Getting Ready for Glasgow

As the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland come to an end, our excitement for the event is just getting started.

The gymnasts still have five days of training before they begin the first round of qualifications on Monday July 28. Some teams have spent the past week settling into the athlete’s village while others continue to train off-site, but all seem to be having fun in their preparation for the Games and have been sharing photos with fans along the way.

Host Scotland’s MAG and WAG teams posed together outside of the competition hall, looking fierce in their royal blue, white, and dashes of deep purple and silver.

The ladies have shown that they can also be a bit silly, as they wheel their bags to the athlete’s village. Even their coach shows off her nice flexibility!

Scottish national champion Emma White and young teammate Erin McLachlan spent some time in the CG shops, posing with these £100 plush mascots!

Emma looks to be very serious about her national pride! Even her nails are a display of enthusiasm.

England has also spent some time getting patriotic with Queen Beth. Check out those sunglasses!

With training and press photos out of the way, the English ladies spent a free afternoon sunning themselves on the lawn and watching “Gossip Girl.”

Charlotte Pollard is the first elite gymnast from Jersey to qualify to a Commonwealth Games and is documenting her experience on Facebook, noting that the equipment in the training halls is mostly left over from the 2012 Olympic Games (“I have trained on the same bars as Beth Tweddle won her medal!”)

Like Charlotte, New Zealand’s Courtney McGregor was also excited about the London 2012 equipment, and posted this photo to her Instagram.

Courtney and her teammates seem to be having a blast this week, posing for photos throughout the village, outside the training hall, and as they get ready to march in for opening ceremonies.

Anna Tempero was excited to march in the ceremonies after spending much of the trip thus far in the hospital after an infected knee couldn’t withstand the lengthy flight to the UK. Though she’s had surgery to remove the infection, she says her chances of competing “aren’t very high,” though she’s going to do everything she can to try. Until then, she has Courtney to push her around!

Northern Ireland looked preppy and professional in their opening ceremonies uniforms.

Their style has also been top notch in the gym, where they wore these gorgeous training leos.

Northern Ireland gymnast Ciara Roberts and Welsh gymnast Raer Theaker posed together before opening ceremonies, showing that competition is no match for friendship.

Raer and the rest of the Welsh ladies are one of the country’s strongest teams in history. They’ve looked great in training, and had the most gorgeous dresses for opening ceremonies.

The team from the Isle of Man also looked great and put together both in and out of the gym!

The Australians seem to bring the party with them wherever they go, though they are of course total professionals when they need to be.

Despite their long journey, they looked excited and ready to get started after landing.

Olivia Vivian, the oldest of the Aussie team at 25 and a former Oregon State superstar, showed off the team’s training leos.

Bethany Dikau of the Cayman Islands has been keeping her friends and family updated of her travels and training thus far.

As the sole competitor from her nation, she has been training with other teams in Glasgow, including India (pictured here) and New Zealand.

The Malaysian team looks lovely in their matching Manchester United tops outside of their apartment in the athlete’s village.

They actually spent much of their training time in Manchester, England, which was fine with Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, a huge fan of the football club!

The South Africans have been pretty quiet on social media, though Kirsten Beckett has taken the time to post a few photos of herself with her teammates, all pictured here after training and then also before opening ceremonies.

The Canadian team trained around London before heading to Glasgow this afternoon.

The Canadians also spent some time seeing the sights. Victoria Moors apologized in advance for “stinking up London Town” via Twitter (she’s also been keeping busy reading 50 Shades of Grey and chatting with “a hot boy from New Zealand about hockey”…living it up!)


Don’t miss a thing from the 2014 Commonwealth Games! Keep an eye on our complete coverage page for news, features, up-to-date coverage, and more!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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