Double pike, good landing. Also had a solid double full. Good routine! 12.166

Piper Johnson BB: Soft knees on her bhs loso, falls. Had some really nice splits. 11.766

Jessica Dowling UB: Inbar half to straddle Jaeger, Ricna, nice handstand out of it, toe full, super clean Pak, arched over slightly before her Maloney to Gienger, ugh, too low, she falls. Hit the full-in. 11.866

8:04 pm. Imogen Paterson UB: Piked Jaeger, some tuck in her knees, Pak is good, toe-on to van Leeuwen, some leg form, a little wild in her blind full, has to hang for a second before kipping back into her giants, toe front tuck dismount. 10.733

Caitlyn Yip BB: Really lovely mount! Huge bhs loso but maybe gets a little too into it, flies right off. Switch half, bobble, sissone to wolf jump. Double full, step back. 10.666

Ana Padurariu FX: Good 2.5 to front tuck. Good double pike, maybe a tiny bit labored but it’s February 7. Double full to finish is good. Simpler than what she’s capable of but a good start for her. 13.233

8:02 pm. Mia St-Pierre FX: Hit her arabian double front at the beginning. Double tuck, chest down with a stumble forward. 12.033

Quinn Skrupa hit vault, I assume an FTY.

8:00 pm. Kyra Cato BB: Love her! So crazy that she’s a senior. Back dive to chest stand mount, double wolf turn, both good. Bhs loso, tiny wobble with her leg up, but gets it. Lovely front aerial to split jump to back handspring! Side aerial, a little forward but not bad. Switch leap to split leap. Wobbled on a transverse jump. Good routine from what I saw but I missed the end. 11.533

Brooklyn Moors UB: Shaposh to Pak, toe full to van Leeuwen, clear hip to blind change to piked Markelov, the pike looks MUCH better this year!!! Moors dismount. Great job! 13.533

7:59 pm. Emily Walker UB: Blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, good, but then slips on the Pak and sits it under the low bar. The rest was good after she remounted. 11.166

Ellie Black did scratch vault, by the way. So far, both Myrelle Morin and Victoria-Kayen Woo hit solid FTYs.

7:57 pm. Audrey Rousseau FX: Sat the arabian double front. She also struggled with that in warmups. Double pike is good. Switch ring to switch half, nice. Double tuck with a little hop back. Switch full into her ending pose. Beautiful work. 12.133

7:55 pm. I’m not going to be able to watch vault but I can kinda see it in the background of floor so I’ll provide updates when I can!

Emma Spence UB: Good van Leeuwen, solid piked Jaeger, double pike with a hop back. 13.233

Isabela Onyshko BB: Bhs layout series is a little rough, pikes it down, then falls. The rest is mostly okay, a nice leap into her side aerial, dismounts with a double full with a hop back. Looked a little tired during that set but she always pulls it together when she needs to later in the season. 12.533

7:50 pm. Hi all! I’m excited to be back live blogging elite meets for you, and even more excited to be kicking it off with one of my favorites, Elite Canada

I have the full roster here, another brief preview here, you can get live scores here, and the meet is being streamed by Flo.

Ellie Black apparently only warmed up a couple of floor passes and then didn’t warm up vault at all, so it’s not looking super likely we’ll see her in the all-around, though she is on the start list for all four events and isn’t listed as a scratch, so it could still be possible that we see her. I also noticed Rose Woo isn’t on the start lists anymore, and then obviously Zoé Allaire-Bourgie is out, but overall it’s a pretty complete senior field given the early-season circumstances.

The gymnasts are marching out now! And already my streams have frozen about 700 times.

5 thoughts on “2020 Elite Canada | Senior Qualifications Live Blog

  1. I’m living for the fact that Padurariu and Moors will be together at UCLA along with Flatley/Frazier/Esparza/Chiles/Dennis this time next year.


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