Is this China’s World Championships Team?


The Chinese women’s artistic gymnastics team has a new sponsor, Anta Sports.

The team recently did a photo shoot for their new sponsor and, according to the Chinese press, the girls featured are widely accepted as the team to be sent to the 2014 World Championships on their home turf in Nanning.

A source close to the Chinese gymnastics program has agreed, stating that “barring injuries, the girls who did the promotional work for the new leotards will be the team sent.”

This group includes:

Bai Yawen
Chen Siyi
Huang Huidan
Shang Chunsong
Tan Jiaxin
Yao Jinnan

The 2014 World Championships will be held in Nanning, China from October 3 through October 12.

Update 8/31

As of today, we can confirm that this is indeed China’s World Championship team!

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Thanks to 16-233

7 thoughts on “Is this China’s World Championships Team?

  1. I think this is China’s world team. Shang and Yao being it’s leaders, Shang will likely contribute bars, beam and floor while Yao will contribute vault, bars and floor. Tan Jiaxin and Chen both have at least DTYs for vaults, Chen could also do floor although it’s nothing to write home about. Finding a third floor routine amongst China’s current crop of seniors is probably the most difficult decision. Huang Huidan has a great bar set and Bai Yawen has a beautiful beam which could be used in team finals. Chen, Huang or Yao could contribute the third beam set, Chen and Yao have greater difficulty than Huang, but I like Huang’s for the mount personally. They all scored similarly at Chinese nationals.


  2. This is a very good Chinese team! They probably won’t be in the running for gold, but I do hope they at least manage a silver and some individual hardware!


  3. OK, I know its a stretch, but I really like this team, and I would love for them to shock the competition and win it all =)


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