Jazzy Foberg Wins 2014 Junior U.S. National Title


The junior competition at the 2014 P&G Championships concluded this afternoon with Jazmyn Foberg of MG Elite taking the title with a 114.950.

Just remember that last year, Foberg didn’t qualify. We thought Laurie Hernandez‘s jump from the bottom of the pile to the silver medal between 2012 and 2013 was huge, but Foberg has managed to go from missing nationals completely to winning the title. It’s completely unheard of and a testament to how mentally strong and naturally gifted she is, having upped her difficulty by several points between last year and today.

Nia Dennis of Buckeye earned the silver medal with a 114.500, while Chow’s Norah Flatley took home bronze with a 112.550.

In addition, the 2014-2015 junior women’s U.S. national team was named. In addition to Foberg, Dennis, and Flatley, the team also includes Jordan Chiles, Alexis Vasquez, and Emily Gaskins. In addition, Bailie Key – who did not compete due to injury – was named to the team because of her incredible international success in the past year.

And now, for the recap!

1. Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite, 114.950

Foberg began her day with a very impressive bars effort, competing a clean van Leeuwen, giant full to Gienger, lovely Ricna to pak (with some slight leg separation there), Maloney, and a hit-full in. She came off the podium with a huge smile and earned a 14.45.

Her bhs loso series on beam was somewhat shaky, but she hit her wolf 1.5, punch front tuck, side aerial, and switch to back tuck nicely and took a step forward on her double tuck, earning a 13.85.

She rocked her floor routine, beginning with what looked like a stuck double layout and continuing with a 1.5 through to double tuck with a tiny hop, a full-in, and a double pike for a 14.1.

On vault, Foberg competed her DTY, which looked big and clean with a hop back for a 14.95.

Today’s all-around score was a 57.35.

2. Nia Dennis, Buckeye, 114.500

On vault, Dennis didn’t get quite the block she usually does, and it was very low, very close to the table, and very off to the side – likely because she started twisting a bit too quickly, getting off direction. Still, she was clean in the air and earned a 14.9. Not her best but not terrible either.

Bars was excellent for Nia, who hit a big Jaeger, toe full to huge Tkatchev to pak salto, Maloney, bail to toe shoot, and a hit double layout for a 14.65.

On beam, Dennis hit her double wolf turn, but then fell on her standing arabian. She continued with a switch to switch half, front aerial to sissone, side somi, and a hopped back double tuck for a 13.05.

Dennis finished her day on floor looking out of this world, really putting up a fight to earn a 15.1. She nearly stuck her double layout and double arabian, both huge passes. It looked like she stuck her 1.5 through to double back, and her double pike finished with a hop back.

Today’s all-around score was a 57.7.

3. Norah Flatley, Chow’s, 112.550

Flatley hit her bars routine as her first of the day, showing a gorgeous el grip to Endo, blind full to straddle Jaeger, and double layout with a tiny step for a 13.95.

Competing at the same time as Gaskins was on bars, their falls happened almost simultaneously, with Flatley falling on her bhs bhs loso series at the very start of her routine. She finished okay and still managed a 14.25 but how unfortunate for the best in the U.S. on beam to have back to back falls, especially when she doesn’t really have the difficulty elsewhere to make up for it, effectively taking her out of the title race?

Floor went well for Flatley, aside from a stumble backwards and out of bounds on her opening whip to triple full. She also hit a double pike, front double full, and 2.5 to punch front tuck, all great, for a 14.0.

Her FTY on vault was lovely despite the slight leg separation on the entry, earning a 13.8.

Today’s all-around score was a 56 even.

4. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov, 111.600

Chiles started her day off right on beam with a solid set that included a clean bhs loso loso, switch to back tuck, and a 2.5 with a step. She did show a check on her tour jete half, but for the most part it was great and she earned a 14.15.

On floor, she competed incredibly well, selling her routine for a huge 14.75. She stuck her double arabian, and hit a nice double full, 1.5 through to 2.5, and double tuck and looked thrilled as she came off the podium.

Though she had a deep landing with bent knees, she earned a 15.0 on her big and clean DTY.

She finished her day with a 13.95 on the uneven bars, catching her Jaeger, big Tkatchev, Gienger, and hitting a near-stuck full-in.

A 57.85 is her day two score.

5. Alexis Vasquez, Chow’s, 111.150

On bars, Vasquez performed a solid if not super difficult exercise, catching her Jaeger, Tkatchev, and pak salto before overarching a handstand on the low bar before her Ray. She kept it together while Chow smiled at her effort, and landed her full-in with a step for a 13.45.

She earned a 14.7 on her wonderful beam routine, which included a nice side aerial, good jumps, and a hit series. Her leg came up on her back tuck and she hit her 2.5 dismount with a step.

Vasquez’s floor started with a hit full-in, and continued with a 2.5 with a step, a double pike landed low with bent knees, and a double tuck for a 13.75.

On vault, she hit her FTY nicely for a 13.7.

Today’s all-around score was a 55.6.

6. Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati, 110.800

Gaskins started her day on vault with a DTY to earn a 14.75. Her vault was clean in the air, earning the biggest deduction on the landing, which she did with her chest down.

Unfortunately, she looked rattled on bars after overarching a handstand on a stalder full early in her routine, causing her to hop off. She got back on but fell again on the Ray. She finished with a pak salto, toe shoot, and double layout with a hop, but looked inconsolable afterwards, crying in MLT’s embrace. She earned just an 11.0 here.

On beam, Gaskins looked a bit shaky but hit her routine for a 13.75. She had a lovely mount but then had a check on her side aerial to sissone, and cheated her 180 split full turn around. Her bhs loso was solid, but there were more checks on her punch front, front aerial, and between the switch to back tuck. She hit her double pike dismount well.

She finished well on floor, earning a 14.3 after hitting her full-in with a hop back, a 1.5 through to double back, a 2.5 to punch front, and a double pike.

Today’s all-around score was a 53.8.

7. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams, 110.750

Smith’s DTY looked a little more in control than we usually see, though it’s still of course not a huge vault – she’s so tiny! She brought in a 14.8.

On bars, Smith had an unfortunate time, looking messy on her toe full which caused her to lose her swing and hang a bit on the low bar. She hit her toe shoot and stalder half to straddle Jaeger, but her pak salto was very messy and she hit her feet on the ground. She finished with a double layout with a step, but despite the messy outing earning an 11.2, I have to say I was impressed that she didn’t fall. She showed so much strength and control!

On beam, she started out with a wonky wolf turn, but other than that she was pretty solid, hitting her series, her switch ring with a small check, and a double pike with a hop for a 14.55.

She finished on floor, earning a 14.65 for a routine that included a fantastic 1.5 through to triple full and a double arabian with just a hop.

Her all-around score today was a 55.2.

8. Victoria Nguyen, Chow’s, 110.300

Nguyen began with a hit yet slightly form-riddled bars routine, earning a 13.15 for her effort. Her pirouette work was quick and hit a huge Jaeger, but seems to have hit her feet on the bar on her inbar before finishing with a double layout.

On beam, she looked outstanding, hitting a bhs loso loso series, a side aerial, a perfect switch to Onodi with a pause before the sheep jump. She had a check on her jumps, and hit the 2.5 with a step out for a massive 15.2.

Moving on to floor, she earned a 14.25 for her expressive routine that included a triple full (with a step out of bounds), a double pike, and a double tuck.

She vaulted an FTY for a 13.7 to end her day.

Today’s all-around score was a 56.3.

9. Megan Skaggs, Gym Academy of Atlanta, 110.100

Skaggs started with a sturdy floor routine, nearly sticking her big piked full-in to start. She also competed a 1.5 through to double back and a double pike to finish for a 14.2.

On vault, her form was a tiny bit messy in the air, but she got a HUGE block and stuck for a 15.15, the best I’ve seen her do.

Skaggs was scarily messy throughout her routine from the very start, but problems really arose when she muscled after her Jaeger and had to regain composure. She hit the Tkatchev to pak salto but then came up to a handstand and overarched, causing her to hop off. She earned just an 11.1 here.

She completed her day on beam, hitting her wolf turn, front aerial to sissone to split jump, and solid bhs loso for 14.2.

Today’s all-around total was a 54.65.

10. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters, 110.000

Paulson had a great floor routine, hitting her double pike, 1.5 through to 2.5 right at the edge of the mat, and a double tuck for a solid 14.1.

She vaulted an FTY in the second rotation, earning a 13.4 for a decent if not big or particularly clean effort.

On bars, she competed a relatively easy but mostly clean routine that included a straddle Jaeger, giant full, pak salto (with leg separation), and a near-stuck full-in for a 13.4.

Finishing up on beam, Paulson had a lovely and steady set, earning a 14.15.

Her all-around total for the day was 55.05.



1. Nia Dennis, 30.000
2. Olivia Trautman, 29.700
3. Jordan Chiles, 29.650

Uneven Bars

1. Jazmyn Foberg, 28.850
2. Norah Flatley, 28.400
3. Nia Dennis, 28.150

Balance Beam

1. Alexis Vasquez, 29.400
2. Ragan Smith, 29.000
3. Lauren Navarro, 28.700

Floor Exercise

1. Nia Dennis, 29.600
2. Ragan Smith, 29.150
3. Victoria Nguyen & Jordan Chiles, 28.750


1. Jazmyn Foberg, 114.950
2. Nia Dennis, 114.500
3. Norah Flatley, 112.550
4. Jordan Chiles, 111.600
5. Alexis Vasquez, 111.150
6. Emily Gaskins, 110.800
7. Ragan Smith, 110.750
8. Victoria Nguyen, 110.300
9. Megan Skaggs, 110.100
10. Abby Paulson, 110.000
11. Lauren Navarro, 109.650
12. Deanne Soza, 109.350
13. Maile O’Keefe, 108.700
14. Olivia Trautman, 107.850
15. Marissa Oakley, 107.750
16. Megan Freed, 107.300
17. Lexy Ramler, 107.250
18. Christina Desiderio, 106.900
19. Aria Brusch, 106.800
20. Shilese Jones, 106.750
21. Ariana Agrapides, 106.700
— Elena Arenas, 106.700
23. Maggie Musselman, 106.550
24. Alyona Shchennikova, 106.000
25. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, 105.500
26. Bailey Ferrer, 105.300
27. Adeline Kenlin, 105.250
28. Margzetta Frazier, 105.100
29. Morgan Hurd, 105.000
30. Rachael Flam, 104.750
— Adriana Popp, 104.750
32. Delanie Harkness, 104.450
33. Molly Frack, 80.450
34. Taylor Lawson, 64.950
35. Grace Quinn, 55.050

Article by Lauren Hopkins

8 thoughts on “Jazzy Foberg Wins 2014 Junior U.S. National Title

  1. Pingback: Foberg, Dennis, Flatley — Gymnastics Coaching.com

    • You’re not the only one. I called Alexis Vasquez making National Team too. Last year, her final bar routine messed her up and kicked her off the standing for a National spot. Just bad luck.

      I’m sure Victoria Nguyen will get added later. She got short-changed from the judges for being an unknown. But she’s on Marta’s 2020 radar. She knows about her. If the competition was judge by an international panel, Victoria would be #6 (instead of #8), then Gaskin would be #7 and Ragan would be #8. Too many gifts were given for being a recognized known gymnast.


  2. Victoria Nguyen’s Switch/Onodi combo is kind of awesome. And that she got a 15.2 without including the intended Onodi/Sheep chain to it is exciting.

    Glad she had a good day and that Alexis Vasquez also didn’t have a repeat of last year’s bars issue that kept her down in the standings.


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