What New Skills Can We Expect in Nanning?


The FIG women’s technical committee released the new skills that athletes have submitted for consideration in the Code of Points.

Athletes can submit new elements at official FIG events including the Olympic Games, World Championships, Youth Olympic Games, World Cups, World Challenge Cups, Test Events, and Continental Championships/Games, like European Championships or Pan Ams. After submitting the skill, the technical committee assess the start value of the skill, and if the  athlete performs it successfully in competition, it will be included in the Code of Points, possibly even recognized by name.

At the 2014 World Championships in Nanning, China, twelve new skills have been submitted prior to qualifications beginning tomorrow, including one on vault, three on bars, four on beam, and four on floor.

Wanna take a stab at the vault submitted? Yup. It’s the infamous triple twisting Yurchenko.

Hong Un Jong of North Korea originally submitted the vault in 2008, but opted to stick to her Amanar. This year, she’s back again to hopefully make a name for herself – literally. The recent Asian Games vault champion and last year’s bronze medalist will go head to head with USA’s Simone Biles, the favorite to win this year’s final, but a TTY – given a start value of 6.8 – in addition to her Cheng gives her the leg up she’d need for gold.

If she hits it, of course.

Biles, who had the double layout half-out named for her at the 2013 World Championships, submitted the Weiler full on bars, something she may not compete but has been “accidentally” hitting in training when she arches over in handstand on her Weiler half. The skill has been awarded a difficulty level of E.

Other E-level skills submitted include Pauline Schäfer of Germany’s side somi half on beam, and on floor, a switch ring full by Lauren Mitchell of Australia, a triple Y turn by Aliya Mustafina of Russia and Asal Saparbaeva of Uzbekistan, and a ring leap 1.5 by Miriam Fouad El Hajj of Egypt.

Check out the full list of elements below!

Apparatus Gymnast Nation Description Value
Vault Hong Un Jong North Korea Roundoff handspring on, layout salto backward with triple turn off 6.80
Bars Simone Biles United States Clear hip circle forward to handstand with full turn in handstand phase E
Bars Olivia Vivian Australia Schleudern with half turn from high bar to support on low bar C
Bars Karla Retiz Mexico Hang on high bar – swing forward with half turn and flight to handstand with half turn on low bar D
Beam Angelina Kysla Ukraine Mount – jump with hand support, 3/4 turn to half split sit on one leg A
Beam Yana Fedorova Ukraine
Beam Pauline Schäfer Germany Salto sideward tucked takeoff from one leg with half turn to side stand E
Beam Sarah Beck Ireland Mount – standing back to beam, jump backward through straddle position over the beam to front support B
Beam Maartje Ruikes Netherlands Mount – free aerial cartwheel to front support 90 degree approach to beam B
Floor Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska Poland Split jump with full turn to ring position D
Floor Lauren Mitchell Australia Switch leap into ring position with full turn E
Floor Asal Saparbaeva Uzbekistan Triple turn with leg held in 180 split position E
Floor Aliya Mustafina Russia
Floor Miriam Fouad El Hajj Egypt Split leap into ring position with 1.5 turn E

Be sure to watch for all of these skills and more during qualifications beginning Sunday October 5!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

10 thoughts on “What New Skills Can We Expect in Nanning?

    • me too. both got it credited in competitions recently. It’s more likely for Aliya tho, because Asal will likely only have qualifications to try it out, which I think she’s gonna go for it and probably succeed. It looked really good at the Asian games.


  1. Saparbaeva’s triple turn was hit spot on at asian games. Although if they do what they did with the TTY in MAG & name it after both people it’ll be a Mustafina-Saparbaeva which is kind of hilarious


    • Unfortunately the rules for MAG and WAG differ vastly regarding naming skills. In MAG it can be named after multiple people. In WAG, as we learned when nabieva performed the same vault as Aliya in 2010, no one gets it named after them and it just becomes a technical name…so the triple Y (which is what im gonna call it regardless b/c its shorter than either girls names to type out).


  2. What are the requirements to make it a new skill? Do they have to do it in Qualifications, or does it actually have to be done during the final?


  3. Lauren, or anyone else knowledgeable, if Biles does the E value skill by mistake does that mean her d-score goes up? Cuz that would be kinda cool.


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