2020 Olympic Games | Women’s Subdivision 2 Podium Training Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision two of women’s podium training at the 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

1:31 pm. That’s it for the second subdivision! Russia and China both met my expectations, they were pretty high and

1:26 pm. No full floor routine from Ou Yushan, interestingly?

1:22 pm. Angelina Melnikova BB: Wolf turn at the start was fine. Stuck the double pike COLD.

1:20 pm. Lu Yufei FX: Full-in had some leg form, hit the second pass, I think a 2.5 to front pike. Memmel turn, hit her third pass, low double tuck, big step forward.

Vladislava Urazova BB: Front aerial to weird split jump into the Onodi to illusion, love that series though. Clean side aerial. 2.5 with a hop and then a step.

1:19 pm. Elena Gerasimova BB: Front front series then bhs loso, both pretty solid. Switch to sheep jump, good routine.

1:17 pm. Zhang Jin FX: Hit the turn at the start, front double full to front layout, switch ring to switch half. Bit of a deep landing on her third pass, I didn’t see what it was, Memmel was nice, low double pike with a hop.

Viktoria Listunova BB: Had a few little wobbles in the set I just saw from her.

Lilia Akhaimova BB: Punch mount was good, wobbled out of a side aerial, hit the dismount.

Alice Kinsella VT: DTY, some form, drops the landing back. Second one better on the landing, just needs to glue her legs in the air.

1:13 pm. Vladislava Urazova BB: Side aerial, wobble, split jump to little cat leap hop thingy. All I saw.

Tang Xijing FX: Tucked full-in, stuck with her chest down. Triple to punch front, short but gets it there. Switch ring to split ring jump. 2.5, some leg form.

Angelina Melnikova BB: Hit her bhs loso, front aerial, had some good jumps in there, timer dismount.

A Gadirova just hit a Lopez on vault.

1:10 pm. Just getting things underway in rotation four!

1:03 pm. It’s the China beam show right now and always. Tang Xijing just hit her second attempt with a good switch ring this time, just a wobble there. Lu Yufei’s second attempt still massively straddled on the layout but she’s landing them well. Front aerial to jump series was nice, stuck double full.

12:59 pm. Zhang Jin BB: Much better layout series this time, wobbles on her jumps and full turn. Sheep jump also with a wobble. Double full with a step.

12:58 pm. Guan Chenchen BB: Also hit her front front series and the series into the Korbut. The rest was very nice, step forward on the double pike.

Anastasia Iliankova not tight in her handstands on bars today. I didn’t pay super close attention here overall because I’m so far away but I didn’t see any disasters.

12:56 pm. Ou Yushan BB: Front handspring front tuck series and leaps to Korbut were both excellent! The rest is also very nicely controlled, clean side somi into back to back transverse half jumps. Double full with a step back.

12:54 pm. Lu Yufei BB: Switch ring to split ring jump to back handspring was perfect. Layout series also straddled. The rest was nice, double full clean and stuck.

Jessica Gadirova FX: Double double, good landing. Great double layout for her second pass. Fab routine.

12:52 pm. Tang Xijing BB: Hit the loso mount, a little iffy with her leg form on the layout series. Switch ring, big break and touches the beam. Full turn, double full dismount is good.

One of the Gadirovas on floor now, I THINK Jennifer, full-twisting double layout and double layout to start. Front layout through to double tuck with a hop.

Hit bars set from Elena Gerasimova just now.

12:51 pm. Zhang Jin BB: Good hit set from her here, stuck the double full at the end, no problems throughout.

12:49 pm. Guan Chenchen BB: Layout series had some leg separation but was solid. Split leap to front aerial. Clean. Just a layout dismount for now.

Alice Kinsella FX: Hit her first pass. 2.5 to front full, a little short going into the punch there…double pike with a hop back.

Milka Gehani VT: Some nice tsuk fulls!

12:48 pm. Amelie Morgan FX: Double tuck and 2.5 to punch front I think at the start, not bad.

Zhang Jin just hit a nice partial beam set, wobbled on I think an aerial but then hit the rest very well.

Anastasia Iliankova UB: Dragged her feet on the mat after her Tweddle + Ezhova (I think that was the series, I missed the beginning).

12:47 pm. Sorry, I’m back!

12:36 pm. Naveen Daries FX: Hit her opening pass but fell on her double pike.

Angelina Melnikova VT: working a Cheng, it was spotted just now but looked clean!

12:34 pm. Milka Gehani FX: Full-in to start is good! A little low on her second pass. Switch ring to tour jeté half. 2.5 with a step. Spotted on her double tuck but that was a pretty good routine overall!

Vladislava Urazova VT: Another weird DTY from her. She’s like, waiting too long to twist I think?

Gadirovas have both been looking strong on beam, by the way.

12:33 pm Fan Yilin UB: Hit her opening series, Chow to Gienger was gorgeous, great handstands, a couple of steps back on the dismount.

12:31 pm. Meg Ryan just hit a nice floor routine.

Vladislava Urazova VT: DTY, iffy, rough on the landing.

Elisa Hämmerle FX: Dobule tuck, now it’s time for her be BEAUTIFUL. 1.5 to barani is a bit rough. Tour jeté half to switch full to Popa. Double full, clean.

12:30 pm. Lilia Akhaimova VT: Handspring Rudi, chucks it but stands it up!

Viktoria Listunova VT: Not a huge DTY but it’s clean and solid!

Angelina Melnikova VT: Huge DTY!

12:26 pm. Guan Chenchen helping chalk the bars, now she’s off to the side working on a floor beam.

Elena Gerasimova VT: Just had a small step on her FTY.

12:24 pm. Alice Kinsella BB: Good side aerial loso loso! Solid double pike. Good routine overall.

Caitlin Rooskrantz FX: Glad to see her doing floor! Front tuck through to double tuck, step back. A couple of steps out of her 1.5 at the end.

Russia still working Yurchenko layouts on vault for the most part, but I think Lilia Akhaimova just hit a front layout half.

12:23 pm. Amelie Morgan BB: Front aerial, split jump to sissone, transverse split jump half was a little short, double full a little short punching off the beam but it was fine.

12:21 pm. It’s gonna be difficult for me to tell who’s who on bars from here but I’ll try my best, I think I can spot Lu Yufei right now.

12:20 pm. I love Milka Gehani’s leo, an orange-yello ombré!

12:19 pm. Oh god now I’m going to have to be ale to tell the Gadirovas apart from far away…the D’Amato twins are easier than this!

12:17 pm. Moving onto the second rotation!

12:16 pm. It’s really slow right now, everyone’s done but there’s still time left in the rotation. China is already prepping bars.

12:11 pm. Elisa Hämmerle BB: She has SUCH STYLE here, a little shaky on some of the acro but she has artistry EVERYWHERE.

12:09 pm. Elena Gerasimova FX: Whip whip to triple full with a step back. Really slow double tuck, surprised she stood that up tbh. Double full was messy but got the landing.

Great Britain had already finished with bars by the time I started this, btw. Love that for me.

China just working Yurchenko layouts.

Megan Ryan IRL BB: Has had some really strong work so far.

12:07 pm. China has had a few crashed vaults, one was a DTY.

I walked in right as Viktoria Listunova was starting her floor, the 2.5 to front tuck was a little weak but otherwise great. Angelina Melnikova had some bouncy landings. Lilia Akhaimova going now, double layout and arabian double front were both strong.

12:05 pm. I missed the very beginning of this subdivision because we were waiting in the mixed zone, but China is on vault, Great Britain on bars, a mixed group on beam, and Russia on floor.

9 thoughts on “2020 Olympic Games | Women’s Subdivision 2 Podium Training Live Blog

    • HONESTLY. I can tell their floor routines apart but everything else I’m like, who are you?????? The D’Amatos and the Wevers are so easy to tell apart (well, the D’Amatos if they’re standing next to each other) but I have NO idea with the Gadirovas.


        • I know a set of identical twins, and once you get to know their personalities and mannerisms etc it’s SO easy to tell which is which, alone or together. I feel like thats probably the case with their coaches/teammates etc, but we have like zero chance!


    • I work with a set of identical twins named Stacie and Tracie. They’re never in the same place at once so I don’t have a reference. I have taken to sort of muffling the beginning of the name and just making the “acie” part is clear. Seems to be working.


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