2014 Youth Olympic Games VT/UB Recap

The vault and uneven bars apparatus finals at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games took place today in Nanjing, China. Home girl Wang Yan won gold on vault while Russia’s Seda Tutkhalyan took home her second gold medal, this time on the uneven bars.

On vault, Great Britain’s Ellie Downie and Japan’s Sae Miyakawa earned the exact same overall scores but Downie won the tiebreaker due to her higher execution, so she was awarded the silver with Miyakawa getting bronze.


Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 12.08.48 PM

1. Wang Yan, China, 14.783

Wang competed her Tsuk double full to thunderous applause from the Chinese crowd. She got a relatively nice push off the table and it was probably her best of her attempts on getting it around, taking just a step out to the side to earn a 14.9. Her second vault, which she didn’t compete in qualifications, was an incredible handspring Rudi to a roaring crowd. She was a bit piked to start and landed very low but it was a massive attempt for this tiny yet powerful gymnast, earning a 14.666.

2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.566

Downie competed a massive DTY to start, getting major distance if not the best height, as she took a large step back to control her landing. But still, she has easily the most powerful DTY here and scored a 14.866. Her second vault was a Yurchenko half-on half-off, which was landed well but was very piked coming off of the table. I believe they did not credit her with the layout. She earned a 14.266.

3. Sae Miyakawa, Japan, 14.566

Miyakawa’s first vault was the DTY, and she looked good, just stepping out on the side earning a 14.8, one of the best DTY scores of the week. Her second vault was a handspring front layout half, which looked incredibly clean in the air. She just took a step on the landing, and received a score of 14.333 for a combined average of 14.566.

4. Laura Jurca, Romania, 14.249

Jurca performed an FTY for her first vault, which looked clean in the air but a bit messy on the landing for a 13.833. Her second vault was the DTY, which was very clean, had a great push off the table, and was landed well, with just a hop to bring her feet together to earn a 14.666.

5. Seda Tutkhalyan, Russia, 13.816

The DTY was Tutkhalyan’s first vault, and it was mostly messy, having a poor layout position in the air, messy legs, bent knees, and a large step back on the landing. She earned a 14.6 for her effort. Her second vault was a Yurchenko half-on layout off, though she came on with too much power, overrotating and missing the landing, somersaulting out of it as if doing a timer. She earned a 13.033 here, though I believe they later deducted a further tenth from her execution because the results show her at a 12.933.

6. Boglarka Devai, Hungary, 13.766

Boglarka competed an FTY very cleanly, just hopping back on the landing a couple feet for a 13.733. A Tsuk full was her second vault, which also was performed cleanly. Slight leg separation on her entry, a tiny pike in her hips, and a step on the landing were her only big problems, and she earned a 13.8 here.

7. Sydney Townsend, Canada, 13.750

Townsend’s prevault ritual is insane! She waves her hands around a bit imitating their movement in the vault, but it’s very funny to watch. A nervous habit I assume. Her FTY to start was nice and clean aside from a slight pike in her hips. Her most major deduction came from the big hop on the landing, as she earned a 13.6. She did a DTY as her second vault, which she crashed in warmups before competing. It looked fantastic in the air, though she landed a bit crooked and underrotated, hopping out over the line for a 13.9 after incurring 0.3 in neutral deductions.

8. Tutya Yilmaz, Turkey, 13.533

An FTY was Yilmaz’s first vault, which was very piked throughout and landed with incredibly bent knees with a hop back for a 13.8. Her second vault was DTY, which she unfortunately crashed, coming off the podium limping slightly and in tears. It was the first DTY she’s ever competed, and though she got her twists around nicely, she just didn’t have the height to come in for a strong landing, earning a 13.266.


Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.41.25 PM

1. Seda Tutkhalyan, Russia, 13.575

Tutkhalyan began her routine on the low bar with a Maloney to high and then back down to her pak salto. Her van Leeuwen was caught beautifully (though had some leg separation at the ankles), but she had a slightly late finish in her toe full. Her Tkatchev was nice albeit a bit low, and she landed her double front dismount with a hop forward.

2. Iosra Abdelaziz, Italy, 13.366

Abdelaziz began her routine with a huge series of connections, from a toe on to toe full to Maloney to stalder to Tkathcev to bail to Ray, before finally taking a swing between elements. She got a bit stuck in her Endo but hit a full-out dismount with a tiny hop for one of the best routines of the day.

3. Wang Yan, China, 13.066

This was a fantastic routine for Wang, who showed a nice Weiler kip (the skill on which she peeled off the bar during the all-around final) before attempting some lovely el grip giants before her el grip full into her Jaeger. Her pak salto was clean, and she hit her double layout dismount with just a hop.

4. Antonia Alicke, Germany, 12.633

As a tall gymnast, Alicke is lovely to watch on this event, even if she’s not the cleanest. She has a Weiler half at the start right through to her Maloney to bail to toe full, on which her handstand was a bit short. Her Gienger had huge leg separation, and she took a step on her layout double full dismount.

5. Sae Miyakawa, Japan, 12.433

Miyakawa showed a beautiful line on this routine, where she competed a stalder full (a bit late in the pirouette), a pak salto, a stalder half, toe shoot, clear hip, stalder, super high piked Jaeger, and a double layout dismount with a deep step forward. It looked like some of the cleanest execution we saw overall, despite the step on the dismount, and was a lovely routine showing tons of promise.

6. Ava Verdeflor, Philippines, 12.333

Beginning on the high bar, Verdeflor competed a clear hip, toe on, giant full, and straddle Jaeger to start. She hit her bail to toe shoot and nearly stuck her double pike dismount for a great hit routine. Though her form wasn’t as clean and her difficulty not as great as some of the top-ranked competitors, it was a strong routine for her.

7. Laura Jurca, Romania, 11.133

Jurca began her routine with a Hindorff, pak salto, clear hip, and then was short on the clear hip half. She competed a Ray to the high bar nicely, a quick clear hip full, and then fell on her Gienger. She muscled a handstand after remounting, and finished with a full-in though didn’t look too upset about her fall.

8. Stephanie Hernandez, Mexico, 10.433

As the first one up, Hernandez looked nervous in her routine and showed messy legs in her handstands and giant full at the beginning. She caught her straddle Jaeger, messy pak, and then got stuck on her kip cast handstand, having to redo it before her toe shoot. She performed a stalder, toe on, and clear hip before her double pike dismount, which she sat after holding her legs in the pike too long, looking devastated as she left the podium.

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Photos from Olympic.tv

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