2022 German Worlds Trials | Women’s All-Around Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s competition at the 2022 German Worlds Trials, held in Rüsselsheim, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

8:04 am. Final Standings

1. Emma Malewski 50.332
2. Anna-Lena König 49.866
3. Karina Schönmaier 49.700
4. Lea Marie Quaas 48.699
5. Salina Bousmayo 48.299
6. Pauline Schäfer 38.499
7. Elisabeth Seitz 26.766
X. Florine Seifner 43.932

Top Apparatus Scores

VT: Schönmaier 13.3, Seitz 13.2, König 13.1

UB: Seitz 13.566, Malewski 12.533, Schönmaier 12.4

BB: Malewski 13.233, Schäfer 12.8, König 12.1

FX: König 12.733, Schäfer 12.666, Malewski 12.333

My team is pretty clearly Schäfer, Seitz, Malewski, König, and Schönmaier, with Quaas the alternate. I love Quaas and she has potential but the only place I’d want to use her based on today and on historic results would be beam, and only in QFs…though this team likely will not make the final so I guess that doesn’t matter so much!

8:00 am. Pauline Schäfer BB: Switch leap mount, bent her back knee and had a stumble? Weird. Split leap, doesn’t connect out of the mount. Clean and solid bhs loso. Good switch ring. Cat leap, double spin to full spin with a slight adjustment. Off on the Schäfer!!! Just landed it a little too far back on her feet. Front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump was lovely. Gainer dismount was also really nice. 12.800 (5.3, 7.500)

7:57 am. Salina Bousmayo BB: Back handspring mount, some knee form. Bhs loso with soft knees as well, but lands it without issues. Front aerial, doesn’t bring her chest over and ends up really short, falls unfortunately. Switch to split leap, short on the latter. Side aerial with a slight break at the hips. Triple wolf turn was nearly perfect, went so quickly and smoothly! Double tuck dismount, wow! Hop back. Some potential in this but she needs extension. 11.700 (5.0, 6.700)

7:54 am. Lea Marie Quaas BB: Solid layout stepout mount, very nice. Bhs loso, slightly soft in her knees. Pulls the triple wolf turn around, lags a bit near the end but finishes well. Side aerial lands with her chest forward, ends with a break at the hips. Front aerial with an adjustment out of it. Switch leap to full turn, ugh, grabs the beam. Sissone to wolf jump, short on both and wobbles. Cross split jump half, short with messy feet. Front full dismount with a hop. 12.033 (5.1, 6.933)

48.699 all-around for Quaas!

7:52 am. Touch for the next half!

7:49 am. Karina Schönmaier BB: Excellent punch front mount! Got like one clap from the crowd, it was worth more. Super solid bhs loso. Switch leap to split jump. Switch half was a bit short in split and in rotation. Slight check on the full turn. Side aerial with a wobble and then a bigger one on the side somi but good fight. Double full with a small hop back. 12.000 (4.4, 7.600)

49.700 all-around for Schönmaier!

7:46 am. Florine Seifner BB: Jump to split mount, and then knocks out a double wolf turn. Bhs loso with bent knees. Switch to split leap. Front aerial with a slight bobble. Side aerial with a bobble there as well. Double full with some leg form but a good landing! 11.666 (4.6, 7.266, -0.2 ND)

43.832 all-around score for Seifner!

Again, reminder that she’s a junior and won’t be in contention.

7:42 am. Emma Malewski BB: Hello European champion! Layout stepout mount has a wobble and a correction to steady it. Side aerial layout stepout is lovely, nice extension throughout. Switch to switch half, didn’t quite get the latter, foot form was rough, and had a low landing and wobble. Break at the hips on the front aerial, tick tock down into wolf turn position, gets a triple around nicely. Layout full with soft knees, won’t be a great score due to the mistakes, but good that she can knock out a full AA program with her injury. 13.233 (5.3, 7.933)

So they’re saying this would have been like an 8.8-9.0 without the mistakes, that’s fine. Go for it. Why not? That’s close to her Euros scores for her strongest routines! I thought the scoring has been pretty strict all day honestly but beam judges are ready to party. I mean, she’s super clean but not 9.0 for a mistake-free routine clean.

50.332 all-around score for Malewski!

7:39 am. Anna-Lena König BB: Punch front, a little low, wobble, but holds on. Switch leap to split jump, tour jeté, could be a little more split on all I think. Punch front comes up really low just like the mount, lands low with a big step to control it. Super solid bhs loso. Full turn, tiniest check. There’s a crying baby, that’s fun for beam. Front toss, hello! Remember when every NCAA commentator called those “chicken flips” for like 10 years and for what reason?! Front layout full dismount. 12.100 (4.6, 7.500)

49.866 all-around score for König!

7:37 am. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Anna-Lena König 37.766
2. Karina Schönmaier 37.700
3. Emma Malewski 37.099
4. Lea Marie Quaas 36.666
5. Salina Bousmayo 36.599
6. Elisabeth Seitz 26.766
7. Pauline Schäfer 25.699
X. Florine Seifner 32.166

7:36 am. Oh, no bars for Pauline Schäfer. She’s like I’m on the team already, it’s fine.

7:34 am. Salina Bousmayo UB: Blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, some leg form, Pak with legs apart, goes for a toe full but misses the handstand and only gets it halfway, has to turn herself around, toe-on to toe shoot, blind full, and a double tuck with some leg separation and a hop back. 11.500 (4.2, 7.300)

7:32 am. Lea Marie Quaas UB: LOVELY handstand before the Maloney to bail (Short), toe full with some ankle form, clean handstand before the toe shoot, nice catch. Blind change to piked Jaeger, good, arches over a little on the handstand after, double tuck with a hop. Nicest set aside from Seitz so far in terms of bars aesthetic. Her lines have nice potential, she doesn’t ALWAYS extend from the hip through to the knees but when she does it’s so lovely! 11.833 (4.3, 7.533)

7:30 am. Karina Schönmaier UB: Arched over her first handstand but controlled it back into the Maloney to Pak, loved the latter. Van Leeuwen with leg separation, clean handstand before a Tkachev between the bars, blind change to front giant half, hit her feet on the low bar while coming down on the blind change, that SMACK sounded PAINFUL, thankfully it was the bottom of her feet! Blind full, and a full-in with a hop to the side. 12.400 (5.1, 7.300)

7:27 am. Florine Seifner UB: Toe full finished pretty much below horizontal. Maloney to Pak, arches over on a handstand but it turns her into the direction she needs to be, so that was kind of convenient. Toe shoot, blind change to Jaeger, missed it unfortunately. Blind change to straddle Jaeger, gets it this time, some foot form, then tucks her knees on the giant and has to swing out wildly and collect herself, gets the double tuck with a step back. 8.966 (4.5, 4.466)

7:24 am. Elisabeth Seitz UB: Straddle Jaeger, Church to Pak, really straight on the latter. Van Leeuwen is mostly nice, some ankle form. Toe full is a bit late. Full-in dismount, came off the bar VERY low from what I could see, but snuck the landing in. Pretty downgrade but not bad. 13.566 (5.2, 8.366)

7:22 am. Emma Malewski UB: Hop change to piked Jaeger, nice! Pak with slight leg separation, nearly horizontal “handstand” before the toe-on to toe full, van Leeuwen leaves the bar late and has some leg form but she catches, double front with legs widely apart and a big hop forward. A bit of an endurance fight I think but this should improve in the next couple of weeks given that she’s had time away. 12.533 (4.9, 7.633)

7:18 am. Anna-Lena König UB: Short handstand before the blind full (also ends a bit short), blind change to straddle Jaeger, some form in the air and caught close, Pak was nice, toe-on to stalder to toe shoot caught REALLY high and close, some hip bend in her giants that gets noticeable, and a clean double tuck, landed well. 11.933 (4.3, 7.633)

7:14 am. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Anna-Lena König 25.833
2. Pauline Schäfer 25.699
3. Karina Schönmaier 25.300
4. Salina Bousmayo 25.099
5. Lea Marie Quaas 24.833
6. Emma Malewski 24.566
7. Elisabeth Seitz 13.200
X. Florine Seifner 23.200

7:13 am. Lea Marie Quaas VT: Yurchenko full, goes really low and long after she blocks off the table, ends up not getting the height she needs and has to pike it pretty severely, hop back as well. 12.833 (4.2, 8.633)

7:11 am. Karina Schönmaier VT: Yurchenko full, not bad, some hip pike but lands it really well with a flare out and small hop to the side. 13.300 (4.2, 9.100)

7:10 am. Florine Seifner VT: Yurchenko pike with a big hop back. 11.700 (3.2, 8.500)

7:09 am. Elisabeth Seitz VT: Yurchenko full, some hip bend, tried to flare it out but wasn’t quite open enough yet, ends up taking a huge hop back. 13.200 (4.2, 9.000)

7:06 am. Little pause for the second group. My live scores just went down, FYI. I’ll grab what I can from the stream for the time being. Just missed Pauline Schäfer’s vault.

7:05 am. Emma Malewski VT: Yurchenko layout, nice stretch in the air, hop back. 12.233 (3.6, 8.633)

7:03 am. Anna-Lena König VT: Tsuk full, some hip form and two big steps back out of it, but solid difficulty! 13.100 (4.4, 8.700)

7:02 am. Pauline Schäfer VT: Handspring front tuck half, nice air, pretty clean throughout, and a hop back on the landing.

7:00 am. Salina Bousmayo VT: Yurchenko full, a bit piked down throughout and two big steps back. 12.866 (4.2, 8.666)

6:58 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Anna-Lena König 12.733
2. Pauline Schäfer 12.666
3. Emma Malewski 12.333
4. Salina Bousmayo 12.233
5. Lea Marie Quaas 12.000
– Karina Schönmaier 12.000

6:57 am. No Elisabeth Seitz on floor, which I kind of anticipated. Moving to vault for the touch now!

6:54 am. Karina Schönmaier FX: Really high hopes for her! Would be amazing for her to compete in the first international meet of her career at worlds! She did the DTB meet earlier this year but it was in Germany so not the same. Full-in to open ends up a little short with her chest down and a step. Double tuck with a big bounce back. Tuck jump full, god bless her for that. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Clean 1.5 to front tuck, little bounce. Switch half. Double full to finish was solid, but the landings on the first two passes will get her. 12.000 (4.6, 7.400)

6:51 am. Florine Seifner FX: Double tuck with a hop back and a 1.5 to front full with a step. Looked like she sat the double wolf turn before completing it. She’s a 2007 so I guess just here for the experience? 2.5, loses some form near the end and takes a big step. Switch leap with a low back leg to split leap. Greatest Show music, by the way. Cute routine. 11.500 (4.5, 7.000)

6:47 am. Emma Malewski FX: Popa before her first pass, a double tuck, tiny bounce on the landing. Had a spin, triple I think but kinda stumbled out of the finish. Switch ring to switch half. Front layout full with a step forward. I think that was a triple full at the end? Could have been a double, I didn’t have a good view. Leg form wasn’t quite there throughout but impressed with this given that she wasn’t ready to compete two weeks ago. 12.333 (4.6, 7.733)

6:42 am. Anna-Lena König FX: Split jump full at the start. Double tuck went a little low, small bobble on the landing. 1.5 to front full, not bad, minor form deductions. Switch leap to switch full. A little wild in the double wolf turn. 2.5 with a step forward. Tour jeté into her ending pose. Some lovely work and another nice hit! 12.733 (5.0, 7.733)

6:39 am. Pauline Schäfer FX: Double L turn to double spin went a little wild in the connection and she had to kind of force them around. Double front with a step forward. Quad spin! Actually think she went for a triple and did the last bit by accident? Wasn’t on her toes for the last turn, kinda got the spin in on flat feet haha. Front double full with a good landing. Hit a leap and then her little back acro pass (bhs loso) down the side. Front layout full to stag. Had a leap in there earlier that I didn’t quite catch. Finishes with some ring leaps. Mostly excellent work! 12.666 (4.6, 8.066)

6:36 am. Salina Bousmayo FX: Double pike with a bounce back. 1.5 to front full, some knee form and a little step to the side. Switch leap, low back leg, to switch half, a little short of 180. Back layout full with a hop back. Double tuck to finish, a little short, but overall a hit routine! 12.233 (4.8, 7.433)

6:33 am. Lea Marie Quaas FX: Double pike, a little forward on the landing with a tiny hop. Really tidy triple wolf turn. Double tuck rotates a little slow but she gets it around with a little hop. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Front handspring front full, some form issues throughout that but landed well. Kinda falls out of the double L turn into the full spin. Double full with some leg form and a hop back. 12.000 (4.6, 7.400)

6:32 am. Touch warmups look to be over! Lea Marie Quaas will kick off the rotation.

6:30 am. All of the athletes are competing together in the same rotation group, and are starting on floor.

6:28 am. Athletes are marching out now! Decent crowd, more than the Italian WAG all-around meet had yesterday from the looks of it.

6:25 am. Ads now. Guess I’ll see you in five!

6:23 am. They’re asking this or that questions, hahahahaha. Let’s see what Sarah says.

Barefoot or shoes? Barefoot!

Cooking or restaurant? Cooking!

Meat or vegetables? Meat!

Something or bungee jumping? She said the first, maybe jumping out of an airplane? I couldn’t tell but the last part of the word was springen (jump) so that makes sense.

Hotel or backpacking? Backpacking!

6:21 am. Gerben Wiersma said they’re going to miss Sarah and Kim Bui, who retired, in Liverpool, but says it’s important to take newer athletes to worlds this year to get them more experience since next year is so important and they may need to use them again.

The actual competition is starting at 6:30 am btw. I mean, I kinda figured based on existing and watching these interviews instead of gymnastics.

6:18 am. Sarah’s talking about the German team competition in Munich. I believe she said a medal was their biggest dream, and the strategy of going up last on vault and going for broke with the DTY was really important to achieving that. They finished two points ahead of the Netherlands so I don’t know if it was THAT necessary but it was a great moment.

6:15 am. You could’ve said the meet starts at 6:30, I would have been fine sleeping another half hour.

More clips from Euros. Sarah Voss still has not spoken in this interview!!!

6:12 am. Gerben Wiersma is speaking now, thankfully speaking English. He understood the questions in German but bless him for responding in English. He’s relatively new to the program still. In German, the interviewers are excited about him for listening in German and responding in English hahahaha. This is a very exciting live blog so far.

He said he knew top five was possible for a team result in Munich based on the team Germany sent, and after qualifications, he says it was all strategy to determine the D scores they’d need to get on the medal podium, which affected Sarah Voss deciding to do the DTY.

6:10 am. I recently watched The Bear so am giggling at the reminder that “Chef” is boss in German (a Cheftrainer aka head coach is speaking in an interview now). I had a lot of fun with that term in college, and with the term Bademeister (which I think was lifeguard or something but translates literally to “bath master” and that was very funny to me).

Let Sarah Voss speak!

6:07 am. Now we’re watching vertically-oriented clips from Euros for some reason. I love when start times for meets include a million hours of other stuff first!!!

I’m watching on SportDeutschland, by the way. Not sure if you need a VPN but I’m using one just In case.

6:05 am. Sarah Voss is in the commentary room right now. As a reminder, she had a calf injury at Euros which she further injured while competing there, so she’s skipping worlds this year, but she actually did a bars set at Bundesliga two weeks ago so I assume she’s partly okay at this point and just taking precautions.

Ivan Rittschik is also here, he’s not in the mix for the men’s team. Not sure if he’s injured but he hasn’t competed since Bundesliga in June.

6:03 am. Trying to shift my brain from Italian commentary yesterday to German today (and then back to Italian later today!) is fun. I think I got like 5-10% of the Italian but will probably get closer to 20% of the German. It’s fun understanding every fourth word.

6:01 am. Looks like they’re just finishing up warmups. We’re getting some ads and some opening commentary now.

5:58 am. Good very early morning! For me, anyway. It’s noon in Germany.

Eight athletes are competing for six spots (five team, one alternate) on the worlds team, including 2022 European Championships medalists Elisabeth Seitz, Pauline Schäfer, and Emma Malewski, along with Salina Bousmayo, Anna Lena König, Karina Schönmaier, Lea Marie Quaas, and junior Florine Seifner.

Seitz is coming back from not training for a couple of weeks due to COVID, while Malewski is dealing with a foot injury, so while I think both will likely make the team if they’re healthy enough, they might not be at full strength here. Neither competed at Bundesliga two weeks ago, which was the first trial.

Thankfully, Schäfer looked great at Bundesliga, where we also got a glimpse of the other five. Schönmaier, who wasn’t on the nominative roster, had a great competition and if she can repeat that, I think she can sneak onto the team. I also see König and Quaas making it based on what they did at Bundesliga and also how they’ve looked historically compared to Bousmayo.

I hope the odd-person-out can be named non-traveling alternate or something to take the sting out of being the one senior in this field not making it…

3 thoughts on “2022 German Worlds Trials | Women’s All-Around Live Blog

  1. Weak scores as expected but noticeable improprements from König, Schönmaier, Quaas and Bousmayo (especially) if we compare to what they got in june at the Nationals. It’s a shame Germany didn’t send more of these girls compete at the WC Circuit. Half of them have basically 0 international experience.
    I’d be surprised to have Germany in the top 8 at worlds but we know the junior generation is good … so no worry (and Voss Schaeffer Seitz Malewsky won’t retire until 2024 …. if not 2028 !)

    Liked by 1 person

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