2014 Secret U.S. Classic Start Lists

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USA Gymnastics made the start lists for the 2014 Secret U.S. Classic available on the event’s official website. The draw shows which event each athlete will begin on, as well as the order in which they will compete.

8/2 at 6:56 am. We have updated the rotation schedule in accordance to all changes as of early morning on August 2, 2014. At the time of update, Lexie Priessman was still listed on the official start list though has reportedly withdrawn from the competition due to injury. We will remove her from our list when it becomes official.

The 2014 Secret U.S. Classic will be held at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill., on August 2.


Vault Uneven Bars
1. Norah Flatley* 1. Samantha Ogden
2. Lauren Navarro* 2. Madison Kocian
3. Olivia Trautman* 3. Lexie Priessman
4. Jazmyn Foberg* 4. Brenna Dowell
5. Abby Paulson* 5. Alyssa Baumann
6. Emily Gaskins* 6. Maggie Nichols
7. Madison Desch
Balance Beam Floor Exercise
1. Melissa Reinstadtler 1. Amelia Hundley
2. Rachel Gowey 2. Ashton Locklear
3. Veronica Hults 3. Kyla Ross
4. Nia Dennis* 4. Felicia Hano
5. Macy Toronjo 5. Simone Biles
6. Ragan Smith* 6. Mykayla Skinner

* Junior competitor


Vault Uneven Bars
1. Rachel Baumann 1. Adriana Popp
2. Kailey Gillings 2. Alyona Shchennikova
3. Rachael Flam 3. Taylor Lawson
4. Anastasia Webb 4. Megan Skaggs
5. Victoria Nguyen 5. Megan Freed
6. Alexis Vasquez 6. Christina Desiderio
7. Deanne Soza 7. Abigail Matthews
8. McKenna Appleton 8. Molly Frack
9. Makenzie Sedlacek 9. Margzetta Frazier
10. Maggie Musselman 10. Aria Brusch
Balance Beam Floor Exercise
1. Madison Rau 1. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf
2. Lexy Ramler 2. Shania Adams
3. Bailey Ferrer 3. Caitlin Smith
4. Hannah Joyner 4. Marissa Oakley
5. Adeline Kenlin 5. Olivia Dunne
6. Delanie Harkness 6. Gabby Perea
7. Grace Quinn 7. Elena Arenas
8. Maile O’Keefe 8. Jordan Chiles
9. Shilese Jones 9. Morgan Hurd

Don’t miss a word of our coverage! Bookmark the 2014 Secret U.S. Classic coverage page for all of our coverage leading up to, during, and after the event.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

16 thoughts on “2014 Secret U.S. Classic Start Lists

      • I’m kinda wondering why they didn’t put Ragan with the beam rotation instead of Nia since you have all the other TD girls there.


        • Ooh, yeah, good observation…that would have made more sense. Usually for draws like this, they try to make it random so maybe they were like we’ll draw one junior name and she will compete outside of the junior group? That’s the only reason I can think of as to why they didn’t place all of TD together.


      • If Bailie had competed, there would have been two Juniors in that beam rotation, so that’s especially confusing. Then again, not everything USAG does always makes 100% sense.


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    • She’s been dealing with an elbow injury so far this season, which is why she didn’t go to Jesolo and why she hasn’t been at any of the recent national team camps!


  2. I’m assuming the missing Junior girls were originally going to be in the junior session beam rotation, since it weirdly has only 9 vs. 10 and 11 for the others.


  3. Dang! I’m sad about Vanasia. She had a ton of potential, even if she wasn’t super successful.
    Poor Nia, starting all alone on beam! I think this should be interesting to see how she and Gowey respond to starting on beam.


    • I know! I remember beam being a bit tricky for her last year in terms of getting it down mentally…well, beam and bars. She has these HUGE skills but then falls and it kills me! And yes, it’s a shame about Vanasia…I think it happened just two weeks ago.


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