2022 Italian Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around final at the 2022 Italian Championships, held in Naples, Italy!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

3:42 pm. Final Standings

1. Martina Maggio 111.350
2. Alice D’Amato 111.250
3. Manila Esposito 108.500
4. Giorgia Villa 108.400
5. Veronica Mandriota 105.950
6. Letizia Saronni 100.600
7. Caterina Cereghetti 99.450
8. Alessia Guicciardi 95.050
9. Carolina James. 70.800
10. Giorgia Leone 25.000

3:37 pm. Veronica Mandriota UB: Ricna, Pak is a bit low and her legs are in a stalder basically, stalder full to toe-on to van Leeuwen, bends her knees to catch, stalder half to Endo, hip form is a bit iffy, I think a front 1.5 layout dismount, Ilaria Colombo is comparing her to Khorkina hahaha. 13.050 (4.9, 8.150)

3:34 pm. Manila Esposito UB: Church to Pak, fights for the handstand before the Maloney to Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen, nice handstand before the blind full, blind change to front giant to double front, hop forward. Really nice work here and on all apparatuses today! 14.200 (5.7, 8.500)

3:32 pm. Alice D’Amato UB: Maloney to Tkachev, Downie to Pak to Chow half, great handstand before a giant to the blind change to front giant work, a little late on the full, double front with pointed toes, goes a little too hard, chest is froward and a step on the landing. “Mamma mia” – Ilaria Colombo

3:30 pm. Alessia Guicciardi VT: Yurchenko full, a bit weak throughout in every aspect of the form but lands it well. 12.950 (4.2, 8.750)

Does a second vault, just a handspring with no salto, hahaha why, I love this for her, I think she’ll win a vault medal for simply doing a second vault so good for her!!

3:28 pm. Martina Maggio UB: Slight pike in the handstand before the Ray to Pak, leg separation on the latter, stalder full a little rushed to Maloney to Tkachev, nice, bail, gets it to handstand, toe full comes apart halfway through, tries to rush through it but legs fall over the wrong way and she comes off. NOOOO. Back on for a blind change to front half, and an arabian dismount with a step back. 13.050 (5.7, 7.350)

3:27 pm. Letizia Saronni VT: Yurchenko full, not bad, but not super powerful, small hop to the side OOB. 12.750 (4.2, 8.550)

3:26 pm. Giorgia Villa UB: Lovely Tkachev to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, every last one of those elements floats, van Leeuwen, the twist and catch are so clean you can barely tell she’s doing anything, blind change to front giant full to front half, ankle separation on all of that, and a full-in, great landing. 14.500 (5.8, 8.700)

3:24 pm. Caterina Cereghetti VT: Pretty clean Yurchenko full with a hop back. 13.000 (4.2, 8.800)

3:22 pm. Rotation 7 Standings

1. Martina Maggio 98.300
2. Alice D’Amato 96.650
3. Manila Esposito 94.300
4. Giorgia Villa 93.900
5. Veronica Mandriota 92.900
6. Letizia Saronni 87.850
7. Caterina Cereghetti 86.450
8. Alessia Guicciardi 82.100

3:18 pm. Giorgia Villa VT: Yurchenko full, nice in the air, large-ish hop back, maybe 0.3 in the real world. 13.200 (4.2, 9.000)

3:17 pm. Letizia Saronni FX: Triple full! Good. Switch ring to split ring. I feel like she has Flavia Saraiva’s old music? By old I mean from like, last year. Front tuck through to double full, basically stuck! Oh yeah, this is Flavia’s music. Mustafina turn! Switch half. Double pike with a small hop. 13.000 (5.1, 7.900)

Okay, really feeling her for the alternate over Cereghetti I think…just kidding, I just double checked her DOB and she’s a 2007 baby!

3:14 pm. Manila Esposito VT: Yurchenko full with a hop back, and then steps into the salute. Pretty clean in the air and flared on the landing. 13.400 (4.2, 9.200)

Does a second vault, a Yurchenko half-on front pike half, some leg separation and her chest is forward but the landing is good! 13.200 (4.2, 9.000)

3:12 pm. Caterina Cereghetti FX: Clean double tuck. Switch ring was nice. I missed a lot here (multitasking life) but very nice work again. Front tuck through to layout full was her first pass, as I just saw in the replay. 12.600 (4.3, 8.300)

3:11 pm. Veronica Mandriota VT: Another very strong landing, Yurchenko 1.5, knee form in the air is pretty rough, but the landing is great, tiny bounce in place. 13.900 (4.6, 9.300)

3:08 pm. Carolina James FX: She starts in a very zen position and Ilaria Colombo was like “YOGA!” Double tuck was good, hop back. Popa. Double full with a step back. Full Y turn. Front layout full at the end. 12.350 (4.4, 7.950)

3:07 pm. Alice D’Amato VT: Very strong DTY with a small hop back. 14.500 (5.0, 9.500) – this seems wildly high compared to Maggio but go off judges!!! Maggio’s hips were a little soft, I guess, but I feel like D’Amato’s were too?

3:05 pm. Alessia Guicciardi FX: I only saw the double tuck at the beginning, which was a fall. 10.900 (4.0, 6.900)

3:04 pm. Martina Maggio VT: Yurchenko 1.5, STUCK oh my GOD!!!!!!!!????????? HELLO give it a 10. 14.150 (4.6, 9.550) – this was magnificent

3:01 pm. Rotation 6 Standings

1. Martina Maggio 84.150
2. Alice D’Amato 82.150
3. Manila Esposito 80.900
4. Giorgia Villa 80.700
5. Veronica Mandriota 79.000
6. Letizia Saronni 74.850
7. Caterina Cereghetti 73.850
8. Alessia Guicciardi 71.200

2:57 pm. Giorgia Villa FX: Memmel turn, nice. Double pike with a hop back OOB. Front double full is strong. Double L turn to full spin. Switch leap to switch half. Her bounce back out of her triple wolf turn looks like a fall and it freaked out the male commentator but Ilaria Colombo was like “haha no that’s choreo” hahaha. Double tuck with a bounce back OOB.

2:53 pm. Manila Esposito FX: Triple wolf turn. 2.5 to front layout is solid. Big switch full, then a double L turn to double spin, nice. Switch to tour jeté half I think after that. 1.5 to front full, hop forward OOB. Beautiful Memmel to illusion. Double tuck with a little hop. This was very nice! 13.500 (5.7, 8.100, -0.3 ND)

2:50 pm. Veronica Mandriota FX: Kinda fell out of what was supposed to be a triple wolf turn, I think. Whip to triple, doesn’t get it around and has to hop the landing to get there, ends up OOB. 1.5 to front full to stag is also OOB. Switch ring to switch half. Memmel to double spin was a bit rushed. Double pike rotates a bit slowly, buckled landing with a hop. One of her weakest routines that I’ve seen both in the tumbling and the dance, just looked a bit fatigued. 12.850 (5.0, 8.050, -0.2 ND) – that E is pretty high for what this was

2:48 pm. Caterina Cereghetti BB: Switch leap mount, split jump to stag ring jump, nice on both. Full wolf turn, solid side somi, strong bhs loso, front aerial, tiniest adjustment, hit some leaps after and a 1.5 dismount, mostly strong routine, some leg form in the dismount. 12.600 (4.9, 7.700)

2:45 pm. Alice D’Amato FX: Whip whip through to triple full, little bobble on the landing but love this! Double pike with a big hop back. Front handspring to front double full was great. Switch ring. Hit some dance earlier that I wasn’t paying super close attention to but everything I saw looked really solid and mostly very clean, only minor things here and there. Lovely routine. 13.400 (5.1, 8.300)

2:43 pm. Alessia Guicciardi BB: Big wobble on the back handspring mount, but good save! Front aerial to split jump, a little slow in the connection. Bhs bhs loso, slight break in the hips at the end but very strong otherwise. Back roll to handstand, good leap and jump series, hit a side aerial and the dismount. 11.950 (5.0, 6.950)

2:40 pm. Martina Maggio FX: Triple wolf turn at the start, good. Double layout, leg separation but otherwise landed well. Front layout through to double pike, tiny hop forward. Switch ring to split ring leap half, little bounce on the landing. Double tuck with a little hop. Full-in, a little buckled in the knees on the landing, but I don’t think she moves her feet! Good work. 14.200 (5.7, 8.500)

This floor looks janky, the mat is so baggy and loose all over the place???

2:38 pm. Letizia Saronni BB: Caught it from a strong split leap mount and then a very nice bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump, some foot form to watch out for, side somi, everything else is good, layout full dismount. 12.550 (4.7, 7.850)

2:36 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Martina Maggio 69.950
2. Alice D’Amato 68.750
3. Giorgia Villa 67.450
4. Manila Esposito 67.400
5. Veronica Mandriota 66.150
6. Letizia Saronni 62.300
7. Caterina Cereghetti 61.250
8. Alessia Guicciardi 59.250

2:32 pm. Veronica Mandriota BB: Switch leap mount, switch leap to split jump to straight jump full, her back leg was a little low on the first two in that series but love the combo. Bhs loso, some bent knees but lands it well. Front aerial with a fully tucked knee, split ring jump, back leg not there, side aerial with a check, lovely finish on her double spin, 2.5 with a step to the side off the mat. 13.000 (5.3, 7.700)

2:30 pm. Caterina Cereghetti UB: Maloney to Tkachev, nice! Bail to toe-on arches over and she comes off. Bars has been her real problem at this meet but I think she’s still the best alternate material. Toe full to toe shoot, blind change to front giant to front layout dismount, stuck. 11.850 (4.6, 7.250)

2:28 pm. Manila Esposito BB: Back handspring mount right into a bhs bhs, love! Double wolf turn. Front aerial, I missed typing some of this but everything has been really nice…finishes with a double pike, ugh, stumbles it back and sits. WHY. 13.050 (5.3, 7.750)

2:27 pm. Carolina James UB: Maloney to Tkachev, bail with some leg separation to toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, blind full with some leg separation and an adjustment in handstand, and a toe front half tuck dismount. 11.650 (4.6, 7.050)

2:24 pm. Alice D’Amato BB: Punch front mount is good, followed by another strong punch front. Missed a foot on her bhs loso and had a big stumble and break at the hips but stayed on! Nice leap series. Switch ring with a little hop. Front aerial. Stands up out of her double wolf turn but saves herself from falling again. 2.5 dismount, big hop forward. 12.750 (5.2, 7.550)

2:22 pm. Alessia Guicciardi UB: Short handstand before the toe full, Maloney to Pak, low with legs apart, stalder to toe shoot, a little close and dead hangy, goes for a Tkachev between the bars but misses, unfortunately. Back on for a stalder half to front giant half, and a half-in double tuck dismount, looked less like an arabian and more like a back tuck with a half twist to a front tuck. 9.400 (4.2, 5.200)

2:20 pm. Martina Maggio BB: Switch leap mount was very good. Switch to sissone, bhs loso with a little slide back, full turn, switch ring, not quite there in the air and a stumble on the landing, side aerial and side somi were both clean, double pike with two steps back. 14.100 (5.4, 8.700)

2:18 pm. Letizia Saronni UB: Nice handstand before the stalder half to Endo to straddle Jaeger, nice! Pak was a little low. Stalder to toe shoot, she swings very nicely. toe full is pretty clean, to an arabian double front dismount with a big stumble back. 12.750 (5.0, 7.750)

2:17 pm. Giorgia Villa BB: Off on her layout stepout mount, and then again on the roundoff to tuck full. Triple wolf turn was very nice. Gets the double spin with a bobble. Side aerial is strong. Double full with a hop back. 12.250 (5.4, 6.850)

This E score with two falls, a big wobble, and a hop on the dismount, she would have been at like a 9.2 E with a hit HAHA.

2:16 pm. Giorgia Leone UB: Toe full to Maloney to Tkachev, Pak, van Leeuwen looked pretty clean, blind change to front giant to front layout with a step. Not bad! She’s only doing this event. 13.200 (5.0, 8.200)

2:12 pm. Touch warmup underway now. The worlds group is starting on beam and the other group is starting on bars. Who will be the alternate for this group? I would go with Caterina Cereghetti given her junior and early senior experience but she’s a long way from her junior levels and was 8th all-around the other night behind Alessia Guicciardi and Letizia Saronni, though I think Cereghetti makes a lot more sense than either of them, and she can easily outscore both of them with a fully hit day. I honestly do not know, though.

2:10 pm. Athletes are marching out! Only 10 on the floor, including the five we’ll see at worlds.

2:08 pm. Someone lost a scrunchie in this group floor routine. Thank god, someone picked it up!!! The drama of that moment.

2:05 pm. Big intro to this comp and it’s in a huge arena but there’s like, no one here. I feel like they get more at Serie A meets. Oh good, there’s going to be a performance now. I should always anticipate at least 50 performances at the beginning of every Italian meet.

2:00 pm. Stream is kicking off now. I think only 11 competing in today’s final, or at least that’s how many were there in qualifications. Should be a quick event? I’m surprised we don’t see more of the Serie A regulars competing here, and I think usually they do have a larger field that also includes juniors?

Ilaria Colombo is commentating FYI!

1:58 pm. As a quick recap from day one, Alice D’Amato leads the all-around with a 56.000, ahead of Martina Maggio with 55.850 and Giorgia Villa with 55.200. Today’s scores will be added to their qualification scores, so it’s still anyone’s game among these three, while Manila Esposito and Veronica Mandriota rounded out the top five with scores of 54.350 and 53.150, respectively.

Also of note, in addition to Asia D’Amato missing nationals and worlds due to the injury she sustained in the Euros vault final, first-year senior Angela Andreoli is also out due to injury. Originally the battle was going to be between Esposito and Mandriota for D’Amato’s spot, but now it looks like both will be absolutely necessary in Liverpool given that there’s no one else in the field who is capable of besting either of them.

The stream is available via the Italian Olympic Channel, which I’m accessing using a VPN.

6 thoughts on “2022 Italian Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

  1. I think Maggio’s vault was underscored. I think had she done an Amanar of the same quality at an Italian domestic nationals, we’d be looking at a 9.8 E score. I hate that extraordinary skills of lower but still competitively respectable difficulty are not given the respect they deserve. I’d have taken 0.05 for hips, 0.1 for height, 0.15 for distance. I didn’t see anything else. 9.700 E score


  2. So Italians compete THREE days of competitions only two weeks prior to worlds to decide a team everybody knows in advance given the injuries … (and would still have been obvious without the injuries). Dangerous, useless and silly.

    Maggio has the quality/difficulty work to be a top 5 AA at next worlds, at least. I had not seen that coming back to 2019 when she was Italy’s alternate at worlds (at 18).


  3. I’m glad Giorgia survived this year. Glad to see her back doing AA, even if it’s not full difficulty. Can Italy please stop breaking their seniors weeks before major champs?!


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