Dutch Gymnasts Killed in Airline Crash


Young Dutch gymnasts Milia van de Mortel and Sem Wels were among the 298 individuals who perished on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, according to GymPOWER.

Van de Mortel, who trained as a 2nd division N3 gymnast in Amsterdam, was traveling on vacation with her parents Jeroen and Winneke when her plane was shot down as a result of the conflict in the Ukraine on July 17. Her older brother Yarick, a football player with FVC Leeuwarden, was not with them.

Milia van de Mortel competes at district finals at Turnace Hall of Gymnastics in Amsterdam in 2014

Sem Wels was also traveling with his parents, Conny Wels-Stuiver (the 1992 Dutch Figure Skating Championships silver medalist) and Leon Wels, when his life was tragically cut short in the airspace above the eastern Ukraine.

The Gymternet sends our love and support to the families and friends of these two young gymnasts, as well as to everyone else affected by this senseless act of violence.


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