Another Big Gym Weekend Ahead


We are back with another mini Complete Coverage Guide for a few of the meets happening this weekend! There’s not a ton of information available but if we find anything else, we’ll be sure to let you know.


When? Saturday September 13 (team/AA competition), and Sunday September 14 (event finals)

Where? Greve, Denmark

Who? Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Norway, Northern Ireland, Sweden, and Wales

What? A gathering of gymnasts in the northern part of Europe, mostly featuring nations that don’t feature prominently on the international scene. Some Worlds competitors will use this meet to get their feet wet before China, including ladies from Finland, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Sweden.

What’s Online? The official website will have live scoring, though I don’t think we’ll have access to streaming.


When? Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14

Where? Szombathely, Hungary

Who? 80 WAG and MAG athletes from around the globe

What? The sixth annual Grand Prix, traditionally used as one of the last friendly meets before Worlds. As the Asian Games are getting underway in South Korea, the majority of athletes here will represent Central Europe.

What’s Online? Absolutely nothing at the moment!


When? Saturday September 13

Where? Kindarena in Rouen, France

Who? Austria, France, and the Netherlands

What? A friendly meet for the already-decided Austrian and French Worlds teams to prepare before China. The Netherlands will decide their final team on September 17, and will use this competition to help them determine who they will send.

What’s Online? Nothing at the moment.

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