Dutch Team Set for World Championships


Dutch national team coach Gerben Wiersma has announced the full team set to compete at World Championships to be held in Nanning, China this October.

The team includes 2012 Olympian Celine van Gerner alongside Shirley van Deene, Vera van Pol, Maartje Ruikes, Lisa Top, Lieke Wevers, and Sanne Wevers and will leave for China on September 26. The alternate will be announced after the team goes through podium training, though it is likely between van Deene and Ruikes.

Their primary goal in Nanning will be to qualify as one of the 24 nations who will seal their team spot for the 2015 World Championships, according to Wiersma; however, this should be no problem for the Dutch, who have a very strong team and should have no problems qualifying.

Over the weekend, the Dutch won a friendly competition against France and Austria, earning a 214.650. All members of the Worlds team competed with the exception of Sanne Wevers, who was rested in an effort to keep her healthy for Nanning.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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