2020 Elite Canada | Novice Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the novice all-around and apparatus finals at the 2020 Elite Canada, held in Calgary, Alberta!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Victoriane Charron 104.200
2. Tegan Shaver 99.140
3. Orlia Ngomsi 98.620
4. Aaliyah de Sousa 96.885
5. Alyssa Guerrier Calixte 96.760
6. Zoe Tsaprailis 95.895
7. Gabrielle Black 94.530
8. Kayla Lawrence 92.370
9. Megan Skinner 91.945
10. Freya Cope 91.550
11. Maddison Hajjar 91.485
12. Selena Gonzales 91.415
13. Samantha Blair 90.570
14. Béatrice Boivin 90.130
15. Charlie Fleury 89.885
16. Jada Roussin 89.495
17. Aime MacNeil 87.745
18. Ella Wetteskind 87.560
19. Delaram Ghasemi 87.525
20. Anastasia Smolev 87.475
21. Gabriella Graniero 87.330
22. Chloe Callo 87.240
23. Cassia Aucoin 86.495
24. Évelyne Nobert 86.325
25. Elena Metz 86.110
26. Viktoria Duchesne 85.380
27. Brooklyn Couto 84.745
28. Elodie Langevin 84.560
29. Janelle Nagle 84.435
30. Becca Mitchell 84.335
31. Tahanna Raven Lo 81.120

9:03 pm. Of course live scores just decided to go down. 🙂

Well, I think it’s safe to say Victoriane Charron won, and it looks like Tegan Shaver in second, and Orlia Ngomsi in third! An excellent podium.

8:57 pm. Victoriane Charron FX: Double tuck, some cowboy, but gets the landing. Lovely double spin. Switch to switch half, little stumble. Nutcracker music. Clean front tuck through to double full. Split jump full.


8:54 pm. Aaliyah de Sousa FX: Double pike, stumble back OOB. 1.5 to front tuck. Switch leap to switch side. Cool handstand pirouette! Double full into a lunge. 11.800

8:51 pm. Delaram Ghasemi BB: Ooh, an aerial to chest stand!! A nice little play on our old candle fave. Hit her flight series as well. Off on something after that though. Hit her leaps but then off again on a front aerial. Full L turn, a little overrotated. 1.5 with a big stumble forward. 9.375

8:50 pm. Elodie Langevin BB: Full turn, front aerial, off on her flight series. Side aerial is good. Hit the dismount. 11.500

8:49 pm. Anastasia Smolev UB: Toe-on, Pak, hits her feet on the mat and comes off. Gets the rest of her low bar circle skills, back up to the high bar, and a double tuck dismount with a step. 8.650

8:47 pm. Zoe Tsaprailis FX: Double back to start, just a step. Front handspring front layout front pike, good. Switch ring to switch full, great. Clean layout full to finish. 11.920

8:46 pm. Chloe Callo UB: Clear hip to stalder to toe shoot, muscles out of that handstand, gets a little lost in her swing but quickly gets it back, double tuck with a step. 10.200

8:45 pm. Gabriella Graniero BB: Split jump to sissone. Bhs loso, again with the hips sideways, that’s basically everyone today. Fall. Switch leap, back tuck, both good. Layout full dismount. 10.500

8:44 pm. Gabrielle Black FX: Switch half into the corner. Double tuck, little stumble back. Clean 1.5 to front tuck. Hit the last pass. Good routine! 12.280

8:43 pm. Elena Metz UB: Came off early on a handstand. Clear hip, arches over, basically the same thing again. Some nice handstand and pirouette work when she gets back on. Sits the double tuck though. 8.925

8:41 pm. Aime MacNeil BB: Split mount. Switch leap to sissone, really nice. Bhs loso, hips are sideways but she pulls them around and stays on. Full turn, little wobble. UGH, side aerial, back foot misses the beam entirely and she just totally splats on the mat. 😦 So good to that point. Layout full dismount. 10.375

8:40 pm. Cassia Aucoin UB: Clear hip to bail, some leg form there but mostly vertical. Arches a handstand like crazy before the toe shoot, but again, good fight. Blind change with some leg/hip form, double tuck, basically stuck, just a little wobbly. 11.025

8:39 pm. Orlia Ngomsi FX: Big Popa to start. Solid double pike. Double spin. Switch leap to switch half. Front pike through to double full, hop back. Switch full, great. Lots of cutesy choreo and she’s very smiley. LOVE HER. Super high and clean double tuck, just a little forward on that landing but oh my goodness. 12.820

8:37 pm. Évelyne Nobert BB: Bhs loso, some bent knees and a bounce back but stays on! Switch leap to sissone, big wobble and a fall. Side aerial is clean. Side somi. Nice front aerial. Transverse split jump half, a little short, but solid. 1.5 dismount. 11.650

8:35 pm. Tegan Shaver FX: JORDYN WIEBER’S MUSIC! Double pike with a couple of steps back, one OOB. Good combo pass after that. Popa is a little short in the straddle. Solid double tuck. 12.320

Charlie Fleury UB: Stalder to toe-on to toe shoot. Hit the rest. 11.275

8:34 pm. Brooklyn Couto BB: Bhs bhs. Standing back tuck. Switch half, little wobble. Split jump to straddle, splits aren’t 100% there but she’s solid on everything so far! I think she fell right after I said that. Split jump half, also not at 180. Sat the 1.5 at the end. 8.550

8:33 pm. Selena Gonzales UB: Toe-on to toe shoot, high double tuck with a small step. 10.875

8:31 pm. Janelle Nagle BB: Back handspring. Switch to split jump. Hit the rest, including a 1.5 dismount. 10.975

Samantha Blair FX: Double pike, good! Looked a little low at first but her chest position on the landing was pretty solid. Front tuck through to double full, nice! Finished with a 2.5. SHE’S TEN! 12.380

8:27 pm. Tahanna Raven Lo UB: Misses her toe-on and has to stop. Also fell on her double tuck dismount. Just like, fully pancaked onto the mat. God bless. She’s adorable and SO elegant. When she gets her skills under control she’ll be fantastic. 7.425

8:24 pm. Viktoria Duchesne BB: Switch leap to wolf jump. Bhs loso, some bent knees and she hops off. Off again on a side aerial. And on the side somi. LE SIGH. So sad. Transverse split jump half. Full turn. Hit the dismount. 7.975

Alyssa Guerrier Calixte FX: Good double pike! Also solid on the double tuck. 1.5 to front tuck. Fabulous! 12.320

Ella Wetteskind UB: Arched over a handstand and had to get her swing going again I think. My feed cut out for a second though. Hit the dismount. 9.900


1. Victoriane Charron 91.560
2. Tegan Shaver 86.820
3. Orlia Ngomsi 85.800
4. Aaliyah de Sousa 85.085
5. Alyssa Guerrier Calixte 84.440
6. Zoe Tsaprailis 83.975
7. Gabrielle Black 82.250
8. Selena Gonzales 80.540

8:17 pm. Zoe Tsaprailis BB: Candle mount, good front aerial, switch to switch half, bhs loso, just a little crooked, can’t hold on. Break on the full turn. Transverse split jump half. 1.5 dismount. 11.850

8:13 pm. Gabrielle Black BB: Forward roll mount into some leg choreo. Switch leap to sissone. Bhs loso, some bent knees and her hip angle is off a bit. Fall. Excellent side aerial, into a wolf jump. Full turn, little bobble. Side somi. Transverse split jump half. Hit the dismount. 11.025

Megan Skinner FX: Really high double tuck, just runs out of it a bit. Switch to switch half. Hit her next pass, a 1.5 to front tuck maybe? Good routine. 11.120

Nothing huge on vault in this session. The highest score was Anastasia Smolev’s 12.325.

8:10 pm. Maddison Hajjar FX: Double tuck with a step back. The rest was good from what I saw! 12.020

Orlia Ngomsi BB: Candle mount. Front aeiral, little stumble. Good jump series. Back handspring. FANTASTIC punch front tuck, oh my GOD. Switch leap to switch half to Korbut, little pause before the swingdown but MY GOODNESS. Off on her spin, I think she was going for a double, UGH. But omg, I love love love this kid. She also had an incredible swing on bars. Layout full dismount. 10.375

8:09 pm. Gabriella Graniero UB: Oh, SHE had the Tkachev in warmups, and it was a good one!!! Solid. Bail, a little more overshooty, somewhere 90 degrees between vertical and horizontal. Toe-on to toe shoot, double tuck with a step back. Nice. 11.400

8:06 pm. Tegan Shaver BB: Good bhs loso. Jump series was also clean. Either a side somi or side aerial, chest was pretty far down. Oh, somi I think because then she had an aerial after, but she came off. Dismount was I think a 1.5? She got a full around and then hopped around the other half. 11.050

Kayla Lawrence FX: IN DA CLUB!!!!!!!!!!! A LEGEND. Big double pike, stuck. Also great on her 2.5. Front handspring front full, really great level of difficulty! Double tuck to finish, stuck it. Fantastic routine. 12.640

Aime MacNeil UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot. I didn’t see the rest. 10.725

8:04 pm. Évelyne Nobert UB: Blind full, blind change to front giant half, double tuck. I missed the beginning…I thought I saw her warm up a Tkachev so I’m bummed if I missed that! I could be picturing someone else though. 11.175

8:02 pm. Becca Mitchell FX: Front through to layout full, good. Double full after that. Switch leap. Switch half. She didn’t really connect them, and kinda had a little pause in her run…wonder how they’d count that? Skidded back on her 1.5 at the end. 10.500

Brooklyn Couto UB: One of the simple routines with circle skills and a double tuck dismount, but she hit! 10.400

8:01 pm. Samantha Blair BB: Bhs loso, holds it on the beam. Oh my god her choreo is hilarious?? Side aerial. Full L turn, leg isn’t quite at horizontal, and she has a fall, sadly. Split jump half. Double full with a lunge back. She’s gooood! 9.650

Janelle Nagle UB: I missed this. 8.875

7:57 pm. Alyssa Guerrier-Calixte BB: Off on her bhs back tuck. Really good double tuck dismount! 12.300

Freya Cope FX: Double front!! Really low, looks like she actually sat it but good effort. Triple spin. Switch to switch half. She has that music that every single NCAA gymnast had after Laurie used it in 2015. Double tuck, she tumbles right out of a roundoff. Lots of power. 11.540

7:56 pm. Viktoria Duchesne UB: Stalder to clear hip to Ray, muscles up out of the handstand on the high bar but does a good job doing it. Blind change to straddle Jaeger, falls, but I think she’s the first novice I’ve seen to have a same-bar release! Good for her. She also had the triple on floor, so she’s clearly a badass. Double tuck dismount. 9.625

7:55 pm. Jada Roussin FX: Hit her opening pass, I think it was a double pike but I don’t remember. Double tuck, step forward, good. Front through to layout full. Good work! 11.600

7:54 pm. Victoriane Charron BB: Bhs loso, excellent. Side somi is clean. Transverse split jump. Ugh, off on her side aerial. Switch leap to split leap. Good front aerial, back tuck, double tuck with a little bounce. Too bad about the fall but she has a 900 point lead. 12.500

7:52 pm. Delaram Ghasemi UB: Clear hip to Pak, just some toe form, but nice overall! Toe-on to toe shoot. Got her front giant and a double tuck with a small hop. 11.000

7:51 pm. Béatrice Boivin FX: Hit her first pass. 1.5 to front tuck for her second. Clean double full. Solid routine! 12.040

7:50 pm. Aaliyah de Sousa BB: Double wolf turn, good. Hit an acro series, then a front aerial. Solid side somi. 1.5 with a step forward. Good! 12.575

Élodie Langevin UB: Clear hip, toe-on, blind change to Ezhova! Some leg form throughout. Double pike dismount, a bit low, stumbled it forward. 9.875


1. Victoriane Charron 79.060
2. Tegan Shaver 75.770
3. Orlia Ngomsi 75.425
4. Aaliyah de Sousa 72.510
5. Alyssa Guerrier Calixte 72.140
6. Zoe Tsaprailis 72.125
7. Gabrielle Black 71.225
8. Megan Skinner 69.150

7:42 pm. Charlie Fleury FX: Double tuck, just a little too far forward, takes it to her hands. Had a good turn into a jump, I didn’t see what either were but it looked like a good series. 1.5 to front tuck, solid. Switch ring to switch half. Omg, she has a little choreo moment in there that reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof when the dudes dance with bottles on their heads at the wedding. PERF. Double full. 10.940

7:38 pm. Selena Gonzales FX: Double tuck, a bit of a stumble back to save it from going forward. Step forward on the front handspring front full. Clean leap series. Good double full! 11.425

7:37 pm. Vault’s still going on in the background. I saw one non-salto vault earlier and was like awwwwwww hahahaha. You gotta love the wee ones. No one with exceptional vault scores or difficulty in this session, though Viktoria Duchesne got a 12.8.

7:36 pm. Kayla Lawrence BB: Off on her bhs back tuck sadly. Hit her jump series. Had something after that and I couldn’t tell if it was a front walkover or an Onodi…I hate when I blink and miss the beginning of a skill! Has a super horizontal set into her dismount, a front layout, but kinda whips it around so she still lands it. 9.650

7:34 pm. Tahanna Raven Lo FX: Double full, a little short with a step forward. Switch to switch half. 1.5, sat it. 😦 Full Y turn. Ahhhhh part of her choreo is walking on top of her toeeeees BLESS HER. Hit her last pass. She moves so beautifully! 8.920

7:33 pm. Orlia Ngomsi UB: Pak, nice. Perfect handstand before the clear hip full, a little late. Another good handstand before the toe half to toe shoot, she has a very natural swing. Blind change to front giant half, double tuck, stuck cold. EXCELLENT!! 12.925

7:32 pm. Ella Wetteskin FX: Double tuck is a little low. Hit her second pass. I think the last pass was a 1.5 to front tuck. 11.120

Tegan Shaver UB: Toe-on to Pak, nice. Toe full, nice vertical, clear hip to toe shoot, solid double layout! Fantastic work. 12.950

7:30 pm. Becca Mitchell BB: Triple wolf turn, SO steady! Good bhs loso. Side somi, transverse straight jump full. Came off on something after that, another wolf turn I think, which is a bummer because that triple was fab. Layout full I think for the dismount. 11.675

7:29 pm. Samantha Blair UB: She’s one of the super wee ones, only 10 I think. Toe-on to toe shoot, off on a handstand on the high bar. High clean double tuck, solid landing. 9.800

7:27 pm. Freya Cope BB: A little wild on her double wolf turn, falls. Side aerial, good. Punch front, a little low but stays on! Bhs loso, a little off balance but also stays on there. Switch leap to sissone. Hit the dismount. 11.325

7:26 pm. Alyssa Guerrier Calixte UB: Toe-on to toe shoot, double tuck. Simpler routine but she hit! 10.850

7:24 pm. Anastasia Smolev FX: Double pike is pretty low, head almost touches the mat. 1.5 is good. BEAUTIFUL Memmel turn to switch leap to…switch half to straddle, I think, she went SO fast I couldn’t keep up but that was LOVELY. 10.680

7:23 pm. Jada Roussin BB: Candle mount, holds it well. Switch leap, good. Little check. Sissone to split jump half, good! Front aerial, chest is far forward and to the side but she pulls it back, nice fight. Bhs loso, also really far over on that one but her feet are GLUED. She refuses to fall. Full turn. UGH, double tuck just comes in a little low and she crashes it. 10.350

7:21 pm. Chloe Callo FX: Double tuck, SO SO SO clean, just a little short with a hop forward. Front tuck through to 1.5, good. Switch to switch half. Double spin. Solid double full with a step back. Fantastic! 11.620

7:20 pm. Victoriane Charron UB: Nice first handstand, beautiful Pak, clear hip to a perfect handstand, to clear hip half, NICE. Toe shoot, SO much air, maybe a little close, another great handstand, blind full almost perfectly vertical. Blind change to front giant half, beautiful double layout almost stuck. MY GOODNESS. 12.950

7:19 pm. Béatrice Boivin BB: Bhs back tuck, a little too forward, hops off. Side aerial to split jump. Off again on a full turn I believe. Switch leap to wolf jump. 1.5 with a lunge forward. 10.675

7:17 pm. Elena Metz FX: Layout first pass. Popa. Ugh, this feed! Skipped her second pass entirely. My other event streams are working mostly fine but floor is really terrible. Switch leap to switch ring. 1.5 at the end. 10.720

Aaliyah de Sousa UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, blind full, blind change to front giant half, high double tuck with a step. Good! 11.700

7:16 pm. Megan Skinner BB: Bhs loso loso, ugh, her back is leaning too far and she tries to pull it up but still takes the fall. Good side somi. Feed cut out for the dismount but looks like she hit. 11.925

7:15 pm. Zoe Tsaprailis UB: Simple but good routine. Nice extension throughout, and her blind full was almost perfectly vertical. Double tuck with a couple steps back. 11.175

7:14 pm. Cassia Aucoin FX: I missed her first pass. Switch ring, then a good 1.5 to punch front. Switch leap to cat leap full. Rare! Front handspring front full, little stumble back. 10.300

7:11 pm. Maddison Hajjar BB: Candle mount, Bhs loso, pops off. Good side aerial. Layout full dismount. 11.250

Gabrielle Black UB: Pak, REALLY nice handstand out of it but then she doesn’t get the next handstand around in a pirouette and she arches over and falls. Toe-on to toe shoot, double tuck with a step. 10.000


1. Victoriane Charron 66.110
2. Tegan Shaver 62.820
3. Orlia Ngomsi 62.500
4. Alyssa Guerrier Calixte 61.290
5. Gabrielle Black 61.225
6. Zoe Tsaprailis 60.950
7. Aaliyah de Sousa 60.810
8. Samantha Blair 58.740

7:06 pm. Janelle Nagle FX: Hit her opening pass, I jumped in a second too late to see what it was, though. Switch leap to switch half, back leg on both could be a little higher. Front layout, just some arch, but good landing. Double spin, good, also a good landing on her front full. Good work! 9.980

7:02 pm. Viktoria Duchesne FX: TRIPLE!!! Then a 2.5 to front tuck. Damn kid! Dobule tuck, a little cowboyed on the second flip, but she plants those feet. Great job. 11.680

Victoriane Charron with a 13.450 on vault, though the vault scores in novice are kind of meaningless to me because of bonuses and whatever else they do. I feel like all of the E scores have been like 9.5+ for the good vaults, hahaha. Relative to other vaults, that’s a very good score, so let’s just use that relative scale.

6:59 pm. Tahanna Raven Lo BB: Handstand through to pike mount, love it. Bhs loso, hips are a little over to her right, but beautiful form. Transverse split jump half, same thing, hips are just too far back this time and another fall but she was SO clean and precise. Another transverse jump, gets this one. Front walkover, off again. UGH. Side aerial. Switch leap to split jump. Double full with a big step. Well she’s smiling! Hahaha. LOVE. 10.175, damn, with three falls?! D is a 5.4 with the bonus though so I guess that makes sense.

6:58 pm. Delaram Ghasemi FX: Double tuck, excellent in the air and on the landing! 1.5 to front tuck, she’s tiny but full of power. Layout full is clean, step back. 12.060

6:56 pm. Ella Wetteskin BB: Bhs loso, good! Full turn. Switch leap to straddle jump, a little short in the air and on the landing, check. Jump series into a back handspring. Off on her side aerial. Hit her jump series. 10.675

6:52 pm. Élodie Langevin FX: Ugh, double tuck crashed, and she hit her forehead HARD. She’s crying and looks like she’s gonna stop but oh, she’s still going?? She took like a 7 second pause to kind of get over it, I guess if she feels okay, just cry and then be like “k I’m fine now” lol. Respect. My feed froze during her second pass. Double full maybe. Okay, I only saw two passes. 9.340

Anastasia Smolev BB: I wasn’t typing during most of this but she is doing well so far as far as I can tell. Just a few little form things. 11.800

6:51 pm. Freya Cope UB: Gets her toe-on to toe shoot a tiny bit close, super high double tuck almost stuck. 10.500

Victoriane Charron starts on vault today, by the way.

6:47 pm. Jada Roussin UB: Toe-on to toe shoot at the start, blind change, hopped off. Clear hip, gets a front giant, double tuck is a bit close to the bar for my liking but it’s clean and solid! 9.075

Chloe Callo BB: Bhs loso, has the landing at first but then goes a little wild, holds on though. Hit her jump series. Came off on something after that, a tuck maybe…I didn’t see. Side aerial is clean. 1.5 dismount, hops it to the side. 9.625

6:46 pm. Gabriella Graniero FX: First pass had a slight stumble forward, I didn’t see what it was or if it went OOB though. Switch to switch side, nice. 1.5 to front pike is good. Layout full. 10.900

6:45 pm. Béatrice Boivin UB: I think I saw her come off early on. Toe shoot. Got the rest, double tuck dismount with a hop back. 9.525

6:43 pm. Elena Metz BB: full wolf turn, almost has it, but then second guesses herself and grabs the beam before falling. Hits her bhs loso, switch to split jump, off on her side aerial. Transverse split jump half, a little forward but holds on. Layout full dismount. 11.075

6:41 pm. Megan Skinner UB: Toe-on to bail, toe shoot, OH MY GODDDDDD did a blind change and just peeled the hell off, thankfully she seemed to have a sense of herself in the air, this kid legitimately flew out of frame. She’s fine though!!!! OOF. Gets the blind change this time up into the front giant, and dismounts with a double tuck. 10.275

Aime MacNeil FX: Hit her first pass. REALLY nice leaps. Also hit the second pass but I didn’t see what it was. Layout full to finish. 11.420

I don’t know what’s going on with vault scores because they keep changing so I’m just going to ignore vault.

6:39 pm. Cassia Aucoin BB: Front aerial, Bhs loso, legs are pretty bent and she’s a bit off-center, fall. Switch leap to split jump. Full L turn. Came off on something after that. 1.5 dismount I believe. 9.700

6:38 pm. Maddison Hajjar UB: Nice handstand before the clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, just some legs in the shoot up to high. Big double tuck with a step back. 10.725

6:36 pm. Évelyne Nobert FX: Double tuck, ugh, quite buckled on that landing and just kind of collapses down. Looks okay though, and gets back up. 1.5 to front tuck, can’t quite get the punch so the tuck lands low but she doesn’t hit the floor. Some nerves showing in some of her turns but she has some legit ballet choreo at one moment, and her music sounds super familiar but I can’t place it. Double full, chest a little forward with a hop. Ballet flourish at the ending as well! 9.640

6:34 pm. Charlie Fleury BB: Bhs loso, really good form throughout, but her hips are angled too far over and she has to hop off. Good fighting attempt, though! Switch leap to split jump half. Hit another leap series after that. Ooh, full Y turn! Novice kids are bringing DIFFICULTY. Double full, clean. 10.650

Kayla Lawrence UB: Arches over her first handstand but controls it into the clear hip to bail to toe shoot. Blind full, blind change to front giant half, some leg form, double tuck with a big hop forward. 11.200

Tegan Shaver VT: 13.850, that’s with some bonus but she’s a good vaulter generally

6:32 pm. Brooklyn Couto FX: She had some problems with her music not starting. Seemed to handle it well, though! Double tuck with a step back. Switch ring to switch half. Front through to double full, good! 1.5 with a step forward. Lovely job! 11.640

6:30 pm. Selena Gonzales BB: Bhs loso, break at the hips but she corrects well. Split ring jump! Side aerial. Hit the dismount. 11.725

Becca Mitchell UB: Pak, toe-on, arches over a bit and that causes her to break her rhythm. Clear hip, back up to the high bar, dismounts with a good double tuck, just a step. 8.875

6:28 pm. Getting ready to blog the novice kids! I have ads right now but I think beam may have started…no, still the touch warm-up.

Anyway, Victoriane Charron (pictured in the main blog photo) is queen, and that’s what you need to know first, but I’m excited to see all of the talented wee ones and become more familiar with them!

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