Four Year Rewind: 2010 Youth Olympic Games


It’s absolutely impossible that everyone who competed in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore is now an adult, right?! They were babies only four years ago! Now they are 18- and 19-year-old real grown-up human people. It’s crazy how quickly things happen, but in gymnastics, the years seem to go by in the blink of an eye.

The very first gymnasts to attend the very first Youth Olympic Games became seniors in 2011. Of the 42 who competed in Singapore, 18 made it to World Championships the following year, and only eight made it to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Some, like Viktoria Komova, stayed on top to earn huge international success in the years to come. Others, like Tan Sixin, were unable to reach their senior potential and consider Singapore 2010 the pinnacle of their success.

This year, a new crop of juniors will take to the stage, hoping to make an impression on the gymnastics world with two years to go before they have a shot at the big time. But before they do, let’s go back to a time when Komova was everyone’s pick for the next Olympic champion (slash when her bangs were absolutely out of control), when Carlotta Ferlito was known more for her incredible skills than for her media missteps, and when we all fell in love with the brilliant Guatemalan beam worker Sofi Gomez (who is thankfully still going strong, preparing for the Senior Pan Am Championships in Toronto later this month).

The Gymternet is tickled to bring you the third installment of The Gymternet’s Four Year Rewind. Enjoy!

Vault Finals

Viktoria Komova winning vault!? That’s what we get for allowing juniors to compete two vaults from the same family in a final, but while this isn’t something we would expect from senior Komova, she performs beautifully here. She does a gorgeous DTY, and then I think this was the first time we saw the Vikamanar, actually? Back when she could still do it somewhat well, that step off the mat aside. With vaults like these, she ran away with the title by over a point and a half while Maria Paula Vargas and Carlotta Ferlito placed second and third with near-identical FTYs paired with a Yurchenko layouts.

1. Viktoria Komova, Russia, 15.312

2. Maria Paula Vargas, Spain, 13.8

3. Carlotta Ferlito, Italy, 13.7

Uneven Bars Finals

Le sigh…Komova was breathtaking even as a baby, no? And she did all of her fancy inbar work even back then. A shame about dragging her feet because she scored a full point higher in her AA finals routine, though no big deal, she still won gold! Tan Sixin shows off some traditionally gorgeous Chinese pirouette work, but has a more labored routine than Komova’s. Yet both were out of a 6.5 and Tan had no major mistakes, so it definitely seems a bit low, no? For some reason there’s no Jonna Adlerteg EF video, so the routine I’m sharing is her AA routine, equally strong. She had the highest execution (8.45) out of anyone on a day when judges were slashing people left and right.

1. Viktoria Komova, Russia, 14.525

2. Tan Sixin, China, 14.125

3. Jonna Adlerteg, Sweden, 13.55

Balance Beam Finals

Tan was without a doubt a beam specialist and ugh, I cry now knowing she didn’t make it to London. This YOG EFs routine is dreamy…difficult, super clean, so confident, and like some of her teammates her flight series includes a Korbut at the tail end. SIGH. Then Ferlito…these juniors were damn good on beam. Funny, because I think that’s the biggest strength for the current YOG competitors as well. Angela seemed to come out of nowhere, and we never really saw her again! A shame, because this was quite excellent…at least she got this one big moment to shine. Definitely lucked out that this is where Komova started to tire out after such a solid but long week of performances.

1. Tan Sixin, China, 15.55

2. Carlotta Ferlito, Italy, 14.825

3. Angela Donald, Australia, 14.45

Floor Exercise Finals

I loooooved Tan’s routine here. Not super difficult, but easily my favorite floor of the bunch, and SO SO SO clean. That 1.5 to front full! She just finishes the skill like it’s not even possible for her to step out of it. Again…WHYYYYYY?! She’s definitely the junior from this meet I mourn the most. I don’t love it as much as Tan’s, but Diana Bulimar‘s routine was excellent too. That double layout! This just makes me sad about her current circumstances/injury. But at least she’s still going strong. I just miss Tan so much, okay!? Komova makes some mistakes, but she spent the week being the best at absolutely everything; you can’t really fault her for a rough final day. And if a rough day means a bronze medal, I want to have a rough day. Dear goodness me, that Memmel turn is just smooth as silk. I’d give her the bronze just for that.

1. Tan Sixin, China, 14.525

2. Diana Bulimar, Romania, 14.325

3. Viktoria Komova, Russia, 14.175

The 2014 Youth Olympic Games will begin with women’s qualifications on Monday August 18 and will conclude with beam and floor finals on Sunday August 24. Stay up-to-date with all of The Gymternet’s  Youth Olympic Games Coverage through our athlete profiles, results, analysis, photos, and more!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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