2014 YOG Qualifications: Subdivision 3


Seda Tutkhalyan

Qualifications at the women’s artistic gymnastics competition at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games have concluded with Seda Tutkhalyan of Russia leading with a 53.65 going into the all-around finals.

Tutkhalyan came into this competition one of the top-rated gymnasts but also one of the least consistent. Still, she managed to edge out Ellie Downie going into finals thanks in large part to her high difficulty. She did have a mostly solid beam until that fall on her roundoff layout, earning a 12.9. On floor, she showcased mostly clean tumbling (including a whip whip through to double pike) and even a little bit of sass to earn a 13.15. Vault was her standout, though, as she earned a 14.6 for her DTY (definitely a gift in execution…it was a mess!) and then then competed a Yurchenko half-on, layout off.

Romania’s Laura Jurca had a day without falls – the only one at the top who managed to do so – but her poor execution was especially brutal today in a competition where the judges were out for blood. She earned a 12.8 on bars and a 13.35 on a beam routine of her usual quality. Her floor routine was great, showing a good triple full and 2.5 to punch front tuck for a 12.7, and she finished with both a DTY and FTY on vault, getting a 14.4 on the DTY to count to her all-around total. She made all four finals, quite a feat for her, especially on bars.

Another big name in this rotation was Flavia Saraiva of Brazil, who earned a ton of fan support for her spunky and yet masterful command of performing for a crowd. Bars got the best of her – to no one’s surprise – and though she started out with a solid bhs-loso-loso series on beam, she then fell on her roundoff layout, earning a 13.2 for the event. Her floor routine was probably the strongest of the day in terms of energy and pizazz, though her tumbling was also quite good, as she hit a full-in, double pike, and triple full for a 13.65. She finished on vault with just an FTY to earn a 13.75; it’s possible she’s saving the big DTY for all-around finals? No matter, the crowd loved her and Brazil can definitely feel like their rejuvenation efforts have been a success.

I loved watching Germany’s Antonia Alicke and honestly didn’t think she’d have the success she did! But she is such a lovely long gymnast, her bars and beam were mostly lovely, save for the bent legs on her bhs-loso; she brought in a 12.35 on bars (good enough for a finals spot!) and a 12.75 on beam. Alicke earned a second event finals spot with a 12.75 on floor, where she did a 2.5 to punch front tuck and great Rudi. She finished her day on vault with a series that included a handspring front tuck half-out and a handspring front tuck.

Millie Williamson had an unfortunate day in that she qualified just one all-around position away from finals, but she had some very good moments, like a huge FTY on vault for a 13.6 and an awesome sideways back handspring half to a handstand hold on beam. She couldn’t hold the handstand and instead jumped quickly to her feet, but seeing it done across the beam was fantastic. She earned a 12.2 there.

Don’t forget to check out our full results to see who qualified into the all-around and apparatus finals. We also have recaps for subdivision 1 and subdivision 2! Join us back on Wednesday for the all-around finals! The competition will conclude with event finals over the weekend.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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