17 WOW Routines of the 2007 World Event Finals

1. Oksana Chusovitina, Germany, Vault

Though she crashed her front handspring Rudi…

…she manages to shake off the nerves, competing one of her best Tsuk 1.5s ever. AND SHE’S WEARING A LONG-SLEEVED LEO! What is this!?

It’s insane that she has competed that vault since at least 2002. With her fall, she still managed to place sixth in the final.

2. Jana Komrsková, Czech Republic, Vault

It’s not very flashy but I am a sucker for a nice, clean full-twisting Yurchenko.

Her difficulty wasn’t anything to write home about (in addition to the 5.0 here, her second vault was valued at a 5.2), but her execution scores averaged at about 9.2! She finished seventh overall.

3. Alicia Sacramone, United States, Vault

Unlike Oksana, Alicia’s front handspring Rudi was an astounding success, receiving a 9.45 execution score — the highest of the day.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but she seems to have gone higher than ever before!

Obligatory Asac sass gif.

4. Cheng Fei, China, Vault

The Queen of the Quad performing her signature skill on her signature event.

Ain’t no Cheng like Cheng’s Cheng because Cheng’s Cheng is SO FLOATY.

5. Yang Yilin, China, Uneven Bars

2008’s Olympic all-around bronze and team gold medalist has a knack for making every double layout bars dismount look easy.

6. Nastia Liukin, United States, Uneven Bars

I’m a sucker for Liukin — especially her Gienger. You know this just had to be on here. Deal with it.

Hi, Papa Liukin…is that a smile I see?

7. Ksenia Semenova, Russia, Uneven Bars

My favorite combination in the whole competition — a Tkatchev to full pirouette to half pierouette to a Jaeger. Love.

8. Hong Su Jong, North Korea, Uneven Bars

Yang Yilin may have some competition because Hong Su Jong’s dismount was just as amazing. Very unfortunate that she can no longer compete…she was very talented.

9. Isabella Severino, France, Balance Beam

Isabella was 27 at this competition and mounts with this gorgeous layout-stepout.

She was such a great asset for France with her beautiful routines and skills.

10. Lauren Mitchell, Australia, Balance Beam

Don’t remember much of Lauren pre-2009, do ya? This was her first year as a senior, first World Championships, and first event final…and she ends with a near-stuck double pike dismount.

11. Catalina Ponor, Romania, Balance Beam

It may be called the Omelianchik, but that’s only because Catalina wasn’t around to do it first. A very difficult (and in my opinion, undervalued) skill, performed here with precision.

12. Li Shanshan, China, Balance Beam

She was so close to winning gold, but she still managed bronze with a fall! Usually I am not a fan of people receiving medals if they fall, but this beam routine was otherwise near-perfection. Instead of creating 400 gifs of the entire routine, enjoy the video. It’s worth it.

13. Nastia Liukin, United States, Balance Beam

Nastia always had somewhat slow connections, but this Onodi to a full-twisting wolf jump is definitely an exception.

14. Shawn Johnson, United States, Floor Exercise

I always get chills thinking of Shawn’s floor gold. She may have thought the music and choreography were “junior-ish” but it suited her. Her stuck last pass into her final choreography was always a favorite.

15. Cheng Fei, China, Floor Exercise

Though she didn’t perform up to her own high standards, Queen Cheng’s double-double at the time was like no other.

16. Cassy Vericel, France, Floor Exercise

France had a very successful World Championships in 2007, and Cassy was the cherry on the sundae. She came out and stuck her first two passes, helping her win bronze on the event.

17. Alicia Sacramone, United States, Floor Exercise

We all remember Alicia’s reaction to winning silver just 0.025 behind Shawn Johnson. It wasn’t her best routine, but she had some very nice moments, including this double L turn, which she always managed to do flawlessly.

Article by Joe Rinaldi

2 thoughts on “17 WOW Routines of the 2007 World Event Finals

  1. I loved the 2007 Worlds! Didn’t Li Shanshan tie for silver with Steliana Nistor in the beam finals? I remember because I found it annoying that Steliana was standing in the middle for photos when Nastia invited them onto the top podium, lol. I think the photographers made them switch for later pics though!

    This is such a great list. I can’t believe that was seven years ago. Seems like just yesterday.


  2. Speaking of Steliana, anyone have any new news on her? I remember years ago there was an article (on Blythe’s old blog maybe??) about her having financial difficulties and trying to take care of several injuries.


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