2014 Commonwealth Games Teams

The XX Commonwealth Games, set to begin July 23 in Glasgow, Scotland, will feature competition among gymnasts from the Commonwealth of Nations, including England, Australia, and Canada. The women’s artistic gymnastics competition will begin¬†with the team final and individual qualifications on July 28 and will conclude with the second day of event finals on August 1.

Most teams set to compete have released their fields, with the comprehensive list below.

Georgia-Rose Brown
Larrissa Miller
Lauren Mitchell
Mary-Anne Monckton
Olivia Vivian
Morgan Beckles*
Zantae Dil*
Sydney Mason*
Gabby Vincent*
Elsabeth Black
Maegan Chant
Stefanie Merkle
Victoria Moors***
Isabela Onyshko
Victoria-Kayen Woo***
Cayman Islands
Bethany Dikau
Stelutsa Savvidou
Becky Downie
Claudia Fragapane
Ruby Harrold
Kelly Simm
Hannah Whelan
Aruna Budda Reddy
Pranati Das
Rucha Sachin Divekar
Dipa Karmakar
Pranati Nayak
Isle of Man
Nicole Burns
Tara Donnelly
Grace Harrison
Kaitlin Kneen
Toni-Ann Williams
Charlotte Pollard
Farah Ann Abdul Hadi
Tan Ing Yueh
Natasha Ilana Devaraj****
Tracie Ang
Nur Eli Ellina Azmi
Kirsty Caruana
Peppijna Dalli
Adreanna Zammit
No longer sending a team
New Zealand
Courtney McGregor*****
Brittany Robertson
Mackenzie Slee
Charlotte Sullivan
Anna Tempero
Northern Ireland
Sarah Beck
Nicole Mawhinney
India McPeak
Ciara Roberts
Cara Kennedy
Erin McLachlan
Amy Regan
Carly Smith
Emma White
Janessa Dai
Ashly Lau
Heem Wei Lim
Joey Tam
Michelle Teo
Sri Lanka
Tilanka Abayagunawardana
Ridma Bengalage
Sachini Koswaththa Liyanage
South Africa
Kirsten Beckett
Claudia Cummins
Bianca Mann
Trinidad and Tobago
Marisa Dick
Khazia Hislop**
Elizabeth Beddoe
Georgina Hockenhull
Jessica Hogg
Angel Romaeo
Raer Theaker

* Bermuda will no longer send a team due to the Bermuda Olympic Association’s competition readiness rules.
** As of July 18, Hislop is injured and will no longer attend.
*** As of July 26, Moors has withdrawn from the competition with Woo taking her place.
**** As of July 27, Devaraj has withdrawn from the competition with no replacement.
***** As of July 27, McGregor has withdrawn from the competition with no replacement.

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