2020 Olympic Games | Women’s Subdivision 1 Podium Training Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision one of women’s podium training at the 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:42 am. Running to the mixed zone.

11:37 am. That’s about it, just putting the finishing touches on some things for a few gymnasts. Gonna try to run down and do the mixed zone in a minute!

Good handspring front pikes from Marina Nekrasova.

Vanessa Ferrari working turns and leaps still.

Raegan Rutty cleaning up a few areas on beam.

11:32 am. Martina Maggio FX: Running the full routine again but no tumbling. Left knee is heavily wrapped, she added tape in between her turns so I assume she stung it on the pass we saw her fall on before.

Tan Sze En BB: Had a few wobbles in this most recent routine I’m seeing from her but hit!

Marcia Vidiaux VT: Handspring front pike half to cool down, she’s done after that.

11:31 am. Vanessa Ferrari working double layouts on floor.

Marina Nekrasova VT: I haven’t seen much from her, I know she’s a front handspring vaulter, though, just did a pike.

11:29 am. Lara Mori FX: A little rushed in her first two passes so they’re not the tightest. One of her better triples though!

11:28 am. Alice D’Amato FX: Wasn’t typing during her tumbling but I love this routine SO much, there’s so much good stuff in her choreo, and she makes it really enjoyable.

Have only been low key paying attention to bars, but nothing dramatic from Japan.

11:25 am. Vanessa Ferrari FX: Great double double to start, whip to full-in also solid. It’s really sad that I think of Stepbrothers when I hear Con te Partito. BOATS AND HOES! Sorry Bocelli. The rest was great. A medal-worthy routine.

Marcia Vidiaux VT: Getting her tsuk doubles around like they’re nothing.

11:23 am. Asia D’Amato FX: Sat her arabian double front. One of her leaps after looked REALLY good, and she hit her full-in. Double tuck rotates so slowly but stuck the landing.

Raegan Rutty BB: Bhs loso, fall. Hit some strong connections after that, good dismount!

11:21 am. Murakami Mai UB: Just caught her Pak and Gienger, both good. Short toe full before the bail to Ray, low full-in dismount.

Tan Sze En BB: Good aerial, solid flight series. Switch to switch half, wobble, transverse split jump half, gainer pike dismount.

Martina Maggio FX: Double layout, legs apart and a really deep landing. Rough fall out of her front layout through to double pike and she stops her routine, but gets up and walks away, seems she’s more or less okay.

11:18 am. Pranati Nayak BB: Off on her punch front mount but love that she goes for it. Strong punch front on the beam after, and solid bhs pike.

Marcia Vidiaux VT: Handspring layout half, good air there.

11:17 am. Rotation four is starting!

I thought Pranati Nayak was Abigail Magistrati before from far away but Abigail isn’t here yet, she flies in tomorrow.

11:12 am. A lull in the action right now, Italy and Japan are done, Ana Derek is working turns on floor, Raegan Rutty is still hanging around bars.

11:08 am. Alice D’Amato BB: Going for the triple full dismount, still a little short on it, but not as bad as nationals.

11:06 am. Ana Derek FX: I missed her opening jump but I’m sure it was great. Front tuck through to a spotted double tuck.

Diana Varinska working a 2.5 to front tuck on floor.

11:04 am. Marina Nekraosova FX: Just saw her hit a 2.5 in her dance through.

Raegan Rutty UB: Really nice clean double tuck dismount!

Martina Maggio BB: Struggling a little, just had a couple of falls in her current set. Love her slide down into the wolf turn fakeout.

Murakami Mai VT: Hands down on this rudi attempt.

11:02 am. Asia D’Amato BB: Really Asia this time, I promise. Hit her flight series and side somi.

Raegan Rutty UB: Working clear hips whenever I look over there.

Murakami Mai VT: Just went for a rudi, it was a bit low and not great.

11:01 am. Okay that was Alice, I just saw them together! Alice = pink, Asia = green.

10:58 am. Asia D’Amato BB: Punch front and flight series both good. I THINk this is Asia. I can only tell them apart when they’re standing next to each other. Off on a wolf turn. Switch ring, small bobble. Front aerial.

Varinska FX: Double tuck with a small hop back. 2.5 with crossed ankles but she gets the landing. Double full, also with crossed ankles.

Murakami warming up handsprings on vault.

10:56 am. Vanessa Ferrari BB: Straddle planche mount, split leap to front aerial to split jump was clean.

Mai Murakami VT: DTY with a hop back, some loose knees.

I can’t always see who’s going from here but Japan really has a handle on those Yurchenko 1.5s. Sugihara just nearly stuck hers, gorgeous in the air. Right when I said that I think Hiraiwa sat hers haha.

10:52 am. Trying to scope out the bars group, I can see Abigail Magistrati but basically no one else on the podium, India, Singapore, and Cayman are in this rotation, as is Czech Republic, but Aneta Holasova can’t do podium training because four people from her flight tested positive and she has to quarantine. So crushed for her.

10:50 am. Lara Mori chalking her feet for beam! Glad to see her doing it, even if it’s not “her” event it’ll keep her warm before floor and help her get nerves out of the way.

Some good Yurchenko 1.5s right away from Japan.

10:47 am. Moving on to the third rotation now!

10:45 am. Diana Varinska BB: Just hit a leap series, full turn, little check on a front aerial, doesn’t connect to the split ring jump. Stuck the dismount, I think a double full, just crossed legs.

10:44 am. Marina Nekrasova warming up double tucks off of beam, a little cowboyed but good chest positions on the landings.

10:40 am. Ting Hua-Tien BB: Excited to see a full set from her, I know she was working upgrades last summer. Switch to split ring jump to back handspring was nice, fluid connections. Clean side somi as well, and connected transverse half jumps. Front layout full stuck.

I think it’s Alice D’Amato in the green-ish, and Asia in the pink? If so, Alice just hit her second half.

10:38 am. Vanessa Ferrari UB: Good second half of her set, full-in dismount was solid.

Ana Derek BB: Good flight series and switch half. Also had a front aerial into a leap and several leaps after that which went well. Check on the side somi. Gainer tuck dismount stuck.

Martina Maggio BB: Good half set from her just now, double pike dismount.

10:36 am. Ashikawa Urara FX: Ooh, she’s doing all events maybe? Good for her. Had a nice 2.5 to punch front pike. Rest of her passes were also hit well.

Diana Varinska BB: Just had a hit set with a layout dismount.

10:34 am. Murakami Mai FX: Hop back on the double double and double layout, both looked pretty good otherwise. Front double full to front full was great. Excellent double pike to finish.

Marina Nekrasova BB: Hit her punch front mount and bhs loso. a little wobbly on her jump series, she connects into a wolf jump full. Off on her punch front. Off again on something after that as well.

All of the Italians are in different leos. I truly can’t tell the twins and Maggio apart from here but I think Maggio is in blue.

10:32 am. Hiraiwa Yuna FX: Double layout, maybe a little short. Steps out of the front double full but good landing. Overall solid routine!

Ting Hua-Tien BB: Has had nice leaps so far and a good full turn.

Vanessa Ferrari UB: Warming up her front giants, takes an extra swing after a release, just maybe not super tight overall, also hit her feet before her Jaeger.

10:31 am. Just getting situated here. Italy is on bars, Japan on floor, and mixed groups on the other two.

10:30 am. I’m joining this about a half hour late but we’re only in the second rotation so not bad!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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