2014 Youth Olympics Podium Training Photos

We came across some great content from the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China after the girls finished up with podium training.

First, you need to check out this video of Tunisia’s Rahma Mastouri. A very funny girl, and I love her accent!

In addition, the FIG was wonderful enough to snap photos of all the action inside the arena! Here are some of our favorites from the day!

The always adorable Laura Jurca of Romania preps the beam during training. I love the pastels in her leo!

Isa Maasen of the Netherlands was a substitute for the injured Wendy de Jong.

I love this photo at the chalk bowl with Millie Williamson of New Zealand, the backside of Laura Jurca from Romania, the super tiny Seda Tutkhalyan of Russia, and Isa Maasen of the Nethernalds. You can’t see her because she’s so tiny, but that’s Brazil’s Flavia Saraiva hiding behind Laura!

Antonia Alicke of Germany was featured on The Gymternet earlier this month for her height and long lines. She looks great here!

Russia’s Seda Tutkhalyan looks positively diminutive here! Despite the weird mesh shape, I think her leo is gorgeous.

Camille Bahl of France works on the balance beam in a bright metallic purple

Iosra Abdelaziz of italy looks great in her leaps

Recognize this guy? “This guy” is Evgeny Marchenko, the coach who brought Carly Patterson to gold in 2004! He continues to coach at WOGA and among his athletes is Ava Verdeflor, who will compete for the Philippines this week.

Austria’s Ceyda Sirbu gets some last minute pointers from her coach.

The Gymternet has also featured Gaia Nesurini of Switzerland for her grace and long lines.

Mexico’s Stephanie Hernandez looks lovely and strong in her training.

Veronika Cenkova of the Czech Republic looks lovely in this shade of blue…and matches the arena perfectly!

All photos belong to the International Federation of Gymnastics


6 thoughts on “2014 Youth Olympics Podium Training Photos

  1. As I was scrolling down I thought WOW THAT GUY LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE EVGENY WOW THEY COULD BE TWINS! And then I read the caption and was like …. oh. lol I hadn’t seen him coaching in so long I thought he retired!


  2. It’s nice to see Marchenko again. I guess with everyone preparing for nationals in the US it makes sense for him to be in Nanjing with Ava since I’m sure the other WOGA coaches are hella busy.


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